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  1. Hey readers - so something big is in the works. I will be pulling this story down as I have decided to rewrite it a bit. keep an eye out!
  2. heyham88

    Moon's Rising

    Well I think that will be coming soon- I have some things in the works for this story!
  3. Rumors of my death have greatly been exaggerated!

    1. Zarek


      Long time no hear... How are you?


  4. The sound as the whip cracking against his back filled the room while the larger man stood over him. “Why do you fight it half breed, this is inevitable for you. You will submit to me boy,” the man growled. “My mistress will have you as her pet yet.” The younger man knew that the more he resisted and tried to fight back, the worse the beatings would get. Each crack brings with it the undeniable sting on his skin as it splits open. After the past 3 years, he still doesn’t understand why the dungeon master just doesn’t give up on trying. He still doesn’t understand why any of this is happeni
  5. In a world where humanity has forgotten it's magic and only the shifters still believe, old secrets threaten the very foundations of life.
  6. heyham88

    Chapter 7

    I have no clue what you are talking about buster... That teddy bear was a real occurrence. Just because I saw the train coming - doesn't make it hurt any less.
  7. heyham88

    Chapter 7

    Once I start feeling romantic again, I believe that lost time will be made up.
  8. Amen it was the summer. I can only do so much of this sitting around. Heather and Benji have been trying to get me out and about around the hospital, but I was feeling rather uncomfortable in the hospital gown. It was really bad that I basically wouldn’t be able to wear regular clothes for the next few week. “Knock, knock.” call out a voice from the other side of the door. I look up to see an amazing sight of a gigantic chocolate brown teddy bear making its way into my room. I am more amazed by the sight that is the person holding said teddy bear. “I have a special delivery for Mister Co
  9. heyham88

    Chapter 6

    There is more coming - I promise!!!
  10. heyham88

    Chapter 6

    Thanks Jay!!!
  11. heyham88

    Chapter 6

    Jim - I swore you are on the preview list
  12. heyham88

    Chapter 6

    Being one who has binged through my fair share of stories - I never figured my stuff would ever be worth such an honor. Thanks
  13. [--- Connor’s POV ---] I woke up to find Benji’s hand still interlaced to mine. I hate the fact that I am tethered to all these machines and have all this stuff attached to me. I wish that I could have Benji climb into this bed and hold me. Losing the first week of my new found relationship with my now boyfriend of a best friend was not my idea of a good time. Benji looked so peaceful, if it weren’t for the fact that we were in a hospital this would be perfect. I would give anything right now to be at home holding on to him. I gently run my fingers through his hair. I always wanted som
  14. heyham88

    Old Scars

    The next morning Alec pulled Chris and Jack into a corner of the hallway. “What’s up Alec?” Chris asked with a state of concern. “I was attacked outside of Gavin’s house last night while I was out for a run.” Alec could sense that the other guys were going to want to ask about why he was outside of Gavin’s house during his run. Not that it was going to be any of their business why he was there, he also knew he would be unable to answer the question. “Do you know who it was?” Jack asked. “It was Gage and his pack of goons. Gage came to the wood line behind Alec’s and tricked me to a cl
  15. [--Benji’s Point of View--] “I...Love...You” Never before had I been so excited by three simple words, but at this point any words coming out of Connor’s mouth were the most amazing sound in the world. Just hearing those words coming from Connor’s lips instantly transforms me to a kid on Christmas morning. I lean down and kiss that boy, that amazingly wonderful boy. I plant a good fifteen kisses on him before I figure that I should probably tell someone. “Heather, he’s awake!” I yell out, hardly able to control myself. Heather comes running into the room. She must notice the ear to e
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