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  1. Boyke77

    Chapter 10

    It’s time that Arad gets rescue by the Santa Claus
  2. Boyke77

    Chapter 26

    Thank you for the story
  3. Boyke77


    Thank you Graeme
  4. Andre Jeff Deke Janice Roger Armand Josh And stll counting
  5. Boyke77

    Chapter 26

    Oh shit need to make a choise read this chapter or go to work to be ontime thank you mark
  6. I'm also confused. How can you fly a cross the US with a fake ID?
  7. Boyke77


    Yes he's back
  8. Brad is 6 months older than Ace From The land whore "Brad was actually a little older than Ace. Ace was born in March of 1963, while Brad was born in October of 1962"
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