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  1. FrankD

    Chapter 1

    I am Team Andrew through and though
  2. FrankD

    Chapter 33

    I kinda realised, about a 3rd of the way through, that I have read this story before, but it had been over 5 years or so, so it was like reading it fresh, and I have to say it was a great read both times. It became clearer when I got to the end, cause the ending always stuck with me, as I never saw it coming. I can remember thinking that Kelly meant well, that she did care for her brother, but she was going about it wrong with Cal. Then the twist happened, and boy was it a captivating twist, I have come across some twists that absolutely ruined the story for me *cough* the Village *cough*, but this was executed very well. Thank you for a wonderful tale, and I will definatly be checking out some of your other stories, have already read, Enigma, and thoroughly enjoyed.
  3. It took a bit for me to actually get past the 1st chapter, when I realised that both men were married, and that some sort of affair would happen. I am glad I did, and was able to get past my own personal discomfort of the topic, as I really enjoyed their story, and how each character really cared for their exes. Though I did want to get a certain Fireman, to ask his mob boss boyfriend to put a hit out on another certain fireman, but you redeemed him too much for me to continue hating him. XD
  4. Well this was a very beautiful story, it made me feel a roller coaster of things, it made me giggle, and squee like an over active fan boi.
  5. FrankD

    The Tie that Binds

    Wow, yet another great story, your characters just feel so real,and unique, that I could not help falling in love with them. I really enjoyed the ride, was also excited to see Corbin and Paul, to see that he is still the same man he was before he bacame the Don. I look forward to the next installment into this saga, but probably when it is completed, just so I can binge it like a good tv show.
  6. FrankD


    Well, I have to say is, thanks for recommending this lovely story of yours, like all good books, I could not put it down. I had a feeling that the uncles had something to do with Wren's fathers disappearance, though I kinda suspected Wade, but that would have been to obvious lol.
  7. FrankD

    An Ember Burns

    I just finished this beautiful story, I was kinda hoping that it was actually John who had set them on a path to find each other, I don't know it just speaks to my big sappy romantic side. I look forward to reading other works of yours
  8. FrankD

    Chapter 16

    I loved your story though I am afriad I could not finnish chapter 16. So glad to know that it is an alt ending, I was also confused but oh well
  9. FrankD


    Thank you for making me registar, So that I could tell you HOW much I have enjoyed your Series, I started with the fist book, and got hooked straight away, finnished it in about a week I think, then read book 2, or book 1.5, and loved that to. I love the lore you have created, and it feels fresh, love the characters, though I was kinda hoping that Lance would end redeeming himself, but we'll see if he returns. I have lastly read Charlie, adn thought that was a FANTASTIC story, I also like that it was from a different POV, and I loved Derek, even when he was being a jerk, and Charlie is such a strong character even if he tried to do what he did. I am kinda hoping there will be a sequell to that as I would like to see waht happens next, how Derek will resolve his demons, if that happens is completely up to you. I now wait patiently for the next Adamagika book, though I will probably wait till you have completed it first, So I can read it all in one sitting, though try to any way. Again thanks for the stories
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