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  1. headtransplant

    Chapter 4

    I love that Cole is freaked out by Emma, but the second she starts crying, he gets all mushy.
  2. headtransplant

    Chapter 3

    Thank you so much for your comments. Jack is suffering from untreated mental health problems, and he’s self-medicating with alcohol, making it even worse. He thought living out in nature would cure him, but he ended up moving the family farther from resources that could have helped. Ethan definitely has some tough decisions ahead.
  3. headtransplant

    Chapter 3

    Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. It’s a toxic environment, for sure. Their family dynamic has been built around the dad’s erratic behavior for a long time. During the good times, the mom holds on to the hope it will stay good, to the point of self-deception. And during the bad times, she feels the need to protect him and tells herself “this isn’t really him.” Meanwhile their kids witness and fall prey to some very unhealthy behavior. An ugly cycle.
  4. headtransplant

    Chapter 3

    Your insights dig straight to the heart of the story. Cycles of violence dig so deep. Victims are primed for denial, enabling behaviors, and inability to recognize their own boundaries. What saddens me most is that the mentality persists long after the relationship is ended, and causes people to fall into similar situations again and again. Thank you so much for the thoughtful words.
  5. headtransplant

    Chapter 3

    I’m so glad to hear this. Imagery is often my favorite part about writing. Thank you!
  6. I ran until my lungs felt frosted inside and my calves were twitching. A simultaneous urge and fear to call Jonathan dominated my thoughts. Had he gotten home safely? Who would pick up? Would I hear his voice? Would he be angry at me? Hate me? And, the worst question of all, what if he wanted revenge, and his visit was just a ploy to dig me out? If I wanted to call him, I’d have to drive all the way to town and use a pay phone. Cell service out here was non-existent, and it would probably be a few more days before they fixed the lines. I jogged over the hill to the sounds of Michael
  7. The medical field is making incredible advances. They can transplant organs, tissues, cells, limbs... I mean it’s only a matter of time. So yeah you guessed it, I chose this username because I’m a goofball.
  8. I enjoyed reading the first part of your tale. Jason’s self destruction makes me curious about what’s happened in his life. I wonder if it all stems from his loneliness and sense of abandonment due to parents not being around, or if something happened to him beyond that. I’m also curious what life was like in Scotland with his uncle. Jonathan concerns me a bit. That part about not taking no for an answer until he gets punched. And the trail of girls he’s left in his wake. He seems to lack empathy. Overall I’m interested to see what happens as the story develops. Thanks for sharing.
  9. headtransplant

    Chapter 3

    Two words: Run, Cole!! I hope Emma gets her money back. She seems feisty enough to pull it off. Again, great chapter! Enjoying the build-up of tension.
  10. headtransplant

    Chapter 2

    I’m really enjoying this story so far! I have my suspicions that both Emma and Michael are toxic and I’m so curious to know what will happen next. Your chapters are short but powerful in raising curiosity. Looking forward to your next chapter!
  11. headtransplant

    Chapter 2

    Thank you so much, I’m excited to continue the story.
  12. headtransplant

    Chapter 2

    Lovely insights, thank you for the kind words!
  13. headtransplant

    Chapter 2

    Thank you! It’s quite a ride, writing from Ethan’s perspective. Looking forward to continuing his story as I begin my edits on chapter 3.
  14. headtransplant

    Chapter 2

    Glad to hear these very encouraging words. Thank you. Ethan has a lot to grapple with and I’m looking forward to writing more about him.
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