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  1. headtransplant


    Thank you so much
  2. headtransplant


    Amaris is getting a lot scarier… No wonder Lex went insane. I don’t like seeing Kalian lose control of his mind 😔 They are going to have a huge challenge ahead of them.
  3. headtransplant

    It's a Girl

    I’m somewhat embarrassed to say I didn’t even start to suspect that Rah was Talon’s sister. When I think back, it should have been obvious. That’s okay, it made reading this chapter so exciting! I melted when Kalian knew exactly how to respond to Talon when he was vulnerable. It was just so sweet. Loved this chapter ❤️
  4. headtransplant


    I’m with Talon. Loren and Rah haven’t earned trust yet, so they don’t deserve it yet. Kalian is being naive and somewhat childish with his blind trust and his black and white thinking. I have a feeling this is going to come back to bite him. In response @drsawzall’s comment, I did not get the impression that Kalian is capable of ending the monster’s existence in his dream. He was able to trap and squish it, but the thing just ended the dream when it felt like it. Anyway, now I wonder what will happen to Talon if he does kill it. Hmmm lots to ponder.
  5. headtransplant

    Chapter 9

    @Geron Kees I also vote for the former! I say that selfishly because despite this being a work of complete fiction, hurting my characters is painful for me 😅 I hope your no nightmares streak continues indefinitely 🤞
  6. headtransplant

    Skin and Angst

    This was a bonus chapter that was very full of bonuses!! The mind sharing moments of intimacy between Kalian and Talon are my favorites ❤️
  7. headtransplant

    Soul Eater

    I loved the soul eater battle. That thing is scary. But “it shrunk down on itself and vanished.” doesn’t scream dead to me. Maybe it’s just hiding from all of their mean taunting. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. When I read Kalian beating himself up about fighting the soul eater, I think having an intense sadistic urge wake in you like that would be pretty disturbing. Yes he’s being too hard on himself, but he’s also very empathetic and not used to feeling that way. So he just needed some reassurance, imho. Although I did enjoy the image of them spanking the soul eater 😂 Also, Hanja is hard core with his guilt. I mean, just how far would he have gone for that forgiveness? (On that note, good thing he’s not paired with Talon or Wren) It must be a cultural thing, because if not, I’m thinking we may need to get him a collar. Last note. When you label each perspective but with the character’s name, it helps keep things straight. I like getting windows into what other characters are doing when Kalian isn’t around.
  8. headtransplant


    I was so excited to see the light and shadow magik weave together. They are going to be so badass! I hope Hanja recovers in time to help pick up the pieces after this freaky monster thing gets obliterated. Also, I volunteer to supply you with all the wine you’d like! Lol
  9. headtransplant

    Blood Runes

    The cuter and snugglier Talon and Kalian get, the more tension I feel that they’re going to get ripped apart by someone or something. Stupid soul eater 😡
  10. Aww Bruce’s quirky ear is so cute. ❤️ A great end to an excellent tale. Lots of gripping, page-turning moments, and unforgettable characters. I feel lucky I got to read as you posted! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.
  11. headtransplant

    Chapter 20

    I suspected the firing range practice would come in handy. Way to go Kyle! And Kim tackling Greene just in the nick of time was a great touch. As for Bruce, you get a pass because none of those bullets did major damage, thank goodness! I really thought he was going to die for a minute there. I loved that everyone got to be a hero in this chapter. Also happy that all the people (and pets) we have come to know and love are safe. I am wondering how Kyle’s skinless and possibly broken thumb is feeling. I cringed so hard at that description so I need closure lol Loved this action packed adrenaline fueled chapter!
  12. I’m so curious about the material of this arrow and how it could stop Kalian’s magik. Hopefully he doesn’t have to suffer through something that will add to his nightmares as a result 😩
  13. headtransplant


    Can’t wait to dig into more of this excellent tale. Dleth, here we come!
  14. headtransplant

    Chapter 19

    Wow, Nikki is awesome, she should be a detective! I love that Bruce is charging ahead but I’m so scared he’s going to get hurt. You can do anything you want to the humans. But a sure fire way to make your readers want to kill you would definitely be harming just one hair on Bruce’s head.
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