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  1. Great story! I hate for it to end even though I do love the ending. I look forward to your next story.
  2. gmc

    Chapter 14

    I feel an undercurrent of a new element to Will’s adventure! I look forward to the next chapter!
  3. gmc

    Chapter 12

    Thanks for the holiday treat. Scrumptious as always.
  4. gmc

    Chapter 10

    Will is becoming a grownup, controlling his temper and taking charge. He really has the best traits of both his grandfathers and with maturity will likely be face of the future for the family.
  5. gmc

    Chapter 42

    I read this chapter on New Years Day and thought about how Granger had grown during the Bridgemont saga. With that in mind, I went back to The Gunroom to reread the beginning and naturally I got caught up in the story. So here I am on January tenth after binge reading your excellent series. I am so impressed with the depth of your characters. The way you have inserted your characters with historical figures to bring events to life is remarkable. I thank you again for the pleasure your writing has brought me over the years. Bridgemont and CAP are two of my favorite series and I have come to app
  6. Rich has grown into a remarkable young man. Though he has had CJ as an example, he exhibits confidence and strength of conviction that is his own. I look forward to his adventures. Great job with character development as always. What an excellent way to begin the new year!
  7. gmc


    The wait is over! Let the adventure begin! Thank you for your CAP vision that so deftly defines our recent history. What a remarkable cast of characters! I do love Will so I am ready for whatever Gap Year brings.
  8. gmc

    Chapter 1

    Great beginning. Sharing a tent and working together is likely to forge a lasting bond. I look forward to reading this adventure!
  9. gmc

    Chapter 1

    I just read the three WET episodes. They are a really delightful combination of humor, adventure and character development. I always enjoy reading your stories, but this one in particular made me want more. Great job!
  10. gmc

    Songs of Magic

    WOW! What next? I am hoping the next chapter will come soon. Great story!
  11. gmc

    Chapter 36

    Great setup! Granger in the Russian court will no doubt show how he makes his own luck. I look forward to the next chapter!
  12. gmc

    Quiet Acceptance

    Both! Open up to the possibilities.
  13. Will’s aura is right on! The proposal is coming and the end of Black Widow is as well. What a great adventure this saga has been! The characters have grown even JJ has matured. Great story, while I hate to see this end, I am going looking forward to the next adventure!
  14. I like the way the story is developing. Mike has become a better and a more interesting person as he has reshaped his body. Now maybe he is ready for a meaningful relationship. Great job!
  15. Great start, I look forward to the next chapter, I love this iteration!
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