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  1. FrankD

    Chapter 4

    I am loving this so far, also Paki is right. Gary is a dog. It is not every I come across Zulu being spoken by a character in a story I am reading. It really bring up fond memories of my former home, even though I don't speak it, I can recognize certain words here and there
  2. FrankD

    Chapter 25

    This was such a page turner, and I loved every second of it. I only wish that Matt and Ricki were able to reconnect, especially with how they were separated and how close they were.
  3. “Good morning Little One.” I smiled at the small fluffy bundle which clearly must have snuggled into my stomach as I slept on my side. I just stared lovingly at this tiny creature who was purring her little heart away as my fingers were buried in the short black fur of her flank. “Where did she come from?” Asked a very groggy Vicky, her voice thick with sleep. One hand stretched high in the air, the other covering a yawn as she woke up to the world around her. “She lives here apparent
  4. FrankD

    Chapter 8

    Cute, it's one of the reasons I call ALL dogs puppies, cause they never grow out of it lol.
  5. FrankD

    Chapter 8

    Thank you.
  6. FrankD

    Chapter 8

    Sending you all the hugs your puppy sounds amazing ❤️
  7. FrankD

    Chapter 8

    back pain is HORRIBLE, I hope you have more good days tha bad. My own mother has been completely debilitated by her own back pain, which specialists say they can do nothing for
  8. FrankD

    Chapter 8

    Thank you ❤️
  9. FrankD

    Chapter 8

    Sending hugs, that must have been hard, and I am sorry for your loss
  10. FrankD

    Chapter 7

    Thank you I hope the switch i POV wasn't too jarring, I have seen it used by some of my favorite authors like Dean Koontz and wanted to try and emulate that
  11. “Here we are,” Vicky smiled toward me as she stepped outside the car. Opening the car door, I stepped out onto the large parking lot of the hospital I would be treated at. The facade looked old, but not worn. It was clearly taken care of. Vicky grabbed my bags from the trunk, then we both headed in the direction of the lobby. Inside was rather grand, and looked more like a lobby of a hotel. I almost asked Vicky if we were in the right place, when I saw the name of the hospital on the w
  12. FrankD

    Chapter 7

    Thank you, we are doung much better. And I am glad that you are enjoying this story
  13. FrankD

    Chapter 7

    Thank you
  14. FrankD

    Chapter 7

    Thank you, that means SO much ❤️
  15. FrankD

    Chapter 7

    Thank you so very much. I have a wonderful friend who has been helping with the editing side of things. And thank you for the well wishes. We are doing a lot better
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