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  1. headtransplant


    Such a great conclusion to an excellent story! Bravo!! Seriously, take a bow. It’s not just any story that can make a bunch of people look forward to Thursday mornings each week. I’ll miss it and I’m already excited to see what you come up with next. I loved your descriptions of Gus’s piano pieces, and I’m planning to check out the YouTube links later. The news of Heinrich’s stroke made me give an evil little smile. Other details I enjoyed included the conversation with the boy on the airplane and finding out that Gus and Rick had been married since we saw them last ❤️ In c
  2. I like the mysterious tone and artful language you are using in this story. I’m laying out some thoughts as I read in an attempt to unravel some of the mystery presented. I like that you haven’t spelled everything out to the reader but at the same time I am feeling ungrounded — I want to understand Beck and Cyrus’s relationship better. The mysterious island of Wiccamore. I tried to look it up, only to realize it’s fictional. I wonder what ocean it lies in? I see that Beck and Cyrus are fiancés, promised to be married, but the year is 2003, prior to legalized gay marriage in the US. W
  3. Compacted down rock-hard, Where messy things were done – Including the cooking. I wonder what other messy things are done here. I like that when the old woman asked permission to spin, she took the liberty to spin both the flax and the tale. Like Parker, I also found it ominous and perhaps foreshadowing. I’m left pondering the old woman’s observation about Yukei’s search for a soul - I wonder what kind of soul he’s looking for, and what he might find.
  4. headtransplant

    Chapter 3

    That’s an accurate description of their screwed up family dynamic. Mr. Jameson tries to drag everyone down to his level so he can feel like he’s in control. But he’s definitely being ruled by his erratic emotions. I’m happy you keep coming back! Thanks for the great comments 😊
  5. Thanks for the recommendation, I just picked this up. Hope it will help when I tackle my next project.
  6. Looking forward to checking out some recommendations. Here’s mine: Chasing Perfection by Gor Mu I love my dark dramas. Gor Mu writes with an artistic hand that is a pleasure to read.
  7. headtransplant

    Following On

    This is such a unique and captivating piece of work! Just a few things among many that I find intriguing here: the bitter but relatable servant, the master who attempts to be wise and zen-like, the vivid descriptions of both the beautiful and horrible. The style you chose gives it an air of a very old tale, which lends to the atmosphere. I’m excited for this one to continue!
  8. headtransplant

    Chapter 1

    I am left with a lingering desire for immune system / stamina boosting augmentations and a badass reactive space suit! Nyf’s warm little hug was adorable, and I just love the concept of robotic creatures with such emotional capacity that they might as well be human. At the same time, highly intelligent, impressionable emotional machines en mass, alongside their ability to reproduce like bunnies, creates a potentially disastrous concept. Let’s just say it appears to be a good thing Gramps and the boys encountered them first 😅 I read a good amount Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, and Doug
  9. headtransplant

    Chapter 11

    You make an excellent observation. Ethan’s not used to being drunk, and that lack of self control hit straight on his worst fears about losing control. I agree that Jonathan’s good communication definitely helps him take a step forward! Thanks so much for reading and for your sharing your thoughts! I really appreciate it 😊
  10. headtransplant

    Chapter 11

    I agree, Jonathan’s such a great person to help Ethan start healing. He’s nonjudgmental and about Ethan’s issues and his emotional consistency makes him feel safe. Thank you for reading and for the great comments!
  11. headtransplant

    Chapter 11

    It’s so annoying when people make assumptions like that! Nigel maybe had too much wine like everyone else, but he also have a bit of a pompous nature he has to keep in check. Ethan is hyper aware of his actions, and losing control is his worst fear. This time it was just the alcohol, but I agree it’s still a potential red flag. It’s cool that there’s a Kensington a market in San Diego too! I was only aware of the neighborhood in Toronto. I wonder which one came first. And Rayna is a little bit wild 😂 Sophie is appearing in the next chapter. Thanks so much for reading and comment
  12. “So, Michael. I visited the Gordans' today,” I said as I wrapped spaghetti around my fork. I’d finished all of Jonathan’s articles and decided to make dinner before he and Michael got home. It wasn’t anything special, but I wanted to do something for them after they’d been working all day. “You did?” he asked. He looked like he was about to fall asleep right in his bowl. “How come?” I shrugged. “You said you were scared and I wanted to help out. It’s not like I had anything better to do today.” He smiled at me gratefully then lowered his head somewhere down between his shoulde
  13. headtransplant

    Week Four

    I loved reading your poems through the month! They are thought provoking, endearing, and entertaining in turns. Day 22 brought a vivid image to mind with your excellent sensory details Day 27 makes me think of all the conversations I have with readers alone in my head 😅. But I agree, the echo is enough. Thanks so much for sharing your work! I will miss all the poems very much now that NaPoWritMo is over.
  14. headtransplant

    Week Four

    Congratulations!! A poem for every day of the month is so impressive. And for six consecutive years? Wow. A great way to hone your skills. Your final set was a joy to read. #22 - Your new religion is one I could subscribe to 😊 #26 - the magpie of deception 😂 oh that’s gold #28 - 3 degrees is quite an accomplishment!! Impressive! #29 - I like how you describe the way we connect with others through our writing Lovely work all around and congrats again on finishing out the month strong!
  15. Congratulations on completing a full month of daily poetry! How long have you been participating in NaPoWriMo? You amused with some clever rhymes this week: Gotta/errata, rotten/plottin’, fleeter/moskeeter I also love your continually impressive descriptions of the natural world. April 28th is a bittersweet poem to help conclude the month. Your poems are like those stars and my week will be a little dimmer without them! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work.
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