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  1. I LOL'd when reading your example of a nice beginning line "I can't help but stare at him." Literally one of my stories starts with "Bus Boy looking fucking sexy today. I can't help but stare." My other opening paragraphs, just for laughs: "I'm gay, Kev," says Torry. "You've been great! Go home and take a shower. We are Black Fox." Cayden, our frontman, spoke his trademark line just like he did after every gig. I was crying. I wasn’t even trying to hold it back. Normally I would but this time, it was the only thing that I hoped could save me from the inevitable. I started teaching myself programming when I was 14 years old. Looking back, they're not bad, maybe except for the last one, haha. A typical "let me tell you about myself for half of the effin' chapter" situation. Awesome article, as always. Usually when I stumble upon a story that starts with a character describing themselves (including their physique, ugh), I just hit ctr+w. I especially appreciate starting story "in the middle" and then revealing the past stuff through conversations, memories and slowly completing the puzzle while simultaneously pushing the plot forward. Amazing tension-building potential!
  2. I won't 🙌 Thank you. All will be answered - eventually.
  3. True that... it looks like it's either him or them. Nothing about it is obvious. You're just connecting facts that may or may not be coincidental. Of course I can not comment. The puma/cat was first seen the next day after Owen first met Alex. It was before they got together, though. Very good observations though, all of them. Can't wait to show you Season 3! I hope you're comfy up there!
  4. The world was coming back to me gradually. The sounds emerged from the void first, before the rest of the brain had a chance to wake up. I recognized the sound of the car engine and tires rolling on the gravel. Then came the pain. My head was splitting. I was laying down but didn't know where. I opened my eyes, but saw only blackness. Did I go blind from the hit? I wanted to feel around myself with my hands but I realised my wrists were tied behind my back. Doesn't matter. I connected
  5. Good to see Finn was able to look past his second thoughts... At least it won't be only Zack telling Andrew about his experiences. And by the way Zack reacted... sure, he seemed surprised but also at the same time not all that surprised. I think he's more perceptive and analytical that he cares to reveal... Love that!
  6. Yup, I've been seeing this series like a TV show from the start. I think I made it more obvious on Nifty than here. I even have a plan to rewrite it to be Netflix-friendly once the story is finished, lol. So if you guys know any producers, dm me, haha. That was the plan 🤷‍♂️ If you think you hate me now, wait for it... I'm just gonna hop on board though, I know I deserve it.
  7. I’m a mutant. That was my first thought after opening my eyes the next morning. Like if I wasn’t different enough already. The thought was paralysing. Act naturally. Do what you usually do. Ryan’s words rang in my head. Act naturally. How was that even possible? I didn’t feel like the same person anymore. I didn’t remember what that old person even used to be or do. I cheated on Owen. That was my second thought and I had to cover my eyes with my hands.
  8. Thanks everyone, always a pleasure to read the comments : ]
  9. I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe I slept naked on the ground in the middle of a forest. It must've been early judging by the dim light and the morning dew glistening on the blades of grass. I had slept on sticks, rocks, roots and dirt. The air was cool and humid. Yet, I didn't feel a hint of discomfort. On the contrary, I don't remember feeling so rested this early in the morning. Owen… it's been almost two days since we've talked… and it wasn't exactly a friendly goodbye either. He mu
  10. I don't know why this story feels so intense to me... I love it
  11. omg I'm so proud of it... one of the best things I've ever written. Thank you so much
  12. It's not about the number of reactions at all but you know I appreciate them nontheless. mwah!!!!
  13. you all knw I love you though ^^
  14. Guys.. for the first time... I'm disappointed.
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