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  1. Happy Birthday! 

  2. Larry

    Getting Settled

    As always really enjoyed the adventures. I was glad to catch up on the first chapter when you posted this one. Unfortunately this chapter was posted all on one line so I had to scroll it horizontally and felt like I was checking out the headlines on the old NY Times building. I hope as this is the last book in the Marco & Marty series that you will continue to write an post here as I relish your stories.
  3. Larry

    Chapter 21

    I'm glad I receive notification for updates to your stories, but am wondering why since the update to the GA website your new chapters are not listed in the stories updates? I hope a declining number of views doesn't discourage you from writing and posting as I greatly enjoy reading your adventures.
  4. Larry

    Chapter 10

    Enjoyed this story the first time last spring on Nifty, even better the second time around, As a car guy who went to high school in the late 70's in the Hudson valley I was reminiscing with this story of the importance of the car in our culture of the times. As you said the first chapters revolved around the car to setup the relationship between the characters but I saw this as setting the back ground. You said that we are different people in the Fall from who we were in Spring and so I look forward to the new story, to see what changes are in store from you.

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