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  1. I think I watched the same news special. That would be my attitude now- if I found out that I carried the gene I would wait until I have the children that I want so that I could feed them and then I'd have the procedure. I'd have a reconstruction afterwards- they look pretty real. I think you need to assess your risk for all procedures. Even some diagnostic procedures have risks (x-rays, colonoscopies) so if you're not in a high risk group of the population for the disease then maybe getting tested isn't the best idea IMHO.
  2. But you can be a very well-intentioned, non-dick person but have no redeemable knowledge or skills or insight. If men and women split up a few skills that they have to know then they can specialise more instead of vaguely knowing it all. Much more practical for society.
  3. I agree with all of jamessavik's and will add another: - Learn how to play and enjoy a variety of board games, not just computer and video games
  4. Possibly because we do often know things that you don't (whether it's nature or nurture) and so can more easily see the effects of you not having this knowledge/skills. A chef can perhaps identify that a novice cook keeps failing because he doesn't have knowledge of the smoke points of different oils but the novice cook doesn't know what's going wrong. Equally men should be able to identify some of the things that women should know. For example, men keep telling me that I should learn how to check my tire pressure- I didn't even know that people did this.
  5. Thought I'd drop in to say chapter 19 was awesome... I've read it 3 times Can't wait for more Standing in Shadows
  6. Just logged in for the first time in months (wow life is terribly busy isn't it) and saw all the happy birthday posts from a few months ago- made me smile :) Thanks guys!

  7. Happy Birthday, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year :)

  8. Happy Birthday ~!!~

  9. Hi!! Happy Birthday.. :)

  10. Happy Birthday Gal,

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC day.

  11. I have two great passions- Evidence-based practice and the pursuit of building a family. My passionettes would include reading fiction, watching tv series, cooking, crafting and my giant puppy.
  12. I think maybe we hit the nostalgia stage earlier on or maybe when those older than us became nostalgic they seem to us older than in their 20s even though they might not have been. I do miss Clarissa Explains It All.... And I like that little exert.
  13. I hear that the iPhone has an ebook app. I haven't personally experienced it because I'm too clumsy to own an iPhone but it sounds convenient enough to look into.
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