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  1. I imagine this stage of parenthood is a little bittersweet. Yes, empty nest may soon be a reality, but you and Husband can take pride in how you've raised your kids. You'll be sending them out into the world with a solid foundation and the skills and mindset to lead their best lives. you've done well, mama molly.
  2. MacGreg

    Foothold in the Fog

    Thanks, everyone. I wasn't going to post but figured it had been too long since I last did so. Your kind words here and in DMs have uplifted me. I appreciate it. Cheers.
  3. At what point does the pain of heartbreak and disappointment dissipate and seep from our souls? When do our weary hearts finally tip over the edge and glide into the womb of healing? Around each bend dark shadows linger, luring victims who succumb to false hope while scrambling for a foothold in the fog. How exhausting it is to tread the surface, to struggle against the unyielding storm as it reigns victorious from its throne. At what point do we shed our fortitude and finally admit defeat?
  4. MacGreg

    Mia - brickwall

    Still, very strange. you should not have been left in the dark. May you find some peace.
  5. MacGreg

    Mia - brickwall

    Hmm. That is disconcerting. Has anyone you've contacted - family or friends - heard from him?
  6. Thank you, rick, I appreciate the well wishes. Happy Holidays.
  7. Thank you, Thorn. My 'nada' is because I have zero going on this holiday season, but I will spend it as your friend is - enjoying the peace and quiet.
  8. I sincerely wish everyone here in the DiC a very happy and peaceful holiday.
  9. Happy Birthday Sir



    1. MacGreg


      Thank you, molly! 

  10. hbd GIF by happy-birthday

    Hope you have an awesome day :D 

    1. MacGreg


      Thank you, Val! 

  11. One of tim's finest, though he has many.
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