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  1. Zeke Pine

    All Over The Road

    Fantastic story. I want more from these two.
  2. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for mentioning Gives Light. I just finished the first book. It was amazing.
  3. Zeke Pine


    Thanks for the new story.
  4. Hello Zeke Pine. Great author selection and the stories are some of my favorites. I am glad you found a home with us, here at GA.

    I want to wish you a Happy 62nd Birthday and that you had an awesome day. Happy thoughts only, heading your way.


    Take care


    (I didn't want to compete with the fantastic looking cake that Reader1810 sent you and will just take a small imaginary bite or two from it :wizard:)

  5. Happy Birthday Zeke! :wizard:



  6. Zeke Pine

    Gay Song One – Quelle Tragédie, Lol

    Awesome and entertaining.
  7. Thanks for looking at my Gay Song series on my blog. I was just thinking of doing a fresh one today, a James Taylor tune ;)


    1. Zeke Pine

      Zeke Pine

      I took that trip back in time on the blog. Thanks.

  8. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 6

    I am envious I didn't have these adults when I was a kid.
  9. Zeke Pine

    A Soldier's Guide to Single Parenting

    Thanks for telling a story that should never have to be told. It is truly criminal that it is still told to this very day.
  10. Any chance this story will continue?
  11. Zeke Pine


    This is a living world that will not fade within. Great story.
  12. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 1

    Well if the size of what was being touched transferred to squirrel guy and our character can still be taken for human, plus exotic clue. Let's say, Dingo or less likely an Asian Bear.
  13. Zeke Pine

    God Forsaken

    When it comes to bullying and abuse by the religious, truth is always more difficult to accept than fiction. How can anyone have that much evil inside and not spontaneously combust?
  14. Zeke Pine

    GFD: Strobelight Puppy

    Quality, as I've come to expect.

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