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  1. degsy47

    Chapter 23

    Will is in a time of rapid personal growth and creates his own highs in the vortex of energy which he generates. It is unlikely that anyone of his own generation will ever quite be able to provide him with the moral and intellectual challenge to match his own. Perhaps someone from a completely different culture, Asian or African? Meanwhile I hope he has fun kissing a lot more frogs as the ride is fascinating and enriching
  2. degsy47

    Chapter 21

    So much pain, so many reactions to pain, so hard to hang on to reality in this world. Thank you Mark for making it just a bit more comprehensible and human
  3. degsy47

    Chapter 19

    I love this world where people appear able to say the sort of things one wished one had said at the time. It is almost an end in itself, to play the best version of yourself on a glossy magazine stage hoping the next page will turn before it all gets real. Thank you Mark for letting us be part of the world
  4. degsy47

    Chapter 18

    So not my world and I must admit it does make me feel very provincial English middle class, but Mark makes it all quite accessible and even a little bit comprehensible so thanks for that, sir
  5. degsy47

    Chapter 53

    I am just so impressed by the physical and mental bravery of these men although having the Tsar on oour side must help. Would that we had such heroes among our present politicians. I cannot get enough of this writing.
  6. degsy47

    Chapter 52

    A cliff hanger indeed and quite an unusual one. Once again, Granger's empathy informs his intuition and perhaps confirm his decision to prolong his stay in Russia. I cannot get enough of these stories
  7. degsy47

    Chapter 51

    Amusing to get a glimpse of Granger's snobbery and a reminder that class remains a diminished but still potent force in UK political life. One also yearns for a little more of Granger's high-mindedness
  8. degsy47

    Chapter 50

    I love how Granger weaves his way so confidently in such tricky diplomatic circumstances and he is also such a great lover it would seem. Thank goodness I am too old to feel madly jealous but not so old that I wouldn't relish the opportunity for conversation and sex with him
  9. degsy47

    Chapter 15

    High octane stuff. The emotional roller-coaster continues. Great ride
  10. degsy47

    Chapter 49

    Gosh, I would not have lasted five minutes in such an environment but Mark appears to have mastered all the nuances of such diplomatic interplay. I am impressed that Granger is capable of such genuine kindness. Let us hope that his efforts are recognised on his return to London
  11. degsy47

    Chapter 14

    A pleasant quiet chapter that feels like something of an interlude. Great for Will to be able to touch base with Grand and Steph again and just at the right time as he is dealing with Connie's departure. Of course there has to be some sex in the mix. All of these guys are very sexual beings after all. I think we gays do sex so much better than straight guys despite the occasional drama. Reality beckons for our travellers, however, and I am looking forward to whatever is in store for them when they return to the States
  12. degsy47

    Chapter 48

    Well what an eventful life our hero is having. Somebody should write it all down ......
  13. degsy47

    Chapter 47

    Oh my goodness! We are entering the world of pure farce. How delicious but also how apt for the absurd position in which Granger finds himself. I just hope there is a happy ending that is more literary than the sensuous events we enjoyed in this chapter.
  14. degsy47

    Chapter 10

    Will is an amazing character. He has had a privileged, but not easy childhood. I get a bit bored with the way he throws his great wealth around sometimes but it is good to see the more human aspects emerging. Giving water to the lady at the Rock was a thoughtful gesture. Whatever, as usual with Mark, we are being taken for a thrilling ride
  15. degsy47

    Chapter 44

    What a supreme joy, an exciting story told with knowledge and intelligence. Thank you
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