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  1. Larry

    California Dreamin'

    I have always loved your rabbits and hope you will continue to share as many as you want to.
  2. Umm... Stapleton Airport closed in 1995 but the tower is still there, though it was converted to a Punchbowl Social Restaurant that closed due to Covid restrictions and a heavy debt load. Denver's Airport is now DIA located in western Kansas 35 miles northeast of the city and is larger then Manhattan Island NYC.
  3. Carlos, I have enjoyed all your CJvers stories and how you deal with GLTBQ issues and was hopping that you would have include a gay character to show how the military has changed officially and unofficially since we are now allowed to serve openly. As a 27 year vet who retired in 2007 before this change who also was in a job that was only open to men there has been little discussion of these alterations in gay popular press and literature. Also as a Colorado resident Trail Ridge Road (US 34) through Rocky Mountain National Park is only open from Memorial Day to Columbus Day due to snow
  4. Larry

    Chapter 1

    The best part of a holiday is a new adventure with Charlie Boone an Geron Kees !
  5. Larry

    Chapter 10

    I’m sad that this story is over (for now). As always Geron thank you for sharing your exquisite thoughts.
  6. Larry


    While Grant was cooking the thighs he thinks " Gavin would have a heart attack" are we about to learn more about Grant's history since we know a lot about Troy's.
  7. Larry


    The start to this story is heartbreaking. Knowing how proud Troy is, his returning to this house and doing work outside in view of those who shared his life with John will increase Troy's misery. Troy probably knows this but Grant I am surely hasn't considered the angst he is causing. Unfortunately when one tries to help one doesn't consider all the effects and compounds the problem instead of alleviating it. Wade, as I have read this previously I have to say that you and other authors, editors and Beta Readers of serial works that respond to comments and not disclose plot lines and twi
  8. Larry

    Chapter 57

    very much enjoying this but after your burst of posts since Xmas eve with a bum computer did you get it repaired before this episode?
  9. Wayne, having enjoyed your first posting of this story on TSL, I wanted to commend your revisions to it. Though I didn't reread that version, my recollection is that this edition is fuller, more colorful and deeper. Its like going from a standard def TV to a high def one. I would also like to say that I appreciate that you complete your stories prior to posting and then set to a general schedule. I will continue to follow your writings as diverse as they are.
  10. Larry

    Chapter 1

    A reason to enjoy holidays is Geron Kees sharing an adventure of Kip, Charlie and the gang . I now know what I"ll be reading every 8 hours or so till Halloween!!
  11. For an author who doesn’t have English as your primary language you write spectacularly. I was impressed with the turn of phrase you used to describe Kai’s face when Ryan told him that he wasn’t a friend. “As his happy face disappears like snow in the sun.” That Kai was family.
  12. Happy Birthday!

    1. Larry


      thank you

  13. Larry


    I too am glad that you are writing again and look forward to the adventures that you will allow us to join as this tale continues.
  14. To have written eight additional chapters in less then a month to what you thought was a stand alone story is an accomplishment. Nick expounded the relationship between a blind character, with little knowledge of the difficulties of the limitations of being blind, and a child of a single mother. You showed the rejection of Ian by his father and brothers for his disability and the acceptance of Andrew's sexuality by his mother. The lack of conversations and confrontations about these developments felt, to me, real The view of life during as a gay guy in the heartland in the 1960's is enlight
  15. Larry

    Let's go camping

    I too am glad that Nick continued this story and hope this is not the end. Is it possible to change the rating of the story from everyone to mature as this chapter dove into more and appropriate issues then the first.
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