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  1. Yeah, Ryan could be straight or not but he definitely takes an opportunity when he sees it. He's also exceptionally horny even for his age.
  2. Arch Hunter

    The Fox

    You are not wrong, sir!
  3. Yeah... maybe it also gives some insight into dynamics between Owen and his parents... but looking back, it's far from being my favorite part of the story. It's just a little "interview" happening inside Owen's head and it's easy to get confused I guess.
  4. I don't know if it's possible to implement it but maybe we could add social media sign up options? Since there are so many guests, maybe it would encourage some more people to create accounts. Also, would it be possible to make "like" buttons clickable and comment text areas visible for guests? They could click them and be prompted to create an account. I know we're limited by the system here but just throwing ideas.
  5. From my social media experience, the best way to get many comments is to make a typo in your post. That would be a strong point against making cliffhangers. I don't care if I get 5 or 50 reactions to a chapter but I think it would bother me if I got 0. The act of writing is amazing by itself but it's not a full experience without seeing the stories stir the readers' hearts and minds. I'm also very grateful for some negative comments I got because they a) helped me improve my writing and b) helped me understand who my stories are NOT for. I like the idea of having badges an
  6. I'm using this technique to help me figure out my upcoming story but I don't feel like "spoiling it" even in this very exclusive circle So I'll go public with one of my completed pieces. "Just when a teen drummer boy finally feels ready to pursue his love interest for the first time, a few seemingly unrelated events abruptly change his life into an unpredictable roller coaster."
  7. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 36

    Cool story. I had only been mildly hooked up until this chapter and the mention of the pizza day. I love me some pizza! And I hate Adam for bullying Sam over it. One should be free to express himself without being judged. Can't wait for the pizza day lunch chapter, it's gonna be so intense! I also liked the dynamics between Brody x Zack.
  8. Interesting points. Very relatable! I wrote my last story in a single .doc file without any divisions. I was experiencing a creative burst and before I knew, the story was done in less than a week. And as I looked back at it, I was surprised to see that the chapters were already there. Some were a little longer, some a bit shorter, but there was no doubt - the "smaller arcs" were there! Sometimes I got to chose whether to make a paragraph the last paragraph of a chapter or the first paragraph of the next chapter (hence choosing between having or not a cliffhanger). Over complicating the
  9. Arch Hunter


    Good points. Angst 1, Sappy 0. Actually, I considered smoothing out a story once because I had readers complaining they felt insecure reading it. Like: "It was so lovely at the start, why are you throwing problems into it?". And damn, I ended up smoothing it out a tiny little bit to make it more "heartwarming" I guess, for which I almost hate myself. There are many more ways to make a story satisfying than through instant gratification. It might not earn you immediate attention and invoke less remote orgasms, but may help you grow a dedicated audience that really believes in what you hav
  10. Thanks so much, this is exactly what I was trying to achieve. I think I'll be developing this style further on...
  11. I had tons of minor crushes but obviously I've never done anything about them. That is, until I moved to a new school when I was 16 and I met Tomek. For a few months, I wouldn't even pay attention to him. Just another dude. Then just one day, he entered the class and I was like, dayumm! He was beautiful. Or maybe not... you could say he was average but I saw something in his eyes that convinced me I wanted to be friends with him. A week later, there was a party and I insisted to spend every minute of it next to him. The party was over at midnight but we stayed and talked until like 4 am.
  12. Thanks so much. It's interesting that you picked that line. I'm not trying to be overly poetic but I really like words, I guess! Thank you for reading.
  13. Arch Hunter


    At first I was like "I just hope they don't play Yellow Submarine, please please please!" Then when they started playing "She Loves You" I was like "Yeah, yeah!" but then they went "in the town..." and I was like "oh gawd". But I couldn't expect them to play "Dear Prudence", "Eleanor Rigby" or "She's So Heavy" at a game, right? At least they chose the right finale! And I'm glad you didn't make this father character a saint, taking care of his dog and living off a humble paycheck, always caring about his son and tormented by evil Karen (although it could seem it was going this way until n
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