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  1. nice new avatar Sir!

    those hands have such strength in them!

  2. MacGreg

    Dissonance By Macgreg

    Geez, I forgot this thread was out there!
  3. MacGreg


    Sure, I'd be interested in hearing your selections.
  4. MacGreg

    Ursa Major

    Thank you, Mike. I don't write romance stories, I write stories. If they happen to have an HEA, well, that's not the reason for telling the tale. We shall see.
  5. MacGreg


    Mmm, that's a great soundtrack song for the scene. I may re-read while listening to it.
  6. MacGreg


    You may be right...
  7. MacGreg


    Hehe... hmm.
  8. MacGreg

    Kind of Blue

    Great! That's music to my ears. Thank you, Thorn.
  9. MacGreg

    Kind of Blue

    Some contents of baggage are neatly folded, while others are a wrinkled mess. I hope to show the whole package. Thanks for your comment, Mike.
  10. MacGreg

    Kind of Blue

    You're not far off with that interpretation. However, I believe his feelings for Travis are genuine. Ben is easily distracted and confused with facing the truth. Thanks for reading and commenting (oh so long ago...)
  11. MacGreg

    Rocky Mountain Hick Boy

    Thanks, Wayne. I've had some prodding, here and there... @Valkyrie reminds me every now and then.
  12. MacGreg

    Lapse of Memory

    Mmm, am I? Then my plan is successful...
  13. MacGreg

    Lapse of Memory

    That's a great quote to pull out of this chapter. It is very telling, as you say. Thanks for commenting on the story again the second time through.
  14. MacGreg

    Lapse of Memory

    I'm in love with that part of Colorado. Rafting the Arkansas is a good time - except when the rapids are so intense you can't see straight.
  15. MacGreg

    Rocky Mountain Hick Boy

    Again, I appreciate you picking this story up (thanks, @Wayne Gray!). By now, you've read further and already know the answers to these questions. Cheers.

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