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  1. JayA


    Yes I remember and drove myself nuts waiting it....LOL
  2. JayA


    Looking for my corner to hide in and cry until you start posting again..... Excellent ending to an outstanding story -- will say I was hoping to at least see the proposal before they drove off in the sunset.... As others have said, I will miss my weekly fix but know that more is coming -- will do my best to be ....ahh hell, you know I don't want to wait 🙂 Thank you for providing the time with Rich as I (and others) asked for. He grew up to be a great man with much, much more anticipated in the future. Thanks again for keeping us updated with the entire family......until we chat again....
  3. Damn that boy just continues to impress and is very much headed for success. And the tips he got from watching CJ growing up are very much on show. Ritch is becoming the man he is meant to be and excelling with it all. Nice visit from Chipper -- and very cool what Ritch is doing for HH - Colorado Springs --- outstanding way to pay back everything that you have received. I know I was one of those that was harassing you about Richie's story and all I can continue to say is Thank you -- he is proving the man he is becoming is outstanding and you continue to show him as I believe he would be. As always, thank you for sharing your talent. Until next time.....
  4. And with as much as that young man gets......he is not even thinking about the other side.... Great update....little behind in reading but that just makes less time till the next update....
  5. WTF seems a good place to start --- so much going on with this chapter --- and as @Daddydavek comment -- not much action around -- and you didn't even say if Rich got some overall sun or not....... I was wondering if the diaper was to catch the jizz from the flights instead of the wet......... 🙂 Great update as always.........
  6. Mind.......HELL NO....was a great start to a Sunday morning!!!! Interesting twist with Miranda...will be fun seeing that work out..... Fun time and great to see Owen and CJ... Have a great week!!!!
  7. German auto never even crossed my mind.......but yep, there is power involved!!!!! Great addition to the non-human family..... . Nice to see some down time for the Family. CJ was much calmer than I expected.....LOL. Great update....until next week..........be happy, healthy, safe, and awesome!
  8. Great update ---- that boy do get around!!! LOL Personally, I am curious as to the vehicle to come -- I can imagine its not going to be anything like CJ/Owen's vehicles --- Rich is going to get something that has some power to it I am sure. And again, he shows his true colors -- helping someone else with little concern for himself - and it looks like Edrice is getting to be just as good a friend as Will. Until next week -- be safe, happy, healthy and awesome! Had to add one more observation --- I am curious where the business card comes in with the teenagers father and the request for contact the next time Rich is in Vail........you are adding some interesting twists with the story here I think........
  9. Another fantastic look into the life of Rich -- the young man continues to impress the hell out of me with his values and sense of honor. The way he handles the hazing/initiation with the team was great.....but kinda saw a little bit of a temper start to show. Someone else said something about Donovan causing issues in the future -- we shall see but don't think it would be his best move...... Start the wait again for next Friday -- but what a great way to end the day!!!!! Jay
  10. Outstanding update! And yea, I see some drama coming along the way........more curious how Rich is going to react to Donovan when they are face to face. I am sure he will be calm and collected, but would hate to be Donovan right then. I am another of those that ALWAYS wants more sooner than later. Great time with Brad around (and yes my guess was right -- comes with reading the other stories as well) and always happy to see the Squad coming around. Till next time -------------- thank you for sharing your world and talent. Jay
  11. Such a tease...and soooo many choices, but I know who I am hoping will be visiting.....but I will be right here waiting impatiently.............
  13. Another week and another want for more. Love the interaction between Rich's friends and others. Proves they are still teenagers and think with other parts than their brain. And i agree..... Wendy is just a bit of fun. Rich is to smart for that (seem to remember a scare previously) and the Dad's would jump right in the middle of that issue quickly. Thanks for the update and sharing your talent.....waiting, although impatiently, for next weeks update. Jay
  14. OF COURSE --- I get what I was hoping for and personal life stops me until today ---2 chapters this week......WOOOOOO HOOOOO Knew the Dad's would want to check Aunt out further......and getting a small glimpse of what Rich is worth -- not sure if anyone else notice, but I believe the words used were easy liquidated cash -- so there has to be more hanging around as well. Seems like Rich is getting settled, understands what is needed to be the leader I am sure he will be, but still have fun and not lose that family connection. Someone else commented about the Squad going in different directions - that is the true test of family/friends -- miles apart doesn't change anything, just making the time you get together all that much better. Thanks for making my wish come true my friend....but you know me......................................I ALWAYS WANT MORE. Have a great one until next time!!!!! And get some relaxing time in as well. Jay
  15. I only wish!!!!! But extra chapters would never be turned down...and thanks..... I am going to have to go back to Malibu now and read it again -- I am having difficulty remembering the visit in Feb......actually, I think I am going to start from the beginning and work through them all again....it has been a while and I miss my friends/family. Till the next chapter, a reading I will go!!!!!!
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