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  1. Hooray and huzzah, Dr. Arbour! Congratulations on such an impressive accomplishment, Mark. ❤️ And I’m sure I speak for countless readers when I say it’s such a joy to know you’re back, and that we’ll soon be reading the lastest exploits of our daring gang of Cramptoms, Schluters and company. Meanwhile, Happy Summer, and all the best to you and yours! -Clara
  2. Happy Birthday!

    1. cems


      Thank you!! (I’m a little late, but I just noticed your note.) 

  3. Welcome back, Mark! I'm excited about the update to "Chronicles..." It gives me an excuse to start reading again from the beginning -- for the fourth (!) time. It's always a pleasure. Take care, Mark, be well, and have a Happy Thanksgiving! (Your writing, and its ability to take me temporarily away from the more traumatic moments in life, is one of the things I'm thankful for again this year. xoxo)
  4. Dear Mark, I'm grateful to read that you're doing okay overall, but bummed that you have so much stuff to deal with at the moment. I know you'll get through it, but that doesn't make it fun! I've had a similar string of bad news and difficult events, so I have a bit of an idea how you might be feeling, but, of course, everyone's experience is their's alone. Before I read this update, I was religiously checking to see if you had new updates, thinking about your characters at least once a day. Now I'll be thinking about you instead. Please know that I'm sending you a bunch of California new-age white light and good vibes, and surrounding you with a protective, healing energy -- with a few zaps of joy added in. Hopefully, that'll do the trick! Take care of yourself, and know you have scores of devoted readers and fans sending you love. I certainly am. xoxo Clara
  5. cems

    Chapter 29

    Thanks, Mark, for another great chapter! It's interesting to me how Steph has such reliable gut instincts when it comes to making business deals, but he sucks at hiring! He should leave that part of the job to Human Resources. Even with all of his past experiences with hires-gone-bad, he (seemingly) breezed right into hiring Buzz -- although since that happened off stage, I suppose it's possible he at least did a Google search... Is it that Steph has a weak spot for handsome men? I feel like there must be more to it than that. [i'm one of those readers who had my eye on Buzz from his first arrival: Too Good To Be True was tattooed on that manly forehead.] Weirdly enough, I was also just thinking about the Carmichaels the other day (as well as a few other distant relatives -- Matt's half-siblings, for instance) and wondering if/when any of them would reappear... I can't wait to find out what Mike plans to tell Brad. I have a guess, but I'm keeping it to myself! (I'm probably wrong, anyway.)
  6. cems

    Chapter 26

    Just so glad you're back, Mark. I've become a straight-up CAP fangirl, and I was definitely jonesing for a new chapter. But, just as much, I missed reading the new reviews and your responses. What a great group of fellow readers -- and such a thoughtful, responsive author. Very cool. I feel like I've recovered members of a (not that long) lost family. Cheers to your return!
  7. cems

    Chapter 16

    Hopefully, JP's just hungover. I didn't see Brad and Carullo coming (ho ho), but to me it makes perfect sense -- I think it's a good hint that Brad's getting back to his old, drop into bed with a cutie and regret it in the morning, self.
  8. cems

    Chapter 14

    I agree, Coastguard, it's great to hear Robbie's voice again, and to get a minute to re-live how special Brad and Robbie's relationship was (and still is, I suppose). Brad, when he's with Robbie, is a different person than Brad without Robbie, and you can hear it in his "voice," too. Robbie makes him happy -- even when he's furious. It's almost like he can't help it. I found that scene very touching to read. Mark, you know your characters inside-out. Never mind that Robbie no longer shares this mortal coil, he's still Robbie, and he sounds just like himself and no one else. That's not an easy feat, especially over so many chapters of so many books. You are both skilled and talented in your work, which sets you apart from most writers. Such quality within such quantity -- I'm in awe. I know, I'm rambling now, and and I didn't even get to my new favorite character: JJ. So I'll just say: Love him! Love him. Love. him. Once again, thank you, Mark. I'm looking forward to next week already. xo
  9. cems

    Shoot Me Now

    Hi Jordanator - I just wanted you to know that I attempted to defend/explain your post (to a degree) yesterday, but I'm not sure if it had a chance to be approved (or not approved?) by the moderator before you deleted the original. I'm definitely not trying to start anything up again, just wanted you to know you weren't entirely alone while waving that red flag. Meanwhile, I appreciate your quick apology to those you offended. I hope the hurt feeling will heal quickly, all around. -cems [lurker extraordinaire]
  10. cems


    So excited for the new story! And so happy that, only 12 years in the "future," all of our boys (and girls, too -- apologies to Tiffany) can get married all throughout the United States! Woo hoo!!! <3
  11. Thank you, Mark. Thank you for getting back to Streak, and finishing it so beautifully, even after having to take a break for awhile there. That break put the fear of god into me -- and made me realize that I've come to count on JP (my favorite patriarch), beautiful Stef, Brad (in all his narcissistic imperfection), Will (whom I unapologetically love), suddenly JJ, and the rest of the over-extended family and their shenanigans to get me through my not-nearly-as-interesting-or-luxurious daily life. In the last few years, since I first found the CAP series, you given me a gift that I really needed at a time when I really needed it, and I've taken mounds of comfort and humor and love from from your work. It's become the healthier replacement for my former go-to fix: Coffee Haagen Dazs. So, once again, I thank you! And I'm waiting with baited breath for number 16. With gratitude, Clara
  12. Well, your hiatus has officially scared me out of my lurking corner... It's about time I told you what a *huge* fan of your writing I am. I've read the complete (to date) CAP series 3 times already, and gone through Bridgemont twice. I guess I'll just have to start at the beginning of both again while you're on your well-deserved break. There are very few books (let alone entire series with millions of words) that I bother to read more than once, but with your work, "once is not enough," as Jackie Susann would say. [And speaking of, don't you think Jackie and Stefan rubbed elbows back in the '70s?] Anyway, I'll be patient while you're on a break, but I'll be grateful when you return. -Clara
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