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  1. I'm glad they are safe but sorry for their loss. Most people had little time to get out. 300k+ were evacuated.
  2. Thanks for checking on me, Kitt. The fires were north of me. But, over 600 homes and businesses are now destroyed. True damage yet to be assessed. Unlike any wildfire I've ever witnessed, hitting a densely populated urban area.
  3. Happy birthday, @Mikiesboy Happy holidays to all. Cheers
  4. MacGreg

    Sunday Poems

    I come to read your poetry every time you post. That has never stopped, even though I am mostly absent here. your wordsmithing always pulls me in. This trio of poems is exceptionally radiant and rich with emotion, tim. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  5. Sorry to hear this, rick. I hope it's a short-term stint and that you and your brother are okay. Take care.
  6. MacGreg


    Thanks, tim, I'm doing pretty damn good.
  7. MacGreg


    Excellent advice and a good place to get back to.
  8. This is near me. They come up with brilliantly funny quotes.
  9. Whack-a-mole, indeed. Hope your brother is well and that you are, too, rick.
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