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  1. dmattis


    Great ending. As with the real show, they're all winners by the finale. Should have gone 5 stars, but withheld one to encourage the return to longer, in-depth chapters. You're one of the few writers who are extremely gifted in story telling, and one of the few who let the characters and story live in a normal, "sexuality-be-damned", fashion. Looking forward to Ranger, no matter which way you present it. Thanks for sharing your great work.
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    So many times I start reading a story and very soon am subjected to a life changing tragedy. The young people who come to this site and look for the inspiration that their life can, and will, get better, are so sadly disappointed that being gay means enduring tragedy throughout their lifetimes. I have to admit that I am so turned off by that prevalent story line that I almost did not read Goodnight My Angel. It just sounded like "the time has come for the Great Tragedy". I couldn't have stood it. I so desperately wanted this tale to continue to a successful conclusion. Thank you, Carlos-Hazday, for showing other gay authors how to be successful...by being anticipatedly read! Let your character(s) be successful and lead stellar, and maybe even, plain and simple lives...but SUCCESSFULLY! Happily! Joyfully. Amen!
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