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  1. rick, we're all glad you're still here. I am deeply sorry to hear about the pain you experienced. It's unfortunate that we can reach such a low point, when all other options seem impossible. But you've risen up and out of that, and now is your time to shine. Already, you're discovering the value in living an authentic life. Keep on that path. And keep telling your story, because you never know who might need to hear it right now.
  2. Each of these poems is fueled by anger, disappointment, rejection, self-doubt... emotions we can all relate to on some level. you've voiced yours in clear, concise verbiage, tim. As others here have already said, After Consideration packs its own special punch, right in the kisser. I felt the bludgeoning as I read it. I hope expressing your thoughts this way helped release some of the bullshit. you are loved, boy.
  3. MacGreg

    Money Talks

    Hey Vern, glad you found the story. I appreciate your comments. The adjectives you chose amused me, but they're clearly spot-on! I am currently working on chapter 30. Eventually, it will be posted. Thanks again - Mac
  4. good morning Sir, coffee?



    1. MacGreg


      I missed your offer! But I thank you for thinking of me, molly.

  5. MacGreg


    Your emotions come through, Wayne. Wonderful poem... melancholic but sweet.
  6. good morning Sir




    1. MacGreg


      I've got it in hand right now! (I meant the coffee, girl)

    2. mollyhousemouse


      yes Sir, i knew that 

  7. MacGreg

    The Detritus

    Thanks, everyone. It's been a shitty few weeks, and I've been way too hard on myself. I haven't felt like sharing much, because there is a stark sense of failure that I can't shake. But I appreciate all of your kind words. As they say, it can only get better from here. Right?
  8. I wish all three of you happiness, Mike. You and tim (and Jim) are deserving of that.
  9. Each morning with the rise of the new sun, I seek solace on the back porch, Meditating and evaluating the rubble in my lap, Wondering when it all came about: the discontent the wandering eye the restless indiscretions I fear it may have been there all along, your skillful façade gaslighting my intuition, Expunging my better judgment, bullshitting me Such blatant disrespect for the Life we built together: piece by piece brick by brick kiss by kiss your proclamation that it wasn’t me, it was you Was but a cowardly excuse, bereft of comfort For how can I not doubt my place now…? you extinguished crucial bits of me, quick and heartless Without regard to the ensuing impact: the fallout the detritus the gaping crater Now, as I numbly pick through the scraps Seeking evidence of trust and honesty I am reminded that a Life paramount to me Was but a place for you to exist in the interim Until something better came along.
  10. MacGreg

    On White Feathers

    A powerful poem, tim, and I thank you for it.
  11. hello Sir,
    just popping in to say hello, hope You are well

    1. MacGreg


      Hello, molly.

  12. This paints a wonderful picture, Parker. Of summertime, of innocence, of freedom. I especially liked the reference to the 'cheesewagon'.
  13. Congratulations, Northie. Well done and well deserved.
  14. morning Sir




    1. MacGreg


      Thank you, molly. Happy Sunday to you and yours.

  15. good Monday morning Sir

    may Your coffee be strong & Your Monday short

    a Monday checklist for Your office




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