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  1. I only wish!!!!! But extra chapters would never be turned down...and thanks..... I am going to have to go back to Malibu now and read it again -- I am having difficulty remembering the visit in Feb......actually, I think I am going to start from the beginning and work through them all again....it has been a while and I miss my friends/family. Till the next chapter, a reading I will go!!!!!!
  2. Really getting into the story -- thanks for posting this one....as you know it has been a request for a while. I see a trip coming for a couple of Dad's --- not sure Rich(ie) will be much out of town before they are there checking on Aunt Melissa (or having someone check her out as soon as they got off the call with them). Look forward to Friday even more now. Unless you wanted to throw another chapter or two out there just for a gimme....... Thanks again for sharing your talent.......... Jay
  3. JayA

    Western Skies

    What a great way to start off a new year! I have been waiting for Rich(ie) to tell us his story. Seems to be that Rich(ie) is setting himself to succeed in what he wants. Really happy to have something to look forward to each week and your outstanding presentation of that story.........
  4. JayA

    Chapter 11

    Am I disappointed by the ending ----- probably but that is because I don't think I caught the hint.......🙂......although there is one line that pushes me in a certain direction with my thoughts. You said it perfectly, you are able to end the story however you would like --- this ending at least made me think and create my own thoughts on how things moved forward. If you would ever decide that you would like to post again, I will be following you as this story pulled me in. Thank you for sharing your time with me and sharing part of your imagination. I wish I had the guts/knowle
  5. Not sure how this actually makes me feel......I want to see them together but very irritated that Nash still isn't talking about things and jumping to conclusions. Ready for the next chapter anytime you want to put it out.......like now.......
  6. Found your story --- and got hooked earlier, now I am anticipating the next chapter and wanting it yesterday......Great so far!!!! Thanks for sharing!
  7. JayA

    New Year's Eve

    Welcome back Carlos --- always great to see new stuff from you --- and a great way to start off a new month. Was great to see a few of the guys back together and get some time with Rich(ie) while he was on break. Love the tie in between Chipper and the house, and how you set the background for what was getting ready to start. Always ready for more -- thanks for sharing more of your talent!!!! Jay
  8. JayA

    The Return

    I am thrilled to hear Ritchie is soon......and that someone else is as obsessed with him as I am..........thrilled that it sounds like we are going to have your wonderful talent to look forward to again soon and for a while....thanks! Jay!!!!
  9. JayA

    The Return

    Outstanding chapter/end to an outstanding story. Who would have thought that kid in high school would go so far and prove you can do anything you set your mind to. I know there is more for Brad's story and will be patient till you are ready to share but.............................................................................as you know, I WANT IT NOW...... 🙂 I continue to find myself brought into each one of your stories as if I was a family member watching them happen! As always, until your next entry, I stand impressed and awed...... Hope you are doing well during o
  10. I first found your stories with Morningstar and couldn't get enough.......have probably re-read it 4 or 5 times now.. Then the next one that drug me in was Cards on the Table ---- and am actually going to go back and re-read that one now.......even though it has not finished yet.... Endings -- what do I say --- this was an excellent story --true to life - great portrayal of the different emotions by both. Was pulled into this one as much as the others..... Thanks for sharing your talent --- will watch for more!!!! Any chance of seeing how the guys and Dawson are doing in the f
  11. JayA

    The Screenings

    I continue to be impressed with every story you provide.......and this one drug me in like all the others..... Thanks for allowing me to partake in a bit of your creativity and imagination. And outstanding job with the Kennedys and keeping it real. Jay!!!!!
  12. JayA

    Prime Premiere

    Outstanding story --- great double chapter update for the ending!!!! Got something in mind for next Saturday??????
  13. Oh wow.....oh wow.....oh wow!!!!!!! SO DAMN EXCELLENT I am dreaming of about 3 more books to go along with this.....
  14. JayA

    Chapter 40

    I am getting so spoiled with the quick postings ----- sadness is coming on quickly. Another great update -- outstanding interactions between them all. Tears are real and very prominent after this one. Kinda not looking forward to the next one cause I am sure there is going to be an ocean in my house....... Have a really good feeling that as soon as we are done here, I am heading back and reading both again........ Thank you again for sharing your talent ---- some of the best writing I have ever found!!!!!
  15. JayA

    Chapter 39

    Wow....I am feeling the conclusion coming.......little sad!!!! So happy Andy is doing better and they finally figured out his meds.....that can be a pain sometimes. And love Tyler being best man. Will be honest, had a few tears at the end but were happy! Ready for the next update when you are......but really also want to say no cause I don't want it done yet. 😁😁😁😁
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