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  1. It had been about a week since Ethan was hospitalised, and today we found ourselves trying to corral an excited six year old girl as it was the day her brother would be coming home. It always seemed to hit the poor girl hard every time her brother was sick as the two were thick as thieves. Oftentimes we would get calls from the kindergarten, informing us that she had pushed or punched one of her schoolmates, only to find out that said schoolmate was trying to pick on Ethan. She was her brother's protector. So when she found out that he would be returning home, she asked specifically if we could make Ethan’s favorite food, and made sure his room was neat and tidy. She even gave it a dusting. Then early this morning she was trying to pull poor Dale, who had a rather late finish last night, off of his stool in the kitchen as he tried to drink his first cup of coffee. “Come on, let your Papa wake up first,” I told her, as I picked her up and plonked her infront of her bowl of cereal. “And we will be going to the hospital as soon as visiting hours start to pick up your brother.” Mia’s response was to pout, and pick up her spoon. Clearly not happy that we weren’t leaving right this second. A few hours later, as I was leaving the hospital with Ethan on one hip, and his overnight bag over my shoulder, we heard a squeal coming from the car park. The back door of the SUV suddenly flew open. At the same time, two little feet hitting the asphalt of the parking lot briefly before sprinting in our direction, a red streak flowing in its wake. “Hey, easy,” I laughed, as I lowered a now squirming Ethan to the ground. He too would have dashed toward his sister, who was now racing toward us with Dale chasing after her. Mia flung herself at her brother, throwing her little arms around his neck, just as an out of breath Dale caught up. “We need to put those child locks on the back doors, it seems,” Dale puffed, looking down happily at the twins reunion. “OK,” I said, picking up both twins, after passing Ethan’s gear to Dale, “Let's go home.” I smile, as Dale leads the way back to the SUV. After securing the twins in their booster seats, we make our way home, stopping by the local store to pick up some junk food for a relaxing day on the couch with some Disney movies that the two kids loved, just as much as their fathers. Once we got home, Dale led the two six year olds into the living room, where he grabbed the small ‘movie’ chairs they use whenever we do something like this. After depositing Ethan’s dirty clothes in the washer, I head over to the freezer to grab out the minced meat for the spaghetti bolognese I would be preparing later that evening. Once that was done, I made my way over to my family, taking the next to Dale, who promptly made himself comfortable by laying his head upon my lap. My fingers immediately got entangled in his raven colored hair before selecting the movie we would watch first. Just as the movie was starting, Mia jumped up and darted out of the room, and Ethan immediately unfolded the foam chairs into the ‘recliner’ positions, and pushed them both together. Mia soon reappeared with the duvet from her bed, which she used to cover both Ethan and herself with, as they lay down on their respective chairs. Both Dale and I just smile at them. “Hello?” We heard Vicky yell from the door as she let herself in. Both twins lept from their cocoon and raced for the door to greet their mother. If we had not known better, you would never have guessed that Ethan had just spent a week in hospital. “How are my little ones?” She said, kneeling by the open door, hugging both children tightly. “Hey Vicky,” Dale says, waiting to greet his old friend, giving her a hug, after the twins had set her free. “He’s home,” he adds with a broad grin. “Where he belongs.” Vicky smiles back. “So what are we doing today?” She enquiries. “Well, seeing as how he was just released from hospital, we thought it would be a good idea to just chill and watch some movies. Just making sure he doesn't get too excited.” “Oh good, what are we watching then?” She asks as she lays down on the rug next to the twins.Mia promptly covers her mother with the duvet. “The Little Mermaid,” Dale and I say together. “The kids felt like the classics,” I tell her. “Ooh, I love the classics!” Vicky broadly grins at the kids, who grin back at heras they snuggle into her. *** “He seems well,” Vicky says to me, elbows resting on the kitchen island bench. “He bounces back,” I say, as I grab the needed ingredients for the dinner from the fridge. “He always does,” I add, smiling sadly at my friend. “I hate seeing him like that, he is such a sweet little boy.” “He is, and we are very lucky to have both him and his sister.” “How was she?” Vicky asked, as she had spent most of her time visiting Ethan. “As well as expected. Spent all week in Ethan’s bed. According to her teachers, she has not been interacting with the other kids in her class,” I sigh. “She won’t even allow any of the other children to sit next to her. She keeps claiming that that seat belongs to Ethan.” “Well, hopefully with him home, she’ll be more relaxed.” “I hope so. She always hates her brother being in hospital, and never being able to see him,” I sniff, as I chop up the onions for the bolognese. Vicky takes the other fresh ingredients and begins helping me with the prep work for tonight's meal. Once dinner was ready, we set the table for five, and Ethan’s eyes lit up seeing his favorite dish being served. We all had a pleasant meal, chatting and laughing, the twins got bolognese sauce all over their faces. *** “I know how to take a bloody first day of school picture,” Belle laughed at me, as I tried to show her which buttons on the camera to press. “Ok, ok,” I smile back at her, getting back into position between Vicky and Dale, the twins standing perfectly straight, both grinning at the camera. Once that was done, I managed to get Belle and her two to take a 'back to school' picture as well. Ruth, being a typical sixteen year old girl, was clearly embarrassed by the prospect but you could see the small smile on her face while Ian just grinned broadly. I had started taking her kids along with Mia to school though Ruth would often get picked up sometimes by her friends. “Welcome home, little man,” Ian had said to Ethan upon seeing him that morning, giving him a fist bump. “We missed you!” he added fondly. Both boys had bonded over the summer, despite the large age gap. Ethan saw him as an older brother, and Ian treated the twins as if they were his own siblings. According to Belle, he would ask her everyday if Ethan was ok, and when would he be coming home. “Ok kids, in the car,” I said, as we were wrapping up the photography session. Five minutes later we were getting out of the SUV, telling Ian I would see him in class. “Would you like a hand with their bags?” Ian asks, noticing that I had both Ethan and Mia in an arm each. “Um… That would be great, thanks Ian,” I say,after looking at the bags still in the car. Ruth had already taken off in search of her friends. Ian grabbed the bags, then made sure the doors were locked for me. We then navigated our way through the car park, and over to the elementary school across the road. “You are much too young to have a fourteen year old,” Miss Jennings said to me after introducing Ethan to her. Ethan was a little shy upon meeting his new teacher., Mia dragged Ethan off to show her brother her favorite toys. “Ian? Oh no, he is my neighbour's kid,” I laugh lightly. “Though he does act as an older brother to the twins. Ethan just worships the kid,” I told her. We talked for a few minutes more, just me relaying information about Ethan’s health, and what she would need to look out for. After that, I was on my way to the high school. I felt happy knowing Ethan was close by, and hopeful he would enjoy himself, and that both twins would start making friends. I was smiling to myself in homeroom a few hours later. I had to call out Ian’s name several times before he acknowledged that he had even heard me. After the second time I called his name I looked toward both him and Clyde, only to notice Clyde waving his hand in front of his friend’s face. Ian was seemingly staring off into space. I recognised that look. It was a look I was told I would have whenever I looked at Dale. Young Ian had a crush, and the object of his affection was a young girl, sitting next to her twin brother who shared many of her features, from pale light skin, and blue eyes that would on occasion appear to be purple. Poor Ian’s face shone a deep red when he realised everyone in the class was looking at him expectantly. “How was your day in Lala Land? Did you have a nice holiday?” I teased, causing his blush to deepen, and the class to giggle. One kid did try to take it further than a gentle ribbing to which I squashed that immediately, saying that friendly teasing was allowed, not outright mocking. To which the kid immediately apologized for. The day went pleasantly fast after that. I was told that Ethan had done well on his first day, and that Mia had seemingly relaxed and had started interacting a bit more, even though she did not leave her brother's side. *** “How was your day?” I asked Dale, as I took the patio lounge chair next to his after handing him a glass of wine. “Busy, had a few meetings with new clients, that sort of thing. Kids settle down ok?” He asked me, twisting his body to peer up towards Ethan’s slightly illuminated room. “Yea, though Mia still insists on sleeping in Ethan’s bed with him. Hopefully that sorts itself out soon,” I sigh, laying down, and looking up at the stars. “It sure is a beautiful night,” I add, taking his free hand in mine. “It sure is,” he sighs, squeezing the hand he held. “Makes you feel small doesn’t it?” “What, the stars?” I clarify. “Yeah, I guess,” I say contemplatively. “Just thinking about how infinite it is, it’s… It’s just so hard to comprehend.” “It sure is mind boggling, that’s for sure.” Dale says as he sips his wine. “Hey look! A shooting star!” He exclaims, releasing my hand to point at a glowing light streaking it’s way overhead. “What the fuck?!” I say sitting up, as the streak of light suddenly changed direction, and got smaller and smaller. “Do shooting stars usually do that?” Dale asks, sitting up as well. “Um.. I’m not sure,” I shrug. “What you think it was a UFOooooooo?” Dale says in a spooky tone, then bursting out with laughter at my expense. “I’ll show you an Unidentified Flying Object,” I state, standing up in front of him, hauling him over my shoulder. “Put me down, you big oaf!” Dale laughs. “Okay okay,” I say, as I heave him into the pool. Dale let out a surprised squeal as he splashed into the cold water. I dived in after him, both of us still fully clothed. “You got me soaked!” Dale sputters, as soon as his head breaches the water. Taking him in my arms, I whisper. “Honey, I always get you soaked.” “You sure do,” He growls in response, attacking my mouth with his searing hot kiss. Dale soon tears at my clothes, peeling my wet clingy shirt from my body, throwing it to the side of the pool, submerging himself below the surface of the water. His skilled hands freed me from the confines of my jeans. I suddenly feel his hot warm mouth on my hardening member, as his hands lower both my underwear and pants. I let out a moan, as pleasure radiates from my groin. All too soon I feel the cold water replace his warm mouth, as Dale comes up for air. “My turn,” I say, before taking in a lungful of air, submerging myself beneath the cool pool water. It doesn't take me long to get my prize. Dale’s hard cock springs out from his groin as soon as it too is freed from his pants. I then slip his cock into my mouth, trying to take as little pool water as I can, swallowing his member down my hungry throat. I can feel Dale’s fingers in my hair, as I begin applying the suction I know will not make him last long. Soon I was rewarded with his salty goodness, swallowing it all. Then coming back for air as he once again attacks my mouth. “Ready for round two?” I ask with a sexy leer towards my husband. “Do you even have to ask?” He says, taking my hand and leading me to the edge of the pool. No sooner than having one knee on the bricked edge, then I feel his hands on each globe of my ass. Stretching it apart to attack my hole with his hot tongue. A surprised gasp escapes my mouth, relishing in the feel of his talented tongue, as it speared and swathed it’s way over the sensitive skin. I reached back with one hand to pull his face closer into my ass, causing Dale to go harder with his tongue. Once Dale thought I had enough, he released me from his mouth. I turned around and just about hauled him out of the pool, ready for more. I then had him lay on his back, his hard rigid cock ready. Once he was in the right position, I straddled my husband, and began taking in his hard throbbing member deeper into me. Where he belonged. I have topped Dale a few times, but we both agreed that me taking him was more fun for the both of us. Once I felt I was ready, I began bouncing up and down, his cock, constantly stimulating my love nut, causing deep guttural moans to escape me. In an effort to shut me up so I don’t wake the neighbors, or more importantly, our kids, Dale sits up and takes my mouth in his, shoving his tongue down my willing throat. The stimulation from deep inside my ass soon has me showering my love in my seed, which in turn causes him to erupt in pleasure. We stay like that for a moment both basking in the afterglow of our love making, softly kissing each other as we regain our breath. “I love you, Dale.” I whisper lovingly “I love you too, Hunter,” Dale whispers back, snatching my mouth in his one last time for that night.
  2. FrankD

    Chapter 4

    Thanks As I mentioned in the previous chapter, Ethan has quite a few of my experiences. I saw the hospital as a second home when I was his age, but like me Ethan has people around him looking out for his survival. And I can see Mia kicking anyone's ass who tries to mess with her brother. Also that Mocha mix sounds delicious, I'll definitely be looking into it
  3. FrankD

    Chapter 4

    Thank you I think Ethan would love a hug.
  4. Waking up the next morning, saw us rushing an irritable little girl to get ready for her first day of shool. We were deliberately holding off on the ‘First Day of School’ photo, as we wanted to do that when both kids would be attending at the same time. Something we were thinking about, but ended up coming to a conclusion when Mia came to us that she wanted to wait for Ethan before they had their pictures taken. “You have a good day, Babe,” I say as I give Dale a kiss on his way out the door. “Bye Papa. I wove you,” Mia said from my arms, as she held on to Dale’s neck, giving him a kiss on the cheek. “See ya, Hunter. Bye my Darling, Papa loves you too.” Dale said, kissing me on the lips, and giving Mia a peck on her forehead. “Now both of you have a good first day back at school,” he said with a wink. Once he was gone, Mia and I went through a checklist to make sure she had everything needed for her first day of elementary school. I was to drop her off, meet with her teacher, a young woman I believe, who is in her early to mid twenties. Then head over to the High School across the street where I would be teaching and take up the reins of trying to coach the school's football team ‘the Roosters’. “Looks like everything is there. Come on, let's go,” I say, as I take her little hand to get in the SUV we had recently bought. Once we are buckled in, it is a short, quiet, five minute drive to our destination. “Everything okay back there?” I ask. Turning to look at her in the back seat, once I have parked in the staff parking of the High School. Mia just looks at me and nods her head, smiling a smile that does not reach her eyes. “Ethan is going to be fine,” I tell her as I release her from the confines of her seat belt. “Uncle Evan said so. Also, Auntie Belle will be looking after you tonight for a bit, while your Papa and I go visit Ethan.” “Can I come?” She asks looking up at me with moist eyes. “I’m sorry, Mia,” I said sadly to her as I knelt down in front of her. ”The nurses don’t allow other kids on the ward.” As I say this, she nods, and a single tear escapes, tracking down the curve of her little cheek. “How about we facetime, I am sure he is missing you too,” I suggest, as I take her in my arms, and pick her up. Her response was to silently nod in my neck. Grabbing her bag, I let out a little sigh. Wishing Ethan was not in hospital, and that the twins were not missing each other. I then looked around the lot for the best way that will take me to Mia’s school. Navigating the few parked cars, then waiting to be allowed to cross the street thanks to the traffic warden, I take Mia into the halls of the Elementary School. We made a stop in the admin office where they directed us on where to go, and we were met with other parents, anxiously waiting to meet the teachers who will be spending most of the day with their kids. We didn’t have to wait long as a young woman introduced herself to us as Miss Jennings, and that she would be looking after our little ones. “Hi, I’m Hunter Peterson,” I smile at the young lady as I hold my free hand to shake her. “Miss Jennings,” she smiles. “I believe my twins will be in your class.” “Ethan and Mia,” she says, looking at her sheet. “That’s them,” I smile. “Well this little one is clearly Mia. she is just being shy,” I whisper. “She is also missing her brother who is currently in hospital,” I inform her. Miss Jennings’ demeanor suddenly changed “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Is he ok?” “His doctor seems to be happy with his recovery,. All we can do is trust what the doctors and nurses are doing for him.” “This can’t be easy for you... How is your wife taking it?” She asks, having noticed my wedding ring. “My husband’s handling it pretty well. Unfortunately, this is pretty common with Ethan, as he is asthamattic. sSo he is more susceptible, I guess.” “Oh that is not a good, poor thing,” she says, carrying on the conversation, as though me being married to another man is completely normal. “Is there anything else I should be made aware of about Ethan’s health?” She asks, as she takes a seat at her desk, grabbing a notebook and a pen. I then list off for her the known allergies that Ethan has, like dairy, nuts and eggs. “So he’s lactose intolerant?” “No, he is actually allergic. If he has just a small amount, he’ll break out in hives,” I tell her. “Oh, wow,” She says take aback. “Well you and your husband have nothing to worry about, I’ll try and distract Mia as best I can, and when Ethan joins us, I’ll make sure he is okay.” She smiles at me. “Thanks. Dale and I will be relieved to know our children will be looked after. Also, if either of us is needed, I am just across the road at the high school. I am one of the new teachers there.” After kissing Mia goodbye, and her trying to hold me back, I head over to start my day first as one of the many teachers across the road. Once I enter the highschool, I head over to the admin to greet the girls there, and to pick up my attendance form and anything else I might need for the day. Once that is done, I make my way over to my classroom. As I enter, I notice Ethan’s family portrait still on the board. Grabbing a piece of chalk, I smile as I draw a box around the drawing, thinking of my young son in hospital. I then draw a box around it, with a simple message saying ‘do not erase’. The bell soon rings signifying the start of the day, and in stream the freshmen who had me as their homeroom teacher. They soon choose where they want to sit while I was busying myself, making sure I had what I needed before the late bell rang. Once it did ring out, I went to close the door, the door, just as two students burst in.. “Ian, Clyde... I am going to let this slide for now, but in future I want you here before that bell rings out.” “Sorry, Uncle Hunter,” they both huffed and puffed. I just looked at them pointedly as I crossed my arms over my chest. “Uh… Mr Peterson, Sir.” They both corrected. “Go take your seats,” I smirked, showing them that they were ok. Ignoring the wandering stares from the other students in the classroom, I walked to the front of my desk, and just sat on the edge of it. “Good morning class,” I greet them, smiling. “Welcome to your first day of hell.” I joke, earning a jackal here and there from the kids in front of me. “I am, as you might have gathered by now thanks to Mr Jacobs and Mr Barker, Mr Peterson. Welcome to my homeroom. Now, before I take the roll, I want to lay down a few ground rules for this period with me. You may talk amongst yourselves quietly, or if you choose so, you can do any homework or reading you might need to catch up on. Now if you do choose to talk, please know that if you become too loud, and you do not quieten down after I ask you, you will be forced to do either homework or reading.” The kids just nod in response. “Good. I will now take the roll,” I then begin listing all the students present, then allowing them to talk amongst themselves after letting them know that those who wanted to join the football team, that I would have a signup sheet on my desk. Soon the period was over, and I would be weclong my first class for the day. *** “Hey you,” Dale called, as we stepped into Ethan’s room. The poor kid looked tired, but that smile on his face as soon as he saw us was everything. Vicky had been sitting on a chair pulled close to the bed reading his favorite Roald Dahl book; . One of my favorites growing up. “How are you feeling?” I asked as I knelt down to give him a gentle hug. Dale kissed the top of his head. “Mommy was weading me stowies,” he said with a happy smile. “She has, has she?” Dale said, while he embraced Vicky in a welcoming hug. “And how is Mommy?” He asked her directly. “Mommy is good,” she smiled. “So how was the first day of school?” She then directed towards me. “Good,” I inform them. “I have both Ian and Clyde for History as well as in homeroom. Mia seemed to have a good day considering.” I smile towards Ethan, who was now focused on the cartoons being displayed on the TV. “According to her teacher, Miss Jennings, it took quite a bit of effort on her part to get Mia to interact with the other students. And she was not allowing anyone to take the seat she reserved for her brother.” “Well hopefully they’ll be back together by the end of the week,” Dale said,.hen looking toVicky, he asked “has Evan been in to look at him?” Vicky nods, taking a sip of water that was on the side table. “He has, and he seems to be happy that this might just be a mild case. Ethan has also had some reflexology, which he seemed to enjoy.” I just smiled at the memory of having to gently but firmly pat around his chest, to loosen up the mucus that gathered in there, all while Ethan make ‘aaahh’ noises with a big smile on his face,draped over my lap. We then did as I had promised Mia, by facetiming Belle, so the twins could see each other. This led to us having to cut it short as Ethan got overly excited talking to his sister, and ended up in a coughing fit. After putting the phone down, I gathered him in my arms as I gently patted and rubbed his back trying to soothe him. “All gone,” I told him gently. “Wanna lie back down?” I ask him. Ethan just shook his head and wrapped his little arms around my neck as I held him to me. Rubbing his back softly as I gently rocked him back and forth. We hated seeing Ethan like this. He is only six years old for fuck’s sake! He should be out there running around in the sunshine, playing with his sister, making friends at school. Not locked up here in this room, under this plastic tent, that was pumped full of oxygen. All to make sure he survived his battle with this… this thing that seems to be holding him hostage. And there was nothing… Nothing I could do to take away this pneumonia, or his asthma. Dale didn’t even know that he had that in his family, until shortly after Ethan was born and had developed his breathing issues. I am just grateful he didn’t get eczema as well, as that is sometimes a packaged deal. Then there is the long list of allergies that had sent us to the ER a number of times. He had to have his vaccinations near a crash cart because they were worried he might have a reaction. Thankfully they did have it ready, as he had a particularly nasty reaction to one of them. Sometimes it just feels too much, but looking into my boy's happy face makes this whole ordeal worth it. As I held my now sleeping child, tears were streaming silently down my face, as I looked into his peaceful one. I felt a strong arm pull me to the side, as my head was then cradled in a neck that smelled of home. My Dale, comforting me. I felt another hand gently rub my back, as Vicky tried to soothe away my sorrow. “Hey, he’s getting better,” Dale tried to tell me, even though it was clear in his voice that he, too, was worried. “He’ll be fine,” Vicky tried to assure us both. “Why don’t you guys head home, and get some rest.” “I can’t-” “He’ll be fine, and I am spending the night again. You also have a daughter that needs her fathers just as much” Vicky told us. “Thanks, Vicky,” Dale said, giving his friend a kiss on her cheek. I gave Ethan one last kiss on his forehead, I whispered goodbye, and that I would see him again tomorrow, before I stepped aside allowing Dale to say his goodbyes. Then with a sad look back into the room, after bidding Vicky farewell, we were on our way home. The drive was silent as we held hands, our thoughts on both our children, and how this was affecting the both of them.
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    Chapter 3

    That is nasty of her to do, and being unable to breathe properly is one of the worst things people can experience.
  6. FrankD

    Chapter 3

    I am sure Evan has. I have based some of Ethan on my own childhood. I was in and out of hospital with pneumonia, and my parents did everything they could to prevent it, even with my own mother being a nurse. Unfortunately Asthmatics can be more prone to the illness.
  7. FrankD


    Thank you ^-^ I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy the second book as well
  8. When we reached Ethan’s room, we found him sitting up against the wall on his bed having a coughing fit. Dale rushes to his side, taking our boy in his comforting arms and rubbing his back. Evan asked Madox to grab his bag from the car, he then asked me to grab the nebuliser we had on hand incase Ethan had one of his asthma attacks. He then instructed Bruce to prepare it so that they could place the small child sized breathing mask over Ethan, who was looking tired as he lay limply in Dale’s arms. Madox wasn’t long in grabbing his boyfriend's medical bag, Evan then instructed Bruce on what he needed from it, while his attention was placed solely on Ethan. Something told me that this was no normal asthma attack. “Is he ok?” Mia’s small scared voice asked from the doorway. “Uncle Evan is making sure he will be. Come on sweetheart, let's go make us some hot chocolate.” Olivia said while leading Mia away, with Belle shepherding her two curious kids away from Ethan’s room. Vicky and I stood to the side, feeling helpless. Only able to watch Evan helping our boy. He had placed a thermometer in his little mouth which jutted out from the side of the mask, and was listening to chest with his stethoscope. The look on Evan’s face betrayed something that displeased him, causing him to stroke Ethan’s hair from his face as. Ethan then suddenly spat out the thermometer, as he started coughing as if he was trying to expel his lungs from his chest. Evan gently pulled the little glass stick from it’s lodging in the mask and proceeded to examine the reading. Shaking his head in response. “I want to get him to the hospital, it might be nothing too serious, but I want him there to do a few tests, just in case it is what I think it is.” He told those of us in the room. No sooner had he said that, I was on my phone calling for an ambulance. It would have to be something serious if he felt the need for Ethan to be in the hospital. The ambulance soon arrived, taking both my son and my husband to the hospital. With Vicky, Eva and myself following close behind it. Madox, Olivia, Bruce, and Belle chose to stay behind to try and distract the kids, and make sure Mia was ok. When we got to the hospital, Evan and I rushed straight for the emergency room, and Vicky had gone to find a space to park the car. As I was just about to follow him through to where Dale and Ethan were, I was stopped from entering when a middle aged sour looking nurse stopped us. “I’m sorry, you can’t go in there, you’ll have to see the triage nurse if you are in need of medical attention.” “My son, Ethan Peterson, has just been bought in by ambulance.” I inform her, as panic highlights my words. “Young boy about six years old?” She asks. “Yes!” I exclaim. “His father is already in there with him.” She says confused. “That’s my husband, Dale.” I told her. “Are you the biological father?” She asks, looking as if she had smelled something rotten in the immediate vicinity. “No, but--” “Then I’m afraid you can’t go in.” She says, looking at me in a way that was just asking me to try and challenge her. “That is my son in there, and I demand to be let in to see him!” I say raising my voice at this woman who was keeping me away from my son. “Is there a problem here?” Evan asked, coming back from the ER. “Oh Sorry Evan, just preventing a NON relative from trying to see a patient they are NOT related to.” She says smugly. “I was just sending him off to wait in the waiting room.” She adds, dismissively. “First of all; it’s DR. Smith, while we are on duty, Bridget. Secondly; this man IS related to the young patient as he IS the boy's father.” He said, clearly holding in how angry he was with this whole situation. “But he is not the biological father.” She tries. “So are we in the habit of keeping guardians, foster, or adoptive parents from seeing their children?” “No, Dr! Of course not.” “Oh. So it’s just same sex couples that we are preventing from seeing their loved ones.” Dale asks, in a calm furios tone. “Um..” She falters. “I thought not. Come on Hunter, Dale is waiting for you. And Bridget. If I hear you treating other patients or visitors who have rights to see loved ones as you have treated my friend here, you WILL find yourself having a not so very nice conversation with HR.” He then grabs my hand and pulls me through to where other nurses and doctors were treating a myriad of other patients. Each case ranging from the very minor to the rather severe. “They are this way. Sorry about her.” He says as he’s leading me to where Ethan was being treated. “How is he?” I ask, nervously. He stops me for a second, taking me aside, so people in beds could be moved past us easily. “I think he might have pneumonia, though I am hoping it is just a mild chest infection.” “Again?” I ask, thinking back to the several times he had had that nasty illness, and the many hospital stays he has had to endure at such a young age. “I am hoping not.” He says, “But with his history, I just want to rule it out, so I have ordered a chest x-ray for him. Once I have the images, I’ll know more. Ok?” He adds while gently rubbing my upper arm. “Come on,” And with that, he was leading me around to a bay with the privacy curtain obstructing who was in there. Evan pulled the curtain aside, revealing Dale in one of the hospital beds, holding a very miserable looking Ethan, with his tiny little oxygen mask. Ethan looks up at the noise the curtain makes, and instantly makes whimpering noises upon seeing me. He lifts the arm that is not clinging to Dale towards me, flexing his little fingers, indicating his need for his other Daddy. I smile at my little boy gently as I take a seat next to the bed, taking his little hand in mine. “Hey little man. How you doing?” I ask quietly. “His coughing has subsided, but he still has a temperature.” Dale tells me, as he looks worriedly at Ethan, who had fallen asleep. The Curtain moves again, and Evan walks in wearing a white coat, and his stethoscope around his neck. He was looking at what I presumed to be an x-ray of Ethan’s chest. “How is it?” I ask, hoping to god it is nothing too serious. “It’s as I feared.” Evan says, disappointedly. “So pneumonia?” Dale asks. “I’m afraid so,” He sighed, “I have told the staff to get a single room ready for him on the children's ward, and a nurse will be in shortly to set up an IV for antibiotics and fluid.” Evan says, in Doctor mode as he makes his way over to the other side of the bed. “Poor kid.” He adds, letting ‘Uncle Evan’ out to show his concern for his nephew. He then looked at us, “He’s in good hands guys, try not to worry.” All Dale and I could do was nod, and trust that Evan knows what he is doing. “Thanks,” I say, quietly while looking at my sleeping son in Dale's arms, still holding onto my hand. “Is he ok?” Came Vicky's voice as she stepped quietly through the privacy curtain. “Evan says he has pneumonia.” Dale informs her. “Shit, again?” she asks. “Looks like it,” I tell her sadly. “Evan is getting a room ready for him now.” Shortly after, a kind looking nurse introduces herself as the night nurse who will be looking after Ethan tonight. She had also bought things she would need to set up the IV that Evan had ordered. “Hopefully he won’t wake up from this.” the nurse said quietly as she prepped the area on Ethan’s little arm that would be the sight for the needle to go. Sadly Ethan woke with a start as soon as the needle pierced his delicate skin. His eyes burst with tears, as he started crying from the new pain that he was feeling, looking at us to help him soothe his pain. “It’s ok,” Dale whispered, kissing his head. “This is just to make you feel better.” He said, with moisture in his eyes. “I know it hurts, Buddy,” I say sadly, “But it will soon be over.” The nurse, having finished inserting the needle, then placed a thick piece of wood to act as a splint, behind Ethan’s elbow, then started to wrap it up along with his arm, so he would not be able to bend the it and accidentally obstruct the needle, it would also serve to protect it from being accidentally pulled out. She then got assistance from one of the orderlies to assist wheeling Ethan to his new room on the bed he was currently in. She had also given him a lollipop, for being such a brave boy, which seemed to cheer him up a bit. On our arrival to the children's ward, we saw the nurses station situated between two corridors. The walls came to about waist high with glass windows which sported all sorts of colorful cartoon characters on them. Allowing the nurses to be able to keep an eye on their young charges, many of whom were currently fast asleep. As we passed the nurses station, who were all busily writing notes in patient files, or talking softly to each other. The few that did see us pass quietly by, smiled and waved at us. As we came to the room that Ethan would be staying in, the orderly stopped pushing the bed, and proceeded to open the door and switch on the light. Revealing a clean looking room with a hospital bed,a side table and a small plastic couch to the side. The bed itself had a large clear plastic sheet over it in the shape of a tent, with a door that zipped up on the side of the bed. An oxygen tent. Something that we seemed to be getting familiar with. The orderly then unzipped the tent, then lowered the closest bedside rail of the ER bed, allowing Dale to climb off of it, and carry Ethan over to this new bed where he placed him down gently. Stroking his sweaty wet hair out his little face, and placing a gentle kiss on his forehead. “I love you kiddo.” He whispered. “I wove you too Papa.” Ethan said sadly. Then stepping aside so the nurse could remove the oxygen mask as the tent was being pumped full of the stuff. Coming up beside Dale, I placed my arm around his waist, and smiled down at my boy. “Looks like you get to go camping in the hospital.” I tell him, while trying to hide just how anxious I was. Ethan just rolls on his side and weakly smiles at us. “Can go camping pwopely?” “When you’re better we’ll try, how does that sound?” Dale tells him. Ethan closes his eyes, with a gentle smile on his little face. Once he has fallen asleep, Dale turns into me, seeking the strength and support he needs for our son. His hot tears staining my shirt as I hold him to me. “He’ll be fine.” I whisper to him. Kissing the top of his head and gently squeezing him to me. Seeking the comfort from him that I too needed. Vicky also embraces us, and we both take her in our arms, holding each other up. Looking down on our sweet boy as he has yet another battle with this illness. It’s never easy seeing Ethan like this. He has spent so much time in and out of hospitals due to his asthma. Thank God we have Evan in our lives, I’m not sure what we would have done without him. I don’t even think that Ethan would have survived if he wasn’t. Ever since we found out about Ethan’s medical issues, Evan had taken it upon himself to research, and educate us on how best to take care of our boy's needs. *** I woke up the next morning being sandwiched between my husband, and the mother of our children, to the sounds of a cartoon playing, and small quiet giggles that seemed to have been muffled. Opening my eyes, I saw Ethan awake, sitting cross legged on the bed in the PJs we had brought him in. Eyes fixed on the tv above his bed, gently bouncing up and down. While having a small cough here and there. “Someone looks like they’re feeling better.” I say quietly to Ethan as I disentangle myself from my husband, and friend on the little couch and kneeling beside the hospital bed. Reaching inside the plastic tent to affectionately squeeze the closest little foot nearest to me. “Good mawning, Daddy” Ethan smiles brightly to me. “What you watching here?” “Is all bluwy,” Ethan shrugs, “But is funny.” He giggles. “Where are your glasses?” I ask, looking at the available surfaces for the missing object. Ethan again shrugs. “We must have left them at home.” Dale says, his voice thick with sleep. “We’ll grab them along with anything else Ethan may need. Goodmorning Sweetheart, did you sleep ok?” He asks, once he is standing next to the bed, looking lovingly and somewhat relieved at our dear son. “Mawning, Papa.” He beams at his other father. “Mommy still sleeping?” He asks, while squinting at the couch, trying to discern who the other occupant might be. “Yea, Mommy’s still sleeping.” I inform him quietly. Ethan just places his index finger to his lips, making shushing noises, then giggles quietly to himself. Soon after there was a knock on the open door. Belle was peeking into the room, with a disposable coffee tray that held four large styrofoam drinks. Her strappy handbag dangling precariously on one shoulder, and small canvas bag on the other. “Morning guys,” She whispered. “Would anyone like some coffee?” She asked as she quietly walked into the room. “Hi Aunty Belle.” Ethan scream whispers, excited to see a new visitor, and trying to not wake his mum. “I got you something.” She smiles, digging into her purse after she had set down the hot drinks, and pulls out a small apple juice. “I have also packed a few of his things this morning, and Mia made sure I bought these too.” She added as she pulled out a small pair of glasses. Dale then opened up the plastic tent, “Come let's get you freshened up.” He said as he picked up the small six year old. Then thanking Belle, he took the bag, and proceeded to take Ethan into the small bathroom. “How is he?” Belle asked, her concerned look trained on the closed door that both Ethan and Dale disappeared behind. “He seems much better this morning. Evan should be round sometime this morning to have a look at him, then we will find out more.” I sighed, as I sat down with two coffees, handing one to Vicky who had only now just woken up. “That’s good,” Belle said, as she sat down on one of the arms of the couch. “We were all so worried about him last night. We tried to distract Mia as best we could but I’m not sure if we were successful or not.” She added, as she rummaged through her bag, finding what she needed. She then threw back her head and popped a few white pills before washing them down with a sip of her coffee. “Are you ok?” Vicky asked, cradling her own coffee. “Just a headache,” Belle smiled, before taking another sip. “Who’s looking after Mia?” I ask, hoping that one of our friends was looking after her. “She’s in good hands. Ruth, surprisingly, is keeping her occupied at your place, and Olivia said she would stop over to make sure everything was ok” “That’s good,” I say somewhat relieved, “Ruth hasn’t made much of an effort to know the twins, so I am somewhat surprised she volunteered.” “She may act disinterested, but she secretly loves them, don’t tell her I told you.” Belle winked, before suddenly wincing. “You suffering a hangover I ask?” “Na, it’s just the way I slept last night I guess.” Belle waved me off. The door to the bathroom opens, and out walks a fresh looking barefooted boy in his pajamas, followed by a father who seemed to have gotten his clothes slightly drenched in the effort of washing his son. Ethan was then placed back in bed, his glasses placed on his head, and the side of the tent zipped up. We kept Ethan company a bit longer after Evan showed up and was happy with Ethan’s recovery so far. Giving us all a hug before he left for his shift in the ER. Once we got home, Mia, Ruth and Olivia were asking about Ethan. Asking ‘How is he?’, ‘Is he feeling better?’ and ‘When is he coming home?’. We answered what we could, with both Dale and I feeling drained from the previous night’s events. “You guys go rest up,” Olivia told us, probably recognising how shattered we must look. “We’ve got things under control, haven’t we Ruth.” “We sure do.” Ruth smiled. So with that, Dale and I retreated to our room, where we collapsed onto our bed. Falling asleep the moment our heads hit the pillow. Opening my eyes revealed that it was dark out, and that I was alone in our bed. Getting up, I stretched out some of the kinks before I started my search for my missing husband. Only to find him outside Ethan’s room with a worried look on his face. “He’ll be ok,” I say as I take him in my arms. “I know, I just wish he didn’t have to go through this shit.” He whispers, looking at the bed that Ethan should be sleeping in. “She misses her brother, look.” He tells me, nodding towards the bed. The bed that should have been empty, was actually occupied by a small little lump, red wavy hair spilling from the covers, tiny arms holding onto a little blanket. We smiled sadly at our little girl, our home was not complete with Ethan not here. “Come,” I say gently, as I take Dale’s hand and lead him back to our room. “We’ll go and visit him tomorrow. For now let us get our rest, and keep our strength up.” Dale offers no resistance, as I undress him to his underwear, then get him under the covers, after which I follow suit and take him in my arms, comforting both him and myself as sleep takes us both.
  9. Nope, but I can't wait to find out. I have been loving the journey so far
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    Chapter 2

    Thank you so much
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    Chapter 2

    Thank you Poor little Ethan doesn't seem too well at the moment
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    Chapter 1

    Thank you that means a lot ^-^ I am glad you enjoyed the 1st book, lets hope the 2nd one is just as good
  13. It’s only been a few weeks since we moved into our new home, and so far it has been pleasant settling into the new town. Perfect strangers came up to us and welcomed us to the town. The local church minister also made himself known, complementing our family, and saying we were welcome to join in the church services if we so wished. “Are you going to be ok with the twins today? I would take them but I am going to be swamped with client calls all day,” Dale said, looking at me via the mirror as he was getting ready. I was still in bed. “I should be fine. There’s some coloured chalk in my desk, so they can draw on my blackboard while I get things planned out for the coming school term.” Crash! Our bedroom door slammed open into the wall and a red blur rushed the room, jumping onto our bed. I reached out and grabbed the giggling little red head around the waist and pulled her down to both cuddle her and to make sure she did not hurt herself. In the doorway, Ethan stood with his thumb in his mouth, holding his blanket he went to bed with. All I had to do was hold out an arm to invite him in. He struggled to climb on the bed with me, due to him still sucking his thumb. Dale, seeing what was happening, walked over to Ethan and picked him up, placing a kiss on his chubby cheek, causing him to giggle around his thumb. Dale plonked him down on the bed. He proceeded to climb into my free arm. “You two are up awfully early,” Dale said, as he straightened his tie. “We is going to school. Ian says you has to gets up early for school,” Mia said, rolling her eyes. “Yes, you do,” Dale confirmed, while ruffling her hair. “But it is still the school holidays, so your Daddy will be going in a little later than usual.” “If it’s the school holidays, why does Daddy need to go to school, Papa?” Ethan asked confused. “Because, I have some work I need to do before I meet my new students.” I tell him. “So we not going to school?” Mia asked, looking like her balloon was deflating. “You are coming to school with me,” I reassure her, squeezing her tight. “But, you won’t be starting just yet.” “Ok, I am heading off,” Dale says, as he places a kiss on each of our kids heads, before placing a chaste kiss upon my lips. “Now you behave, and listen to you Daddy. Okay?” “Yes Papa,” The twins say in unison. “We wove you Papa!” “And I love both of you, too,” He smiled, placing another kiss on their heads. “And I definitely love you.” He smiled lovingly at me, before granting me a not so chaste kiss this time. “Go, or you’ll be late,” I say, reaching over so I can gently spank his fine ass. “And I love you too, Dale.” *** “I’m bored, Daddy!” Mia winged at me for what felt like the sixtieth time, but was probably more around four or five. “I’m almost done, Sweety. I just have a few more things to finish, then we can go outside to play for a bit.” That seemed to placate her as I did not hear a peep for the next half hour. I used that time to finish what I came to do, or so I had thought. When I looked up, she was gone. Oh, fuck! Where did she go off to?! “Hey Buddy, where is your sister?” I asked Ethan, who was drawing a pretty picture on my board. I looked like our little family having a picnic on a nice, sunny day. He looked up at me with his big blue eyes, and shrugged his shoulders. Looks like we were so involved in what we were doing we failed to notice her leave the room. “Come on kiddo, let's go look for her,” I say as I pick him up and place him on my hip. Hopefully the rising panic did not show in my voice. Keep calm, she’s ok. She couldn’t have gotten far, and only staff are allowed in. We spent what felt like an eternity searching high and low for my little girl. Every empty room just elevated my panic that was slowly trying to escape. We had just turned a corner towards where the new school nurse would be stationed, when I heard, “how do you know my name?” Mia! Thank fuck she’s ok. Walking into the room, I see Mia sitting on the desk in the nurse's office talking to a woman roughly my age who looked vaguely familiar. “That’s because your Mommy talks about you and your brother all the time,” The woman smiled at my daughter with fondness. “You know my Mommy?!” Mia asked, amazed. “Sure do. She’s one of my best friends.” “Mommy is best friends with my Daddies too.” Mia gushed. “Do you know my Daddies?” “I sure do. In fact I was a close friend of your Daddy, Hunter.” That made it click. “Olivia?” I tentatively asked, as I stepped into the room. “Hunter!” Olivia says, standing up from behind her desk to embrace me. “It’s been far too long. And you!” She beamed at the boy on my hip. “You must be Ethan! My, aren’t you the splitting image of Dale,” she smiled. “Olivia! It’s good to see you, but what are you doing here?” I ask, completely confused as to what was going on. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m the new school nurse!” She laughed. “Wait… What? That’s so awesome!” I said, “Does Vicky know you are here? She didn’t mention that you were coming.” “She does... I just asked her not to say anything.” She said. “I was originally intending to pop over tonight, and surprise everyone after I finished up here. I was not, however, expecting you to be here with your adorable children in tow.” Shebruffled Mia’s hair, who had been quietly standing there, inspecting this new person. “Well then, all the more reason to fire up the grill and celebrate our reunion!” I told her. We caught up a little longer until Mia's restlessness caused us to go our separate ways, with promises of catching up more that evening. *** It was around five when we heard the doorbell ring. Once again, joyfully entertaining our friends, including Belle as she and her kids just seemed to fit so well into our group. Ethan was also benefiting, it seemed, as he would become more outgoing when Ian was around. Ian was also good with the twins, and often encouraged Ethan to be a little bit more adventurous. Ruth would often interact with the adults of the group, but always stuck close to her mother. “Do you think that’s her?” Dale asked. Even though he was happy for our group's reunion with Olivia, they were never exactly close, especially with the way they left things. “Only one way to find out,” I smiled, then pecked his lips before getting up. Before I went inside, I noticed Evan take Madox’s hand, and whisper something in his ear. Ever since he heard that Olivia would be joining us, you could tell that he was left anxious over their reunion, as he kept fidgeting and jiggling his leg with nervous energy. “Come on, let's go meet our friend,” Vicky said, as she took my arm and led me toward the front door. No sooner had we opened the door to reveal Olivia standing there with a man I had yet to meet, did Vicky elicit an ear piercing squeal. As did Olivia, who thrust a bowl she was carrying into the hands of her companion, and lept into Vicky’s arms with both of them saying how long it had been since they last saw each other, and how much they missed the other. “Bruce! It’s so wonderful to see you again!” Vicky smiled at the stranger. Well at least now I have a name for this handsome man on my doorstep. He had a rather slim build and had an uncanny resemblance to my Dale. Were they related in some way? “Vicky! It’s great to see you again too.” Bruce smiled as he took Vicky in his arms, then placed an arm around Olivia’s waist once he released her. “Uh, Hi!” I greeted. “I’m Hunter, and welcome to our home.” “Oh sorry, Hunter. This is my husband, Bruce Havelton.” “Husband? Congratulations!” I say as I take her in my arms, giving her a congratulatory hug. “When did this happen?” “A few years before we finished our nursing degrees.” “Wow, that's awesome. Uh, come inside! Let me get you guys a drink. Vicky will lead you to where everyone is sitting. What will you have?” “Beer is fine,” Olivia said after she looked toward her husband who just merely nodded his consent. “Great, won’t be a sec.” I smiled, before making my way towards the kitchen. Stepping outside with their drinks, I noticed Olivia and Madox embracing to one side of the garden. Both had moisture in their eyes. “Are they ok?” I enquired, as I handed Bruce his drink and placed Olivia’s on the table. “They should be...” Bruce said. “It must be hard on them after the way they left things. By the way, you and Dale have a lovely home.” “Thank you,” I say as I take my seat next to my husband. “Do you know much of their story?” “Only what she told me. That they had a falling out over yours and his sexuality, that she was jealous that Dr. Smith--” “You can call me Evan, you know.” Evan cut in. “Just because we work together in the ER does not mean we can’t be friends outside of there,” He added with a smirk. “Er... Thanks.” Bruce blushed, but smiled gratefully towards my friend. “Uh so… She was basically jealous that Dr Sm… Er… Evan, was making him happier than he was with her.” “And how do you feel about us? Being in relationships with other men?” Dale asked. “I have no opinion on the matter really. You all seem like cool people to me, and if any of the stuff that Olivia has said about you is true, then I’d be more than happy to be friends with you all. That, and it would be rather hypocritical of me seeing how I am bi.” He smiled. “Really?” Dale asked, clearly surprised. “Hey, Olivia has done a lot of growing these past years.” Vicky defended her friend. “Well I only just met you, and you’re good in my books.” Belle said. “Thanks.” Bruce said, clearly relieved. “Belle right? I don’t think you were friends with Olivia in college.” “Nope, was born and raised here. Only met these lovely people a few weeks ago.” Belle smiled. “So where is your husband at tonight?” Bruce asked. Both Belle and Ruth suddenly had a far different look in their eyes. They were no longer the eyes that were enjoying themselves earlier. “There is no “Husband” or “Dad” in our lives,” Ruth said, before getting up and storming off. “I’m sorry about that.” Belle apologized for her daughter. “My husband... My ex-husband walked out on us when Ian was five.” She said, with a sad look on her face. “I’m so sorry... I should not have asked.” Bruce tried to console. “It’s okay, really. Ian barely remembers him,” she said looking toward her son who was playing with the twins in our pool. “As for Ruth… Well, she took it quite hard.” “Were they close?” Dale asked, taking her hand in his in an effort to comfort her. “They were.” Belle sniffed. “It was just unexpected, really. He was away on work, and we had a horrible fight over the phone, which Ruth overheard. Then after that... Nothing.” “He just... Disappeared?” Evan asked. “Yeah. We tried the motel he was staying at, only to be told that he had checked out. We tried the police, who only told us that he more than likely left. To try and start a new life.” She spat out those last few words. “I’m so sorry,” Vicky said sadly, rubbing the shoulder of Belle’s that was closest to her. “I’m ok, really...” She smiled weakly. “Thanks. Now enough of that, let's enjoy this happy reunion!” Madox and Olivia soon joined us, and we spent the next few hours laughing, drinking, and just catching up. Around eight we put the twins to bed, so Ian decided to join the adults. We were just setting up a board game we decided to play, when Mia came running outside and beelined for me. “Daddy!” She said to me with some urgency. “Ethan is making those bad whistling sounds.” “When he breathes?” Evan asked, while getting ready to stand. Mia looked at him and nodded. With that Evan was already rushing into the house and calling for Bruce to assist him, while we all followed him inside.
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    Thank you I have a close friend editing my chapters, and it has been helpful to learn. I hope you too stay safe in this damndemic.
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