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  1. Enjoyed the latest chapter with a new and positive character in the fold. It’s good to see an empathetic attorney willing to represent Lee and Tris in their fight for their lives and relationship. Looking forward to seeing Makayla and her accomplices put in their place. Keep up the good writing!
  2. Noid236021

    Chapter 2

    I positively absolutely undeniably fantastically enjoyed it. Yes, the incest and age difference were way out in left field yet I enjoyed the characters and their comfortable sensual chemistry. Of course, there’s nothing like the momentary immersion into nirvana before the real world ruins everything like a punch in the solar plexus. May they never run out pecan pie, Rum punch, and lubricants...!
  3. This is a wonderful story and I look forward to the next chapter and the conclusion. Better yet, let’s hope for a sequel...!
  4. This story is so down to earth in terms of teen sexual experimentation. I enjoyed how they gave each other space when tentatively entering a new yet intimate frontier. I’d like to read more of these characters in the future...
  5. This story has much promise and intrigue so I’m looking forward to more. One suggestion - double check the spelling and grammar before posting. Don’t let the little things spoil a good work...
  6. Noid236021

    Chapter 33

    Billy going back to Jimmy LaPage? Now THAT would make for misery and unmitigated disaster. Then again, I can see a chaper devoted to that premise as Billy waking up after a sleep plagued by his worst nightmare ever...
  7. Noid236021

    Chapter 33

    It seems that no matter how Billy tries to be mature or cavalier about it he has himself ensnared in the very trap he wanted to avoid - risking his relationship with Brandon by way of the dark worm in his head planted by Jimmy LaPage. Now the real test of love and maturity begins...
  8. Noid236021

    Chapter 32

    The more the story develops the more it seems it was bound to happen - those who don’t understand the difference between love and possession set out to destroy relationships in an extreme attempt to right all wrongs and punish the ones deemed guilty. Jimmy LaPlane wants Billy Chase and descends into being a hateful creature bent on revenge because he cannot accept Billy’s rejection. It would be interesting to the plot if characters like Jimmy, Bobby, AJ, and Brandon were fleshed out a bit more - something that can’t be done in a first-person narrative. I’d love to know more about Jimmy and why
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