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  1. degsy47

    Chapter 37

    Mark Arbour rocks! I have bot read a a single story that is anything other than totally engaging; not a single character to whom I I did not have a reaction nor read a misplaced word or a sentence that lacked precision. Thank you for hours of reading satisfaction Mr. Arbour
  2. degsy47


    Read if you dare - an enticement as old as Shakespeare and probably older. But it is an enticement well writ, and, despite myself, I shall disregard a thousand past disappointments and plunge into this story
  3. degsy47

    Chapter 30

    Really good story. Loved the plot and the characters. More, more please
  4. This experience appears to have added to CJ's political experience and is forcing him to confront his values. As with many of us he is finding contradictions within himself. He is appalled when confronted by the Holocaust Memorials but wishes he could get rid of all religious leaders as a solution to ignorance. He seems to feel that richer Arab nations should be assisting the Palestinians even though his values at home appear to be leaning towards the stand on your own feet, Ayn Randian value system. He shows sensitivity and naivete. Be interesting to see how this experience plays out in his future thinking. CJ has had a lot of positive affirmation. Let us hope that this does not go to his head and preclude future intellectual development. Great story. Thank you
  5. degsy47

    Aqu Chapter 10

    Trenton has many signs of high functioning autism. Is that the case?
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