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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Jack Ladd

    Part 30

    It is indeed. But without giving too much away, I can assure you Oscar gets the help he needs. This is the first in the series that explores and develops his personal growth: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36126476-oscar-down-under Thanks for your feedback
  3. Jack Ladd

    Part 29

    Thank you for the comments guys. Oscar is indeed closing off his feelings, and I agree, at another time and another place, perhaps he and Tim could be so much more. Unfortunately, before Oscar can realise he's in a bad place and change, he still needs to make a lot more mistakes. I'll be uploading a new story soon that continues his journey at university, so watch this space
  4. Jack Ladd

    Part 30

    Thanks RolandQ, you're too kind. I really appreciate your feedback. Re: phenomenal sex, Oscar's next tale, Oscar Bachelor of Arts, is sure to have what you were looking for ... Coming soon
  5. Jack Ladd

    Part 30

    I should have told him the truth. That I loved him. Explained to Tim, the first man to make my heart soar inside my chest like a lone bird in the dead of night, that there was no wonder he didn’t “get me”. I should have told him that the kind of person who does the kind of things I’d done isn’t reasonable. Or understandable. Or normal. I should have told him that I was fucked-up, poisoned and lost. I should have explained, begged him to forgive me, that since my mum had left and my dad had rotted away with loneliness, I didn’t know how to be good or kind or honest. I didn’t
  6. Jack Ladd

    Part 29

    We could have gone around and around in circles. Trapped in a hopeless loop. Him demanding or begging for the truth. Me pulling more and more lies out of my arse in a desperate attempt to cover my tracks. The dire process repeating and repeating until one of us snaps or storms out or both. I could have told him I didn’t have my wallet on me. Or I didn’t have any ID full stop. Saddle up my high horse and get all indignant and offended. It’s not a legal requirement to carry any in this country. I could have left it at home. Lost it. Never applied for one in the first place. But I
  7. Jack Ladd

    Part 28

    I wish I could say I saw it coming. That, as my shoes crunched the gravel of Tim’s path, the ominous, sickening feeling wriggling around my gut became clear. That, before I crossed the point of no return, I realised what was waiting for me inside, and I turned and ran and cut my losses no matter how much I knew I would lose. But I didn’t. I did exactly what I’d told myself to do. I swallowed it down. Pushed the dread somewhere so deep and dark I lost it. Replaced it with starry-eyed, teenage fantasies. Will he kiss me on the doorstep? Or wait until we’re away from prying ey
  8. Jack Ladd

    Part 27

    I had the same dream that night. Almost the same. It began like before. At home in the kitchen with my parents in their wedding outfits. Mum fussing over my black and gold suit, inexplicably back from whatever life she’d chosen over us like she’d never left at all. Dad fit and young and smiling again. In the blink of an eye, I was outside the same glitching church, its eerie spire twitching and jolting and piercing cloud. Down on the ground, like before, was the same faceless wedding crowd waiting for me. The same woman in black and gold standing by the old wooden doors. Bu
  9. Jack Ladd

    Part 26

    The phone rang. Quiet and monotonous. A double-beat through the tiny speaker pressing against my ear. Two-trills of digital noise lasting less than a second each, but ominous. Ominous enough to make my heart beat hard. Hard and loud and heavy. It rang again and my palms grew sweaty; the rigid grey plastic of my phone turning slick and slippery. Tightening my grip, I rubbed my free hand against my joggers; blood pumping like a drum through the cartilage sandwiched between my head and the handset. Three rings. I swapped hands. Four. My neck ached. It already hurt. Strain
  10. Jack Ladd

    Part 18

    You two are far too kind. And, if you're looking for a tale with less sex and more story, my full-length erotic book set in Australia, Oscar Down Under: Part One, is out now and I'm always looking for people to leave honest reviews on Goodreads/Amazon in exchange for a free copy!
  11. Jack Ladd

    Part 22

    I don't want to give too much away but you'll eventually see that there is more to Oscar ... Much more! And thank you so much for your kinds words. You've put a big, fat smile on my face.
  12. Jack Ladd

    Part 25

    The moment I made it home, I dumped my bag on the floor, pulled off my blazer and yanked off my tie. Undoing the top two buttons of my white school shirt I threw myself onto my bed. Landed on the fading duvet on my stomach, bundled a pillow under my chest and propped myself up on my elbows so I could get at my phone. Successfully retrieved I unlocked it and reread Tim’s most recent message to me. Can‘t wait until Saturday sexy. We’re gonna have so much fun. The tingle in my body every time I thought about him warmed through me. His tingle. A tingle made o
  13. Jack Ladd

    Part 24

    The rest of the school day was uneventful. Other than my tedious, but thankfully brief altercation with James, lunch ended without a hitch. There were the usual looks when I walked past a group of lads or unzipped at the urinals to take a piss, but there were no problems. No jeers. No name-calling. No pushing or shoving or tripping or spitting. In fact, as the bell rang, loud and shrill through the old, stone corridors and grey, concrete quads, and I took a seat at the back of my next class, I realised I hadn’t had any real trouble for days. Ever since Adam had turned up that We
  14. Jack Ladd

    Part 23

    I slept like a log that night. Smack, bang out of it and on my way to dreamland within a minute of face-planting my pillow. No shower. No wank. I didn’t even check my phone. All I could do was throw off my clothes, crawl under my duvet and let my final thoughts and feelings of the day play out through my exhausted mind and body like a movie reel stripped apart, cut up and reassembled at random. The smell of Mr. Price on my skin. The buzz of my hole still tingling after its magnificent workout. The taste of beer and sweat on my tongue. The ache in my throat. The memory of his loa
  15. Jack Ladd

    Part 22

    ‘What shall we do now?’ I said. ‘That’s up to you,’ he said, stroking a stray stand of my hair back into place. His fingertips were hot against my forehead and a tingle spread out and around to the back of my head as he stroked. Then it blissfully rolled down my spine all the way to the soles of my feet. Our spoon session over, he was on top of me again. In between my legs like before. Both of us still naked on his oversized bed; our cocks soft but our muscled bodies hard. His abs on mine. His chest on mine. My load dry and crusting on my stomach and sticking his chest hair toge
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