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  1. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 1

    Assholes get what they deserve. The brave, hard-working boy gets a boy of his dreams. I needed something satisfying as this after a tough day. a thin gossamer strand connected the tumescent head to skin below his navel And I liked how eloquent Ezra could get during sexy times!
  2. Thank YOU! Yeah, I was on the fence whether to stop or continue. The story is mostly wrapped up, so you can consider it an alternate ending of sorts. Personally, I'm feeling Kevin is so proud of being with Dex that he just can't shut up about it, even if it can cause them trouble in the long run. At least he's considerate enough not to out Dexter without his permission. About that last part... guess we'll learn soon enough.
  3. Now, where do I start? It's been a few days and I can already tell that the last weekend changed my life forever. Sarah did not kill herself, let me get that out of the way. Nor did anyone I told you about in this story. Despite what she and I have been through (or maybe because of it), we've been making attempts to start talking again. We've learnt way too much about each other to just reset our relationship but we started building the bond upon the conspiracy we were sharing. I should probably hate her. She toyed with my emotions and almost broke my heart to get laid with a gay d
  4. I can give this story nothing less than 5 stars because for what it is, it's almost perfect. It's uniquely slow-paced and lazy like a hot summer afternoon, but from the start there's a feeling like there's a storm brewing in the distance. It pacifies you with eloquent narration but somehow manages to keep you on the edge with everything that happens beneath the surface. And of course, there is Milo. It's hard for me to write more without going into spoilers. My only regret is that I didn't read it earlier!
  5. Arch Hunter

    Chapter Four

    Very well written, keeps getting better with every chapter. The narration and pacing are impeccable. The tension is surely there even if it's just started building up. There's something about the summer heat that affects the story mood.
  6. Guess what... I might be scratching everything I wrote after the phone call with Torry in this chapter and carry on with the story for a little more. I had two more people point to me that the ending seemed a little rushed and I can't disagree. It's not a promise... It will only happen if I come up with something very good (I already started writing) but that's just a little heads up.
  7. Thank you for reading! When I was marking this story as a comedy, I had second thoughts about whether anyone will actually laugh at this except for me. And thanks for joining Team Dex, you're in a great company, haha. Oh, and you have to admit the bi theme was heavily biased towards gay in this story. It's kind of hard to write about girls since I hardly ever think about them.
  8. About that... It's not progressing at all xD I will probably write a few more stories and explore other themes before going back ti BF. But it's cute you remember it, thanks!
  9. Thanks again for being there for me with every chapter! A good question. As I tried to show in this story, Torry didn't have it all under control as you might've thought. If Kevin didn't see the message, he would probably go on with Sarah for a while just to be even more disappointed once he discovers the truth later... Or maybe Torry would put a stop to this if Kev realised his feelings for Dex anyway. Thanks so much... I really appreciate every comment!! Haha, then you would probably be more satisfied with the original ending that I scratched. I deliberately left some
  10. I follow Sarah with my eyes as she's driving away in the taxi I called for her. Not exactly how I imagined my evening. It's completely dark now and I'm standing in the middle of the street, trying to wrap my head around it all. The yellowish, dim light coming from street lamps is at least somewhat cosy. This is a peaceful neighbourhood and apart from the car engine and a dog barking in the distance, it's almost completely silent. Despite all that, I never hear any footsteps approaching and only notice Dex when he stands next to me. We look at each other briefly and then we continue stari
  11. Thanks! I hope it all makes sense so far. I was afraid I'm overdoing it with the twists, ha! Thank you all for caring for young Dexter. He might be the last innocent soul standing in this show and he does deserve to be happy one way or another. And to think Dexter wasn't even there in my first draft of this story.... I agree, the rest can go to hell! But for real, Dex ❤️ Yp, Sarah doesn't have it easy these days. But that's what you get when you mess with forces you don't understand. To be honest, I think Sarah will need a proper break from relationships this time after
  12. This comment below chapter two... good guess! I have no idea how you did it. I dropped some very subtle hints but they didn't come up until chapter 3 or 4. Chapter 4 comment. Very close, haha 🙌
  13. Saturday comes and I go to the movies with Sarah. The movie sucks but I don't mind. We sit in the farthest row and we make out for the most of it. There are maybe a dozen more people in the cinema and most of them do what we do anyway. At one point, Sarah touches my dick through my jeans. I touch her boobs through her shirt. Then we make out again. She's coming to my place to have sex with me. I can't believe it. Earlier, my dad bought me a year's supply of condoms and gave me a quick tour on how to wear them. The first time I did it wrong but with his guidance, I quickly got it right
  14. Thanks, thanks so much! but this "as Sarah fades into the background." - this is just cruel, haha! Thank you for all your comments... it really means a lot to see someone else is relating to the story.
  15. Precisely! Now, we wait. Soon all will be revealed! Yeah, as I said. I think Torry is selfish but not cruel. And I'm happy to know I managed to give some dept to the characters. This story is deliberately vague and fast-paced but it's still about real people. I'm dying to tell you whether your guess is right or wrong but I can't! I will only say that if you read carefully, it is probably possible (but not easy) to get the right answer through the process of elimination.
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