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  1. This short story really moved me. All things are possible. I'm like a previous reviewer, I kept looking at the side bar, and kept seeing how close I was to the end. Talk about an internal conflict, I've never hated how fast I can read before. one idea stayed, acceptance. Kudos to you. ive not read anything of yours before today, but will be a long time follower. Scott.
  2. Boxxhead1

    Of All the Luck

    I was thinking much the same thing about virginity, then I remembered Parker's age. He is so full of vitality, but he is young, (if not inexperienced). It's great to see him think things through, and grow as a person step by step. I really loved this chapter, and was shocked at the mention of three months, it seems not so long ago when he first appeared at the store. Matt's understanding of finding opportunity in heartache resonated with me, I'm with a great guy now coz my last partner fell out of love with me. Some personal experience there? Sorry, not my business Looking forward to
  3. Hi, I like where this is going. I also have no problems if English is not your native, as that adds to the authenticity. fro your first mention of Tyde, and his family interactions, I knew he was Autistic, (Aspergers?) I'm not sure where he fits in, but thank you for including a subject like that in this story. Yes, you can probably guess I have first hand experience with that topic. You described my household perfectly. Thank you for writing a story that assumes the reader wants a story to stir their intelligence. It makes a nice change. Seth, the Enigma, seems that way.
  4. Nathan will live forever in Josh's heart. I was wrong in my review of chapter nine. Nathan's death has truly woken something in Josh, something we all knew was there, but he was not mature enough to recognise. Reading this story through adult eyes allows us to make assumptions that Josh just wasn't spiritually equipped for. He will ascend those cliffs, yes with survivor guilt, but with a renewed perspective on life. Such a shame he had to learn this way. Thank you for writing such a powerful story, it has brought back to life memories of friends that I sadly lost over the years, whether from d
  5. Damn, I never saw that coming. In reading all the previous chapters I knew the outcome, but shit that one hit me hard. The world needs more Nathans, to see the world for what it is. Somehow, I don't think Josh will ever be happy in a world with 'wife, mortgage and 2.3 kids'.
  6. Luvin this tale so far, so it would be great to be able to move back a little from this cliffhanger. I'm sure I'm not the only fan to feel this way. No pressure !!! Not that we saw much of the characters before they met, I'm noticing that Ben and Blake are becoming a bit "gay-er" around each other. Maybe that's just the love for each other.
  7. Welcome to GayAuthors!

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