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  1. Thanks so much had a lot of fun writing this.
  2. "So how was your first gig yesterday?" I asked Alex. I was sitting on my bed next to the boy, trying not to stare at him too much. He was looking great. Not only was he cute but he also had this streetwear style I was totally crazy about. I think I liked him the most in his slim-fit hoodie he had the first time we met but the golf shirt he was wearing now matched his shorts perfectly and made his chest quite touchable. "It was good, Owen. I think I only made a few mistakes and I don't think anyone noticed. Except for Michael." Of course, the bass player had always been sensitive to my every single misstep (as I had been to his). I had no hopes he'd go easy on Alex even though it was his debut and he played fine. I was quite surprised when he called. Now, he was obviously uncomfortable and that made me uncomfortable, too. I felt best around outgoing people like Cayden or Ryan. There was never a dull or awkward moment with them and they had always something to say. It wasn't like I didn't have anything to say but I was rather careful with words and to the point. And now I had no idea how to make the boy feel more at home. "I really think you should've been there, not me. I'm sorry if I handled it poorly," he said. I just looked at him, pressing him to continue. "What I'm trying to say is," he sighed, "I know how it looks and I don't blame you if you hold a grudge. I was sure you'd be there too for my audition. The guys didn't tell me you were still at the hospital until later. And I was sure they would tell you about me joining right after. Only now I know they didn't. At least they didn’t say it was me. So every time I think about yesterday I feel super bad." Damn it, I couldn't be mad at him even if I tried. And why would I try to hurt his puppy eyes? "Stop it man, why would I be mad? I can't play anyway, my hand’s out of business. You saved our asses if anything." "Oh. Well, you looked like you were upset yesterday." Damn, Ryan was right about me earlier, I was too easy to read. "I was upset but not about you," I lied, "it was just my first day at home after the accident and I realized I couldn’t play drums, guitar, video games or ride my bike. Damn it, I couldn't even shower by myself without my brother's help." I wasn't sure why but he got even more nervous and he fidgeted with his fingers. "Um, I'm really sorry, you know. I hope you get well soon, I really love how you play drums and I don't want to be in the band when you're here like this." "Don't worry about it, I'm feeling much better now, it will pass." We smiled at each other and I felt really warm in certain places. However, it led to a very awkward silence. I had thought about some small talk ideas before he came but now my head was empty. "Um, I have to be home soon," he mumbled. "Oh ok," I replied, watching him get up. He was taking his time, stretching and kind of waiting for something. It was now or never. "Want me to walk you home?" "Yes, it would be nice," Alex smiled at me. He acted like a boy from a good family, articulate and polite. You have no idea how much I adored him at this point. I was hoping there would be some chemistry between us and there sure was. Maybe we were both on the introvert side and it wasn’t a perfect scenario but the spark was there. I still wasn't sure if he was gay or just nice and well-mannered, but I knew we were going to be friends, at least. Assuming I could settle on having him just as a friend which, to be honest, I couldn't. We slowly walked toward his house and there was this silent agreement between us to walk as slowly as possible. It was getting dark already. "So how did you learn to play drums?" I asked. "Well, I was hanging a lot with my brother and he got me into playing instruments. I tried the guitar and piano but I liked the drums the most. “Did you have drums at home?” “No, my brother played guitar in a band and at first, I could only play on their set. I think I was doing well because after a few months my dad bought me my own. I played almost every day and when I saw you play for the first time… I decided to learn all the songs you guys played live. Crazy, right?" "Yeah. But look where it got you." "Yeah, it’s so weird! How about you?" "Well, my dad was a drummer and he got me this electronic set when I was 8. I started my first band when I was 11 and two years ago we started Black Fox. I met Cayden at school and that's how it started." "So you've been playing for…" "Seven years, that's right." "Gosh, no wonder you're so good." "I'm not that good. But thanks. Hey, actually, would you like to hang out some tomorrow? I get awfully bored these days and you're cool." "Would I?" He beamed. Damn it, he was really looking up to me and here I was, trying to seduce him. I knew I had to take it slow with this boy or else I'll hurt his feelings. Soon, we were on the familiar street I had been on the other day, trying to find him. When we reached the house, I stopped and gave him my left hand to shake. "Thanks for coming to see me mate, see you tomorrow." "Yeah, I will. Owen?" "Yes?" "How did you know it was my house?" Fuck. I just shrugged and smiled at him sheepishly. He returned a smile and shook his head, being like: “why you little!” This was the moment I lost the battle. I went back to him and bro-hugged him. We looked each other in the eyes one last time and I waved at him, turning back. After five seconds, I glanced back to look at him once more and he chose the exact same moment to do the same. We just smiled awkwardly and he disappeared inside. Oh boy, I was in love. I took the long way home to avoid the park. It was getting really dark. *** “I think I'm in love again”, I sang and added some air-guitar notes. My right hand was luckily fixed in a guitar-playing position for at least a couple of weeks. My fingers were useless but I could at least play pretend. I was spinning around in my swivel chair, listening to this Outkast song I loved. And now I loved it even more because I had a crush and my crush wanted to see me again tomorrow. My crush was most likely straight but I didn't care. Swivel, swivel. Round and round I go. *** My dad bought me a waterproof cast cover so I didn't have to improvise with a plastic bag anymore. And as long as I wore the right clothes, I should be able to shower by myself from now on. It was like 11 pm. I'd normally go outside and smoke some but I decided against it. I'd normally have a wank but… Phone buzz. A message from Ryan. "owen mate, u there" "Hey bro, what’s up?" "u have snapchat?" Oh, interesting. I gave him my snap name. Not a minute has passed. ry@n141 has sent an image. Tap. He was in front of his bathroom mirror, taking a selfie. He was naked and hard. The text over the photo said: 'u like what u see, gay boy?' I was on my bed wanking in less than a minute. Snap. I sent him my reflection in the mirror. 'yessir,' I wrote. 'imma fuck you with this big boi, u know it?' 'In your dreams straight boy,' Snap. A video. He's on his bed sucking himself. Gosh. I knew he was fit but this… Another snap. A video. He lubes himself. My lube! I left it on his bed. Snap. I sent a pic of my asshole plus balls and dick. Snap. There was his hole. We did this for some 5 minutes and I was literally edging myself. Until I couldn't anymore. I recorded myself cumming and sent it to him. Then he did the same. For him, it was the second time that day, at least. Whoa. Wow. Wow. So hot. “cu soon gay boy” “Yeah,” I wrote back. *** I cleaned myself and went to the bathroom. It took me some 20 minutes to take care of myself, standing by the sink. I could've taken a shower to try out the new cast protector but I was too lazy and tired. Back in the room, I opened the window for the night like I always did on warm summer days. And then I saw it. A black shape crouched on a walnut’s tree branch, some 10 yards away. Gleaming, red eyes. Goosebumps went all over my body. I shut the window in panic and when I looked again, it wasn't there anymore. Oh no. Oh no. I was panicking. Was it my life now? Would it not stop until I'm dead? What was it? Who do I talk to? I rearranged my bed so I could see through the window all the time. I haven't felt like this since I was 7 and every shadow was a lurking monster. Now it was for real. It was, right? The house went silent. I was 7 years old and I wanted Wayne to protect me. Oh shit, I was 15. It was just my imagination. There was nothing outside the window. It couldn’t be the same puma demon we saw the other day with Wayne, could it? It was a bird! Or a reflection from the moon. Owen, you stoner, get it together. I couldn't sleep until 3 am. Then I did. I woke up in the morning, alive. *** It was Sunday and I spent some time in my bed, checking random stuff on Wikipedia. I did not know what to think anymore. I thought that I should see someone. Should it be a doctor or an exorcist, I wasn’t sure. I added Alex on Facebook but there was no response yet. I checked the contacts on my phone. Cayden. I did want to see him but I felt a little weird about the situation in the band. I chose to call Ryan instead and asked him to come over and he said he’d be here soon. I ate breakfast with the family. I told them I was feeling better and thankfully they didn’t give me a hard time because of my angsty mood the previous day. But I declined when they asked me if I was going with them to visit my uncle, dad’s younger brother. I liked uncle Keith a lot but I prefered to hang out with my new friend this time. After they all left, I took my basketball and left the house to wait for Ryan outside. I dribbled the ball for a minute, getting used to using my left hand. I threw it at the basket but it landed well off. Same as with my second and my third try. My fourth attempt was successful and I heard clapping coming from behind. “Not bad! For a white, cripple, gay boy, not bad at all!” Ryan came to me for a hug but I punched him in his arm first. I picked the ball and tossed it to him. "Show me some real skills, straight boy." He did show me, alright. He dribbled carelessly for a while and scored, bouncing the ball off the board. We played for a few minutes and he was owning me easily. Shit. What's worse, he had no respect or pity for me whatsoever. It actually felt refreshing. I was struggling to get acceptable effects with my weaker hand, while Ryan was just fooling around. "You're going down, gay boy!" He exclaimed, scoring once more. "You were pretty eager to go down on yourself yesterday. At least for a straight boy," I winked at him. "Way to thank me for free wank material." Score. "Oh, I thought you can only get hard if you have an audience." Miss. "The fuck you know, gay boy," he went at me, throwing the ball right at my face. I blocked it with my nose and soon was on my knees, bleeding. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Sorry, oh god," I could barely see, but Ryan seemed to be in a panic. He rushed inside the house and returned with some paper towels. Damn, he got me good, my face felt like it was on fire. It took us a few minutes to stop my bleeding and the place looked like a battlefield. I was sitting on the ground and Ryan was next to me with his hand on my knee, apologizing over and over. I mumbled something back but I didn't think he heard me. I finally managed to look at him with my watery eyes and he looked genuinely concerned. "Sorry Owen, I forgot you can't block with your hand. Let's go inside and get you cleaned." He was supporting me on the way to the door. I didn't really need it but it was nice. My cast cover was all bloody, as well as my t-shirt AND my shorts. "Let's get you out of it," Ryan said, helping me out of the stained shirt. "How do you even shower with that thing?" "Um, I have a waterproof cover and last time my brother helped me." I was pretty capable of doing most of it myself by now but at this point, I was purposely steering into a more interesting direction. "It's in the bathroom." "Okay, come on." Inside, I stepped out of my shorts and Ryan took off my cover and replaced it with the waterproof one. He seemed really eager because he took care of my undies, too, revealing my slowly stiffening dick. I got into the shower and started the water. "Got blood on my hands, I'll just hop inside with you, okay?" Ryan sounded really unconvincing and I understood what was about to happen. I watched the boy undress, savouring every moment of it. He was completely shameless. That made two of us. My face still stung, but the water running down my cheeks brought some relief. Ryan took off his undies and I finally got to see his dick in its soft form. With his ebony skin and perfect proportions, he was one of the most beautiful creatures I've seen in my entire life. I had no idea how I could've mistaken him for the Stranger Things kid. Ryan was looking way better. The shower stall was pretty spacious but Ryan stepped in and stood as close to me as possible without actually hugging me and we looked each other in the eyes. I was shivering with the sexual tension building up and felt my dick react accordingly. "Stand still, Owen." He called me Owen. Maybe he really did feel bad about hurting me. Ryan started carefully scrubbing blood traces out of my face with his fingers. I just stared at his brown eyes as he scanned my skin for crimson stains. He was very thorough, I'll give him that. Thorough to the point where I was pretty sure he was working on places he's already been to earlier. Our hard dicks were touching all the time at this point and the feeling was unworldly. Then, Ryan put his finger on my lips and pressed a little. He seemed as scared as I was. I let him inside my mouth and he giggled when I bit the exploring finger ever so slightly. The boy smiled when I touched his chest, playing with the neck chain he seemed to never take off. His smile made me melt inside and I kissed him on his cheek. He was still grinning but raised his right eyebrow questioningly. I wore the most serious face I could manage at the moment and gently kissed him on his lips. I lasted maybe 5 seconds and it was only a peck but it still felt like an electric shock and my dick jerked, demanding immediate attention. When we broke off, Ryan shook his head, grinning, like if saying that was too gay, mate. Instead, he just said: "I'm sorry I got you with that ball, Owen." Then, as if to add substance to his apology, Ryan got on his knees and took my cock in his hand, stroking it slowly and studying it, contemplating something. After a minute, he looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Just this once, gay boy." Before I could wonder about what he had in mind, he swallowed my boyhood with one quick move and started sucking on it as if he’d been doing it his whole life. Needless to say, my pupils went all the way up and I had to support myself against the shower wall because my legs turned into jelly. My dick was sending jolts of pure pleasure all over my body and I couldn't believe how in the world anything could feel this good. …Or at least not until Ryan started softly squeezing my balls. Now I was in heaven. I put my left hand on his curly hair and massaged him gently, hopefully showing my appreciation. I wasn't mad at him in the first place, but even if I was, this blowjob was enough to forgive any crime in the world. After a while, I tightened my grip on his hair and started thrusting, as I felt my orgasm build up. Ryan placed his hands on my buttcheeks and surrendered to my plowing. I was fucking his face for 30 seconds or so when I felt it. I pulled out my dick and went on to finish myself with my hand. Ryan didn't retreat but just looked at me with his rascal eyes, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue like a little puppy. Oh gosh, he was wild! The sight was the only thing I needed and I screamed when my orgasm hit me. I aimed at the boy's mouth and shot my load, almost losing consciousness. One shot hit him near the eye but most went right onto his tongue and into his mouth. Shit, shit, shit. My legs gave up and I slid down the wall, panting. Ryan seemed quite proud of his deed, tasting my cum as if appraising the flavour. Straight boy my ass! "Do you forgive me now, gay boy?" "I’m… not… sure…" I managed between breaths, "but I'll consider it." We were sitting on the shower floor and Ryan slowly stroked his long cock. "So, I'm a little horny as you can see. Should I do myself, or…?" He gave me a hopeful look. "Let's get out of here and go to my room. I might have a present for you." Ryan’s dick tasted delicious and his hot, loud moaning as he shot was all the reward I needed. *** Alex came to me after dinner. I was really happy to see him although I was still spent after Ryan's visit. It's been a crazy week for me. A new house. I broke my hand and went to the hospital. I've been haunted by some infernal feline. And a black fox, if that wasn’t enough. On the good side, I met two beautiful boys. Ryan was wild, outgoing and really perverted. Alex was sweet, well-behaved and caring. Earlier, I said I felt detached from reality and now the feeling was even stronger. Almost every single aspect of my life has changed and I felt like I was on a wild trip. I was doing my best not to think about the red-eyed creature. My scientific mind rejected the idea of supernatural powers in play but that meant questioning my sanity. Because I have most definitely seen weird things and was unable to unsee them. I only hoped this was a temporal anomaly and things will go back to normal once the sun goes up. But for now, I had this beautiful, dark-haired boy rush into my room, dying to show me something. Seeing Alex so eager and agitated warmed my heart. He was like a younger brother that I never had. One that I had a huge crush on, too. "Owen, can you power on the drum set?" "Okay kiddo, here you go." Then, he's done the strangest thing. He sat on the stool, rearranged the gear a little and then he pulled his right arm through his sleeve, so it went underneath his t-shirt. He revealed his toned stomach while doing that and I had to blink my eyes. I desired him. Then he started playing Roxanne. I was doubtful at first but soon wasn't at all. The kid was nailing the beat with just one hand. He was doing some extra footwork, his left hand was rather busy and he missed a few crash hits here and there. But it was working and he made it look natural and unforced. If for anything, Stewart Copeland is known for his tight and dense beats. Roxanne isn't The Police’ hardest song to play by any standards but it requires a very consistent groove. I couldn't believe my own eyes. After he was finished, he grinned and looked at me, as if expecting praise. "It was incredible," I breathed. "No, it wasn't!" He was beaming, though, "I learned it this morning. I was thinking about you and a way to get you back in the game and there's this drummer from Def Leppard who lost his hand. Like, completely. And I tried to play like him and there’s that!” I was thinking about you, too, I wanted to say. Instead, I only managed, “you’re really special, Alex,” to which he blushed a little. We spent some time on my computer showing each other our favourite bands and drummers. He showed me Rush and Primus and I showed him Death Grips and The Mars Volta. He had quite a good taste in music and knew some wicked bands. We joked and laughed. It's been a great time with him but It wasn't long before he had to go. "Owen, you have to learn to play with one hand. It will be months before you can use your other hand again and I don't want to be in the band in your place. Promise me you'll practice." To be honest, I was frustrated. I was frustrated I couldn't play like I normally would. But Alex was asking me so nicely. How could I let down the pup? And I did want to play. I missed it. "I promise, Alex… thanks a lot for believing in me." He smiled, seeming grateful for my words. "I gotta go… would you like to walk me home again?" "Always," I grinned. We walked slowly like yesterday but when we reached the park, Alex stopped. "I still have 15 minutes. Would you like to sit with me for a while?" I didn't know what to say. I did want to sit with him forever. But not there. He frowned a little seeing me hesitate. "Um, sorry, I'll just go home, thanks for hanging out with me today." "No! I mean, no, let's stay here for a while." Damn it. I was completely torn. To make it worse, we sat on the same bench we used with Wayne the other day. I must've been looking really nervous. We sat there in silence for a while, watching the pond. It was lifeless and still. "Owen?" "Yes, Alex?" "Do you like me?" Shit. This came out of nowhere. "Um, what do you mean?" I asked, trying to win some time. "Like in, do you like hanging out with me? I don't want to be this fanboy that won't leave you alone." Phew. "Stop it, Alex. I really like spending time with you. Actually, I didn't know how much I needed someone like you in my life right now. You're really pushing me forward, you know? The boys from the band are cool, I love them. But we only hang out when we play. I mean, that used to be a whole lot but not so much anymore." I gave him a sad look and he wriggled. "I like spending time with you, too." His small voice gave me goosebumps and a boner. It was getting dark. We sat there for a while in silence. I was in love and I knew I was about to make the next move. Maybe not today but I would, soon. "I have to go, Owen," Alex looked at me with his big eyes. This time we went right for a hug. It lasted just a tiny bit too long to call it a bro hug but I didn't mind. I watched him go away for a little and turned away to go home. But I didn't make a single step. Right under my feet, there was a dead crow. Its head was freshly bitten off; the animal was still moving. "Fuck." ***
  3. Arch Hunter

    I Owe You One

    Now you guys make me self-conscious about this convo... I may need to rewrite and add a little spice Thanks for reading !
  4. Arch Hunter

    I Owe You One

    I woke up thinking about Ryan. He seemed to be from another planet and I’ve grown a soft spot for him already. Was he so carefree and direct with all people or just me? Guess I had to check for myself. It was Friday and the boys came for a quick visit in the morning. They were leaving for the gig in 15 minutes and wanted to check on me first. I was fine as much as I could be. The last week brought more changes than the entire year combined and it made me feel a little detached from reality. I was longing for a regular day. However, my regular day involved drumming, biking and gaming; and those required two healthy hands. It was good to see the boys, though. They brought the substitute drummer along, too. “Hi Owen,” he said. “Hey Alex,” I replied. “You guys know each other?” Cayden raised his right eyebrow. “Yeah, sort of.” “We met after your Birmingham gig last week,” Alex added. “Alex is amazing,” Josh exclaimed, “ He already knew our entire set and it took him just a single audition to get up to speed. “Well he can be off tempo at times,” Michael added, “but with this little time he really did well.” In the bassist’s dictionary, this was the highest praise possible. “He knew the entire set,” I said, somehow bitterly, making Alex blush, “That is amazing.” “Yeah, he is awesome! We don’t need to cancel any gigs before your hand is healed.” I had to fight the temptation to act hostile. Shouldn’t Alex fucking talk to me before he decided to audition for the band? Shouldn’t the guys ask me if I think he’s alright? I felt I was getting bitter and took a few deep breaths. I didn’t want to make a scene. Alex looked even better than the last time. He wore sandy khaki shorts and a dark green t-shirt. Now without the hoodie, I could appreciate how slim he was. His chest still showed evidence of working out as did his lean shoulders and arms. He could pass for a well-built 13-years old. He didn’t seem like he wanted to be here, though. A cruel part of me was satisfied. But it was nothing like I planned it to be. Go easy on yourself, Owen, it’s been hard times for you. You’re not out of the band, yet. “Good for you guys,” I said instead. Okay, I was still being bitter; I just hoped they didn’t notice. Alex didn’t say a word and it was evident that he was uneasy. He fucking should be. I wanted to play at these gigs myself. It was not his fault that I couldn’t, though. When the guys left, I rushed to the bathroom because I felt like I needed to puke. And I did, almost puking all over my cast. Then I laid down on my bed and cried a little. Then I cried a lot. I was useless and a random fanboy was taking my place in the band. A fanboy I had a huge crush on, to make things worse. Wayne knocked on my door and I told him to fuck off. I heard my phone buzz a few times and I had to resist the urge to smash it against the wall. I just barely held back and just silenced it. Then I fell asleep. Wayne woke me up when he called me to get downstairs for dinner. I asked him to bring me the food to my room. He did. Then I slept more. When I woke up, it was already dark. I looked at my phone. Half past ten. Unanswered calls. Cayden x3, Unknown, Unknown x4. A friend invitation on Facebook. Ryan. Accept. I checked Ryan’s photos. He was posing next to a Stranger Things poster on one. Quite a joker, that guy. I texted him “Hey.” A reply came, “Hey Owen, how was your day? Been trying to call you.” “It was good,” I lied, “ but I was sleeping, sorry. How was yours?” “Cool, been to Draycote sailing all day.” Nice, so he’s into watersports, too. “Wanna hang out tomorrow?” I typed, crossing my fingers. “Sure, come to my place, k?” “Ok, at 2?” “See you then.” “Cu.” I paused for a moment and started typing “Thanks for yesterday,” but, deciding it was too gay, deleted it and collapsed on the bed again. It was hard for me to find myself in my new situation but there was at least this one thing I was looking forward to. I realised my family hasn’t seen me the entire day. Hiding in my cave was exactly what I needed but I knew I’d have to make it up for them tomorrow. Meanwhile, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I put the Bitches Brew album on my headphones and focused on the music. *** On Saturday morning, I felt a lot better and I almost didn’t have to take any painkillers anymore. Almost, because there was still this annoying numb pain that radiated through my arm. I’ve done a little workout that involved sit-ups and lifting weights with my left hand. I tried to do some crunches, too but it was hard. I’ve done some anyway. Then I tried one-handed pushups but it was a stupid idea, I almost hurt myself. Later, I spent some time downstairs watching TV with my sister. The parents were at work and Wayne has gone only he knew where. I couldn’t focus on anything specific and was looking at the clock until it was time to leave for Ryan's. I was getting better at dressing myself. The only shame was that most of my wardrobe was off-limits. I was sentenced to wear shorts or sweatpants and elastic t-shirts. Wearing jeans or button shirts would require external assistance and I’d rather save my pride for as long as I could. Provided I had any pride left after the shower with Wayne yesterday. I was almost cool with my brother helping but I didn’t want him to babysit me more than necessary. I washed myself by the sink as thoroughly as I could and after a while was ready to go. I grabbed my bottle of lube from the drawer (just in case) and put it in my large sweatpants pocket. I said goodbye to Sarah and left. When I opened the door, Ryan was already waiting outside with his dog, an adorable York that ran to me on sight, barking intimidatingly. The weather was fine and the boy’s sunlit face was beaming. “Oh hey Owen, that’s my dog Kobe. I think he likes you!” he said with a grin. Ryan was wearing a yellow t-shirt and basketball shorts. He looked so lean… and for some reason huggable! And perhaps a little kissable, too. Not to mention fuckable, which he definitely was. I had a mini-basket set now on the back of the house. Maybe I could invite him over for a game… of throws. I guess I would suck with just my left hand but it could still be fun. But for now, we were strolling down the street towards his house, Kobe running around us, exploring every nuance. “You never told me you are a rock star,” Ryan said. Guess he checked my Facebook profile, too. “That’s because I am not. I have this little band but if anything, it’s now “were”, not “are”, you know.” “Oh, you can’t play with just one hand, I guess?” “No way. The guys already found a backup drummer to cover for me while I’m recovering. If all goes well, they might even have me back.” “Why wouldn’t they?” A good question. I knew for a fact that they would and they will, but because I was envious of Alex, a part of me wanted to make myself look like a victim. How mature. I used to have this perfect scheme to become friends (and maybe more) with Alex and here he was, hanging out with the boys instead. For now, I didn’t mind. Ryan was a lot more than a consolation prize. “No reason. Maybe I’m a little bitter that I don’t get to play the gigs anymore. You’re saving me from staying in my room the whole day, you know?” “Who, me? Naaah. I needed someone to hang out with, too. Most people are fed up with me after 3 hours and you’ll be too.” “I don’t think so. You’ll punch me first for my downer attitude.” “You’re right on that one!” He said as he punched me in my healthy shoulder. “Ouch! Oh, you little fucker…” I growled and tried to kick him but he bounced back and laughed at me, running around. He had a nice house but I got a little self-conscious when we entered it. His three older sisters were sitting on a couch in the living room, watching tv and giving me a judging look. The oldest one was chewing gum and, without taking her eyes off of me, yelled: “Who is this, Ryan?” “Sisters, this is Owen. Owen, these are sisters. Let’s go to my room.” We retreated at full speed, avoiding further interrogation. The house was nice but seemed pretty busy even though there were no adults in sight. His room was nice, too. The wall paint was barely visible from behind basketball posters and photos of Ryan and his family slash friends. The room was small but it had a bed and a TV set. A double window overlooked the street and the park on the other side. I felt goosebumps on my hands and neck when I saw it. I tried not to think much about the park and whatever was living in it but it was still distressing. “Hey Owen, what are you staring at? Let’s play some tennis.” Ryan Turned on the tv and the console and gave me one controller. “I never played Wii,” I said. “Don’t worry it’s super easy. Just swing it back and forth, you’ll see.” He was right, I could do it with one hand. He was beating my ass every time but that was to be expected. Thanks to drumming, I wasn’t completely clumsy with my left hand but I had no Wii controller experience. And he wouldn’t go easy on me at all! After 30 minutes of punishment, I asked Ryan if we could do something else. “Tired of losing already? I was just warming up! Just kidding, want to watch something?” “Sure, whatever.” I sounded less excited than I intended but Ryan didn’t care. We hopped on his bed, resting on the pillows. He chose a sci-fi movie; I don’t remember the name. Or what it was about. Or anything about it at all, because Ryan decided to get as close to me as he could and our hands and bodies touched. At least he approached me from my left side. It was getting interesting and I felt like I was on a date. Not really though, because Ryan was acting straight at all times, he was just being friendly and direct. Maybe he should’ve been acting a little less friendly because he unwillingly turned me on. And it was only his fault that I decided to put my hand into the pocket of his shorts. It was empty, mostly. I stroked his thigh through the material a little but quickly crawled deeper and felt his dick. He turned his head to look me in the eyes and smiled mischievously which I read as a sign of consent. His penis was already semi-hard and continued to grow as I massaged it. Ryan went back to watching the movie but laid back a little with a contented look on his face. In less than a minute, his cock was as hard as it could get and it was time for me to move to the second base. I took my hand out of his pocket and grabbed his waistband, wondering how am I going to pull his shorts off with just one hand but he read my intentions and lowered them to his knees himself. Taking care of his white undies with one move, too, revealing his uncut dick. It was even a little longer than mine, although not that thick. It looked really impressive and sexy on his slim and mostly hairless body. A little patch of black pubes down his shaft only made it look bigger. Ryan put his hands behind his head comfortably, keeping his eyes on the screen. Explicit consent, I call it. “What if someone walks in?” I asked the boy. He just shrugged, not even looking at me. He pulled his t-shirt over his head, keeping it on his arms behind his back and revealing his smooth body. He wore a simple silver neck-chain that now rested on his toned chest. I felt a little dizzy. This was the sexiest sight I could imagine. Okay, you little daredevil, it’s time for you to get your treat. “Close your eyes, just for a sec, ok?” Ryan wiggled a little and did as I asked without questioning. He didn’t say a word ever since he started the movie for that matter. I took the bottle of lube from my pocket and opened it using my teeth. Then I started pouring it all over Ryan’s twitching penis, watching his face. He opened his right eye just for a fraction of a second and closed it again. He was losing his careless pose and I could see he was horny and excited. His chest was visibly rising with his every breath. I purposely overdosed the lube and shortly started rubbing it all over his dark-skinned penis. Ryan let out a loud sigh which had a note of a moan in it. Then I started wanking him slowly. I wanted it to be a straight handjob just like the one he gave me but I was failing miserably! I made sure to massage his glistering tip with my thumb as I was going. Every now and then, I would pull him down as far as I could and stop… just to go back to my regular tempo once again. He slid down on the bed even more and opened his mouth a little, breathing faster and faster. I regretted that I couldn’t caress his balls with my other hand. But that was it, the grand finale. I started wanking him faster, loosening my grip a little to allow the blood flow. After a minute, Ryan started panting and wiggling his legs. He opened his eyes wide and watched his black penis shoot from all barrels onto his chest and belly. Oh boy, what a mess. “You are gay,” were his first words after he recovered. Gay handjob. I told you. “Yes,” I answered, even though there was no question. “That bothers you?” “I don’t care, mate. It was amazing. I’ll do you another time though if that’s okay.” “No problem, I owed you one anyway.” Deep inside, I wept. “I am not gay, though,” he said after a pause, turning his eyes to me, “you fine with that?” “Yeah, I figured you weren’t. And I don’t mind. We can keep doing it. If you want, that is. I won’t fall in love with you or shit, I promise.” Well, I really hoped I could keep it. “We can keep doing it,” Ryan smiled. “I always wanted to have a friend like you anyway. For now, can you clean me up? The napkins are on my desk.” It took me a good while to remove the evidence. One, I had only my left hand to operate. Two, I was paying more attention to his softening dick than to the task ahead. He could’ve just done it by himself but we both seemed happy with me doing the honours. “Damn, I’m smelly,” Ryan yawned, exaggerating a little, “let me get changed and we can head out. The movie is boring anyway, eh?” And he did get changed. But first, he took off everything he had except his neck chain. Oh god. I just promised I won’t fall in love with him, didn’t I? I started sweating and twitching in my pants. He had a perfect, slim 14-year old body and he did like to show it. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry to get dressed, either. He took his time rummaging through his clothes. Then he took a deodorant and sprayed it all over his upper body, giving me a good view on his now-soft but plump dick and muscular stomach. I lost any doubts that he was giving me a show when he walked to his desk and bent down to check an imaginary ulcer on his face in a small mirror, presenting me with a close up on his ass. If we were in my room, I would be jacking off like a madman by then. Finally, Ryan showed some mercy and got dressed, clearly proud of his body and content with having a spectator. *** We went outside, Kobe trotting alongside Ryan. “Let’s go to the park, okay? I don’t want little Kobe to get hit by a car.” I went a little pale on my face thinking about the park. I just couldn’t get over being irrational about it. Black puma. And a black fox. How many more monsters lived in the damn place? “Sorry Owen, bad joke,” he said, misinterpreting my reaction. “Um… don’t worry, it’s not that. Let’s go.” We walked a little and talked about this and that. I did my best not to throw nervous glances around me. In daylight (and with Ryan and Kobe by my side), it wasn’t that hard and I soon almost forgot about it. We played fetch with the doggie when I got a call from an unknown number. “Hello?” “Owen? Hi, it’s Alex. It’s my number.” That was unexpected. My heart started pumping faster to a predictable outcome but I focused on sounding casual. Which was impossible. You’re either relaxed or you’re not. “Oh, hey Alex, how is it going?” “Um, Owen, I wanted to say I’m sorry. Can I come over to your place to talk? Are you home?” “No, I’m hanging out with a friend,” I said, putting a little too much emphasis on “friend”, “I’ll be home in an hour. You can come after that if you want.” “Okay, I will. I live nearby.” “Okay, see you,” I said and hung up. “Who was that?” Ryan asked. “Alex, the substitute drummer I was telling you about.” “You have a crush on him, don’t you?” I froze. Ryan just laughed. “Mate, you’re so obvious! Do you think he likes you too?” “I don’t know, we barely just met. He said he wants to come over to say he’s sorry. For taking my place in the band, I suppose.” “I bet he wants to beg for your forgiveness on his knees,” Ryan made a blowjob gesture with his tongue and laughed. “Oh fuck you, moron.” “Come on, man! I can let you lick mine if you want.” “You’re sick, I gotta go,” I turned back and started walking away. To make sure he wouldn’t think I was mad, I added: “I’ll text you later, Ryan.” I certainly would like to lick it, though.
  5. Arch Hunter

    Stranger Kids

    Hey, thanks for the comment. I'm aware of the Def Leppard drummer. And I know for a fact that it is possible to play one-handed with a regular drumset. But Owen does not know! As to other facts, at least some of these questions will be answered soon
  6. Arch Hunter

    Stranger Kids

    I never vibed much with the whole Stranger Things hype. It’s a Goonies-like teenage horror series happening in the ‘80s if you haven’t seen it. I’m not saying it sucks or anything but for me, it was mediocre at best. The story was mostly placeholders without any real risks or consequences to the protagonists’ actions. The characters’ arcs were just an excuse and the plot had more holes in it than Swiss cheese. I’m guessing some people watch it for the '80s nostalgia but I hadn't been alive until mid ‘00ths so I can’t relate. But there were certain things I liked about it that helped me make it through all the seasons. First, the setting and the scenography. Someone did their research and every episode felt really believable. The costumes, the language… I could go on forever. Secondly - acting. I’m not saying that everyone did a wonderful job but there were some really believable characters and memorable performances to enjoy. Next, music. Maybe a bit cliche, but still very nice. Last but not least, boys. Some of them. Most notably, I had a crush on the black Stranger Things kid, Lucas. I liked all boys regardless of their race or nationality but he struck a note with me. That’s why I was so happy that of all people it was him who saved me on that ill-fated day I got hit by a car. I was lying on the ground, barely conscious when Lucas came to the rescue and kissed me, giving me my life back. Then we made out and fucked passionately in his room all night. Sucking his long dick, I looked him in the eyes. It was my way of saying “thank you.” Thank you for saving my life, Stranger Things kid. I will never forget it. *** Except it was just a dream. I woke up with a big fat boner in the hospital bed, my dad sitting on a chair next to me, reading something on his Kindle. Luckily, I was covered. I felt numb and there was a cast encasing my right arm. There was a cool-looking blue cover protecting the cast but it didn't make me feel any better. Not good, Mr. Drummer Boy, not good at all. “Good morning,” I mumbled, feeling stinky stickiness in my mouth. It felt as if a rat died inside. A month ago, at least. Every part of my body ached. “Oh hey Owen,” my dad turned to me, “how are you this morning?” “I’ve been better,” I replied carefully and then added: “what year is it?” “It’s 2089, son. We have flying cars now and emo haircuts are a thing again.” The bastard! He made me chuckle, though. “Then just put me back to sleep, please.” We shared a laugh but my dad got serious again. “You got hit by a car yesterday. The bad news is, your arm is broken. The good news is, that’s the only major injury and apart from a few bruises, you are fine.” “Okay…” It took me a while to process the information. I was alive but my arm was broken. No more playing drums. For how long? “How… how am I going to play on Friday?” I hoped my dad would come up with a magical solution. “You’ll be lucky if they even let you out of here by then. And even if they do, you won’t be able to play for a while. I’m sorry.” Now I was really bummed. What now? We had gigs almost every weekend planned ahead for the rest of the vacations. There was no way I could possibly miss out on that. Would they kick me out of the band? Dad saw me frown and placed his hand on my shoulder. “It will be fine. I’ll tell the boys to come over tomorrow. I talked to them already and they said they will figure something out. Now, don’t think about it too much, try to rest, alright? I’ll call mom now, the rest of the gang will want to come to visit.” “And what about the driver who hit me?” I asked. “I’m afraid it was a hit-and-run, Owen. The police are looking for him. There were no witnesses except a neighbour kid who called for an ambulance.” So it was bad. Really bad. The only good side of it was that the whole Wayne-watching-me-wanking situation paled in comparison with my accident. But then I remembered the fox and a spike of fear went through my body. A black fox, really? Do they even exist? Was it friends with the puma monster we saw earlier? Black Fox. Josh was the one to come up with the name for our band after being nameless for a good while. Or more accurately, he stole it from a 2019 anime film he’d seen. The rest of us thought the name was cool, so it stayed. Okay, it’s just a coincidence, Owen, don’t freak out. I reached for my phone. It was on the night shelf next to my bed, charging. I was drugged but it still hurt to move. I opened Google and, with my left hand, typed black fox. Search for images. Okay, so they did exist, that was a relief. An extremely rare black fox spotted in North Yorkshire. After some extra research, I learned that they were rare but not mythical. There was a genetic mutation that sometimes could cause an animal's fur to become black instead of orange. Reading further, it turned out this was how polar bears came to be. A random mutation had brought the first polar bear to life. By pure chance, it gave him a camo advantage in snowy regions, allowing him and his offspring to hunt better and reproduce more, spreading the mutation. The more you know. Turns out there was no real advantage of being a black fox, so those never spread. Fortified with scientific knowledge, I let out a sigh of relief. It was a crazy weekend but there was nothing unnatural about it. Just a series of unlikely events. Very unlikely events. But there were seven billion people in the world. One-out-of-billion coincidences must’ve been happening every day. My mum and my siblings came a bit later to say "hi". They looked worried but I was in high spirits, strangely agitated by this near-death experience. It lifted the overall mood and soon we just talked about unrelated topics. I caught Wayne’s eyes a few times and he still seemed abashed but also happy to see me. Then they left me and I found myself alone in the hospital room. Praised be the technology. I spent the next few days playing games, reading books, watching YouTube videos and sometimes even porn. However, I could not masturbate. My left hand was alright but any rapid movements were causing pain stings in the other. Oh boy. Good thing I was on analgesics because they kept my hormones at bay for now. On the second day, I got a visit from me mates. They didn’t care much about my condition and hugged me and poked me in different places - to see if I was alive, I reckon. They took a selfie with me to post in our social media. If my tragedy could get us some extra attention, then I didn’t mind. But when I saw the photo later, I almost regretted it. There were cuts and bruises all over my face but my grin was making up for that. And there were like a billion likes and “get well soon” comments that warmed my heart a little bit. The boys said they found a substitute drummer for the next few shows but they were figuring out how to bring me back to action soon. That was sweet but I knew that the only thing I could do was to wait. At least they didn’t kick me out of the band then and there. They hung out with me for an hour or two and they left me to myself again. *** On Thursday, I was discharged from the hospital with a long list of dos & don’ts and pills I had to take. With my right hand immobilized, I was looking for anything to do with my spare time. My parents were both at work until late afternoon. I sat on my drum set for a while but playing without my strong hand proved to be impossible. To make it worse, I was still battered and my body ached whenever I attempted a rapid move. I moved my eyes to my guitar. Nope. Bike? Nope! Damn, I couldn’t even roll a joint by myself now. I saw a video of a guy doing it one-handedly but it took him like forever. I sighed with frustration. It was the second day of July and it was hot outside. I could really feel my smelly armpits, not to mention my privates. I decided I needed a shower and went to the bathroom, not thinking about it too much. I took off my pants and underwear when I realised I couldn’t take my shirt off. And I couldn’t just walk into the stall with my cast unprotected. That was doctor’s rule number one - don’t get your cast wet, boy! It never occurred to me to ask him or anyone how to fucking wash myself. Unless they expected me to go for a month or more without showering. It took me 3 minutes to Google for a solution and another 5 minutes to gain enough composure to do what had to be done. My shirt wasn’t long enough to cover my privates and I used my healthy hand to do just that. Eventually, I took a deep breath and stuck my head out of the bathroom. “As quietly as possible, hoping he'll be the only one who hears me, I finally managed "Wayne!” I waited a minute, and tried again, “Waayyne!” No sign of movement. I was too shy to go out and knock on his door. I went back to the bathroom and dialed his number, feeling embarrassed. Wayne didn’t pick up but just opened his door down the hall. “Here,” I hissed. “I’m guessing you need some help with that, Junior?” he smirked but only a little. I guess he figured I wasn’t in a mood for his mocking and that was a level of consideration I wasn’t expecting from him. “Get a large plastic bag from the kitchen and bring it here,” I demanded. He gave me a look but complied and after a minute was back with a large, white Tesco bag. “Okay, I need you to do two things,” I took a deep breath again. To make it worse, my dick twitched in my hand and started growing a little when I thought of these things. “First, help me get out of this.” I raised my arm, losing my cover. I just wanted to get it over with at this point. Wayne looked at me and started slowly pulling off my shirt, trying not to hurt me. When he did, I practically grew a semi-hardon, especially when the shirt was covering my eyes. I didn’t think that Wayne noticed at first. But when my dick touched his thigh through his boxer shorts, he sure did notice. “Sorry,” I mumbled, all red, “It’s been days since I last touched it.” “Don’t sweat it, it’s normal. And you’ll get used to it.” The fact was, I didn’t want to get used to it. I won’t lie, it WAS kind of exciting. Maybe even very exciting since I was a developing exhibitionist, but most of all it was really awkward and embarrassing. I had to figure out how to do all this by myself. I was standing there naked except from my cast and didn’t bother to cover myself anymore. My semi-hard 6 inches were impossible to be hidden just with one hand, anyway. Luckily, Wayne wasn’t staring. Because you can’t call occasional glances staring, right? “Okay,” I said, “now take the bag and wrap it around my arm. And do tie it tightly.” And so he did. The bag was large enough to cover my entire arm and soon I was ready to go. “Do you need anything else or should I leave you?” “Um, actually,“ I said getting inside the stall, “could you come back in five to help me get dressed? I promise I’ll figure out how to do it myself next time. Or you can just stay and wait.” “Okay, I’ll wait,” he said as he rested on the washing machine to the sound of running water. “So, how do you feel?” “Awful, man,” I replied, clumsily shampooing my hair,” I can’t do anything without this hand. No drums, no games, no bike, nothing.” “It sucks bro, but it will pass. Remember when I had my leg broken a few years back?” “Yeah but not having a hand is way worse. I literally can’t do anything!” “Guess you’re right. It will pass all the same, though. If you need me for anything, just let me know, okay?” I went silent for a moment and smiled, “well, if you can roll me a fatty from time to time, I would appreciate it.” “Sure Junior, anytime,” he chuckled and paused for a little. “Look, I’m sorry for walking on you the other day, the door was open and I heard some noises. I should have known better.” I went a little red, “that’s okay Wayne. At least it was you and not Sarah or mom.” “Now that would suck, alright. Um, we’re pretty much the same down there if it makes you feel any better.” “Oh stop it! T.M.I!” I’ve gone even redder and splashed him with some shower water. “Alright, chill! Anyway, we could go to the park later and smoke a little if you want. You know, some medicinal marijuana?” “Sure.” I was up for it but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go near the park anytime soon. I managed to rationalize everything that happened over there but deep down I still felt uneasy. Maybe we could find another spot or something. After I was done, Wayne helped me dry myself and get dressed. He said he had a basketball game in 30 minutes and to call him if I needed anything. I thanked him and took the plastic Tesco bag with me to practice tying it up by myself later. Back in my room, I lay on my back on the bed and started throwing a tennis ball upwards and catching it again. So that’s how you have fun when you only have one hand at your disposal. Vintage. After a few minutes, I failed to catch it and it bounced away. It made me feel more helpless than ever and I felt tears of frustration coming to my eyes. Well, I haven’t had a proper cry since the accident. Maybe I should just let it go for once. But then I heard the doorbell. I froze, listening for any movement in the house but it seemed like I was alone. It rang again. I carefully made my way downstairs and opened the door. I was gobsmacked. Right here on my porch was the black Stranger Things kid - Lucas. *** “Hey, I’m Ryan, do you remember me?” He asked me with a beautiful smile. At that point, I was pretty sure I was losing it. Lucas from Stranger Things was at my doorway, saying his name is Ryan. I swore to God that I’ll never smoke another joint in my life. I was clearly going crazy. “Do I remember…” I muttered, “uh… you’re the Stranger Things kid?” Of course it isn’t him, you idiot, what are you talking about? But he was really similar, I’ll give him that. He laughed out loud when he heard me say it, showing me his even, white teeth. “Man, did you hurt your head, too? Do me a favour and stop riding your bike without your helmet, okay?” I went red on my face. Maybe I really did take a hit to my head. He nudged me gently, “come on, I’m teasing you. I get that a lot. You know, the Stranger Things bullcrap. I’m Ryan, though. Ryan Fawkes. I’m 14. He did look like 14 and like if he was doing sports every day. He was just a little shorter than me and slim. But like, basketball slim. “Oh hey, I’m Owen. Owen Davies, I’m 15,” I extended my hand and he gave me a homie handshake. Complex calculations went through my head and a moment later the puzzle fell into place. “Um, you’re the boy who called an ambulance?” “That’s me! No need to thank me though. I came by to check how bad you look.” I was in my darkest hour but his smile was contagious; he was nuts. He inspected me from my head down to my toes and said with a melodic voice: “Man, I expected much worse than that. Looking good!” Then he nodded at my cast, “So, is it broken?” “Um, yeah, quite badly, too. Luckily, no damage to the other parts.” I swear he looked at my crotch and said, “Now that would be a shame, wouldn’t it?” I just laughed and added, “So, you wanna come in? We just moved to this place this week.” “Sure!” “Do you live nearby?” I asked when we stepped into the living room. “Yeah,” he replied, looking around, “down the street, close to the park where you almost got flattened. Nice house, mate. Where’s your room?” He was straight to the point, wasn’t he? “Um, upstairs, come on.” I didn’t feel quite ready to show him into my room but he was a good distraction from my other problems. I showed him up the stairs and examined him for a while. Damn, he was fit! I couldn’t help but undress him in my mind. “Nice place!” He exclaimed, jumping on my bed. “You got it all to yourself?” “Yes. And my older brother Wayne has a room on the other side of the corridor.” Ryan couldn’t sit in one place for long. He jumped to my electronic drum set and started playing with his hands clumsily. It obviously didn’t bother him that it was unplugged. He looked at me, grinning from ear to ear, performing fake drum fills. “You play drums?” he asked. “Yeah, a little.” Duh. “How do I turn it on?” I turned on the set and the speakers for him. Soon, Ryan was lost playing like a maniac, not making any sense but clearly enjoying himself. I was slightly amused, too. Then, as quickly as he got into it, he stood up and went back to exploring my room. “Ah man, you have Playstation! Let’s play some,” he exclaimed and before I could protest, he sat on the floor and loaded Soul Calibur. He handed me the other controller, “Come on!” I gave him a blank look and his smile disappeared for the first time. “Sorry mate, I forgot. I can get very enthusiastic sometimes; in case you didn’t notice.” “Don’t worry Ryan, I’m not used to being a cripple myself, yet. And I’m sorry if I’m being a downer, there are just so many things I used to do every day and now all I can do is look at my phone the whole day.” I paused, considering making a suggestion and finally added: “Damn it, I haven’t been able to give myself a proper wank since the accident. This sucks so much!” Ryan smiled at my remark and hopped onto the bed next to me. “So, there’s nobody home now?” He asked. “Yeah, everyone is out, why?” Oh god, oh god. Oh god. “Want me to help you out?” He looked at my crotch suggestively and I felt a twitch inside my sweatpants. Yes, please, do it! And if you add a little tongue from time to time, I’ll fucking owe you man! I wanted to say it, I really did but I had to keep up my straight act for now. “Would you really do it?” “Sure, no big deal. We’re both boys, aren’t we? And I would’ve gone mad if I couldn’t do it at least once a day. Nobody deserves it!” I was being a little manipulative here. It’s true that I haven’t had a release since Saturday. Five days. That’s my all-time record ever since I started doing that at the innocent age of twelve. But I knew I could do myself if I’d only focused and took my time. However, it wouldn’t be a wise thing to mention now that I was about to get my first handjob ever. A handjob from a stranger boy who helped me get to the hospital and now acted like we had known each other forever. Was he really just trying to help or was he gay like me? There was no time to think now, that’s for sure! “That’s crazy man, but alright, I really need to cum.” “Now that’s what I’m talking about. Now lay there and relax.” I was a tiny bit shaky when I laid back on my bed, careful not to strain my right hand. Ryan sat by my hip, smiled at me and placed his hand on my crotch, feeling my dick through my sweatpants. The feeling of someone else touching it was something completely new and I was semi-hard in seconds. “You alright there?” he asked. “Yeah.” I was more than alright, to tell the truth. Ryan wasted no time and slid my sweatpants down to my knees, revealing my white undies. I guess I was expecting a little more foreplay - or at least some foreplay - but the undies followed right after and my cock sprang to life. “Now look at you, you’re so big! For a white boy, I mean” he gave me his smile and I grinned back, not believing how lucky I was. Before I could comment, he took my rod in his hand and I gasped. So this is how it feels, oh god this is amazing. I loved how Ryan’s dark skin contrasted with mine. Being a boy himself, he definitely knew what to do and stroked me at a moderate pace; not too fast, not too slow. I appreciated the way he was doing it. It must’ve been what a straight handjob feels like, if you know what I mean. I didn’t know it until much later, but there is a huge difference between a straight handjob and a gay handjob. A gay handjob is seductive and involves a lot of tempo changes as much as the optical adoration of the penis. Not forgetting an obligatory balls massage. A straight handjob is, well, straight to the point, practical and professional with none of that gay bullcrap. I think that both types can be fun if done right, but at that particular moment, I prayed for Ryan to turn out straight. Sometimes you just need that friend to mess around with, no deep feelings involved. I looked at him, acting like it was all normal but I knew that he knew it wasn't. And I bet he knew that I knew that he knew. Somehow, he was still going and I never wanted him to stop. I really wished I could last longer than I did but when I came, it was amazing. The 5-days’ worth of cum was launched into the air in about seven jets and landed on my t-shirt, finally oozing on Ryan’s fist. "Theeere you go," Ryan said, watching me squirt. I was curling my toes and panting, overwhelmed with pleasure. “Is it better now?” Ryan asked, his voice full of concern. “Uh, thanks... It was amazing. I didn’t know how much I needed it. You are a real friend for helping me out.” “Don’t mention it, it’s just a handjob. You deserve a break after all the shitty luck. Do you have any napkins? I need to clean you up. And let’s get you a new t-shirt.” And that’s what happened. Ryan cleaned my dick and helped me put on a new shirt. I felt like something between a little baby and an old geezer but in a way, it was hot as fuck! “I have to go home for dinner,” Ryan said, “let’s hang out sometimes, okay?” I was still feeling unreal. This was my first sexual experience with anybody but Ryan didn't seem to think too much about it. “Sure mate, let’s exchange numbers,” I replied and gave him mine; then he called me and I saved his. “See you later. I’ll help myself out, don’t get up.” He was already closing the door behind himself when he stuck his head back through. “You should come over to my place next time. I have a Nintendo Wii.” He looked at me and when I didn’t react, he added: “You can play it with just one hand.” He gave me another cute smile and disappeared. What do you know? At first, he seemed like he was all over the place. Turns out he could be caring and thoughtful, too. *** I was half asleep when Wayne knocked and let himself in. “Hey Owen, you wanna get stoned before you sleep?” “Not this time… go without me,” I mumbled. I already felt high enough. I slept well and my dreams were more vivid than ever.
  7. Arch Hunter

    The Fox

    I was lying on my bed with my laptop, well, on top of my lap. It was past 11 am and I was thankful to my family for letting me stay in bed for so long. I would rather expect them to wake me up at 8 or so and force me to help them prepare for our moving. They’ve been on it for a good while now, judging by the noises and occasional hollering. Me, I didn’t have a lot of stuff to my name. Apart from the bed and the desk, my room had a wardrobe, an electronic drum set, an acoustic guitar, a bookshelf, some board games, a few posters, a TV set and Playstation. In the corner, there was a weights set to keep myself in shape. I was quite fit for my age, which matched my youthful face surprisingly well. I felt capable of picking up Alex and that was what I was working on this lovely June morning. The name and the face were all I had but also were everything I needed. I had this little book and I knew his face was in it. Facebook. Get it? I’m terrible, I know but I’m not sorry. I’ll do it again. Anyway, I went to our Facebook fan page. Black Fox. A teen rock band from Coventry, UK. Cayden Hicks - vocals. Josh Aslan - guitar. Michael Cox - bass guitar, backing vocals. Owen Davies - drums. We had 27 338 fans and I hoped that the cute Alex was somewhere among them. Click. Search by name. Alex. Loading. Nice, let’s look at the results. 120+ Alexes and Alexanders. Okay, my plan was good but involved some manual data search that I’d rather avoid. Asking Alex for his last name yesterday was not an option anyway, so I could just as well start looking. I skimmed the list, looking at profile pic thumbnails, hoping to find him quickly but I didn’t. So then I started looking for “Birmingham” next to the name. I found two but they were some older guys. And then, near the end of the list, I found an Alex from Coventry. Alex Richmond. He had a Baby Yoda meme as his profile pic but it intrigued me and I clicked on it. The first thing I saw when his profile loaded was my face. In the picture, I was standing next to Alex who was taking a selfie and grinning from ear to ear. The caption said, “Finally got to meet Owen of Black Fox!” He added it last evening and there was already a ton of likes and comments. Busted! Owen, you are a hacker and a true data miner. A call from an NCA recruiter is just a matter of time, there’s no doubt about it. Hmm, what am I supposed to do now? Should I add him and say “hi”? No problem but what do I tell him? Damn, he lives in my city. I was not sure what I should do next so I just started clicking through his photo gallery on Facebook. I saw a video of him playing drums. Damn, he was really good! I expected him to be a beginner but his beat was tight. Click. A few selfies, a pic or two with his friends but mostly dank memes and stupid gifs. Click. A shirtless photo from vacation last summer. Oh boy, was he fit or what? And that was almost a year ago. I was dying to see what he looked like now. I played with my dick through my boxers absentmindedly when I saw another photo of him and his friend posing in front of a house. Wait, I recognized this street. I opened Google Maps, switched to the street view and after a few minutes of clicking around, I found it. It was just a few streets away from our new home! I felt excited and proud of my little investigation bringing results. Too bad I couldn’t tell anyone. I had to make do with admiring myself in silence. I frowned when I realised there was no telling if this was where he actually lived. It could be his friend’s or just some random house. I didn’t find any other photos that could support my theory so I decided the next step would be to start a large-scale field operation. I knew I could just text him and say “hi” but it would be too simple. I was already invested in my overly elaborate scheme. That’s when I heard a knock on the door. “Owen, get up and help us!” It was my mum’s voice. Geez, it was already past noon and I still haven’t left the bed. “Alright, I’m coming,” I shouted back and reluctantly closed my laptop. *** I quickly cleaned myself and ate my breakfast. The five of us spent most of the day cleaning, packing, sorting and so on. Boy, was there a lot of it. I realised I won’t be able to stalk Alex until after we move in. But that was okay because it meant I won’t have to bike for like 20 minutes to get there. All the mindless, manual labor allowed me to form a sophisticated plan in my head. I would go near his house and… roam around till I see him! Well, that wasn’t much of a plan but let’s say it’d work. Then he’d see me and run to me, screaming “Owen! Owen! What are you doing here?! You live here, too?! That’s SO cool! There’s something I wanted to ask you about… will you be my boyfriend?” and bang, just like that we’d be making sweet love on my king-sized bed in my new bedroom. The plan had no holes in it whatsoever! “Hey Junior, why are you smiling like a lunatic?” Wayne’s remark shook me up from my daydream. “Ah, nothing, I just thought about a funny cat video I saw.” “That’s my Junior, thinking about the pussy all day. Seems like you’re still high from yesterday, am I right?” Well, that was partially true, I only just realised I still felt a little light-headed and the breakfast tasted better than normal. “Hey, you wanna spare some?” he asked when I didn’t reply, “I’ll need a way to relax after dealing with this mess all day.” “Uhm, sure, let me…” I was interrupted by my phone vibrating in my pocket. Cayden. “Hello?” “Hey buddy, how’s it going?” Cayden sounded eager as usual. Wayne smiled and retreated to his room. “Good but we've been packing our stuff the whole day. I need a break.” “Want to come over?” “Nah, parents won’t let me go. Some of our stuff is going there today so we have some essentials in place after we move tomorrow.” “Sucks! Will you come over to jam with us on Monday?” “Um, I guess. I’ll let you know tomorrow, kay?” “Cool. You’ll have to show me your new room when you’re all moved in.” “Sure mate! I’ll be setting up PlayStation in my room. You know what that means?” “That I’ll be kicking your ass in Soul Calibur every day?” “In your dreams! Alright mate, I have to be going. I’ll call you tomorrow, cool?” “Yeah sure, see you around,” he said and hung up. The rest of the day was pretty much the same. At dinner time, dad ordered pizza for everybody and that was about the only break we got. Before 8:00 pm, the rental service truck left with our stuff and dad and Wayne followed them to supervise the unloading. I stayed with mum and we relaxed watching telly for a while. “So, how was it yesterday?” mum said, “I didn’t have a chance to ask you.” “Oh, it was good. A good show. One of the best so far, actually.” “That’s great! How many people?” “Oh, about 200, sold out! And I think we pushed a good deal of merch too.” There was a merch company handling everything for us for a commission. It saved us a lot of headache. “That’s nice! Dad was talking to Drew today but I didn’t have time to ask him about it either. Did you boys manage to fight off all the groupies?” she laughed. “Ah yes, I guess we’re coping. But frankly, it wasn’t so bad. There was even a boy who actually wanted to talk to me about drumming.” I felt a little strange talking about Alex. He was supposed to be my little secret. “So now you even have a fanboy, that’s brilliant!” She mocked me. “Yeah, we have all kinds of fan… people these days,” I dodged and we both laughed. “You play another one next weekend, right?” she asked, making herself a drink. Gin and sparkling water, as always. Low-carbs diet. “Aye, on Friday.” I was looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll meet more hot groupie boys. That would be sick! *** On Sunday morning, we had our last breakfast in our old place and moved to the new one first thing in the morning. It was a big, century-old, stand-alone house in a nice neighbourhood consisting of similar buildings. It had a large garage and a decent garden. There was an impressive walnut tree next to it and the closest house was some 40 yards away. My parents and Sarah had their rooms on the main floor and upstairs were mine and Wayne’s. There was also a large, separate bathroom on our floor so the big boys didn’t have to share with the rest of the family anymore. It turned out to be another busy day but I enjoyed it more, being able to arrange my room the way I wanted. I could see the walnut tree right through my window. The bed was huge. I wasn’t sure if it was a message from my parents that I should finally find myself a girlfriend? I wasn’t interested but instead, I could have my whole band in this bed for a sleepover if I wanted. That was an interesting idea, now that I thought of it. To be honest, I haven’t seen any of the lads naked and it would present a good opportunity. On the other hand, I put them in the friend zone a long time ago and I wasn’t sure if I wanted them out of it. But maybe I could invite Alex. We could jam on my electronic set for a while and after we’re done, hit the shower together… Speaking of Alex, I couldn’t wait to finally stalk the cutie and I promised myself to do that right after the band practice the next day. Since no one had time to cook, we went to the city centre for Chinese food. Once back, I chilled in my room for a while, plucking my guitar and thinking about stuff. I liked the feng-shui of my new room. I could spend quality alone time here whenever I wanted. If only there was a lock in my door… Speaking of which, I heard knocking and Wayne came in. “What’s up, bro? How do you like the new room?” “Thanks, it’s… roomy.” “Yeah, I’ve noticed. It’s really big. Wanna see mine?” he said grabbing his crotch and we laughed. Wayne was roughly a bigger version of me with his slim body toned from playing football for the school. “Maybe another time, man, not sure if I want to see it now. Now that we talk, I realised I forgot to give you the weed yesterday. Still want it?” “Hell yes bro, I’m knackered. How about we go and explore the area for a proper smoke spot?” “Sound plan. Give me a minute to roll one and let’s meet outside, good?” “Good man!” Five minutes later, we were outside, going in a random direction. I knew the area more or less but never been much in this particular neighbourhood. We walked for about 5 minutes, chatting about this and that until we reached a park. It was a really nice one, with a large pond in the middle. We found a secluded bench on its side and I lit the joint. It was getting dark and there was no one around. We shortly relaxed and smoked in silence. I had a feeling this was going to be our favorite spot. Watching the water was very relaxing. Suddenly, we were alarmed by rustling in the bushes nearby. I quickly dropped the joint and stomped it with my shoe, expecting a police patrol to show up at any second. Instead, I saw a strange, black dog emerging from the darkness. For a second, I thought it was a puma or a lioness because of its slick fur and the way it walked. It stood there and looked at us from a distance. There was no sight of its owner anywhere and it did not bode well. We exchanged worried looks with Wayne and waited for it to do something. This far away, I couldn’t see it clearly. While not huge, it looked quite savage and dangerous. And it had large, red eyes. I was already high and wasn’t sure if I was imagining this or what. Wayne watched it with a dull expression on his face, so I figured it must’ve been real. After a minute, it turned its head and trotted in the other direction, leaving us dumbfounded. “What in the world was that,” Wayne said emphasizing every word, “Was that a tiger or something? I’m way too stoned for this shit, let’s head back.” I was too startled to say anything so we just stood up and went back home. Make no mistake, I was not one to get easily scared by a dog but this one had some demonic aura to it. And the more I think about it, it did not look like a dog at all. I know it was dark and we were high… alright, I guess that explains a lot. Back in my room, I was still in the mood for pleasuring myself and it felt super exciting to do it in my new bed. I got naked quickly and started rubbing with a sigh of relief. I went really slowly, wanting to make this first time special and memorable. The bedding was fresh and fragrant and doing it in this big room felt almost as if I was being watched. The feeling was so strong that I opened my eyes just to see Wayne in my door with his jaw dropped, staring at me. In my current state, it took me 5 seconds to process the situation before I covered myself with a pillow. This made my brother blink a few times as if he woke up from a trance. Then he mouthed “sorry” inaudibly and closed the door hastily. I was in a deep shock. Why didn’t he knock? Why didn’t I hear him open the door? Did I leave it ajar? Oh no… I rolled on the bed and pressed my face to the pillow, feeling more embarrassed than I’ve ever felt in my life. That was not a moment I was ready to share with somebody. Now there was no way I could focus on cumming. I just turned off the light and went back to bed. I was fast asleep. *** Breakfast was beyond awkward. My parents and my sister chatted merrily about the new house and all the stuff they’re going to do while me and my brother sat there in silence, barely touching our food. We’ve seen each other naked a couple of times but hardly ever talked about sex. Not to mention seeing each other hard. Eventually, dad asked: “How about you boys, how do you like your rooms?” “Um…” I said and gave a quick glance at Wayne who chose the exact same moment to look at me. I burned red. “I really love it. It’s very… big.” Please, someone, deliver me from this agony. “Yeah,” Wayne added, “really big and comfortable.” Ten seconds of silence. “Can I be excused?” I asked, “I’ll finish later. I want to look around the neighbourhood.” I really needed to be out of there. My plan was to roam around for a few hours. Then I could go to the band practice before dinner. After dinner, I would go and try to find Alex. This way I could avoid being alone with Wayne for the entire day. I thought I’d be ready to talk to him like after a month or two, not sooner. And that’s what I did. I explored the area, taking note of points of interest and places to hang out if my mates ever come by. Later, I messaged my mum that I’ll be home after practice and rode my bike to Cayden’s. They had a large, three-story house with the attic partially arranged as a rehearsal room. We had a lot of stuff there and my drum set was staying there all year round. I could come to play whenever I wanted and it was awesome. Both Cayden’s parents were at work and all the boys were already upstairs. “Alright boys, this is our last practice before the gig on Friday,” said Michael, “let’s burn this place down.” “I’d be careful with burning it, mate,” Cayden replied. And rightfully so, because we did almost burn it. We were on fire! We added this Tame Impala song, Elephant to the set and it was such a banger with Cayden playing a synth solo in the middle. After two hours, we finished playing and sat on the couches, bingeing on onion-flavoured chips, talking about farting and such. I showed the boys some pictures of the house and my room and invited them to come over in a few days. It will feel great to beat their spotted asses in Soul Calibur. I wanted to stay longer but I was having Alex in the back of my head the entire time. Eventually, I ditched the boys, telling them I had to help my parents and hopped on my bicycle. I checked the address once more on my phone and in less than 10 minutes, I was there. The street looked really nice and there were people here and there, strolling or walking their dogs. I activated scanning mode and surveyed the area for any hot boys my gaydar could detect. I spotted some indeed but there was no sign of Alex. I slowed down when passing his (?) house but no one was around. Well duh, did I expect him to live on the street? Even if he wasn’t in his room, he could be anywhere. I explored a few adjacent streets but slowly started losing hope. I wasn’t going to stalk him forever until he comes out. If he lived here in the first place, that is. After 20 minutes, I passed the house one last time and gave up. I will simply message him on Facebook. Screw my puny investigation. Riding back home, I was on the street just next to the park we’ve been to with Wayne yesterday. That reminded me of the puma-dog-whatever monster. That, in turn, reminded me of Wayne catching me red-handed, which scared me even more! I gulped. I knew I had to face it eventually, so I could just as well get it over with now. I was sure he’d be cool about it but boy, it was gonna be awkward! My thoughts were interrupted when a black shape emerged from the bush in the park. It wasn’t far away and I could still see it clearly in the evening light. Once again, I felt almost a demonic presence and a shiver coming through my body. It was something else, this time. It was a fox. And its fur was pitch black. How in the world? He stared at me with its black eyes and I stared back in terror. When I heard screeching tires just next to my left ear, it was already too late to react. “At least I won’t have to confront Wayne today. Or ever,” I thought, as the car sent me flying across the street. The fox didn’t move an inch.
  8. Arch Hunter


    I had no idea where was this story going and I like the way it develops. Can't wait for chapter 3
  9. Arch Hunter

    Black Fox

    Owen's teen life changes a great deal after the overnight success of his music band, Black Fox. But in some ways, his love life specifically, it doesn't seem to move an inch. A surprise encounter at one of their gigs pushes him to take matters in his own hands. Hands are extremely important body parts for every drummer boy, right?
  10. Arch Hunter

    The Drummer Boy

    “You’ve been great! Go home and take a shower. We are Black Fox.” Cayden, our frontman, spoke his trademark line just like he did after every gig. We gathered at the front of the stage to bow to the audience. I threw my drumsticks at the cheering crowd and some lucky bastards got themselves a souvenir. I need to stop doing it; the good ones are bloody expensive. And it would cost me even more if I hit some poor bloke in the eye. There weren’t more than 200 people at the small venue in Birmingham, but they filled it nicely and it was fire, especially during the encore. When we played Roxanne, everyone went bananas. Eventually, we left the stage and made it to the obscure backstage, high-fiving and commenting on the dopest parts of the show. The spirits were high and we almost felt like rockstars. Almost, because there was water and coke instead of beer and booze in the cooler and Cayden’s dad would be waiting for us just outside to take us safely home. I turned 15 just a few months ago but still managed to be the oldest one in the band. So the point was, we were all kids and our bedtime was approaching. Not overly badass, I know. We took off our sweaty t-shirts and cooled down by the open window. My dark-blond hair was wet. It was a warm Friday evening, the end of June and the school was over. One of my favourite times of the year, without doubt. “Gentlemen, this was ace,” said Cayden, the vocalist, “one of the best gigs ever!” “Dude, I swear to God, it’s like every time is better than the last,” I added, “but you’re stealing all the attention, Cayden.” “Sure Owen, like if anyone would be paying attention to you.” Michael, the bass player teased me, as usual. “Look who’s talking,” I laughed, “no, but for real, it was a killer gig, gentlemen. Good job.” I took a few sips of water and hopped on the large couch, trying to cool down. I grimaced as my wet back touched the cold material but got used to it quickly. Life was getting pretty interesting for us, I couldn’t deny. Not even 4 months have passed since our little live Roxanne cover video went viral on YouTube, scoring over a million views to date. We’ve become pretty well-known in the UK almost overnight. Among the YouTube-watching kids at least. Ever since, we started getting phone calls and emails from bookers and our schedule has become pretty tight during weekends. Well, it was actually Drew, Cayden’s dad, who’s been receiving the calls and emails, as he’s come to be our tour manager, driver and the biggest fan. I’m sure it was something to do with the fact that we were playing some rock covers from the ‘60s through the ‘90s and he was a major guitar music lover and a vinyl record collector. I wasn’t a huge fan of old-school rock myself and I lobbied to include more modern experimental stuff in our set. “How much time do we have?” I asked Cayden, feeling light-headed from the adrenaline. “My dad will be waiting for us in an hour, why?” “Ugh, nothing, I’m just spent and want to marry the couch now.” “Marry the couch? You’re gonna have to break it to your hand about the divorce somehow, mate. Good news, maybe you’ll be sleeping on a couch every day after you move to the new house,” Cayden smirked. Cayden was an Aussie boy whose family had moved to the UK five years earlier because of his dad’s job. He was a cute blonde boy but also a wee bit of a rascal. I’m probably doing him a favour with a 'wee bit’, mind you. People commenting on YouTube were saying he was adorable but they didn’t know half of it. He was a damn good frontman, but acted like a spoiled brat whenever he stopped singing. Needless to say, I loved him like a brother, even if our love could be a little toxic at times. “Nah, I hear I get to have a room all to myself. Supposedly, it has a bed, too, though I’m not sure about that part.” Yeah, we were moving from our small place to a much bigger house in a nice Coventry neighborhood early next week. Coventry was where we all lived. My parents claimed they have been saving ever since I was born, but our little hobby paid really well and they could expedite the purchase. *** Joining us tonight is Owen Davies of Black Fox fame! Hey everyone, thanks for having me. Owen, tell us how come your parents are buying a house with your money? Well, the money isn’t really mine, not until I turn 18 at least. But I have this little deal with my ‘rents that they can use the money to buy stuff for the family - like the house and other crap - and I get whatever I want, as long as it’s related to my hobbies or diversions they approve. But Owen, they’re clearly off with a bigger piece of the cake and it’s still your money! Yeah, I know, but it is either that or mowing lawns and walking neighbours' dogs for peanuts for the next 3 years and then some. Luckily, my parents approve of all my hobbies, maybe except for weed, which I just buy with my allowance. And except for jacking off, which I don’t need money or their approval for anyway. But Owen! Aren’t you basically a rockstar? Why do you still go for the single-player mode? Aren’t there hordes of hot girls waiting after every gig to get acquainted with your drum stick? Well, maybe there are but you see, it’s not that easy. Not easy at all! First, we are 15 and Michael is only 14. It doesn’t mean I am too young for having sex. All my boy parts are in working order and I usually get horny five to ten times a day, thanks for caring. But it’s not like I can hit the party after a gig and get laid just like that. Instead, there is Drew waiting for us in his pickup and this is as far as picking up ever goes for me. Drew is cool and has an impressive mullet but he’s 40-something and he’s not my type. I doubt I am his type either, for that matter. Josh, our lead guitarist, claims he got laid last month and I’m willing to believe him. He is a silent type, never one to brag or seek attention. Somehow, it makes him mysterious and attractive. Secondly, I am a little timid when it comes to relationships and creating emotional bonds. I’m not shy at all with my mates but believe me, our feelings and emotional life don’t make the top 10 of our favourite subjects. We usually just talk about guy stuff or music. Entertaining fans isn’t my strong suit either; I don’t vibe with the rockstar image. And I’m not delusional, unlike some of my bandmates or Drew. We may be popular for now but it is only because we are a bunch of cuties playing classics on real instruments. We are good at it, too, but there are a few dozen bands like us in every English town. We’re a nuance. Once we grow up, the spell will be no more. Lastly, I am gay as a lark. Here, I said it. I am well past the “bi” phase when I would try to convince myself I like girls just as much as I like boys. I don’t. And I have a major problem with girls, too. I used to hang out with them when I was younger but then I realised that people might start thinking I’m a puff, so I need to make more guy friends. Ironic, isn’t it? Now, I mostly talk to boys and do boy stuff. I enjoy it but sometimes it feels like a part of me is missing. But wait, did you just make me come out to you? I thought we were talking about my money and my career, you nosy little snooper. Alright, what’s done is done, just don’t spill the beans, pretty please. I like my life the way it is and have enough distractions to deal with. Wait, we’re not live, are we? Are we? *** We went outside through the backdoor to get some fresh air and we immediately knew we weren’t alone. A group of kids was waiting there already and attacked us on sight, mostly teen girls. There were maybe 25 of them but they made noise worth a hundred and I sighed. Fortunately, the drill was pretty much the same every night. Cayden was there to handle the crowd with Micheal as his wingman. Michael was running our social media and was the cutie-fox, so Josh and I could retreat silently and wait out the storm. Now to think of it, if Black Fox were a classic boyband, Michael would be the cutie-fox, I would be the sporty-fox, Josh would be the emo-fox and Cayden… Cayden would be the Aussie-fox, that’s what he’d be. He loved it when we called him ‘our Aussie boy’. Even if he’d always protest. I was watching them talk and give out autographs when I saw a good looking boy in the crowd. He was with his friends but wasn’t paying attention to my mates and seemed to be looking for something, standing on his tiptoes and looking around. To my surprise, he paused when he saw me and a wide smile appeared on his face. He shouldered his way through the rest and approached me, walking a little awkwardly. What a heartthrob! “Hey,” he said, seeming a little shy. “I was at your gig, it was awesome.” “Uhm, thanks mate, I appreciate it.” Well, that was weird, why would he come to me of all people? I liked being away from all the attention. At least he wasn’t a hysterical fangirl, so I told myself to enjoy the moment. “Yeah, I liked it a lot! Um, I’m here with my friends but I was watching you, mostly.” He paused for a moment waiting for my reaction. Suddenly, he opened his eyes wide, realising how ambiguously he sounded. “I mean, I was watching you play! Because, see, I play drums, too. I’ve been playing for almost four years and I really like your style.” “Nice! I’m Owen,” I said, extending my hand. “Oh, I’m Alex, sorry,” he introduced himself and grabbed my hand. The light outside was dim but I was slowly realising he was one of the cutest boys I’ve ever seen. Alex had mid-length, dark hair, and a round, boyish face. He was a few inches shorter than me but his body seemed really toned even inside his brown, slim-fit hoodie. I was guessing he was my age or maybe a little younger, it was hard to say. The most remarkable were his giant, brown eyes that were looking up to me as if I was Dave Grohl in the flesh. I reminded myself to say something before it became awkward. “So, you play in a band?” I asked “No, not really. But sometimes I jam with my brother. Mostly, I just play along to the songs I like.” “Cool, keep going. And join a band as soon as you can, that’s how you make the best progress. There are tons of guitarists in every town but never enough drummers. You could be playing in three bands at the same time if you want.” “I don’t know if I’m good enough,” he said humbly. “Probably you’re not but it doesn’t matter. Always try to play with musicians that are better than you. That’s how you learn.” Look at me get all talkative, giving free advice. It was hard to explain but I liked talking to that boy and it flattered me that I was his idol. “Oh, thanks. I’ve never thought about it that way.” Alex smiled, looking grateful. “No problem mate, thanks for coming to see me. I mean, us.” “Yeah, that was amazing, I’ll come again if you play nearby. Hey, do you mind if I take a picture?” I didn’t mind so he came closer, locked his arm around mine and made a few shots, grinning. It felt nice, for sure. He looked like he wanted to stay and talk to me but the conversation was wrapped up. He smiled at me again and retreated to his friends, looking energized and excited. Holy moly, I could get used to this kind of attention. Maybe I should make myself more available with fans if I want it to happen more often. After about 30 minutes, the crowd dispersed and we saw Drew’s pickup roll into the alley. Drew was hyped and high-fived us one by one, looking like a vintage Aussie rocker with his lush mullet and a jean jacket worn casually over a white wifebeater. The ‘80s were calling every day saying they wanted him back. “Alright guys, that was the sickest show EVER! And when you played Roxanne the crowd went wild!” He was making us super proud. Drew could really be likable with his fanboy stance. He probably couldn’t wait until we were 18 so he could have a proper pint with us, listening to Cold Chisel and talking about kangaroos and our girl classmates. In that exact order. The two scene technicians helped us get our gear and pack it onto the truck. Once we were all inside, Drew took a minute on his phone, searching for a song on Spotify and soon Roxanne, the original version was playing, accompanied by the engine’s roar. He drove fast, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. It was only a 40-minute ride from Birmingham to Coventry. Drew first drove to Michael’s house and then to mine. I said ‘bye’ to everyone, took my stuff and went back home. Thankfully, the drum sets were usually provided by the venue and I only carried my snare, drum sticks and two cymbals plus some accessories. We definitely were not rich and famous enough to have people carry all our shit for us. I didn’t desire fame and money but this would be a welcome perk - not having to do all the heavy lifting. *** I was home. It was already 10 pm and everyone seemed to be in their rooms - my older brother Wayne, younger sister Sarah and my parents. I helped myself to the kitchen to get a snack. My mum would normally come out of her bedroom to greet me but today I arrived quite late. Fortunately, my parents were not overprotective and as long as I didn’t get in trouble, they'd usually leave me to my own devices. I’m really grateful to them and to Wayne for teaching me some basic responsibility. By the time I turned 13, I figured out that it’s in my best interest to be on my folks’ good side. There was also Sarah and she was eleven. That’s all I have to say about the spoiled brat. I assembled a makeshift sandwich and went to my room. It was pretty late but there were two more things I was looking forward to today. Munching, I opened my drawer and picked a small, handcrafted wooden lockbox I got for Christmas a few years back. Whose idea was it to give a present like this to a boy, I didn’t know. I then retrieved a key that was always duct-taped to the underside of my desk. I sat on my gaming chair, spinning lazily and unlocked the box. A few cigarettes, long rolling papers (coming in different flavours and colours for your pleasure), a small, half-empty bottle of lube (yeah), condoms (got them for my birthday from Cayden, “in case some desperate girl takes pity on me”), two guitar picks, ceramic smoking pipe, three or four lighters (granted, at least one of them was empty). And weed. I took out the lube, rolling papers, a cigarette, and the pot and started assembling a small joint. Today, I’d be smoking by myself and I only wanted to get a little high. I started smoking about a year ago and it quickly became my favourite poison. I wasn’t smoking every day but it was a good way to relax after a busy day like this. I took the joint and silently went out of the house for a walk. The neighbourhood was alright but nothing special. It had row houses on both sides of the street, about 50 years old. It was a Friday night so there were groups of people - mostly drunk - passing in every direction. I paid them no attention and headed toward the canal where I could get high unbothered. Smoking, I realised this was the last time I could do it here. Starting tomorrow morning, we’d be spending most of the time packing and preparing for the move. In two days, I would be in a whole new place, pretty far from the canal. I was going to have to find a new spot. I was considering staying for a while but I heard a rustling noise on the other side of the canal. It’s easy to freak out when you’re stoned, so I decided to call it. I felt blissfully relaxed and high as I walked back home. I gently turned the doorknob, careful not to wake anybody. I took off my shoes clumsily but fortunately not making too much sound. Before I managed to get to the safety of my room, Wayne’s door opened and he walked out, just in his boxer shorts, heading to the bathroom. He nodded at me and inspected me for a moment. I must’ve been obviously stoned because he grinned, made a smoking gesture and knowingly patted my back. He didn’t say a word though and disappeared into the bathroom, leaving me there standing. Wayne was 17, less than 2 years older than me. We got along fine. Back in my room, I slowly got rid of my clothes except for my briefs. Once the path was clear, I went to the bathroom. I loved being high and in the shower. Everyone loves a warm shower but when you’re high, it’s like every inch of your body is having an orgasm, that’s what it is. And after a tough day like today, it felt even better. Wrapped in the towel, I went back to my room, grasped the lube and laid down on my bed, naked and a little wet. A little impatiently, I generously squeezed the lube on my hand and started rubbing my uncut cock. I really liked it like this and it’s become my ritual I’ve been practicing for a few months now. Get high, shower, lube it and jack off. The lube kind of made it more like a massage and I totally loved it. Everyone was sound asleep so I could take my time. I had a laptop and a phone in my room but I rarely watched any porn. I was getting better feelings picturing sexy situations in my head. I was happy entertaining myself with my top favorite fantasies when, suddenly, they got replaced with a newcomer - Alex, the young drummer boy. Damn, I had forgotten about the boy as soon as we got into the car earlier, but now he was back behind my eyelids and rewarded me with intense sensations in my groin. I started beating it faster and imagined Alex in a few rather obscene positions. Oh wow. I wanted to enjoy myself a bit longer but that was it, it hit me. The orgasm was fantastic! I was too dazed and tired to clean the mess. Gosh, there was plenty. Drifting off to sleep, I made up my mind. I was going to hit on him. I was going to make Alex idolize me in more ways than he does now. I couldn’t stay a virgin for the rest of my life and boy, was he hot. The remaining unresolved issue was that the only thing I knew was his first name. He lived back in Birmingham and it was like 40 minutes by car and probably longer by bus. I knew I’d find a way but for now, I was getting sleepy. So. very. Sleepy…
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    I never said I consider my English poor I have loved this language forever and I try to listen, read, speak and write it whenever I can. I just have no prior experience writing stories and I'm still learning to make it sound natural and native-like, even if it may never happen, haha. Thanks a lot for complimenting! I plan to start posting my new story around next weekend. I know, I know, it ended too soon. I got really attached to these characters as well and I'm happy to read you found their dialogues realistic. I never planned on that, but I will consider revisiting them in another series, if I come up with a good idea for it. It won't happen soon but it's possible. For now I want to focus on other stories and explore different themes and ideas. I'm so excited about writing right now!
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    Chapter 3

    Thanks so much! Makes me want to write a follow up to this story... maybe one day. I hope you like the next two chapters too!
  13. There are episodes in life that are all fun and games, when the time flies unnoticeably. When you visit your grandparents in the countryside and have all the time in the world to play, read, cloud watch, draw and dream. At other times, days can be a struggle. It’s hard to wake up in the morning to face the upcoming day and your only desire is to somehow make it to the weekend. And when the Saturday morning arrives, you’re too tired to do anything substantial, worried by what’s about to come. At other times, everything is fine but life feels boring and doesn’t bring any challenge. At times like these, it’s easier than ever to develop wrong mental habits and fall into apathy. Laziness is allowed to go unpunished. No alarms and no surprises. There are times of intense creative potency. There are times of dealing with aging. There are times of reunions. There are times of loving music. There are times of making friends for life. There are times for learning. And there are times when your life changes forever in a matter of just a few days. Times that leave everlasting imprints on your brain, forever altering the way you look at life. Times when you realize your emotions for the first time. Times when you feel them blossom and cause everything to be meaningful in a very special way. And this is how I would describe the last few days of my life. It was not over, I was sure of that. There was still a lot I didn’t understand and a lot to be explored. So many mixed emotions to process. So much I could give. Looking back at myself only a week ago, I knew I have changed. And I kept changing. Where would it take me? *** I was awake for a while now but didn’t dare to open my eyes just yet. I felt the other boy’s warmth as he held me in his arms, breathing evenly. My only fear was that it would all turn out just a nice dream. A very nice dream. A few minutes earlier, I realized that Bartek has been sitting on his bed and reading a comic book. He wasn’t paying us too much attention. He must have had enough time to look at us for hours if he wanted. We were still here in my bed, naked and sticky after passing out last evening. Of course, we had forgotten to lock the door. At that point, we hadn't cared to, either. I was thankful for Bartek’s words yesterday. He didn’t mind us spending time together. He must have known. Of that I’m sure. Dennis was wrong about him but I think now he realised it, too. I don’t mean ‘now’ now because he was still asleep. But you know what I’m saying. I started feeling uncomfortable, so I lifted myself on my elbow and opened my eyes. I looked at Bartek. He was focused on the comic book and was chilling on his bed, just in his undies. “Good morning,” I said, stretching out and catching his attention. “Oh hey, sleepyhead. How was it?” “Uhm, it’s a long story. Mind if I tell you later?” “No, that’s cool, I have a rough idea.” That made me blush a little as images of the last evening came to me in full color. “Yeah, I guess you do.” I sat on the bed, yawning, not bothered to cover myself. I tried to be gentle but Dennis stirred and raised his head, looking around the room and adjusting to the reality. “Oh hi, Bartek,” he said, “it’s not how it looks, see, yesterday we were really tired and it was hot so we decided…” Dennis stopped as Bartek and I started laughing. “Spare me, I know it was exactly how it looks. Probably even worse.” Dennis just rolled his eyes hearing this and Bartek continued, “So… you guys are like, together now?” We looked at each other and nodded in confirmation. We didn’t exactly do any commitments but we didn’t have to. Dennis could be serious when he had to be and I loved him for that. He smiled at me and cleared his throat. “Uhm… okay, guess there’s no point in hiding it anymore, "Dennis said." But since you know our secret… you leave us no choice but to KILL YOU!” With a swift leap, Dennis landed on Bartek’s bed and pinned the other boy to the mattress. Bartek tried to free himself, laughing, but he was completely immobilized. “Please, don’t kill me! I’m too young to die!” Bartek was barely able to speak, laughing hard. “It’s a little too late for that, mister spy. But maybe we’ll let you go free if you join our little conspiracy. Damien! Release the snake!” I was laughing so hard it took me a while to react. But I knew exactly what the plan was. I jumped on the bed with them and with a quick move, I took off Bartek’s briefs. Hi tried wiggling his legs but I was too fast. “Well, well, well, would you look at that,” Dennis said, sounding impressed. Bartek’s soft dick was larger than mine was when hard. Considering his farmer background, I started wondering if there was a horse among his ancestors. “Let me go! It’s not my fault that it’s so big. You’ve seen it, now let me go!!” Bartek tried to struggle but he was already spent. “Oh, we WILL let you go,” Dennis spoke with a fake German accent, “but not before we do a little experiment. We need to obtain the precious fluids. Apprentice! Proceed with the extraction!” I was amused by Dennis’s role play but started getting a little aroused, too. I was maybe too eager to grab Bartek’s dick and slowly stroke it. Bartek was still fighting but after a while, he let go and my manipulations started bringing results. “Look at you, it’s a monster!” Dennis was amazed and amused when Bartek’s dick came to its full size in my hand, “ladies will be telling stories about it.” “Just do what you must do and let me go!” Bartek finally accepted his fate and even started getting into his role a little. “Very well then! Apprentice, do continue. The fluids are of extreme importance to our cause.” “Yes, master, immediately!” I put on a serious face and started masturbating Bartek vigorously. My small hand wasn’t even able to fully encircle the shaft. He was no longer fighting and I saw him take deeper breaths. His chest was moving a little faster, too, and I even noticed occasional spasms running through his belly. That’s when I knew I was doing a good job. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind. I stuck my tongue and, still wanking him, started touching his glans with every stroke. He started moaning and wriggling his legs out of pure pleasure. “Very good, my talented apprentice, the prisoner is about to release the fluids!” Dennis was so good at it, I couldn’t believe it. I knew he took all those lines from movies and cartoons but he was a natural. I was too busy giving pleasure to Bartek to properly appreciate him, though. Suddenly, I felt his dick swell a little in my hand and saw his chest pump faster. I knew what was coming but before I managed to retreat, two shots hit me in the face. Then, I pointed his dickhead away and he continued squirting all over his body and Dennis’s leg. His moans were so sexy that I immediately became fully hard. Boy, he made more mess than the two of us could do combined! Dennis finally let Bartek go but the boy wasn’t able to move anyway. I used a tissue to clean up my face. “You raped me!” Bartek spoke finally, his breath calming, “and it was awesome!” We all laughed. “But don’t expect me to do you now, I’m not into this gay stuff.” “No need to,” Dennis reassured him, “we just wanted to say thank you for being our friend, you know?” “It’s accepted. Next time you can just buy me flowers or something. But I can’t complain. I will be wanking to the memory for a while, I think,” he said, and when I started wiping his cum with a paper towel he added, “Thanks, Damien.” “Why do it by yourself when you have friends? At least while we’re here,” I said. That’s what friends are for, right? THE END. . . . . . . . . ... for real this time.
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    Chapter 4

    Thanks for commenting guys. I know things probably happened a little more quickly than they should but I really didn't want to drag my first story and was afraid it would get repetitive. It's better to leave the audience hungry for more rather than bored to death I know there's middleground but well... I hope it's not a huge spoiler that this was not the last chapter. i might have been wrong about the polish threesome but I'm definitely not disappointed lol Never say never! Next chapter please player... I'm a little disappointed that the sex did not escalate a little slower though I'm still very interested in maybe reading MORE. The story stands if you want to end it here, but please continue writing on this forum. You have something rare in how you write that I find really compelling. Maybe we think or feel in a similar way but the way you capture the character thought process and emotions really hits me. Thanks so much. As long as I'm getting such amazing feedback, I will continue writing forever. Writing this first story really taught me a lot. More coming soon!
  15. The next morning after breakfast, we found ourselves on the road again. The weather was fine the entire stay so far but let me tell you, that day was scorching hot! The bus didn’t have any air conditioning and even though all the windows were open, the apathy was taking its toll on everyone inside. What’s worse, I was experiencing a food coma after eating scrambled eggs with sausage and was dozing off on Dennis’s shoulder. The moving bus felt like a giant cradle and I was having weird dreams, mixed with flashbacks of yesterday. Our after-sex snuggles were the last remarkable event of the previous evening. Eventually, I had to tell Dennis to go back to his bed which felt like saying goodbye to him at the airport, knowing he won’t be back until Christmas. One more thing that happened was when Bartek came back to the room and turned on the light for a while. He put the Gameboy away and stopped there, staring at the cum-covered t-shirt on the ground we forgot to get rid of. He looked like he was about to say something but just went straight to bed, giving us perplexed looks. Was it so obvious? I hope not. We woke up early, the heat blazing in from the opened window. The plan for today was to climb the highest mountain in the area. It was only 1600m high but we were positive we would all be toast well before we can get there. As we gathered in the main hall, ready to go, one of our guardians stepped out and cleared his throat. “Hey gang, you’re probably thinking it is way too hot today for climbing and you’re right. I’d like to announce there’s been a change of plan and we’re going to the lake instead.” I think he wanted to say something more but he was deafened by excited teenage screams. Agitated and relieved, we left the building in high spirits. Dennis nudged me gently to wake me up and I realized the bus had come to a stop. It took me a few seconds to remind myself where I was and what was my name but soon we were out in the sun again. We found ourselves on a parking lot with a view stretching out on the lakeside. It was a big one, dotted with sailboats and even some motorboats. There were mountains on the other side of the lake, creating an impressive view. After a few minutes, we were on the beach. The sand on the shore was fine and clean but hot like fuck. I felt like it was melting my shoe soles and burning my poor, delicate feet. Fortunately, a small cliff nearby was casting some shadow and that’s where we went. It was a typical tourist place with some food booths, a bar, water equipment rental and a few other similar facilities. Luckily, there weren't many people except for us. It seemed the weather was too unforgiving and it was wiser to stay at home. I reckon we were not wise but neither we ever claimed to be, too. I’ve sworn to stick to Bartek and Dennis the entire time. I desperately wanted it to be my first day without being kicked about. We found a nice spot just by the water and spread out our blankets on the sand. We undressed and wrapped ourselves with towels to change into our swimming trunks. Bartek left to find a toilet and I searched my backpack for the sunscreen. “Hey Dennis, will you help me put on sunscreen?” “Sure, buddy.” He carefully covered my skin with a thick layer of sunscreen, giving me a few playful tickles while rubbing near my sensitive areas. Then I did him. I was working on his legs when Bartek came back. “Guys, can I use your sunscreen? I forgot mine in the room.” We shared a knowing look with Dennis and attacked Bartek from both sides. I was greasing his front while Dennis got him from behind. “Argh, stop… Ack, I can do it myself… Ouch!” He almost jumped when I applied cold cream near his armpit. “It won’t hurt as much if you stop moving!” Dennis said, making sure his neck is oiled. After a while, we were good to go. We splashed with the other kids near the shore and tossed a beach ball for a while. I was having fun but then my eyes landed on the swimming gear rental place I saw before. “Guys, do you want to check what gear do they have there?” I asked Dennis and Bartek. They shrugged and followed me. Indeed, they had a pretty wide choice of equipment, mostly inflatable stuff for kids but also kayaks and boats. My eyes fixated on water mattresses. Dennis must have noticed them, too, because he approached them and turned back to us. “Let’s get three of those and swim to the middle of the lake?” “Okay, Dennis let’s get them but promise me we won’t go too far.” I only pretended to be concerned and was actually pretty excited. We each got one when Bartek said: “You go, guys. I’ll pass.” “Wait, what?” Dennis asked, “why?” “Uhm… I can’t swim, alright? I don’t want to be that far when I fall from this thing.” “Come on, we’ll save you if you fall over. And Damien will give you mouth to mouth respiration, am I right?” “Ewww, better just let me drown then. No, I’m serious, you go lovebirds and I’ll go play with the rest.” I stopped for a moment at his remark but decided it would only make him more suspicious if I get triggered. “Alright, suit yourself. Come on, Damien!” And off we went. We stepped into the water, which was quite cool by the way and climbed our mattresses, laying on our bellies for best steering experience. It took me a while to get the thing moving but eventually, we increased our distance from the land. We swam for a while next to each other. When we stopped and turned around, we saw we left the rest of the group quite far behind us but still could clearly see them play the ball and splash around. “Hey Dennis,” I said looking at the other kids playing, “don’t you think that Bartek is onto us?” The thought was lingering in the back of my head and I felt relieved to say it out loud. But Dennis seemed unconcerned. “Nah, he’s too dumb. I mean, I love him but he won’t connect the dots.” “I’m not so sure. He’s been asking me a lot about what we’re doing and all.” “Don’t worry about it. Anyway, we’re not doing anything bad, are we?” “I didn’t say it was bad but…” “Hey Damien, grab my hands, I have an idea.” I was a little annoyed by this abrupt change of subject but I couldn’t say no to it. I was missing his touch and wanted him around all the time. Lying on our bellies, we swam towards each other and our hands connected. “Okay, now do what I do,” Dennis said and started kicking the water gently, giving us slow rotation. I mimicked him and soon we were spinning with our legs kicking outwards and our hands in the center of the circle. I was bloody sure this was extremely symbolic and subtly portrayed our special relationship but couldn’t find the right words. I was too happy looking into his smiling eyes and sharing yet another stupid moment. I realized how much was still unspoken between me and him and yet, we seemed to be getting closer with every day. I had to admit, I liked it even better like that. Words are fine and all but even the most beautiful ones carry the burden of inflated expectations and jealousy. Beautiful words can force you into commitments you’re not ready to make. And, like in that Depeche Mode song some radio stations liked to play ten times a day, they can only do harm. Without words, everything is exactly what it is, not less, not more. After a while, Dennis got a little more serious and looked me in the eyes. I felt his hands squeeze mine tighter and he started pulling me closer. Our faces were just inches away when we heard a whistle. “You two! Get back here right this moment!” We jerked our heads up to see the lifeguard with a megaphone in the distance, clearly pissed. Pretty much everyone was looking in our direction but I think we were too far for them to see fine details. We wore our best apologetic faces and headed back to the shore. To be fair, we went well beyond the safety buoy. The question was, why did it take them more than 10 minutes to notice? We could’ve been drowning and no one would bat an eye. First, we were scolded by the lifeguard and then by our guardians and we agreed it’s about time to return the cursed mattresses back where they came from. When we found Bartek, he was sunbathing on the blanket, with his hat covering his face. He wasn’t really my type but I admired his smooth, muscled body for a while. He has been doing chores on his parents’ farm since he was a child and it showed. And his bulge was huge for his age! That’s our farmer boy here. Dennis joined right next to him and I was more than okay with this double treat. When I was done perving on them, I looked around and spotted an ice cream booth nearby. “Do you want ice cream, boys?” I asked. Bartek smiled, groped his crotch suggestively and said: “Is it my birthday? Yes, please!” We all laughed. You must know that “ice cream” can also mean “blowjob” in Polish. So yeah, I was low-key interested but instead told him to go to hell and left to get us ice cream, chirpy like a morning bird. When I approached the booth, I saw a familiar silhouette by the counter. It didn’t take me long to recognize one of David’s little helpers, whatever his name was. Suddenly, when all by himself, he didn’t seem intimidating at all. And I was on a roll. I stood next to him. He was waiting for the lady to give him his change. I looked at him and said, “Hey.” He looked at me pretty confused, clearly unprepared for the confrontation. I never stopped staring at him. “What?” He asked. “You don’t like me, do you? Why?” I asked. “What are you talking about, leave me alone!” He looked so uncomfortable I could almost sympathize with him. He took his change hastily and left. After 5 seconds, he came back when he realized he had forgotten to take what he paid for and went all red. “Enjoy your ice cream, dude!” I called after him when he was leaving. I’ll let you figure out the double meaning by yourselves. I looked at my hands, kind of expecting laser beams to shoot out in all directions. I had the power. And Dennis was right, these mud golems were helpless without their mastermind. I must have looked like a nutcase because the gum-chewing lady behind the counter gave me a worried look. “You alright there, kiddo?” “Uhm, yes, I’m sorry. Three big ice creams, please.” “Should’ve said so. I was worried you were overheatin’ or somethin’.” I blushed and mumbled something in reply. Here I was again. Gone were the laser beams, just my old, shy self. Going back to the boys, I was bouncing like a ball. We sat there for a while eating and then we sunbathed for another while. Then, we jumped into the water again, wrestling and splashing around. Wow, that was going to be the best day so far. And it somehow got even better. The boys left me sunbathing and came back with two Lay's packs. I jumped to my legs and hugged them both. The Star Wars caps I found inside have already been in my collection but that was the sweetest thing ever! I was close to tears but this time for all good reasons. Then, we sunbathed even more. At one time, Dennis poked me with his foot and soon we were sword-fighting with our toes. I know, very mature of us. I was quite disappointed when our guardians told us we should get moving. Make no mistake, I’ve always been a domestic creature and thrived in the safety of enclosed spaces. But today, I was genuinely sad when it was time to go. Reluctantly, we changed back to our normal clothes and got inside the bus. It got cooler near the evening and the journey back was quite refreshing. Back in the hotel, we unpacked and played cards for a while. “So, you want me away after showers again, eh?” Bartek teased. It was the first time he confronted both of us about it. “Listen, man,” Dennis said, “We’ve talked about it. It’s not like I’m making you do it for free. You can always say no.” “Nah, I’ll leave you. I was just asking. I don’t want to seem like I’m envious or something. Today was super fun with you guys. If you need some alone time, then I’ll give you space.” Wow. This was the most mature thing that has come out of his mouth, ever. Dennis and I looked at each other, feeling guilty. We could’ve just asked instead of bribing him with a console like he was some kind of a tool. The silence was ringing in my ears and finally, I mumbled: “Uhm, we’re sorry Bartek, I had a great day with you too, you know? You’re one of my best friends. I’m sorry we didn’t just ask. “No, don’t mention it. I’m sorry I was pushing you. Thanks for hanging out with me. And Dennis, thanks for letting me use your Gameboy. I’ve always wanted to have one but my parents can’t afford it.” Dennis still had a look of guilt on his face but he was the first one to react. “Oh, come here, you,” he said and we all went into a hug, calling each other morons and dim-wits. Soon, it was shower time! - almost like this stupid MC Hammer song. Dennis was kind enough to wait for me while I was getting my stuff in our room. It seemed we were becoming inseparable. I felt sad whenever he wasn’t around and beamed when he was back. He appeared to enjoy my presence too, which was comforting. When we reached the bathroom, I realised I'd forgotten my toothbrush and told Dennis I’d join him in a while. I rushed through the corridor and was almost in our room when the door opened and I saw the strangest thing. Coming out of our place was David, who seemed just as shocked to see me as I was to see him. He got around me, not looking me in the eyes, and retreated to his room before I could react. He acted weird. And what the hell was he doing in our room? I was pretty sure none of us had invited him. I was getting increasingly worried after I came inside. I switched on the light and looked around, not knowing what to expect. However, everything seemed normal and I grabbed my toothbrush, ready to move on with the day. Then, I got a weird feeling. Breathing faster, I opened my drawer and froze. My album was gone. My Star Wars album was gone and I very well knew who took it. I never cared too much about material things but this was my most precious belonging. I got enraged and, without thinking too much, walked out of the room, ready to kill. I pushed open the door to David’s room down the hall and it slammed against the wall. “Give it to me!!” He was sitting on his bed alone, looking uneasy. He thought he had come up with a perfect crime and now it was too late to abort. “What are you talking about, you psycho?” He retreated a little on his bed, surprised by my outburst. “Give it back to me!! Now!!!” My heart was beating super fast and I knew I probably looked hysterical. “Geez alright, stop screaming, I just wanted to borrow it for a while.” He reached behind himself and presented the album to me hastily. He didn’t even have time to hide it properly. It looked unscratched. I realized I was still grasping my toothbrush like a knife and my knuckles turned white. I snapped the album out of his hands. “Don’t you EVER touch it again!” I stormed out of the room and rushed back to ours. I won. I won but I was trembling and the tears started coming to my eyes. I realized I can never be like this. I came victorious but the confrontation took a massive toll on me. I closed the door behind me, turned off the light and jumped on the bed, shaking. I curled up, holding the album close to me and started crying. Why did I have to be so emotional? I couldn’t even talk to people normally. I'd either stay silent or go all hysterical. There was no middle ground for me. At least nobody could see me crying there. It doesn’t matter anyway, I thought, I’m not coming out of the room ever again. I was laying there for a few minutes, weeping silently when the door opened. “Hey Damien, you coming or what?” Dennis entered the room and, in the darkness, it took him a while to see where I was. He closed the door and rushed to me. I was still rocking on the bed, tears coming down my cheeks. “Oh God, Damien, what happened?” “He… he took it!” I sobbed. “Who took what?” “D… David, he sneaked in here while we were away and t… took my album!” “But you have it right here, did he give it back?” “Y… yes, I shouted at him and he gave it back.” I looked at Dennis. The room was dark and my eyes were wet but it looked like he was smiling. “There there, buddy, you showed him! I told you he’s all words.” “I feel awful!” “You’re not awful, you’re fantastic! And he’s a piece of shit.” “Stop it… I’m the opposite of fantastic. You are fantastic and I’m clumsy, too emotional and weird.” Dennis didn’t reply but just caressed my hair. “Can you stay with me for a while?” I asked. Again, he said nothing and just climbed onto the bed with me and spooned me from behind, rocking me gently. “There there, you’re my baby. You did great. And I will beat this fucker to the ground when I see him, I guarantee you.” “...?” I mumbled. “What was that buddy?” I sniffed and tried again, barely audible: “You... called me a baby?” “No, silly, I called you MY baby. You’re my baby.” “Really?” I lifted my head, wiping my face to look him in the eyes. “Uhm, well, yeah. And I think I need to tell you something.” “What’s that?” I turned over completely and now we were lying facing each other, our noses almost touching. “So… Damien, remember how I was telling you I want to do all the stuff with you to help you build your confidence?” He’s gotta be kidding me. “Yes, Dennis, I remember.” “Well, I wasn’t completely honest with you, you know? What I really wanted was to be together with you. Like boyfriends, you know?” I wiped the remaining tears off my face and smiled. “You’re a big dummy, you know that?” My voice was still a little shaky but I couldn’t help but chuckle a little. He looked a little bummed and was about to say something but I took the back of his head and kissed him on the lips, muffling any words that were coming. Oh my God, we were really kissing. I dreamed about kissing boys for a few months now but this was beyond any dreams. We were both unshowered but he tasted and smelled better than ever. The kiss felt a little strange at first but soon we were exploring our mouths and making out vigorously. We only stopped every once in a while to remove a piece of clothing from the other. I almost tore his t-shirt when taking it off. I threw it on the floor and started licking his chest like it was covered in chocolate. No, it was better than any chocolate. I never felt so much lust. He was a little sweaty and his muscles glistened in the dim light. I went on to lick his nipple, biting it gently once or twice. He was ruffling my hair and then pushed me back to remove my shorts. Soon, we were both in our underwear, grinding our erections against each other and making out. Dennis broke the kiss and went for my neck, licking and biting it. Then he attacked my armpit, licking it and everything around it. I thought I’m about to lose consciousness and I held onto him like to the last bit of reality. Then we kissed again, but this time gently, focusing on the feeling. Our boy scent was omnipresent. Without breaking the kiss, we readjusted and started slipping off our underwear. Naked, we continued kissing and stroking each other gently. Thank God the window was open, otherwise, we’d be turning the place into a sauna. “Dennis?” I whispered, hornier than ever before, panting. “Yes, baby?” He looked me deeply in the eyes. “I want it.” “What do you want, baby? I’ll give you anything.” “I want the D. I want your dick inside me. Please, Dennis.” I couldn’t believe we were doing sex talk. The boy stared at me with the manliest look I ever saw on him and I melted inside. “I’ll give you anything you want, baby. You’re my boyfriend, remember?” He rolled me on my back and grasped my ankles, motioning me to move my legs behind my head, revealing my entrance. Dennis was shaking out of excitement when he took his dick and started rubbing against my hole. The feeling was amazing. We didn’t think of using any lube but our horniness and boy fluids caused me to open for him like an oyster. I was a little scared. His dick was pretty much adult-sized in terms of length and thickness but I wanted it more than ever. He was my boyfriend and he was allowed inside me anytime. He was rubbing his penis between my cheeks for a while but shortly aimed it directly and started thrusting. At first, he was trying to be gentle but soon became impatient and pushed hard a few times. It stung a little, but after a moment, I realized he was deep inside me. The feeling of his dick filling me was unlike anything I've ever felt. I might have experimented with putting a thing or two there but this was a living, throbbing peace of meat that felt like it always belonged there. Once he was there, he stopped. “I love you, baby,” he said, looking me in the eyes. “I love you, Dennis,” I replied. This was all the permission he was looking for. He grasped my hair with one hand and started plowing like there was no tomorrow. We were looking at each other, relishing the sight of each other’s pleasure. Soon, he started hitting the right spot and I laid back, my eyes closed and mouth open. My erection, which faded a little earlier, was now back on but I was too overwhelmed to even touch myself. We were making love with passion, merging into a single organism. I have no idea how long we were going. I was in heaven. With time, Denis’s thrusts became slower and deeper. I felt like I could ejaculate with a single touch now. Suddenly, his face expressed unearthly delight and I sensed his dick pulsate inside me several times. He screamed in pleasure, surely alarming anyone who happened to be near our window. The boy made a few final pushes, as deep as he could go. This triggered my own orgasm and, moaning, I shot on my chest and belly, without even touching myself. I had no idea it was possible and I swear the feeling lasted at least a minute before Denis pulled his dick out and rolled onto the bed next to me, panting like the wild dog he was. I have never been this happy or exhausted in my short life. Every inch of my body was overwhelmed with a sense of bliss. There was no gravity. We were floating in space. Lying there, I got a strange feeling that I was forgetting something but it was gone before I could focus on it. I only managed to hug my lover, drifting off to sleep. “Dennis…” “Baby…” In my dreams, I was flying. THE END. . . . . . . . … or is it?
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