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  1. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 10

    I want to spank Cavendish for being a bad boy! 🧐
  2. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 47

    Zach knew the assistant coach was there... period. why else he said,”it’s okay, Will.”
  3. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 44

    Individual with Borderline personality disorder tends to act like what JJ is doing. Thank you, Mark. Great story!
  4. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 4

    Mark; Thank you for sharing your art. You inspire me to love those 18th century His Britainnic Majesty’ Royal Navy ships. Merci beaucoup! -Léon
  5. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 30

    Jeez, Mark! You got me so upset with thinking Brad was killed in plane crash! And, I had actually thought JP was on that plane until I read your responses to the reviews. Whew! Now, I'm starting to suspect that Brad secretly took off to meet Mike Carmichael and didn't know about the crash. And, that Will is so angry for not hearing from his father for days thereafter while doesn't know he is in Hawai'i at the whole time.. I'm sorry to hear Buzz was killed; but, I'm wondering if his son will be ending up in Will's bed eventually? What a cliffhanger, Mark❗️ -Léon
  6. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 8

    That's explained Brad's dislike any surprises.
  7. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 1

    Jeff Hayes...... What a contrast: from young robust handsome high school football star to empty-shell, substance abused depressed man... I feel JP's turmoil inside.
  8. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 32

    “Just know,” I said, looking into his eyes, “that you have the ability to make me very happy, but you also have the ability to hurt me, and hurt me very badly.” poor JP, he wouldn't know what will happen in the future with Jeff Hayes!
  9. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 26

    It was good to have fond memories with André to look back to.
  10. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 16

    Ahh, Jeff Hayes, 17 years old, is full of life. I wish a real Jeff Hayes was at my high school. I would be the happiest dude in whole San Diego County!
  11. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 14

    this is when the word "snaugh" born. It's amazing to meet teenage Jeff Hayes in this chapter while knowing what happened in the future.
  12. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 27

    Sicilian prince is George's next lover, hmm?
  13. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 10

    this chapter makes me missing my youth: exploration of self and discovering new things. I love to re-read your chapters.
  14. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 9

    Mark, JP said to 16 years old Stefan, “Well Stefan, you're safe and sound here. You'll find that people, your family, will do things for you just because they love and care about you, without expecting you to do things in return. It's a new life for you.” That was in 1962! the very beginning of Stefan's American Life. You wrote this really good! Now I figured out JP's age, he is 26 in this chapter.
  15. SupermanSavesYou

    Chapter 39

    Grandfather is coming for a visit?! THAT's will be interesting. I'll bet he will look down on everything, just because the Earl disappointed him by not marrying to a British heiress. *drama unfolds*
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