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  1. Darryl62

    Chapter 5

    Hummm. Our hero is 13 years old, but is that human years? His body was forcibly changed without his consent to only gratify his new owner. Yes, I did read the warning that came with the chapter heading, but perhaps the plot would have been better if dialogue was first and then the chance for Kotic to decide if he wanted what was on offer rather than forced. That aside, I did like the idea of not having to douche!
  2. Darryl62


    I had finished reading "Red Star Rising" in hardback while we are in Lockdown (Sydney Australia) and went online for more and found GA and here I am. Your story was the perfect follow on and I would have been willing to pay for the privilege of reading your work. Brilliant, kind, thoughtful and true to the Anne McCaffrey world and style, ***** 5 stars, recommended
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