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  1. WilhelmD

    Chapter 68

    It is singularly satisfying to see the rift between Stef and Will mended . . . But, knowing Dr. A as intimately as we do after all these years, this is a respite/calm before the storm. And, to expand upon my catalog of cliches, the other shoe is going to drop with that which is lurking related to the South African/Chinese opium folks . . . It is beyond awesome to have you back, Mark!
  2. WilhelmD

    Chapter 64

    While I agree for the most part with this, I have to think that Carullo was consciously trying to push JJ away with this act. It fits with his desire to avoid “entanglements.” He did it in previous chapters with the Luka thing. I neither condone nor embrace his actions. Rather, it is understandable based upon his history with commitment. Remember, too, it is still only two short years removed from 9/11 when he lost Joey. When Will and he ”reunited” outside JJ’s second home, Dior Homme, it was clear that he was still not in any position to be in a relationship and still had not gotten over J
  3. WilhelmD

    Chapter 64

    Leave it to JJ to bring a nuclear warhead to a knife fight.
  4. Happy Birthday!

    1. WilhelmD


      Thank you so much

  5. Maybe we should send you to the Seychelles for restorative therapy for your libido? Seriously, though, we wish you nothing but the best! Be well. Wil
  6. WilhelmD

    Chapter 32

    Okay, you now have us on tenterhooks. So many wonderful new plot lines and potential story directions. LOVE IT!! If someone does not put a slug in ED's frontal lobe and two more to the backside of her head . . . what an unmitigated biyatch. BUT, like every great piece of fiction, likeable heroes and despicable villains are the lynchpin on which they run and keep us coming back for more. Kudos, Mark!
  7. WilhelmD

    Chapter 31

    You know, KevinD, some of lawyers are NOT unsavory characters . . . but I have to agree that on balance, many of them are. I am glad to see a follow up on Lord Preston after the Wade comment earlier on that he was the one who leaked the JJ story to the Daily Mail. What I have to assume is that ED promised Lord Preston something, but with her war chests so depleted, I am wondering if it was not an I.O.U. based upon successful future scheming . . . the sad part about getting to this chapter is that when I get to the "end" I tend to go back and start CAP from the beginning just because my days
  8. WilhelmD

    Chapter 22

    Clearly, one of my favorite chapters in all of CAP. Any time Elizabeth Garrett Danfield gets her comeuppance, is a good CAP day.
  9. You'll need to have 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome!

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      So now that you've been here so long, meet some people.

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