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  1. This was deeply saddening news to receive today. I’m happy I had the chance to meet Wayne. He was a kind, wonderful man, and I’ll always for sure remember his humor! I’m also really grateful for his prompts. Rest well, Wayne. May your memory be eternal. ❤️
  2. I love your take on the quality of patience. I was happy to be able to read and enjoy the month of poems within the actual month. Thank you!
  3. Defiance19

    Week Four

    Ohh... I like day 28 and 27 and 24.. okay, I really liked your week!
  4. Defiance19

    Week 3

    I enjoyed these. Loved the detour in 17. #18 was funny, which grammar is maddening and anything but. Lol Berry delight indeed. Great poems!
  5. Defiance19

    Week 2

    Day 11... There are still conversations about that one time. Lol Loved day 12 and 14. Your food poems are always just so delicious. Thanks, Adi
  6. Defiance19

    Week Four

    Yay! Congratulations on another year. I loved your letter to yourself. So many hugs. Thank you for sharing your poems and yourself with us. It was all wonderful.
  7. Defiance19

    Week Three

    Another wonderfully written set of poems. #15 is an awful reminder of just how insensitive and cruel humans can be. #19 is lovely and so true as this spring has shown. 21 took me back with you. Thanks, Val!
  8. Defiance19

    Week Two

    Loved all of these, but I related so much to #11. I wanted nothing to do with the distribution of things left behind but somehow connected to a desk too. It’s such a hard place to be. Great job, Val.
  9. Ok, no, I loved this chapter. Lol. What you do so well, is put the reader right there in the scenes with you. Loved having Chipper around. I can’t wait for Lucy to propose. 😝
  10. Loved this chapter so much!
  11. Defiance19

    Week One

    Val, these are very good and emotive. #7 I especially felt stirred by. Thank you. I always enjoy what you all share during NaPoWriMo, even though I read it waay late most times. I will try to keep up 🤞
  12. I’m trying. This way may work I’m hoping!
  13. Defiance19

    Week 1

    Pizza, Pizza! I loved “This Poem” ! Well done, Adi, and thank you.
  14. So, two people reader me won’t forgive in this series are Doc and Ritch’s dad. However, I am happy that their sons have found a way to move past their fathers mistakes. Ritch’s time at the graveside was sort of him taking ownership of his life. It was especially poignant and was definitely something Ritch needed. Sometimes I have those moments even if it’s not at the cemetery. Well done there. It is so funny to see him with Lucy. Hesitant, giddy, self conscious... Love it, and love that Lucy is a badass lady! Also, wassup, Phil and Riley! Great chapter, C.
  15. I wonder how many will count as I did, when reading April 4th. Lol. It’s a wonderful start to poetry month. Always a pleasure to read your poems, Parker.
  16. Defiance19

    Embers 8

    I have had two family members dedicate their lives to the fire department. I have nothing but high regard for the men and women who choose to serve given the reality of the risks involved. I’m wondering what my therapist would do if I insist that the voice in my head, is indeed my inner wolf and I, finally coming to an understanding. I’m glad for Brandon though, they need that. I also like the interaction with the team. Your descriptions of places are fascinating and I’m finding myself so absorbed in the story. I enjoyed the last few chapters and look forward to what’s coming. Thank goodness someone mentioned the Liston Winery and led me here! Thank you
  17. Back to the trenches on Wednesday..
  18. It took me a while, but I got here. What a wonderful journey with Coy and Boone, and so happy for them that they got their ever after. I always feel a little bereft at the end of your stories, Gary, because your characters are so real and vibrant. I know this epilogue was a peek at what life is going to be like, but I do hope you get the inspiration to catch us up in a short story one day. In the near future. Not too far away. Soonish? Lol. It was a great story. Thank you, Gary. xoxo
  19. Beautiful....just wonderful, and beautiful! Lol.
  20. Wait... @WolfM has a story about wolves... at the Liston Winery... and I had no idea of this... Off I go... Great chapter C..xo
  21. Hi all, Popping by to say hello. Sending good wishes to you. Hope you’re staying well. @mollyhousemouse I had a district meeting a couple weeks ago that was supposed to be an hour long. A briefing on new protocols. 2hrs later we were just being briefed. Our Superintendent tends to be long winded, but I feel you on that. Take care, everyone. I do miss being around.
  22. That was my thought too.. I mean it couldn’t be more appropriate! lol I’m loving Ritch’s story, Carlos. You’re doing a great job showcasing Ritch’s growth and maturity. Ritch is showcasing a lot of other stuff too, but you know, youthful vigor and all that. Im hoping to finish a few other stories by the weekend, before I have to play catch up again, but this was a pleasure!
  23. Oh. My. God. DEFIANT! 😮 You and I absolutely need to come to some kind of agreement as recompense, sir... 😐(that’s my strict voice)
  24. Defiance19

    Rocky Ground

    I feel like you need to put this disclaimer in your end notes. Just so I don’t become irrational with the newbies. 😌😉 Sean and I have an understanding. Can’t is not a word we know. Lol.
  25. Great chapter. It really is hard to let the kids go, even though you’ve given them all the tools. When the kid moved out of state, the house was much quieter and that was unsettling for a while. But, they do grow up. Lol.
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