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  1. LarryT

    In the Spotlight

    Although I figured the "out" was coming, it still took me by surprise. I guess I wasn't expecting the hammer to hit so soon. At least Ben seems to be handling it well so far, but maybe he's experiencing shock right now and it will hit him harder later. I'm worried how things will be when he's off the ranch and away from Travis... Will his feelings be strong enough to carry him through the pressures of the spotlight? It won't be easy for him no matter what. Travis might need to be HIS pillar of strength now. So many questions and "what ifs" still out there. Cliffhangers! Anxiously awaiting the next chapter, Mac!
  2. I'm really hoping he takes a chance on an HEA with this one. I'll be happy with the story either way but I'd really like to see Ben and Travis work out against the odds. The wait is hard but I know it'll be worth it because it'll be another great chapter ahead. Although I have no idea what's coming next, which is also hard! It'll be interesting to see what Ben's decision/reaction is once he's off the ranch and away from Travis. I'm hoping for continued honesty but the pressures he'll face in the spotlight will no doubt be challenging. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  3. It seems like big winds of change are coming but also Ben and Travis are closer, so I'm hoping they can weather through it. There are cliffhangers though, which makes me anxious for the next chapter. https://www.gayauthors.org/story/macgreg/dissonance/22
  4. LarryT

    Served Cold

    Really great story. In the end Franco got exactly what he deserved in a way that would punish him the most. Very good scheming on the lead character's part, and very well written on the author's part.
  5. LarryT


    Tender, sweet and unexpected. What begins as a heart wrenching bully story turns into a story of hope, love and friendship. The Valentine card was the perfect transition for us to find out more about Peter. Really well done!
  6. LarryT

    Chasing Jayce

    Cruel joke, but I've seen some ugly April Fools stunts out there in the world and this one was at least short-lived. I loved the set-up of the story and getting to know a little about the main character before the events started happening. For being such a short story I felt invested in Andy's plight from the beginning, so that makes a great story, IMO. And I figure that Jayce and the pretend-Jayce knew each other previously, so maybe there's a friendship there for Andy with her (if he can overcome his exasperation about the whole thing). Great job on this.
  7. Bears or maybe a wolf or coyote or a duck floating on the water. Serene! Wishing I was on a canoe there...
  8. I bet Ben's head WON'T cooperate with his heart because even though he's supportive right now, that's a lot of stuff to deal with and he's assuming that Travis is done with doing *things* for $$ - but does Travis agree with that? It would interfere with his financial plan. And once Ben's back in Hollywood doing his celebrity spotlight thing I can't imagine he'll be *out* any time soon. The story's title is not hopeful, as you pointed out Defiance. But also like you said- however it plays out I'm sure Mac will get us there in style. REgardless of how it ends, it's a good story.
  9. I can see how a warning label could be beneficial to some readers, especially those not expecting something so vivid. But that dream was intense (well, all of it was!) I guess maybe Ben's mind is trying to sort out the sex work and the assault all at once? Or his own insecurities or something? Well I hope his mind resolves it soon because I'm pretty sure his heart's already deep in this.
  10. New chapter was posted yesterday: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/macgreg/dissonance/21 Intense chapter. Lots of deep dialogue and honesty. And a crazy dream sequence!
  11. LarryT

    Mask of Stoicism

    What everyone else said-- intense chapter! You dropped all of the emotions right down center into this one. There was a lot that needed to be said and you made the dialogue happen in a natural and powerful way. Honesty has opened up for them and now everyone (Katy included??) can start to heal hopefully. That dream sequence, wow! Am I the only one who was thrown off by that? It wasn't about a homeless person but Ben's mind playing tricks on him. The black birds coming out of the guys mouth?? and that bathroom stall scene... sheesh. Someone needs to dream analyze. Excellent chapter, Mac!
  12. I'm betting on Eric being a future problem, to what extent I don't know but I'm anxious to see what's next. I think we're going to understand Katy more as we go on, maybe... or maybe the Cooper clan is just messed up pure and simple and we won't get the explanations we seek. My interest is more in Ben and Travis and their relationship evolution. I'm rooting for them to come through.
  13. LarryT

    Southern Colorado

    I wish I was there too! Beautiful
  14. LarryT


    I agree, very powerful. So much said in so little space while at the same time leaving us wanting more! Bring it on! (But like droughtquake said, priority to Dissonance!)
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