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  1. So, I have been thinking about this for awhile. I had a nice break from work and school, and with that I have had time to think and go over things and my own writings and stories..  I don't think I will be posting anymore stories or writing anymore or at least for a long time. I have been writing since I was a confused 20 year old and well I have not made any headway with things or do what I set out to do. I want to thank you all for the support. 



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    2. Daddydavek


      :hug:I support your decision but hope you find some answers soon and continue to write, if only for yourself.  Everyone has rough patches and doubts, but you must believe in yourself and continue to grow as you experience new things.  Best of luck!

    3. wenmale64


      The future is an open book waiting for you to write the passages of your life. I hope you find peace and direction to guide you in future endeavors. Do what you need to do, but always remember you have friends here if you ever need to vent, cry or just ramble on... Take care and know my thoughts are for your happiness :hug:

    4. Boybig007


      I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors. I hope some day you will return to writing and let us enjoy your stories. 

  2. LOL ok.

    1. ancientrichard




      I thought you might need that. If not, pass the hugs on to someone who needs them 🙂

    2. KD_stories


      Thanks @ancientrichard just baffled by some people

  3. KD_stories

    Chapter 18

    I don’t care if people like my work or not. The fact is I don’t know you. You’re brand new to this site you come off rude. I’m not flying off the emotional handle so don’t come across accusing me of wanting praise I don’t care about it. This is a free site to post none of us are professionals. So you going off on a amateur story that finished is ridiculous.
  4. KD_stories

    Chapter 23

    Lesson over? Have you posted any stories? This is beyond ridiculous you’re rude. I’ve tried messaging you to see what you issue is but you don’t take messages. People like you make me not want to share any future writings we do this for free and fun.
  5. KD_stories

    Chapter 18

    I’ve tried messaging him you can nothing it’s highly annoying. He’s a dick and just pretty much criticizing my writing. I’m good if it’s constructive but this isn’t.
  6. KD_stories

    Chapter 18

    See you’re @amicusets still criticizing my writing. Wow.
  7. KD_stories

    Chapter 14

    Well I’m not a fan of you
  8. KD_stories

    Chapter 13

    Wow apparently you don’t know how to read between the lines. Do me a favor @amicusets stop commenting/reading I don’t see you writing anything or putting your hard work or time into things. So easy to be a critic when it’s not your work. Cause this definitely isn’t constructive criticism it’s just criticism
  9. KD_stories

    Chapter 11

    Still barely winning.
  10. KD_stories

    Chapter 3

    Or maybe just don’t read it then? To be honest I wrote this story. I did it how I wanted this is the second time you’ve done nothing but complained. So how about just stop reading. I see you’re new to the community. We like to support each other here not tear Each other down. I don’t get paid for writing or anything I do this cause I like too.
  11. KD_stories

    Chapter 1

    Idk maybe you should read to find out instead of being “that guy”
  12. KD_stories

    Chapter 7

    They may be slow coming but they are on the way! School has inspired me but it also will make things slower
  13. KD_stories

    Chapter 7

    Agreed, but do they?
  14. I take a drag off the joint I bought from that idiot skater kid Jared at school, I was right I knew he had weed on him. I have no idea where I am going, I just know I couldn’t stay in that house another second, I couldn’t be in the same fucking room or proximity as Chandler, him and his stupid glasses and freckles, and that serious look when I am clowning around. I hate when he gives me that concerned look and how his puffy lips pout. FUCK why am I thinking about his lips? I know this isn’t prem
  15. KD_stories

    Chapter 6*

    Sooner than you think 😉😉
  16. I don't know how many of you read my old story The Sound of Starting Over.  If you follow the story I am sure you are getting updates up me updating the story.  I am updating it and writing a new chapter! Updating because I have grown as a writer and the story was very rough there is no massive changing in the story. 

  17. Just a heads up, I live in Florida and it is looking I am almost in the direct path of the hurricane. I may not be on much, I need to prepare and get stuff ready. 

    1. Brayon


      Stay safe, my fellow Floridian. I don't know where you're at in the state, but hopefully it's not in the path.

    2. KD_stories


      Central Florida 🙃

    3. ancientrichard
  18. I really wished I could express how excited I am to be writing again. I don’t know why, or how it hit me but when it happens I have to write it out or it’ll sit there in my mind and I’ll be driving or working and I’ll start creating the story on how it flows what happens and it won’t go away. Granted I don’t know if I’ll ever post the story. I'd maybe like to, but classes just started as well and I’m hoping one of them will help me with character building/World building. So we will see. 

  19. I sat down and wrote for 5 hours last night. Something new and I’m enjoying it a ton better character development. 

  20. Hey everyone. I wished I was writing to say I am posting another chapter soon. Sadly I am not. I have a chapter that is almost finished and I absolutely hate it. In fact I just deleted half of it because I didn’t like the way it was going. I wished I could say I will get one out this month. I just don’t know when. I’m in a state where I’m not happy right now. Nothing is appealing and none of my hobbies are enjoyable. Writing seems like a chore more than fun now. I think it may just be best for me to take a step back from writing and things for awhile. Which stresses me out because I hate that I never want to do that. To be honest and open this year has been rough. I have been in therapy now for awhile to help cope with my terrible crippling anxiety. I have a bulging degenerating disc in my back I’ve had multiple procedure and injections done I’m still trying to figure out the bullshit of coming out and the negativity of it. I’m sorry I’m rambling. I hope everyone has a good week. 

    1. chris191070


      Take care, hope you feel better soon. Look forward to the new chapter when you are happy with it.

    2. wenmale64


      Sorry things seem to be at a low point. Keep your hopes and ambitions high and work toward making your needs happen. Stories, hobbies and the like crest and dip with a persons mood and season. The good thing is that they will be waiting for you when the desire returns. Take care of yourself first and the other things will follow.  Remember YOU are for YOU and be damned what others think!!!

  21. Took the weekend away to play on my camera I was given. Thinking of starting an instagram for my photos. 


  22. Long post incoming. 

    For the last two years I have been in a state of self loathing and hate for myself. I was having issues accepting who I am and my sexuality. Being Raised in the conservative belt of Texas and being brought up in the church is hard enough to deal with. I spent years praying to a god that never answered me. That he would change me, make me like all the other guys. He never answered, then I was like just kill me then if you hate me that much. What I cruel joke he was playing on me. Fast forward I moved to Florida still denying me I would date in secret.  Then I met my ex I admit I was an asshole back then I was bitter about life hated my father, hated he got out easy dying. well me and my ex had a fall out and we broke up. I later found out he tried to commit suicide....I felt devastated did I do this? Was it because of something I did? I had my first ever anxiety attack and then anxiety just seemed to form and take over.  I became a different person i was always confident but I felt robbed of everything. I finally got to talk to my ex he let me know this was something that was ongoing before us. it had nothing to do with me, but it didnt make me feel better....Fast forward to this year I have a pretty good circle of friends, I am still deeply in the closet It was eating me alive It was like I was hiding a part of who I was I would step back and feel like an outsider in my own little circle. I started going to therapy now since February. We have been talking about the abuse my father did to me, we finally came across the subject of my sexuality by then I was crawling in my skin I wanted to bolt for the door I wanted to be anywhere but where I was. I have always put on the fake front that everyone believed  everyone just believed I was a private person. fact remained that I kept everyone even my best friends at arms length to not get to close what if i said something or did something or looked a certain way or looked to long they would know and I'd be fucked. I already lost two best friends that found out about me even when they said it was ok. Turns out they lied, It's like I have been underwater and cant breath at all. I finally tell my best friends mom, and she was so supportive and loving. I tell my best friends then GF at the time she was cool with it. Now I had three male best friends. One was a redneck gun toting beer drinking fool.  I started with him. He was like yeah I figured that shit out. He was said I dont give a damn. The second one my roommate/a Jehovah Witness.   We were parked outside the mall waiting on his GF to get back and my mom was coming down (this was two weeks ago) and I said it's gonna be rough cause there is shit I just cant tell her. (side note mental health and all that is taboo for my family they dont believe that stuff and arent supportive) He my roommate looked at me and was said well like what can you not say? I looked at him and said are we really doing this D? He said yeah why not? Mind you I am at the verge of an anxiety attack here is probably the worst person to tell and I was like Im not straight. I am crying at this point. He looked and said i thought but never wanted to be the one to bring it up.  I was like Im no different from who I am, he said dude I know. I dont care. He then shocked me cause this guy is never serious he's the jokester he looked and said I cannot imagine what your going through especially now. He said I wont ever understand it but doesn't mean I cannot be here for you at all. You have a home that your are accepted in and he pulled me into a hug and said you are my best friend nothing changes. Well Sunday and my mom is down, she brings up how an old co-worker is gay and he came out and he's so happy I am so happy for him. So I finally work up the courage to tell her....her first words are that's gross....I was like excuse me? She said again that is gross. I was shocked everyone else had taken it so well I tried to explain my anxiety and she was like you've had sex?! I told her that this wasnt the conversation she was like You dont know what diseases you can catch. I was like I am way old enough to know to be safe. She was like no you dont. I said it's no different If I was sleeping with a woman. She then said well I thought It was weird you were always close with the guys at work. I was furious I was like those are like little brothers to me that's disgusting. She then goes to tell me I can never be happy with a woman (I am Bi) cause I would always have doubts in my head. I was like you are insane thanks for Straight-splaining my sexuality. then she goes I am just going to shut my mouth because anything that comes out of it will be bad then proceeds to tell me that she will never be able to see me kiss or hold hands with a guy cause it's gross and disgusting . well then she goes to act like we never had this discussion ever. Like it was all normal that she didnt say this fucked up things to me. So Monday I take her to my sister who is lesbian. I take off to my best friends mom who I mentioned earlier she is like a mother to us all she cleared her whole day to be with me I cried and she held me and she listened and I was like I need to tell the last person your son. (who everyone told me he'd be really good with it.) At this point I dont think I could handle another bad thing. I needed to tell my friends cause I am so tired of pretending to be someone and it's just draining me. She takes me and her son who came over to lunch and he was like so what's going on man you messaged me earlier what happened with your mom. I busted out crying at lunch. I was like I can't right now. He said okay but you will talk with me about this and get it out before we have a get together tonight. We finally make it back to his apartment and we are hanging on his balcony and I was like where do I start he said wherever I said let me rewind 2 years ago cause I had to alter the ex story to be female So I wasnt outed to them, and I told him about my mom and how freaked out I was about telling him. He was like ok your family. Just know I dont care, but I am totally going to ask you what guy is cute so I know and can be cute. i couldnt help but laugh and tell him how ridiculous he was. Well the next day I pick my mom up she wants to cook for me, my roommate and his GF. well I had to call him to see what all he like and I was like OKAY darling anything else and he was like nah thats all. No sooner I hang up the phone my mom goes I think you made him uncomfortable calling him darling......I was like you are unbelievable.....this is out joke that we all do! I will be like dude clean the damn dishes he will joke and say yes daddy.  so yeah I am still hurt and angry and exhausted but this has been my week and I feel defeated. my mom finally leaves tomorrow.... 

    1. Headstall


      You did the right thing... you tried, and now it's up to your mom. Maybe she just needs time, but no matter what, remember there is nothing wrong with you. Live your life for you... you only get one of them. :hug: 

    2. ancientrichard
  23. KD_stories

    Chapter 1

    This isn’t my first story or the first time you’ve read one of my stories.
  24. KD_stories

    Chapter 6

    Maybe maybe not
  25. KD_stories

    Chapter 6

    They have turned a corner for the better. As for the message it will play out in later chapters
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