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  1. “Do you know why they are here, Trevor?” The Creature asked, referring to Drew and Taron, who hid in the shadows; both Lycans smirked devilishly at the prisoner allowing their eyes to turn while they had their fangs exposed. Trevor shook his head as sobs threatened to fall out of his mouth; ; he had been warned of the repercussions should his plan fail, and he had not listened. He had been stubborn and never once thought it through. Trevor watched the monster that wore Bastian’s face with fear and intimidation; he knew that his life was going to end. The beast would never give him a second chance. The Creature lifted his hands before he locked his eyes with the prisoner. “They are here to make sure I do not skin you alive. To make sure that you are in one piece by the time I am done with you.” He said, “Because iIf I do not like what you say, I may just do exactly that.” “I―” Trevor swallowed the lump in his throat, “Please.” The Creature laughed, “Did you ever give those you killed mercy? Those that you sacrificed for your cause? Did you ever give them mercy?” Trevor's silence was louder than any shouted answer. “Did you feel any sort of empathy for your victims?” He snarled as he circled around Trevor, running his claws through his hair, “Do you think you deserve mercy?” “Please,” Trevor begged. The Creature shook its head as its claws dug into Trevor’s skull “You will tell me everything or I’ll tear you apart piece by piece while you scream for me to kill you.” “Bastian…” Trevor said, “Please.” The sobs only managed to anger the Creature. The Lycan thought he had locked the Creature away long ago, throwing away the keys, but now only watch through the eyes of the Creature as Trevor beg for his life. He could only watch, knowing but unable to understand why he should care. The Creature always got its answers, the only question was if Trevor would still be breathing after. As much as Trevor once meant something to Bastian, the Creature was not Bastian. Everyone knew if Trevor did not answer fast he would be slaughtered. The wolf meant nothing to the Creature. He would gladly watch as Trevor bled on the cold floor beneath him instead of helping him. The Creature had accepted the bond with Mason, while the Lycan had struggled. It had not been easy for them to reach an understanding, both Lycan and the Creature had battled for dominance for as long as they could remember. The Creature had fought to take control of Bastian, but the Lycan had held on, bled to make sure that it had been kept at bay. “Tell me what I want to know, Trevor. Now….” He breathed against the sobbing wolf’s ear; he grinned as he heard his heartbeat a mile a minute. He was scared, and his scent reeked of it. He breathed in slowly “Before I start doing things to you that would make you wish you were dead.” The Creature was enjoying the torture. Bastian, so close and so far away, watched as Trevor shook at the demands the Creature made. Bastian could only watch as the Creature was amused as the blood ran out of Trevor’s face. “Bastian. Please. I didn’t.” Trevor cried tears running down his cheeks; the others watched in silence as the Creature continued his slow torture “I did it for us.” “You sold your soul to the devil for a fantasy.” The Creature said, his eyes flashing in annoyance - the Lycan was battling him for control of Bastian. The more the Creature spoke, the more the Lycan fought to take control of Bastian “What a pathetic way to die.” The Creature grinned as he won the battle for Bastian. The Creature lifted his hand up midway before locking eyes with Trevor. He knew that Trevor was at his mercy; so many lives had been hurt and destroyed he didn’t care if Trevor lived through his questioning. The Creature cared about its people, it cared about those that had been harmed, and it wanted revenge. If Trevor wasn't breathing when he was done he wouldn’t spill any tears. He smirked flicking Trevor’s chair into the concrete wall with a quick finger motion. The blood prickling down Trevor’s face was a beautiful sight. “Talk. Now” He growled lowly, dangerously shaking the entire house. “They said you would be mine. They promised me. They said if I brought you in, you would be mine and only mine.” Trevor sobbed. The Creature raised a brow, he was disappointed that he would have to stop “They only wanted to create a better species. An Evolved species better than anything anyone has ever seen. It was supposed to be the start of something new. Something better and stronger.” It took a fraction of a second for the Creature to rip Trevor out of the chair, his hand wrapped around Trevor’s throat, watching the blood drain out of his victim’s face. He wanted to hurt him, to kill him. It had been too long, too long he’d tried to move past the horrors and the nightmares he’d suffered. Now all those memories he knew would come back. The Creature snarled, pinning Trevor against the concrete wall, “I’ am no one’s slave.” He heard footsteps; Taron and Drew’s heartbeats spiked they were getting ready to step in to try save whatever was left of Trevor. The Creature leaned towards Trevor; he tilted his head, “You fear me. I can smell it on you. You reek.” There were no words from Trevor, only sobs and silent pleas for mercy. The Creature wanted to kill him, wanted to show him no mercy, but he knew the Lycan wanted Trevor talking. They were united, the Creature and the Lycan even when they disagreed. The Creature sighed as he threw Trevor on the floor, watching as he caught his breath. Had he squeezed only a bit longer, he’d have crushed him. “What else?” “They’ve been experimenting,” Trevor said. “How do you get these people, Trevor? How do you get these innocent souls you torture? Who helps you?” Taron asked, stepping out of the shadows. Trevor shook his head, “Believe it or not; there are packs that are untrustworthy. They sell their own members, hoping to Evolve along with the rest. It’s the Alphas that sell their own. If it’s not the Alpha's, it's the Beta’s.” Drew watched the Creature intently, he knew that he could snap at any moment, any second The more they learned of how far this went The quicker it could turn very deadly for Trevor “Which Alpha’s are those?” Drew questioned. Silence. The Creature circled Trevor its eyes on him, waiting for him to say or do something, anything. He wanted Trevor’s blood, and one way or another, he would get it. It was when he was getting closer, did Trevor finally answer Drew, “I only dealt with one, but there are more. Power-hungry pack masters who want to conquer the world. They crave the power, the desire to be stronger.” It was then that Princess Luciana walked in. She smirked as she made eye contact with Trevor. He knew what was coming next. The Creature walked towards Trevor, lifting him from the floor and into the chair. He strapped him in before he stepped back, letting Luciana take over. “Okay, Trevor. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?” She had changed into her warrior armor “Let’s start with all of the locations. I want everything.” She smiled as Drew placed the tray with all her new toys on the table Taron had helped carry in, “Don’t you just love human technology.” She picked up a blowtorch before turning to Trevor. “No. I can’t. I don’t. I told you all I know.” Trevor pleaded. Luciana tilted her head almost like she was considering his answer, “No, you didn’t. You didn’t tell me anything. I want to know where your masters hide, you traitor. Locations. We want to drop in and say howdy.” She lit the blowtorch. Trevor jumped from the pop of the blowtorch lighting. “I don’t know. I told you all that I know.” Luciana snarled, showing her fangs, “How about this. I'll barbeque you then send a piece gift wrapped to their front doors. I can’t wait to start cooking you...” Luciana leaned closer to Trevor, whispering “piece by piece. And you know the best part? You’re a werewolf, you'll heal, and I’ll just keep on torching and cutting into you then do it again and again. Think before you speak.” Trevor knew that Luciana wouldn’t bluff; she hadn’t been the type, especially when she was working. She could and would cook him piece by piece. “They don’t have one place. They have a lot of places. When Prince Derek slaughtered the others, he almost wiped them all, but a few managed to escape. They have been biding their time to regain what is rightfully theirs. They are coming for Bastian.” Luciana hummed, she didn’t make eye contact with her cousin. She didn’t need to see the flames of anger burning in his eyes. She knew. She could feel it. She focussed on Trevor instead, “I asked for locations. Cities or hell, even caves. I want to put names to their faces.” Trevor watched as Luciana walked closer to him, the blowtorch whistling in her hand. He tried to shy away from her, but bound to the chair, he couldn’t go far. “I can’t. Please. Don’t do this.” “Don’t do what?” Luciana smirked “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re afraid of me. You know what, Trev. I’m hurt.” “Don’t hurt me.” She heard him say. She rolled her eyes as she stood in front of him, beaming like a child in a candy store with the blowtorch in her hand warming the air as she brought it closer to the chair. “This is going to hurt but lucky for us. You’re a wolf.” The screams that followed were an orchestra concert for the Creature. He had retreated to the shadows, watching his cousin at work. The Creature admired her; he was envious of the control she had as Luciana torched the side of Trevor's face. He watched as she cut the gas to the torch and grabbed a scalpel. This was Luciana in her environment she was at home, concentrating on her work. He was intrigued and interested to see the person she would mate with, how their dynamic would develop as she was dominant in every way. Everyone in the room watched as she cut into their prisoner; he could tell that she was enjoying that Trevor had taken to tears. Tedious business they were in, but they were Royal Guards, Warriors, and it was their job to protect everyone, including those that never knew that they were watching. Luciana giggled as she sliced into Trevor’s chest “You know the more you cry and sob and beg for me to stop, the more I just want to continue. You should tell me what I want to know, and I’ll stop.” Trevor seemed to be considering this “Okay. Please. No more.” Luciana tilted her head, staring straight at him, trying to see whether he was truthful or full of bullshit “Talk. You have a minute to make me believe you. Go.” Trevor watched as the Princess grabbed a chair and dragged it towards his direction. He watched as she sat down right in front of him with a skeptical look in her face “I know that they want to make Bastian create his own army. Their army. The Prince is their perfect creation. The superior breed and a god amongst men. They want to make more like him, they want him to lead his pack, and they won’t stop until they have him in their possession.” Trevor confessed, locking eyes with the Princess. “They did something to Bastian. They made something of a miracle when they created him.” “What did they do to him? What did they tell you?” Luciana pressed. Trevor sighed, “They created a breed much better than anything anyone has ever seen before. A Tribrid with the blood of an ancient vampire running through his veins, one of the very first vampires, the last of the ancient bloodline, the bloodline that created the Royal House of vampires. The magic that he has that lays within him is the result of what was done to him. Bastian is the true Half-Blood Prince in every sense of the word.” It had taken a while for them to finally tell him it had taken them a while to finally trust him with the world’s biggest secret “They took three different species that wouldn't mix together naturally and created something beautiful.” She didn’t need to look at her cousin to know that he was raging. She hummed to let him know that she was listening. “How did they get the blood from the Family?” She asked. “They didn’t need to do much. They took the blood from the vault that belonged to the Vampire King and the Royal Family, and while they tried to get it back, it was already too late. Bastian had already been created and something much more.” Trevor looked away from the Princess. “By the time the vampire’s Royal Guard killed them, they only killed a potion.” Luciana held back her growl. “Tell me about the people. Are they still holding others?” “Yes. There are Alpha’s and Beta’s that still offer up their people.” Trevor answered without a beat. “Location, names. Tell me.” Luciana commanded. Trevor stole a glance towards the Prince’s direction; he was startled to see only his glowing eyes stare back at him. He turned back to the Princess. “We only go by nicknames, but I heard them talk about a Doctor Annabelle Grey, she works with them. She knows more than I do. Their main headquarters is in the mountains in Washington.” Trevor said, “Bastian can’t run, he can’t hide because they will come for him, Princess. They want him, and they will fight to get to him.” Luciana had been about to say something before Trevor interjected, “We were supposed to be together. They promised me Bastian’s heart. I wanted his love.” The darkness, all he saw was darkness and the Creature had Trevor in the air choking on his own blood. The Creatures blood was boiling; he grinned as he lifted two fingers, Trevor flying through the air, hitting the wall hard, leaving blood as he slid to the floor. The Creature smirked as he heard screams, Trevor’s skin splitting open, blood boiling out. He wanted to hurt him, to kill him and he would. He was almost there when he heard a name being spoken. Mason. Taron and Drew were on him even before he pulled himself out of the darkness. He watched as Trevor hit the floor with a thud, the intoxicating scent of his blood filling the room. “Is he still breathing?” the Creature asked. He watched as Luciana walked towards Trevor’s body on the floor. “There is a pulse.” The Creature shook his head. “Good, I want him alive so I can rip him apart after Derek has his answers; that's if he leaves anything for me to rip apart.” He was out the door before he could hear whatever reply came out of his cousin. The Creature had to get out of the house. He heard Mason’s voice coming from the kitchen with Hale's, but he was already out the front door. He needed to get his shit together, needed to get a hold of himself before he came back.

    Chapter 15

    I know this seriously late but better late than never, right? Thank you. It felt intense when I was writing it as well as difficult because I didn't want the fun to end too quickly for Trevor. The fun is only just beginning lol.

    Chapter 14

    I hope you catch the hint on the next chapter. He is a strong person and it took a lot for him to actually be himself again. Dealing with Trevor will sort of heal him in a way cause the thought of going back to that hell is killing him. Playing with Trevor is great therapy for him. If he can control the beast but I think they need to work together in order to live together in harmony and defeat this threat that is coming to screw everything up for him once again. I like that old expression and it is very true...the bastards will get their comeuppance.
  4. Bastian stood in the shadows of the room he had dubbed ‘The torture room’, he had walked inside the room in time to see their prisoner fast asleep but he knew better. Trevor had not only been tortured to the gills but had also been knocked out simply for the fun of it. For a werewolf, Bastian admired the guy’s pain tolerance because Bastian couldn’t help but imagine the kind of hell Trevor would have been in had his older brother been the one in the room instead. Bastian watched as their prisoner began to stir, it took only a few seconds until Bastian caught the way Trevor began to sniff the air. Bastian couldn’t help but grin as he leaned against the wall, he sighed as he heard the door opened and shut within seconds. “Whatever it is, can wait,” Bastian said before his guest could even utter a word. Taron ignored him “The Council wants to have a word. Someone blabbed and now they are worried you’ll die or some shit.” Bastian sighed, “I’m not in the mood to bend to the Council’s every whim. Tell them I’m immortal, I’m stronger than all of them combined and to leave me the fuck alone.” Taron shook his head, “You tell them that and they will want to be involved and we both know that a war will break out should I say that. You know they worship the ground you walk on over there, bro. You’re like their fearless leader which is weird because I thought Lycans and their kind didn’t even like each other.” “I’m no one’s fearless leader,” Bastian mumbled. “You’re their Half-Blood Prince. Deny it all you want but you know its true,” Taron said, “And before I forget Derek called. He can't wait to meet Mason." Bastian cocked his head "Did you just reference Harry Potter, right now? Half-Blood Prince. Unbelievable," "I plead the fifth." Taron raised his arms in total surrender. It was then that they heard it, the groan that came from their prisoner "I believe our guest is awake. I think it’s time we got reacquainted.” Bastian stayed within the shadows, he had a perfect view of his next victim and the more he stayed there the more he could feel the beast clawing its way out. It was going to be bloody and Bastian knew that the guilt that would follow wouldn’t be as bad as his previous. Trevor deserved everything that was coming to him and so much more. “Taron…” Bastian couldn’t even recognize his voice. He knew what would come next and it was going to be painful. “I’m staying,” Taron said confidently except Bastian could smell the lingering tang of fear in his friend’s voice. Not for himself but for Trevor. Bastian found that admirable. There he was almost in the brink of tearing their prisoner apart and his friend felt sympathy for the devil. Bastian nodded absentmindedly “Get Drew here. If I lose control, I need both of you to put me down quickly before the worst happens…if you’re too late” He didn’t need to finish that sentence because every last one of his friends knew the consequences of what could happen should they fail. Bastian had struggled more than he could ever tell at how much he had worked to contain the monster within and to fail would mean the death of their prisoner and the unspeakable tragedy that would befall everyone in the house. He couldn’t risk that. “What about Hale and Luciana?” Taron asked knowing full well that neither would take well to be locked out of this one. He winced as he felt a pang of what felt like razor-sharp claws tearing him apart from the inside “Luciana needs to stay with Mason. I do not want him to see me like this…I mean to see it.” He breathed trying to take control “I need Hale to contact Derek about the Council. I don’t need them breathing down my neck.” Bastian squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to suppress a growl “Go. Now” He growled loud enough to shake the room. When he heard the door open and shut, he opened his eyes except Bastian’s eyes were replaced by the pure evil that he had worked so hard to run from. The beautiful deep ocean blue eyes were replaced with black and white. “Trevor. We finally meet.” The creature grinned devilishly. Trevor felt panic. He had been in captivity for more than a day and all he could think of was his impending doom which scared him “Who are you?” “You should know. It is you who wanted me.” Trevor could feel his heart threaten to stop. The voice dripped with venom. The door opened and shut once more revealing Taron followed closely by Drew. The Lycan’s retreated towards the shadows. Bastian could smell the fear coming in waves off of Trevor. He grinned as he stood in front o him in the shadows studying the young werewolf almost as if he would grant him mercy; it boggled the mind at what Bastian had seen in the wolf. Lapse of judgment the creature whispered at the back of his head. His eyes fixed on his prey. He knew that Trevor was shitting his pants at the change. He circled the chained wolf in the shadows occasionally growling which caused a scream or two from their prisoner. He sped behind the prisoner using his speed. He stood behind Trevor breathing hard and loud enough to cause a panic. He smirked as he watched Trevor shake from his mere presence “Please. “Trevor begged. The creature growled. “Please, what? Please don’t kill me?” Trevor grimaced feeling hot tears threaten to break free “I’m sorry.” The creature bust out laughing while he wrapped a hand around the back of Trevor’s neck, His claws threatening to claw into Trevor's neck “You don’t sound sorry.” The creature replied, “I could snap your neck like a twig but that wouldn’t be enough. No, not enough at all. You see you betrayed me, lover.” The creature whispered, “And now, I’m not only angry. I’m beyond pissed.” Tears fell from Trevor’s eyes “I-I didn’t know.” “I can smell your pathetic lies. It’s insulting.” The creature sneered. The creature let go of Trevor’s neck and retreated to the shadows. He watched Trevor sag in relief before he was in front of him in an instant. He grinned as he bent down on Trevor’s level so he could see the monster within. The creature that used to be Bastian bared its fangs hungrily followed by a loud growl that sent Trevor in tears. “Do you fear me, Trevor?” The creature growled. “Y―“ Trevor whimpered “Yes.” “Good.” The creature smirked.

    Chapter 14

    Thank you so much for your kind words 😁

    Chapter 12

    Thank you so much for reading. I really do try all I can but sometimes I feel like I'm lost (sometimes i honestly feel like I did ) To answer your question Mason does play a big part in this just not in the actual sorting out (I got you ) cause he is still finding his feet in everything as he just arrived. Thank you for your kind words. Me first...I should remember that a lot more cause sometimes I forget and loose myself.
  7. Bastian hadn’t moved from where he sat he had too much going through his head, he needed to think clearly. Everything fell on him; he couldn’t stop blaming himself for what had happened. He should have died on that table the moment they had started their experiments, he should be given in when he felt himself slip away as they tortured him. It still amazed him that he had held on for so long. His mother’s words kept repeating like a broken record. He needed to talk to Mason and straighten this out before things became a lot more complicated and before all hell broke loose. He couldn’t explain it but every single time he could feel his time running out, something was coming and whatever it was it was coming for him. He wished so much that he was wrong, everything in his body kept reminding him that time was running out. “Your Highness” a soft voice snapped him out of his thoughts. Bastian sighed as he looked at Hale, he could see the worry lines clear on his friends face “We’ve been friends since we were twelve, Hale. I’d have thought by now you’d use my first name.” “Something is coming, isn't it?" Hale was never one to beat around the bush. His friend who had been with him ever since they had met years ago sat beside him worried. Worried which meant a worried Hale meant serious trouble coming. He wanted to lie, anything to put his friends mind at ease but everything he could think of was the horror they would all have to face. Bastian felt his heart plummet at the thought. He had never thought about it before today. Ever since his return everyone had known that this would happen one away or another, those fuckers would rise from the ashes. Bastian knew that sooner or later he would have had to face his demons. He couldn’t look at Hale without feeling like he might break down any moment. Knowing that his time was running out hurt him in so many ways. He felt the words slip out “Something’s already come” He felt the empty space in the couch dip “You know what I mean” Bastian sighed “I’m afraid of what is coming, my friend. It’s scaring me knowing that I’m the cause of the hell that is looming.” “You aren’t the cause.” Hale argued. Bastian admired his friend’s loyalty but even Hale couldn’t curb his guilt “I can smell lies, Hale or have you forgotten?” That caused his friend to dramatically roll his eyes “We can all smell lies, asshole. I just happen to be telling the truth simply because I have never been one to stroke your ego unlike others who wanted to kiss your ass. You are one of my best friends, Bastian and I would never lie to you.” “Funny, I happen to remember a young Hale lying to me when I wanted to sing in that school talent show. What is it you said..” Bastian made a show of concentration “Oh yeah, ‘You’re very talented, B. Go knock ‘em dead.’” Hale couldn’t help but bust out laughing “Leave it to you to dig up the past, jackass.” That’s all it took for the two friend’s who suddenly bust out laghing. The most infectious laugh that everyone had ever heard and it was beautiful. the laugh that reached the ears of the residents outside the room. Lucian couldn’t help but smile. The rare moment hearing her cousin finally let loose without the worry of the ever impending doom. She felt some sort of contentment knowing that her cousin hadn’t completely lost everything. “You’re going to be okay, Bastian.” She heard Hale say no doubt with all the seriousness Hale could muster “We’ll stand with you. We’re here for you.” “And that’s what I’m afraid of” Bastian replied. Bastian ran his fingers through his hair. All hecould think about was the future…specifically his own but as the days carried on, the bleaker his life seemed. Everything seemed to be falling apart right in front of his eyes and he hated it. Everytime he looked in the mirror all he saw was the monster that he had become. The monster that he had been forced unto him and the monster that would never let go. Bastian had fought hard to contain the darkness within him. He rarely ever let it run wild. He had forgotten about Hale’s presence until he heard his friend’s phone ring. He watched as he silently apologized while he walked out the door. Bastian couldn’t help wondering who the caller was although he bet his car that it was probably Derek checking up on him again. Walking towards the balcony he swayed the door open and as soon as he stepped out into the fresh air he felt himself relax. He chuckled as he remembered something a human once said about the smell of fresh air. “You should have told me.” Bastian said leaning on the deck railing. “Would you have allowed him to come had I told you?” She asked standing next to him offering him a glass of what appeared to be bourbon. Bastian let himself wonder, he shook his head as he took the offered drink into his hands “It’s too dangerous for him here. I didn’t want him involved.” She seemed to accept his answer “He is already involved in this unfortunately. You need him. You need each other.” “I’m afraid of my inability to protect him from what is coming.” Bastian gazed at the beautiful view before him. She fell silent for a second but the realization hit her like a ton of bricks “You’re scared.” “I wish I wasn’t.” Bastian replied. Luciana nodded “We’re here for you.” “That’s what I’m afraid of.” He murmured “This isn’t a game and as much as I know that you’re here for me. I can’t help wish you weren’t” He sighed “That none of you wouldn’t be involved in this because I can promise you right now that it will be bloody” Bastian loved his friends more than anything but he couldn’t help wish that they would let him walk this one alone. He knew that the guilt would eat him alive should anything happen to them. He couldn’t handle it he knew that. The pain would be too great for him to bear. No one knew the pain and torture that he had gone through except those who had been there, those that had been forced upon him as sacrificial lambs to his beast and those whose souls still haunted him till this day. Those who reminded him of what he had done. Luciana gazed at the beautiful scenery in front of her “He is stronger than you think, you know. He can handle this and so much more.” Bastian didn’t doubt that for a second “I know that but is he strong enough to handle what I have become?” He turned to look at her “I’m not a pure Lycan anymore. I don’t even know what I’am anymore. They broke me, cousin.” “You aren’t broken.” Lucian replied meeting her cousin’ gaze “No one can truly break anyone especially a powerful creature like you and Mason is strong enough to carry you. He will have to be in order to mate with you. Let him in and watch him protect you from these demons that chase you because I know that he will slaughter them for you.” “I feel the monster within me. It wants out, Luciana and every time I try to keep it at bay. I’m reminded that I once was one with it while in captivity. I was the monster and I liked it. I liked the power that it gave me.” Bastian turned away from her afraid to see the fear on her face “Mason’s scent is making this difficult. His very presence is…” He paused trying to find the right words “I’m being torn apart from the inside and I’m afraid if I let him out he’ll want to stay.” Luciana linked an arm around her cousin’s arm. Bastian could smell the sadness radiating from her and it broke his heart. “He is part of you. They are part of you, Bastian and while you fear what will happen should you let him out he needs to know that you are in charge. We are Lycan’s and we bow to no one and that includes our demons.” She looked at him with fondness. Bastian cracked a smile “We bow to no one” He repeated. Luciana nodded leaning her head to her cousin “Exactly.” “Trevor has to be dealt with.” Luciana nodded “Do you want to do the honours?” Bastian grinned “I thought you’d never ask.”

    Chapter 13

    Haha thanks. I dont wanna lie, I'm thinking it could possibly be that much cause I still have so much I want to happen in this. I will be posting a new chapter today as I just finished it so I hope that I'm not late and I'm hoping with this new chapter. I can finally be back on track of posting a new chapter every week. I'm hoping next week same time I can post again. Thank you so much.

    Chapter 13

    The thing one must understand about Bastian is that his past is a nightmare for him, when he was taken from his home, from his people things were done to him and he came back different...not only is he a lycan but he is something else as well. The suspense here is that Bastian hasn't dealt with what he became he hasn't dealt with the damage that happened to him as he is afraid to give himself fully to Mason because he fears rejection and fears that the thing he is will surface and control him. Mason will play an important part in saving Bastian as well as showing him that he is loved and accepted and he should not be ashamed of something he had no control over. Mason is Bastian's strength but also easily his weakness and that doesn't bode well with him. Mason is important in what will become of Bastian.

    Chapter 11

    I will try my best not to again

    Chapter 11

    I swear it is truly not my wish to be this slow but life got in the way but y'know my goal is to actually finish this this year cause I have something else planned and already I have ten chapters of that new story waiting to be loaded but I want to finish this story first. So sorry.
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      Thank you so much :). 

  13. Mason hadn’t slept, not really, he could have closed his eyes in order to at least pretend that he was sleeping but even that seemed to be much more than it was worth. Ever since he had arrived he had time to assess the situation and he hadn’t liked the way his mate had been carrying himself. He should have arrived a lot faster he knew that and somehow he knew that despite this he had come at the right time. Maybe fate really did exist or was it God who was at work here? Whomever it was he thanked it. Mason had tried by all means to stand back to try and stand the gaping hole that he knew it was where Bastian was meant to be, he had tried everything hell even tried going out on a few hunts with the pack but nothing had seemed to help. Everything came back to Bastian…he needed him. It had been hard to ignore the muffled cries and the screams he knew that those were the works of Bastian’s friends, comfortable meant something different to the Lycans. They were nothing if not thorough, he knew that he was the only one awake when everyone’ bedroom doors shut and then silence. Bastian had slept as soon as his head hit the pillow but Mason had repositioned him properly where he belonged in his arms. Mason was happy to finally have his mate in his arms, his wolf roared in contentment, they were finally where they belonged. He was content to have what they both yearned for ever since they had found out about Bastian’ existence. He should have noticed when his eyes had closed, he swore it had only been a moment but he knew that it was longer, his body had managed to steal enough sleep to maintain him for the day but he knew his body like the back of his hand and soon enough it would betray him once more and force him to sleep. He needed it for the road that he would be taking. He sighed as he leaned down kissing the top of his mate' head, he was finally where he belonged. This was heaven. ****** He walked towards the bathroom, he was panicked that was for sure and not because he had woken up alone in the very bed that he had shared with his mate but because from the very moment that he had woken up he had felt dread like something wasn’t right. He would feel something like that every damn time he knew that being in the same house with a criminal someone who had betrayed the royals and someone who would be dead judging by the anger Bastian had shown when he asked about him. “Good morning, sleepyhead” He was awoken out of his thoughts by an angelic cheery voice. It amazed him just how cheerful the Princess could get even after everything, even after the hell they were going through. Her smile never faltered. He gave her a half-smile “Good morning, Princess” Luciana shrugged as she stood from her place in the aisle “Aren’t you cute. How did you sleep?” “I feel like I didn’t sleep at all honestly.” He buried his face in his hands, the exhaustion clear in his voice. “Where’s everyone?” She took the chair she had previously vacated “You should get some sleep, Mason. The road ahead may not allow you such luxuries it is best to take full advantage” She advised ignoring his question. “What do you mean by that exactly?” She raised a brow “If you are truly ready to stand by Bastian’ side you should understand that the road often taken is not one you are accustomed to. A warrior, a prince and often an advocate for everyone. Bastian’ road sometimes involves blood and tears and sacrifice” “What is Bastian exactly?” “He is your mate,” Luciana replied cheerily. ******* Bastian sat on the couch as he stared at his mother. The Queen all in her glory glowed as she smiled at her son. There were times that she worried about him more than anyone else, she worried about his safety and those he called ‘friends’. Her son may God bless him often saw only good from those that had only darkness in their hearts. “You brother is worried about you” Bastian sighed “Derek is always worried about me. He’ll get old real fast if he keeps that up” The Queen chuckled forcing a smile she knew wasn’t truly there. Being away from her son bothered her, having her oldest son away from Bastian worried her. While she had never blamed Derek for what had happened it had become a known fact that Derek always protected his brother and times even from himself “He is not the only one” “I know, mother.” Bastian sighed. “How are you doing truly? Do not lie to me, Bastian. You have never been a good liar when it came to me” She asked. “I’m fine. I’ve been struggling with the mate problem, the entire thing puts me on edge not to mention there are people out there who want my head” He said unable to contain the emotions behind what he had said. There was rarely ever anything he feared, rarely ever anything he ran away from but the prospect of what had happened to him. What he had endured and going back. It scared him. He feared what could happen should he return. His mother frowned “No one will ever take you away from us again. We would burn them alive should they even try, my angel” “I don’t think they actually care as long as they get what they want” Bastian replied. “Have you spoken to your mate about this? About what could happen should things escalate?” Bastian shook his head “How do I tell him that I could become the thing I have feared most? That the monster everyone fears is meant to become his mate?” His mother rolled her eyes at her son “You are not a monster, Bastian. Monsters do not have empathy nor do they love. You are my son and I did not give birth to a monster. Mason will love you as much as we all do and more.” “I haven’t told him yet” He whispered afraid his emotions would betray him. His mother nodded “Rightly so, this is a discussion for another less dangerous time. He will never reject you, Bastian he is your mate and the one person other than your family who will love you more than anything in this universe. He will understand. He would be stupid to reject you not to mention Derek would kill him rather violently too” For the first time, he laughed “I’m afraid of the implications of those words” His mother gleamed “Then stop being afraid.
  14. He could hear the screams that originated from the basement, he could hear Trevor beg for mercy but that wasn’t enough and wouldn’t be until he spilled his guts and told them all of his little dirty secrets and everything else, the royal warriors were good at extracting information from those who thought they were all smarter than them. Bastian couldn’t stop but smirk devilishly as the screams replayed inside his head, he thanked God that the house was in isolation and any kind of sound could be heard only by those of the supernatural who knew how to use their hearing. He noticed the man that stood there across from the living room his back to him, Bastian stopped dead on his tracks as he watched as the man turn and face him. He couldn’t believe it, there his mate stood his smile was evident but Bastian noticed the dark circles around his eyes which brought worry to Bastian. Without a second thought, Mason walked to him wrapping his arms around him tightly Bastian being enveloped into his mates' strong arms melted, he could feel that Mason had missed him, the way he hugged him and the kisses on his neck “What are you doing here?” Bastian asked his mate already knowing the answer but he wanted to hear it from him. Mason closed his eyes as he inhaled his mate’s scent, he had missed him so much and the thought of being separated from him hadn’t done them any good, letting go of his mate he looked into those beautiful eyes he had missed “I’m here because you need me as much as I need you. I wasn’t doing well after you left and then it got worse, I tried to pretend that I would live but it didn’t work. I need you, Bastian. If I keep fighting and running away from this…from us we’ll never admit anything to each other. I love you and I nearly lost my sanity without you. I’ve been so afraid of love that I didn’t realize that you are exactly who I needed. We need each other” Bastian smiled at his mate’s confession, it was ironic how he had been planning on doing the exact same thing the moment they all returned to Mason’s pack, so he looked into his mate’s eyes, all the love he had felt for the wolf glowed through, all he had felt ever since he had met Mason, he wanted him to see how important he was to him. “I love you too” Was all he said, there was so much he wanted to say but at that moment those four words were all that escaped through his lips. All that was needed. “I just wish this was not bad timing” Mason finally looked his mate over noticing the blood “Whose blood is that?” “Uh, it’s Trevor’s. We found him” He told Mason, “He said some things I didn’t like and I lost control.” He looked at the blood. Mason nodded “Will I ever get to meet him?” Bastian laughed “If I don’t kill him first.” He took his mate’s hand leading him to the couch pulling him down so they can both sit “You look tired, Mason. Actually, you look exhausted. What aren’t you telling me?” “It’s your fault. You left me and then whenever I tried to sleep, I couldn’t. I felt you, I felt everything while you were here, without me. I felt everything, I felt every attack on you like it was happening to me. However faint our bond is, it’s working its toll and it's kicking our asses. An incomplete bond like ours isn’t good when we’re separated.” Mason admitted “I’m exhausted and tired and if you’re not there, I can’t sleep. You don’t look so fresh yourself by the way. I know you’ve been feeling what I feel as well, it's hard not to notice” Bastian took a deep breathe “I distracted myself with the mission although at one point they’ve been sleeping in my room making sure I don’t destroy everything in sight, I didn’t think about hurting you. I felt what you feeling, I just thought it would pass when I returned to you. I promised, Mason. I’m sorry” Mason shook his head “Where’s your room, We’re getting some sleep tonight and you’re not leaving my side. I can’t stand another night of torture” “Mason, I’m supposed to go back to the basement. I’m supposed to get whatever Trevor knows out of him. I can’t sleep now, he’s about to crack with what we’ve been doing to him” He looked at his mate "It’s important I find out what he knows before judgment because there is no way he will live another day after the shit he’s been doing. Derek is expecting results soon.” Mason inhaled looking at Bastian; he leaned in giving his mate a chaste kiss “I’m more important to you than any traitor, Bastian. I need you, your mate needs you” He sighed in defeat “I’m sorry. Come on, let me show you to my room.” Bastian stood and offered a hand to his mate who gladly took it, they walked upstairs to the right. Opening the door Bastian hoped his mate would appreciate his choice of room “Here we are.” He smiled at his mate aware that Mason could smell the scents of his friends. “Black everything, you must be obsessed” Was all his mate had to say as he threw himself on the bed “Comfy” Bastian laughed “Black’s my favorite color” He got his phone out dialing Luciana’s number, the moment she picked up he could hear the screams coming from their captive “Knock him out, Lu enough that he wakes up the next day. If he doesn’t talk then, I’ll have his head just on the grounds of intent on a royal Prince and royal warriors. Make sure you make him as comfortable as possible.” Bastian looked at his mate with hungry eyes “I’m going to be spending the night with my mate. He just arrived. You’ll all see him tomorrow; he needs his rest right now. Alright” He ended the call. “How did you get here, Mason?” He asked. “My mother called Luciana after things got worse and asked for directions. Luciana wanted to come to fetch me but I refused. I knew you were busy so I came alone. I left Co. and Jesse behind so they can look after things for me. I couldn’t stay there any longer. Luciana told me how you basically suffered without me and how worried she was, she told my mom she thought you were going feral at some stage but then you would wake up and be all fine so then I decided I needed to be where my mate is so I can keep an eye on you but I had already decided to come after I spent one too many nights in complete terror” He said as he walked into the bathroom “Are you ever going to tell me about those on your back?” Bastian tensed as he sat on the bed unsure where or how he would start, he didn’t know if the one person his life belonged to would accept him “I promise I’ll tell you soon. I just have to find a way to actually say the words.” Mason walked out of the bathroom and smiled at his mate, of course he was a little disappointed but his mother had warned him not to push it when it came to his mate. He wanted to be patient for him and patient he was going to be “I’ll be right here when you do” He was in love and there was no way in hell he was going back to a life of emptiness, of loneliness now he knew where he belonged. He knew that his place was with Bastian.
  15. Bastian had known that his friends worried about him, he could see it and he could feel their emotions every time he felt a surge of pain, his anger, and his carelessness had intensified but he had done well keeping himself in check. Having fought his animal for control, he knew how to rein himself in whenever he needed it. He never wanted to worry his friends but this seemed to take a certain toll on everyone around him, he hadn’t wanted emotions to cloud his judgment but it seemed emotions had begun to take control all on their own. He couldn’t afford to break down and start backing down, not when everything counted on the information they needed. They were after him, they needed him ―they needed him for their ludicrous plan. The search for Trevor hadn’t been going too well, they had spent five days searching for the guy that could fit in like a chameleon and Bastian was getting agitated, he wasn’t ever in the mood for his runarounds. They needed to find him and then get him to tell them what he had done. He was a werewolf who had a bone to pick with Bastian and he had decided to do that with others, he knew he was lucky he had never mentioned that he was a Prince or his life would have been different regarding his ex, the way his relationship with the wolf ended Bastian didn’t understand how the guy could be bitter when he knew coming in that it was never going to last. He was not going to commit to him like he wanted him to, it had been obvious to others the way Trevor felt for Bastian but Bastian never felt the same for him. Everyone around them had known from the get-go that both wolves would find their intended mates, they would be torn apart by that need, the want to be with their mates. The call of the mating call would be too strong for both to resist, they would be lured into the siren’s song. Bastian wanted them to find the man so he could find what they were looking for. He knew deep down even if he would be able to keep Trevor alive long enough for Derek he would end up dead either way. His brother held a deep resentment when it came to those that had hurt and destroyed his younger brother; Bastian knew when he told him of what they had found. Derek would be on a warpath that would only end with corpses. Now there he stood in front of the man they had been looking for, he seemed out of it and Bastian didn’t care, he wanted to beat the answers out of him one way or another because the more he waited the more he knew his time was running out. They had sent others for him, he looked at Trevor, he could smell the fear oozing out of him but there was something else as well and that was all it took for him to realize that the people his ex-was working for hadn’t disclosed just who he was shitting on. Bastian rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms against his chest “What the hell, Trevor?” Trevor couldn’t even look at Bastian but Drew quickly corrected that “I didn’t know, Bastian. I didn’t know…” “What didn’t you know? That they were murdering innocent people? Let’s cut the crap. You helped kidnap and throw innocents to the wolves, you watched them die and you still didn’t stop. You sent fucking people after me.” Bastian’s voice deep with anger and resentment “You didn’t know I was a Prince, they didn’t tell you that. That I would find out what you had done” Luciana came into view “I never did like you. I always knew you were a little weasel” Luciana’s knelt before Trevor just as Drew and Taron walked into the empty basement, her eyes changed to their beautiful blue followed by a snarl “What did you tell them, you little shit?” Trevor knew he never had a chance of leaving alive, he had dug his own grave and now he would lie in it whether he liked to or not, they had betrayed him “They just said they could give me what I wanted, they could give me you” his voice was hoarse from the pain “They said they wanted me to find you so that they could finish what they had started, they said they could make you love me. You broke my heart, Bastian. I loved you, I would have given you anything in the world but instead, you broke my heart. I hoped you would change your mind about commitment but you never did, I knew my heart belonged to you but you never did see that.” He wanted to rip his throat out and feed him to the dogs but he couldn’t, somehow he understood just how he felt but that never did excuse him for what he had done, he couldn’t see Trevor walking out of there alive and breathing or even with his limbs intact. He wanted to send a message to those who were after him, he needed to make a statement. He was never going to stop fighting for what he wanted which every single last fucker was involved in his capture years back dead and those involved now. Bastian wanted to be the one to end the man who sat before him, he wanted to be the one he saw before he drew his last breath so he would remember how he ended up making the wrong choices. He walked towards him slowly, he snarled at him but withdrew as he watched Luciana take a scalpel with a devious grin directed at Trevor. They had all known this part would be bloody, but also they had known they needed to do it. The other man’s screams of agony would subside and they would start all over again until he gave them what they wanted, until he broke down and begged for his life. They were lycans but they also loved playing with toys when it came to torture, it came to a great service and what a service it was. They all watched as Lucian ripped Trevor’s shirt apart not caring of her the claws that stung deep into the man’s body which carried screams. Luciana looked at him for a moment as she cut deep into the man “This is going to hurt, it’s going to hurt and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to continue to cut into you and then watch you heal” she heard his screams but didn’t stop “Then I’ll get another one of these fancy torture toys humans use and then I’ll start all over again. I’ll slice you up like an orange and then while you heal by then we know it’ll take a while to heal with what I’m doing I’d already be halfway done. I mean, you really should have shut up and moved the fuck on” she grinned as she cut with precision. They all watched as the blood left his body and spluttered into the floor, the screams seemed to have become a part of the room. Bastian sighed “Do you realize what you have done? What you have done to innocent people?” He waited for any sign of guilt but it never came instead he tried to stop himself from screaming “People die every day, Bastian. What’s a hundred when I could get what I’ve always wanted?” Bastian could feel his beast climbing the walls; he wanted to rip through his skin “Your kin. You watched as they killed and experimented on your kin.” Trevor looked at Bastian smugly “I’m not remorseful, Bastian. For all, I care they should have fought their way to the top to ensure they stayed alive. I’m just sorry no one ever came out a success. Werewolves, we’re such a disappointment. We boast about power and shit but when we must fight for our lives, we give up.” Bastian’s anger was boiling from within, he wanted so much to shut him up but he knew he needed to keep him talking enough for him to tell them everything he knew until Luciana got tired and one of them took over “What did they tell you about me?” “Bastian, the first patient X, the one that got away and repressed his true nature because you were too ashamed of the gift they gave you. You’re truly their greatest accomplishment. They want you so you can create something new, something stronger and something unique. You’re a superior breed. What they did to you was nothing more than pure genius. Your lycan genetics were the perfect host. They have a lot of plans for you…I only wish I would be there to witness as your world comes crumbling down” Trevor said but the moment he finished, Bastian’s claws had already dug through his shoulder he wanted to keep him alive and talking but every single time he kept talking he couldn’t stop himself; he dragged his claws through Trevor’s shoulder enough to notice the blood run down his chest and his victim screaming in pain as Luciana stepped back. They all knew that would sting for hours on end, Trevor would feel like his world was ending sooner than he had originally thought. Bastian grinned as he became more and more thrilled with his progress he could feel his claws practically latch themselves inside Trevor’s shoulder, he wanted to throw him across the room like a ragdoll and see how much more screaming he could get out of his victim. He wanted the man to feel pain, to feel the kind that you wished could just end but he was interrupted when Hale walked towards Bastian leaning in close range whispering something only he could hear. Bastian looked straight at his friend with shock “He’s here?” Hale nodded without looking at their bleeding victim. The Prince looked down at Trevor as he withdrew his claws from his shoulder, his claws dripping with blood “Don’t die on us now. Our fun has just begun. I’m going to show you just what real pain feels like” He said to the bleeding wolf before he walked out of the basement shutting the door behind him leaving Hale with the others “You’ll wish you’d never made an enemy out of me”
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