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  1. Rosicky

    Chapter 22

    I forgot ... many thanks for this story, Demented! I am enjoying it immensely! The story reveals a fantastic imagination! Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. Rosicky

    Chapter 22

    While the pursuit of the psycho stalker bunny boy might be concerning, I believe that he will play a useful foil allowing Kotik and Lord Baldric to escape as planned. I bet he'll cause so much confusion and will be engaged in many altercations when he sees the Kotik copy threatened ... it won't matter to the hareling who's doing the threatening -- even if it's High King or an avatar of a god. If Baldric and Kotik are firm in their plan to upend the civil order of Sibel, the hareling will be very useful towards that end!
  3. Rosicky

    Chapter 52

    Thank you for a wonderfully crafted story, Palantir! It provided many hours of pleasure ... A wonderful distraction during these times. I need an epilogue! 😃 Thank you, again.
  4. Rosicky

    First Surge 3

    Uhm ... I'm wondering ... to which ethical system are you referring to? Utilitarianism? Under this system, "right" or "wrong" depends on the outcomes ... the correct ethical choice is the one that produces the greatest good for the greatest number. Let's see ... smoting vampires that seek to do harm to many would be the correct choice as it saves many more lives. Ethical egoism? This system holds that the greatest good is that which achieves the best benefits for yourself. Smoting vampires who are trying to kill you would be a pretty great good. Deontology? This is a rules-based ethica
  5. I'm convinced that Etalos' love interest is Kalron. Remember in the Fragments of Darkness 1 chapter he remarked, "Kalron seemed nice." Aside from the stiffies he'd get in Chris and/or Victor's presence, he's never said anyone was "nice." How fortuitous for him that Kalron moves in .... Hmmm! 🤔 Hehehe! If Yonthar is one of the stronger Generals, and if the chains seem to be adapting to him, then I don't think there'll be any problem with Chris absorbing more Demon Generals. Of course, just as Chris is able to let demon energy seep out into one of Sarad & Zenfar's glass orbs, I'm s
  6. Remember the Will & Grace episode where Karen was addicted to Jack's romance novel writing? I think I'm Karen and gabz2000 is Jack. And substitute Rocco with Gabz' job. 🤣😂🤣 SCENE VI: Jack's Apartment KAREN: [ENTERING] Honey, your words are rockin' my world and my pants. Why aren't you typing, you big, merry sissy? JACK: I don't need to write anymore. Rocco and I are back together. KAREN: No, Jack, I need these pages. I'm gettin' so many images from this stuff, sex with Stan has gone from "I've got a headache" to "I've got to have it!" JACK: Sorry, Kar, n
  7. Another excellent Chapter!!! Very gripping!!! So Chris smotes the 5 demons much in the same way Yonthar the 2 demons he considered weaklings. I think Chris showed a bit more panache by using the flick of his hand. He also left ash whereas Yonthar made the demons disappear into thin air. We learn from the book on demons that, "a demon is only loyal to its creator and no one else." We also know that a General is known to have created up to 1,000 demons at a time. So far, we know that at least 11 of Yonthar's demons have been destroyed ... that leaves up to 989 loyal to whom? Wh
  8. First Chris beats Zenfar's record in the Hall of Maktar, and now he bests the General who almost killed his great-grandfather ... I wonder if he'll go to King Ethnar and say, "Hey, great-grandfather ... I have a surprise for you!" LOL! So many questions ... so we go back to "The Ascension" chapter ... before it ends, Chris kneels and says, “I intend to be the light of hope in times of darkness.” He attributed his earlier utterances binding himself to the people as, and this last statement, to "follow[ing] the magic." Is the magic "the flow"? Is there a good flow and a dark flow? Chri
  9. Thank you for an amazing story and 99 well-written chapters! I know the 100th chapter will be epic!
  10. Boy. Who can look at what's happening in Minneapolis and elsewhere and not think "demons!" Even if Chris were strong enough to conjure the Astra Spell there's no way the chains would allow unbridled power to be used that way ... look at the chains reined him in before he could complete the 22-layer Magnus Spell that could have ended King Ethnar. And how did Prince Havar know about what was in the book about demons? Was that knowledge spread around? He does seem to have his ear to the ground ... perhaps he is Retasa's source? Interesting! Many thanks, gabz2000! I'm enjoyin
  11. I thought it was a funny line when Rehanmir said it looked like they were going to kill each other and King Ethnar responded that "it would take more than a Magnus Spell to kill Chris." The arrogance of a king! LOL! I think Chris' 22-layered Magnus Spell could very well have ended the Millenium King but for the chains. So it is the chains releasing that allows Chris to tap into his energy ... and further loosening permits him to draw more and more from his endless pool. But the chains seems to dictate that ability so while he's been blessed by the gods and houses, he is not an omnipotent
  12. Rosicky

    Chapter 28

    I enjoyed the story. Thanks! Did I miss what happened to Roger?
  13. Rosicky


    “Hey, Neil.” “What’s up, Teddy?” We were riding the gondola up Aspen Mountain. One of the off-and-on times I was living in Chicagoland, I stayed with my cousin up in the north burbs for a while. She and her husband had three sons who were like the little brothers I never had – Greg, John & Teddy. Officially, they are my first cousins, once-removed. Over 20 years later, we’re still close. Greg stayed in the Chicago burbs and has his family there. John and Teddy live in Aspen with their wives and kids. I head out to Aspen once a year to visit. It’s kinda cool to have quiet time wit
  14. Thanks for sharing your story, droughtquake. I don't know what it is within us that thinks that ignoring an issue and passively-aggressively pushing someone we might care about away is the best way to handle things. It could have very well turned out that if we opened up and were honest, the person we turned away could have helped carry the burden. But life unfolds as a cumulative result of the decisions we make. I don't know if you're familiar with Harry Chapin's song "Taxi" but sometimes when I look back at things I could have probably done differently, I think to the end of the song:
  15. Many thanks, spikey582. Neil is the classic tragic character: abused as a kid, no support system at home, left at an early age to fend for himself and, more dangerously, left to his wiles since he didn't play the part of an "at risk" kid. Then he embarked on career paths that celebrated the guile he developed -- politics and the law. So it wasn't until therapy when he discovered how much his childhood abuse profoundly affected him that started him thinking differently. So I don't know if he knew that he had choices if his psyche was set along one path. Mark was ironic -- he was "farm stron
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