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  1. I hope authors will never again use special characters as separators within a story.

  2. Contemplation of age is something I understand.
  3. Zeke Pine


    I'm honestly happy for everyone in this chapter.
  4. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 2

    Good start. I find I really want to know what next.
  5. Poor JJ? How many of our families have a JJ? JJ hasn't learned how to escape his self induced red haze of consciousness. He is bound for institutional life or a college level education in the art of clear thinking.
  6. I have been binging this story from chapter 1. 1. Thank you for not creating the "superman" syndrome that way too many magic tales fall into. So far. 2. Thanks for realizing that sex in a story, like everything else in the story has to actually contribute to the story. 3. You hold up the tradition, mostly online publishing, that most gay men and boys are not femanized versions of what is portrayed by major publishers and film. Gay men and boys are not closet trans, not meaning that in a bad way. I'm overall impressed with the quality of this series. Thanks for the ha
  7. Zeke Pine


    Thanks for a well told tale. I'm hoping to see more.
  8. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 4 - Ian

    The mechanics of this story is puzzling.
  9. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 21

    I certainly hope this saga is picked back up in the near future.
  10. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 33

    I have been doing some beta reading and lite editing for an author that has transplanted from Mo. to Florida. Missouri features prominently and I have my own story I'm procrastinating with. Missouri shoots out roots that find me no matter where I plant my feet.
  11. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 33

    South East, Mo. Is home. Scott City has some decent diners and the best place for horse feed.
  12. Zeke Pine

    Chapter 1 Mired

    I felt the pain as I read. I hope the despair turns to some joy for both you and Chase.
  13. I'm hoping he comes back to them or at least give us something else to read.
  14. Fantastic story. I want more from these two.
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