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  1. Thanks for you support.  On the book of mine you just read, that's really appreciated.  Take care.

  2. sef

    Chapter 1

    Intriguing start, I’m looking forward to reading more.
  3. Ha ha, this line is funny - ‘Have you never heard of multitasking, Sebastian? Women can be simultaneously ecstatically happy and inconsolably sad.'
  4. sef

    Safe - For Now

    I am sad about Reginald’s passing, but I suppose I’ll forgive you because it sets us up for an extremely interesting tête-à-tête between Jarek and Sebastian. Looking forward to exploring the sadness and possibility/hope which is hinted at in their lingering handshake. If I read this right, Rex Trovert has replaced Mr. Noall as the principal of Sebastian’s old school. Congrats to him.
  5. Yes, I am all for people beyond two parents taking responsibility for the support and guidance of children and adolescents. I agree parents cannot and should not be excepted to be everything at all times to/for their child.
  6. Oh dear, we’ve lost Reginald... 😥
  7. I like the description of Jarek and Leon’s weekend adventures. Do they mirror any of your own adventures in the bush?
  8. sef

    A Proposal

    Leon has a wise and supportive Grandfather, a new friend in Hank, and is able to spend his weekends unwinding in the forest like a feral animal with Jarek. A perfect trifecta of supportive people, life is looking up. His parents story could have been taken from the headlines (or rather a corner article on a back page of the newspaper [if such news is printed at all]) any day in this country... I hope we will see a little more of Jarek and Leon’s friendship and adventuring.
  9. Ha ha - I’ve heard of having a stick up your ass, and even your head up your ass, but a knife is new. This is a novel side of Jarek, stealth and deadly. I hope Jarek’s friendship match will be successful for Hank and Leon.
  10. sef

    Spreading the Word

    Ah, I see Saki has a character named Reginald. Any influence on the naming of this Reginald? I agree, from a reader perspective, that short stories take a very special touch. This one is just right! I like Sebastian’s portrayal as free spirited. I think the silk cloth is hilarious. Those kind of devices are usually only reserved for promiscuous female characters. It’s nice to see the excessive and dramatic language used to celebrate sexuality (in this case our handsome young hero), instead of set up a scheming female character for a later fall from grace.
  11. sef

    Spreading the Word

    Ha ha- "A tiny wisp of silk covering his groin, fluttered in the light breeze like a turquoise butterfly impatient to escape. As an ornament to accentuate the golden hue of Sebastian’s satiny skin it was perfect. As a garment to conceal his manhood it failed exquisitely." I like this story, your writing seems more dramatic than usual. It feels like it should be a stage production.
  12. sef


    I have not yet read Spreading the Word. I’m glad we’ll see Seb and Reggie again, they are thoroughly enjoyable.
  13. sef


    Ha, I like this description- ‘his chest filled with such a feeling of gratitude and happiness he wondered if a heart attack was imminent.’ Rex and Fee did very well to take out mortgages on the properties instead of trying to sell them. And I think they are right, dealing with this mess will be much worse for Farzdbuk than a quick death. Sebastian and Reginald have a lot of potential happiness to look forward to, and I’m sure they will come up with something useful to do with the money. Will Seb want to stop after one dance at ‘Hole in One’ or is he going to catch performance bug?
  14. sef

    Useless Things

    Ha ha, the fire alarm is clever.
  15. sef

    Fun & Games

    Innocent mutually pleasurable activity... someone should put you in charge of Sex Ed curriculums👍
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