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  1. Beach


    Thanks to my email I was delighted to see both you and Granger returned. Finished the Prologue, now on to Chapter 1!
  2. Beach


    As I suspected... You already killed off Miquel in your previous story, and now you had to solve the problem of both El and Ry in love with Luke. Since Elliott had already gone through such terrible suffering (in your mind), the easiest solution was to kill off Ryan leaving the way clear for Elliott and Luke. Now the way is also clear to eventually bring the story to a close. Yet, in so many ways Ryan was the most interesting character in AETC - the strength, the loyalty, the ability to overcome the adversities in his life and still remain whole. Contrasted with Luke who showed little of such sterling character straits - who ran from every threat to his being, who was so busy protecting himself that he failed to consider the emotional and physical suffering of both his brother and Ryan. They needed his support but he left them to deal with it on their own. Riley, I think you are one of the really good authors on GA - you know how to write an interesting story and keep your readers coming back even after 84 chapters - no mean feat in this genre. Of course, you are the author and you decide how your story is going to progress. But for me, you missed the boat - you killed off the wrong person, if indeed it was necessary to kill off any of the boys to advance your narrative. If you intend to continue this story for many more chapter, it may well have been Ryan who had the most to offer. Luke is the most flawed, Elliott the weakest (even in the earlier story) and, so far, little more than a two dimensional character. Perhaps in continuing AETC, Luke, aware of his failings, will grow into a much better person and Elliott will grow into a character with depth. Finally, these are my own personal comments and not intended as intense criticism. If I didn't care so much for your story telling gifts, I wouldn't have bothered to respond to this chapter. [i wrote my review before reading any of the other reviews. I see that I'm not the only one who reacted negatively to ending Ryan's life. There is another very prolific and excellent GA author who killed off his strongest character in the first chapter of a continuing story that has gone on for hundreds of chapters. I stopped reading after that initial death - probably my lose since that series has won some awards. I did however read another one of his series which I very much like.]
  3. Beach

    Back from the Brink

    These last few chapters have been quite exciting - BUT then you're telling us the first thing Luke wonders after regaining consciousness is "...if Estela had got her flight". Come on Riley - a little far fetched! What about Ryan or for that matter Ryan's mother? OK, he just weathered a terrible physical and emotional experience - I'll grant you that he's a bit muddled. But Estela!
  4. Beach

    Face 2 Face

    Luke is a prick! Yeah, that's right! He and Ryan have been best friends Luke's whole time in the U.S. - Ryan smitten with Luke and Luke with a crush on Ryan. And the first pretty face that comes along, Luke is besotted and Ryan is forgotten. I agree Ryan was wrong with the Damon act and reading a private message but ultimately he was not out to hurt Luke - on the contrary - he was surreptitiously trying to establish whether or not Luke was gay, and if so, to try to move their relationship toward what it seemed they both wanted. Any other method of establishing out Luke,s orientation was fraught with danger. In spite of Luke's feelings for Ryan he made no attempt to find out where Ryan stood Btw, Luke said he recognized that he was gay 6 mos. ago. I think he really meant that he was only ready to admit it 6 mos. ago. Luke should take a good look at his actions in relation to Ryan. Lary
  5. Beach


    I see Luke as a disappointing "fair weather" friend - shallow and lacking loyalty. He seems to have dropped,Ryan, his best friend since moving to the U.S., when he meets Elliot. (Sounds like an all too common example of "such" relationships - if you get my meaning.) Yes, Ryan went a little too far with his Damon impersonation, and reading a private message, but considering the history between Luke and Ryan and Ryan's abusive home life, Luke should have been more understanding and interested in getting at the core of Ryan's remarks rather than punching him out in a pique of anger - smacks of a bit of immaturity. Larry
  6. Beach

    Chez Carter

    It looks as if Ethan is going to be passed over again. If so, big changes for the Alexis family and Ryan. But it's good to see Ryan back - not much has been said about him lately. He is, potentially, the most interesting and mature of the central characters - hopefully you are going to delve more into his experiences and the many sides of his personality. ET is such a well written story - I look forward to each new chapter. Larry
  7. Beach

    Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

    Perhaps Simon has carried his behavior too far, but it's hard not to sympathize with him. Toby in fact raped him. What's hard to understand is that Luke and Simon are very close brothers - why didn't Luke take the "bull by the horns" and make every effort to find out what was so troubling for Simon to be acting so difficult to the extent he was. Again, this seems to be another example of a character fault in Luke. To love his brother as much as he seems, he should have been persistent in getting to the core of Simon's problem. Instead, he seemed to just walk away from it. Simon needed someone so close to him, near his age, and fully aware of his sexual orientation to have gotten to the bottom of the problem. Now, on another subject - how about Ry and Luke coming out to each other. It's long overdue. Larry
  8. Beach


    Luke's attraction to Elli has me wondering about Ry's and Luke's long attraction to one another. We've now had 59 chapters and still those two don't know they're both gay and have deep romantic/sexual feelings for each other. Is that relationship ever going to be consummated, or will the Elli/Luke replace it? One of the reviews may have already brought this up. Larry
  9. Beach

    Seeing Red, Stuck on Orange

    Simon can try some hydrogen peroxide - if that doesn't work, a weak bleach solution. Larry
  10. Beach

    Broken Too

    First of all, I'd get Landon alone and beat the fucking shit out of him for the uncharacteristic spanking - a spanking that was more a personal vendetta than part of any previous "hanging". And it would be a long time before I let Luke off the hook especially since Ry put himself in harm's way to protect his friend. I sort of felt that, considering the depth of Luke and Ryan's friendship, that either Luke's failure to come to his friends aid was your attempt to expose a character failure in Luke or, as a writer, you failed to have Luke respond credibly based on their close and closeted sexual feelings for each other. And if those feelings had any element of love, it's hard to believe Luke wouldn't go to his mate's aid. My sympathy for Luke is at a very low point - Ry is my "Knight in Shining Armour" in this story. Larry
  11. Beach

    The Hang

    I am thoroughly enjoying AETC in the USA. I only began reading it this past week. I noticed it in Nifty when you first started writing it but never cracked a chapter. Why? Sometimes titles don't look interesting and so many of them in Nifty aren't worth starting. Or, I might have been put off because I've resented my whole life that I never had the chance to make that decision about circumcision. But, I'm certainly glad I gave it a try. You're a really good writer with credible characters - with each chapter I'm looking forward to the next one. Fortunately, I didn't start the story when you first began writing it, so I didn't have to go through the experience of your story disappearing for a long period of time (noted in the first review above and which often happens with Nifty stories). One minor observation: Uncut American teens are not unusual in this the 21st Century. Now that I got that off my chest, I can go on to Chapter 25, etc. Larry
  12. Beach

    Chapter 11

    Not happy with the turn of events. I was enjoying the story but killing off Tanner, potentially the second most important character, doesn't sit well. But as the author it's your prerogative to take the story wherever you want - with or without me as the reader. Jack
  13. Beach

    Chapter 9

    RE: Chapter 8 Reviews - I guess I spoke too soon, should have waited for Chapter 9! Jack
  14. Beach

    Chapter 8

    I'm enjoying the story - but come on, these two guys are about 18 yrs. old, not 11. They are in love with one another. At their age their hormones are raging. They're not going to stop and talk about the appropriateness of the simple act of touching one another. Fondling each other, jacking off together, even oral sex is not unusual at their age. OK, they certainly would be more careful about initiating anal sex. And granted, they might be concerned about engaging in sex in their parents house. Jack
  15. The new revised A MARINE CALLED JASON by Peterbilt, IMHO is the best thing Pete has wrtten, and he's written a hell of a lot of good stories.

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