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  1. Brendan

    Chapter 1

    Hi drpaladin, I'm sure Geron will be interested in seeing this opinion. Before publishing the story he was contemplating breaking it up into chapters, but I recommended he not do that. Granted, the story is a bit long, but I reasoned that if people needed to take a break from it then they were free to do that at their own pace and leisure. There are some die-hard fans out there (me included) who love having a long story published all at once so we can immerse ourselves in the experience of it and not have to wait for new chapters to be posted. I know this to
  2. Brendan

    Chapter 5

    I have a different opinion than bubby1234. I think it is part of the very nature of a teenager to explore the world around him, that includes sex and sexuality as well as feelings and boundaries. I also disagree with the view that any of the characters in chapter five are "cheating". In terms of a relationship, I believe cheating implies acting without the knowledge and/or consent of your partner. Neither knowledge or consent were missing in the scene described in chapter five. Further, I disagree that, "it Never works". Here in the States we tend to take a more conservative, even Puritanical
  3. As a retired educator (college level) I am doubly disturbed. In the promotional video Mr. Bright states that he is doing this project as, "my thesis film for the University of Central Florida." All reputable colleges and universities take plagiarism and intellectual property rights very, very seriously. Since the University of Central Florida is a reputable university, I am quite certain they will fight this battle for you if you decide you need to take further action. No University wants to be publicly associated with plagiarism or a public violation of intellectual property rights. A
  4. Brendan

    Chapter 1

    As Geron's beta reader, I have shied away from reviewing or commenting on the stories he posts here. However, I find myself more than a little surprised by the number of reviewers who mention being troubled by the age of the characters in this story. Consequently, I feel compelled to add a comment of my own. Professionally, I am a retired teacher. I taught psychology at the university level. In addition to teaching I also practiced psychotherapy and specialized in marriage and family therapy. Even though some readers may be disturbed by or squeamish about the age of the characters in the Char
  5. Brendan

    Chapter 5

    This is Jobey0819's review sent to me in a PM. Hi Brendan, Thankyou for letting me know. (The review didn't show up) Absolutely loving it, I keep checking for new chapters. Total car girl myself (mustangs, camero's, chevelles love all muscle cars and they are far and few between here in Australia) and am almost crying at the end of each chapter because there isn't anymore. Reminds me of my teen and early twenties I had a '72 Holden LC Torana I was doing up slowly with my Dad, then Mum reminded him I was a girl and that put pay to that. I hope you keep the story going plus I like your writin
  6. A fitting end to an awesome story, David. Nice touch with Tobor becoming Tommy. Thanks for all the long hours and hard work you put into this story. You're the best! Brendan
  7. David, I have enjoyed all of your stories, you are a very talented writer. Thank you for this wonderful and touching story. This chapter brings, "Arthur in Eblis" to a satisfying conclusion. I really liked how you gave the quest a magical life of its own, that was a unique and insightful twist. I look forward the next story that springs from your gifted imagination!
  8. I agree with BrianM, very well done! It's great to see Seth finally come into his own. As always, thanks for sharing your gift with us.
  9. Although I really like what you are doing with the new 0300 story, and I have been hooked on the Refuge series for some time now, I am thrilled more than ever to see you return to your World universe with this new story. Thank you so much for coming back to World. I look forward to seeing where this adventure will lead. You're the best!
  10. Mr. McLeod may choose to defend himself (or not) regarding Stanollie's review. Either way, I wanted to add my thoughts. I disagree with many of the political views expressed in the story. Still, I disagree even more with Stanollie's "humble" opinion that they have no place in the story. Mr. McLeod is always careful to disclaim to his readers that he is writing from the perspective of an Earth analogue and not to make the assumption that Stanollie seems to have made in his review. And yet, even if the story reflects Mr. McLeod's personal political views, I still think that's okay. A writer sho
  11. Hi Jennyr, I began reading your story months ago, but then lost track of it. I'm very pleased to see you're updating it. I think your writing is very good, thanks for sharing your craft with us.
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