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  1. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 2

    The most dangerous sweetheart ever 😈
  2. I had to take a break but yes, it's coming. Can't tell exactly how soon, but I'm already working on it, so it's not going to be super long. Thanks for checking in!
  3. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 2

    Bradd is a top. He would never let anyone topping him. Unless...
  4. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 2

    oh yes... will he be up for more? Tempting... to make the story more interesting, I think she should learn about it in the most horrible of way 😮
  5. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 2

    Who wouldn't? That was some first-class servicing he got 😋
  6. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 2

    omg I hope you're okay! I can't promise this chapter has any healing properties so read it whenever you feel like it or not at all ❤️
  7. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 2

    “So? Bring the lube and let’s get this started!” Keith clapped his hands. Patrick and I shared surprised looks. “If you don’t have any lube left, I can go and get some, no problem,” he added, sounding desperate. “I’ll be back in ten minutes, and then we can do it again. It’s hard to admit how much I liked it but I did.” “We got plenty of lube left,” I said. “But that’s not the issue, man. We’re not your sex toys. We only did that to give you some confidence before your first time
  8. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 13

    Thank you for all the comments. I can't wait what happens next, too, but at least I think Iv'e finally figured out how it's going to end - more or less. That gives me something to hang on to and I look forward to writing another chapter ^^
  9. I woke up but my eyelids felt like they were glued together. I was sleeping as close to the left edge of my bed as possible without falling, and my left arm was hanging from the side. I felt the bed to my right. The sheet was empty but still warm. I stretched and squinted in pain. All my muscles were sore from shoveling. I rolled to the other side, sighed, and was ready to go back to sleep, but then remembered all the things I was looking forward to today, and immediately I felt like I jus
  10. Everything in the world is about sex — except sex. Sex is about power. This quote is a little overused but it's so right. Sex lets you reveal so much about your characters and give a deeper meaning to their relations. All the primitive instincts and desires come to the surface and - if well-crafted into a story - they can add a lot more depth to the experience. It's also hot as f*ck.
  11. Thank you for a very valuable feedback. You're correct - there is a missing story in this equation, but it only exists in my head for now. I'm only giving you glimpses through the limited point of view of different characters. It's not an easy thing to do and you're not the first one to point out that it's more confusing than it should be. Hopefully the next season will glue it all together, so I hope you stick around now that you've gone so far. Also, in some ways, I feel like your comment perfectly describes my life 🙈 Thank you for reading and commenting.
  12. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 1

    I planned to be a one-off but who knows; I've already grown a soft spot for the boys, even thought 24 hours ago they didn't even exist. Out of my 8 stories (including 2 not listed on GA), 5 include some forms of threesomes, and in fact, there's always a limit to what the third guy joining a couple can do. I don't know, I guess it just feels right ^^ Thank you ^^ writing it was fun for sure. It turned out so silly I nearly didn't post it here at all; I'm glad I did 😂 Thanks!
  13. Arch Hunter

    Self Esteem

    Things are happening... 😬 Andrew is about to discover the whole new side of life he'd never expect he could enjoy. \ You already know that this is not true lol! I'm borrowing from everyone and I can already feel my spidey senses tingling...
  14. Arch Hunter

    Chapter 1

    Keith and I met in primary school and hit it off immediately. Ugh, how many stories start like that? All of them? I thought so. Well, I don't care because it’s a fact. It first started with a casual chat about Minecraft and Pokemon Go and before I knew it, we were spending every other afternoon together. We liked the same games, the same cartoons, the same YouTubers, and the same jokes. I didn't know how I could have lived without him all my life. We were both only sons and we quickly became the
  15. When your best friend and high-school crush turns out straight, it's not the end of the world!
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