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  1. Happy Birthday Ian, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a FANTASTIC year guy :)

  2. Ok Billy you have given us bits of the begining of 6million that could twist a confusing story at time. But I will admit it way kewl story. Keep it up
  3. I am really liking this story. Thanks Billy
  4. This is a fun story. I have never experience a tornado but have gone through a number of hurricanes. Hurricanes no fun tornado's don't sound pleasant either. Looking forward to more of the story.
  5. Very moving and wanting more. Job well done. Keep it up please.
  6. IanGf

    Meetings on a Bus

    Very cute. I ride the bus would this happen to me? Please give me pointers.
  7. Good chapter. Well except for liking to run. No way never have never will that is crazy. Looking forward to the rest.
  8. IanGf

    Chapter 7

    This real cute story. I like it. Thanks for posting it.
  9. IanGf


  10. IanGf


    Damn! Very emotional but rivitting. Thanks I am enjoying seeing how these 2 guys progress
  11. It's fun right off the bat. Kewl
  12. Sounds good so far. By the way at 26 you are not old. add 20 then we can talk. I-)
  13. IanGf

    Chapter 10

    Unfortunately they are called 'glory holes' I do not consider them 'glorious' kind of gross actually. I like how thoughtful Dan is. Or really over analuzing but I think most people do. Looking forward to the next part. Good Job!
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