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    Tanka Poetry Prompt

    I like the pictures you paint, BB. Especially #2.
  2. Defiance19


    This made me happy sigh.. Loved it, Cassie.
  3. His mother, now Paul.. Shaun’s confidence has taken a beating. Even though he’s taken positive steps like moving out and getting his own place, he can’t seem to shake his overbearing mother. He needs to find his own job too, if he can.
  4. I too wonder if the distance between the brothers is mostly because of Shaun’s resentments. The mother certainly didn’t help.
  5. Defiance19

    niece time

    Shout out to the photographer, this is a wonderful photo. Your niece is lovely, Uncle.
  6. Thank you much, AC. I think I’m understanding the ‘me’ connection, in the Tanka part. I will keep trying and trying. lol.
  7. Thank you, BB.. Day off tomorrow, so I’ll sleep on it and start anew!
  8. Well, I do.. of course we do! The fact that you use ‘inflict’ doesn’t make me quake... nope, not at all. 😅
  9. Defiance19


    I had to smile at the nuthatch.. I liked these. Very well done, Mike.
  10. Thank you, Mike.. As I read them with everyone’s thoughts in mind, I’m beginning to see..
  11. Thank you, Mac.. will work on # 1 Thank you, tim. Sooo, back to work I go. But I get the missing ‘me’ part.
  12. Defiance19

    A Winter's Hike: The Tanka Challenge

    Well, the temperature dropped right in time for me to read these. I particularly liked the terriers at play, and the surprise bluebirds. A wonderful set, Parker.
  13. Defiance19

    Meeting Max

    I continue to appreciate the honest, and forthright way you write Don and Louis. This is a life changing situation. Should it go all the way, it’s not likely to go smooth or easy. I like that you don’t gloss over the selfish thoughts, and trepidation any sane person who’s been through this once, would have. This is what I love about your writing, tim. You keep it real! You keep me in the story. I also like Don’s approach to Max. It got Max to thaw a little, so I see that as hopeful. Thanks for a great chapter, tim.
  14. Ok, so let me start by saying.This Tanka business is SO HARD!! I tried to get it, checked the list, do not know if I succeeded. So now I submit for your appraisal. Let me know how I can fix/ correct them, are they even Tanka? 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Snowflakes dance carefree Just coating the earth below On naked branches It settles like pillowed mounds Lending grace to forlorn trees A morning snowfall Promises frolic and fun excitedly, we make plans But by playtime it’s melted Stealing joy from everyone I stand quietly Watching the wild rabbit hunt He scents the cold air Our eyes meet and he is gone Dawn falls back into stillness Ice rains from the sky Traffic crawls to a dead stop A broken down bus lets off bundled commuters I shake, though heat warms my seat Filled with misgiving I slow-walk onto the ice Pushing off I flail But your hand reaches mine And I forget I’m falling
  15. Defiance19

    Linked Words #2

    number plate
  16. Defiance19

    Tanka #3

    I see this as clearly as I feel it. Make sense? Lol. Great!
  17. Defiance19


    I’ve been scribbling.. 😶
  18. Defiance19


    The second tanka stands out for me, but that does not make the others any less wonderful. Really well done, tim.
  19. Defiance19

    GMA IV

    Came to a screeching halt, and flipped back to the last chapter to see if I missed anything but the contract Ethan handed Gina.. Nope.. but she’s claiming last rites on alcohol, so hmmm.... I’ll volunteer for Sean.. no turkey baster though... I feel like so much happened in this chapter. I’m exhausted.. And of course CJ would make arrest VP.. for now.. It was neat how the borrowed couples made their cameo appearances. As always, great story telling, Carlos.
  20. Defiance19

    Word Chain #2

  21. Defiance19

    Linked Words #2

    culture club
  22. Defiance19

    Chapter 23

    Lol. But I was thinking if they all woke up like that, it could be, well... something, for Arad.

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