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    Chapter 11

    Bastian had known that his friends worried about him, he could see it and he could feel their emotions every time he felt a surge of pain, his anger, and his carelessness had intensified but he had done well keeping himself in check. Having fought his animal for control, he knew how to rein himself in whenever he needed it. He never wanted to worry his friends but this seemed to take a certain toll on everyone around him, he hadn’t wanted emotions to cloud his judgment but it seemed emotions had begun to take control all on their own. He couldn’t afford to break down and start backing down, not when everything counted on the information they needed. They were after him, they needed him ―they needed him for their ludicrous plan. The search for Trevor hadn’t been going too well, they had spent five days searching for the guy that could fit in like a chameleon and Bastian was getting agitated, he wasn’t ever in the mood for his runarounds. They needed to find him and then get him to tell them what he had done. He was a werewolf who had a bone to pick with Bastian and he had decided to do that with others, he knew he was lucky he had never mentioned that he was a Prince or his life would have been different regarding his ex, the way his relationship with the wolf ended Bastian didn’t understand how the guy could be bitter when he knew coming in that it was never going to last. He was not going to commit to him like he wanted him to, it had been obvious to others the way Trevor felt for Bastian but Bastian never felt the same for him. Everyone around them had known from the get-go that both wolves would find their intended mates, they would be torn apart by that need, the want to be with their mates. The call of the mating call would be too strong for both to resist, they would be lured into the siren’s song. Bastian wanted them to find the man so he could find what they were looking for. He knew deep down even if he would be able to keep Trevor alive long enough for Derek he would end up dead either way. His brother held a deep resentment when it came to those that had hurt and destroyed his younger brother; Bastian knew when he told him of what they had found. Derek would be on a warpath that would only end with corpses. Now there he stood in front of the man they had been looking for, he seemed out of it and Bastian didn’t care, he wanted to beat the answers out of him one way or another because the more he waited the more he knew his time was running out. They had sent others for him, he looked at Trevor, he could smell the fear oozing out of him but there was something else as well and that was all it took for him to realize that the people his ex-was working for hadn’t disclosed just who he was shitting on. Bastian rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms against his chest “What the hell, Trevor?” Trevor couldn’t even look at Bastian but Drew quickly corrected that “I didn’t know, Bastian. I didn’t know…” “What didn’t you know? That they were murdering innocent people? Let’s cut the crap. You helped kidnap and throw innocents to the wolves, you watched them die and you still didn’t stop. You sent fucking people after me.” Bastian’s voice deep with anger and resentment “You didn’t know I was a Prince, they didn’t tell you that. That I would find out what you had done” Luciana came into view “I never did like you. I always knew you were a little weasel” Luciana’s knelt before Trevor just as Drew and Taron walked into the empty basement, her eyes changed to their beautiful blue followed by a snarl “What did you tell them, you little shit?” Trevor knew he never had a chance of leaving alive, he had dug his own grave and now he would lie in it whether he liked to or not, they had betrayed him “They just said they could give me what I wanted, they could give me you” his voice was hoarse from the pain “They said they wanted me to find you so that they could finish what they had started, they said they could make you love me. You broke my heart, Bastian. I loved you, I would have given you anything in the world but instead, you broke my heart. I hoped you would change your mind about commitment but you never did, I knew my heart belonged to you but you never did see that.” He wanted to rip his throat out and feed him to the dogs but he couldn’t, somehow he understood just how he felt but that never did excuse him for what he had done, he couldn’t see Trevor walking out of there alive and breathing or even with his limbs intact. He wanted to send a message to those who were after him, he needed to make a statement. He was never going to stop fighting for what he wanted which every single last fucker was involved in his capture years back dead and those involved now. Bastian wanted to be the one to end the man who sat before him, he wanted to be the one he saw before he drew his last breath so he would remember how he ended up making the wrong choices. He walked towards him slowly, he snarled at him but withdrew as he watched Luciana take a scalpel with a devious grin directed at Trevor. They had all known this part would be bloody, but also they had known they needed to do it. The other man’s screams of agony would subside and they would start all over again until he gave them what they wanted, until he broke down and begged for his life. They were lycans but they also loved playing with toys when it came to torture, it came to a great service and what a service it was. They all watched as Lucian ripped Trevor’s shirt apart not caring of her the claws that stung deep into the man’s body which carried screams. Luciana looked at him for a moment as she cut deep into the man “This is going to hurt, it’s going to hurt and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to continue to cut into you and then watch you heal” she heard his screams but didn’t stop “Then I’ll get another one of these fancy torture toys humans use and then I’ll start all over again. I’ll slice you up like an orange and then while you heal by then we know it’ll take a while to heal with what I’m doing I’d already be halfway done. I mean, you really should have shut up and moved the fuck on” she grinned as she cut with precision. They all watched as the blood left his body and spluttered into the floor, the screams seemed to have become a part of the room. Bastian sighed “Do you realize what you have done? What you have done to innocent people?” He waited for any sign of guilt but it never came instead he tried to stop himself from screaming “People die every day, Bastian. What’s a hundred when I could get what I’ve always wanted?” Bastian could feel his beast climbing the walls; he wanted to rip through his skin “Your kin. You watched as they killed and experimented on your kin.” Trevor looked at Bastian smugly “I’m not remorseful, Bastian. For all, I care they should have fought their way to the top to ensure they stayed alive. I’m just sorry no one ever came out a success. Werewolves, we’re such a disappointment. We boast about power and shit but when we must fight for our lives, we give up.” Bastian’s anger was boiling from within, he wanted so much to shut him up but he knew he needed to keep him talking enough for him to tell them everything he knew until Luciana got tired and one of them took over “What did they tell you about me?” “Bastian, the first patient X, the one that got away and repressed his true nature because you were too ashamed of the gift they gave you. You’re truly their greatest accomplishment. They want you so you can create something new, something stronger and something unique. You’re a superior breed. What they did to you was nothing more than pure genius. Your lycan genetics were the perfect host. They have a lot of plans for you…I only wish I would be there to witness as your world comes crumbling down” Trevor said but the moment he finished, Bastian’s claws had already dug through his shoulder he wanted to keep him alive and talking but every single time he kept talking he couldn’t stop himself; he dragged his claws through Trevor’s shoulder enough to notice the blood run down his chest and his victim screaming in pain as Luciana stepped back. They all knew that would sting for hours on end, Trevor would feel like his world was ending sooner than he had originally thought. Bastian grinned as he became more and more thrilled with his progress he could feel his claws practically latch themselves inside Trevor’s shoulder, he wanted to throw him across the room like a ragdoll and see how much more screaming he could get out of his victim. He wanted the man to feel pain, to feel the kind that you wished could just end but he was interrupted when Hale walked towards Bastian leaning in close range whispering something only he could hear. Bastian looked straight at his friend with shock “He’s here?” Hale nodded without looking at their bleeding victim. The Prince looked down at Trevor as he withdrew his claws from his shoulder, his claws dripping with blood “Don’t die on us now. Our fun has just begun. I’m going to show you just what real pain feels like” He said to the bleeding wolf before he walked out of the basement shutting the door behind him leaving Hale with the others “You’ll wish you’d never made an enemy out of me”

    Chapter 10

    The pain rippled tenfold just as he had thought the worst was behind him, the pain he had felt ever since the departure of Bastian. He couldn’t imagine the torture the other man felt but he knew he had a pretty good idea, he had been acting strong lately strong for himself so he wouldn’t break. He didn’t want anyone to worry about him, about his health but that hadn’t stopped his family and friends from asking about it. He could feel their concerns but he didn’t know where to start. He wanted to go to Bastian, he wanted to fix this so both of them wouldn’t feel this kind of…this kind of abandonment. He closed his eyes but images of Bastian assaulted his mind, he couldn’t get him out of his mind and that had been the problem every night, day and night. He hadn’t felt the same ever since….ever since…he couldn’t even say it without feeling the guilt. The guilt of not having pushed the idea, of not having convinced his mate into letting him go with him. Perhaps they both would have avoided what they were going through. They would have been both happier in each other’ presence instead of this kind of crippling pain. He could hear the door open but he was far too gone to look at the intruder but he could still use his sense of his smell, he could feel his body burning up like he was in a furnace but he chose to focus more on the intruder, he inhaled deeply trying to gain control but he seemed to getting in and out of it. Judging by the scent he knew it was his mother. He could smell her tears and worry as she sat on the bed beside him taking his hand in hers. He could feel her trembling beside him, her sniffles filling in the room. He wished he could gain control of himself but whenever he tried, he failed miserably so he just gave in to the pain. His body started to burn all over again but suddenly he felt a cold sensation on his forehead and immediately he felt grateful towards his mother. She had always known how to care of him, how to ease his pain. He felt another pang of guilt at how this had been affecting his parents; he couldn’t properly concentrate a lot without feeling like he wasn’t in pain. He knew his father had been thinking of calling the Royal family and inquire about their son but he was grateful that he hadn’t yet done it. He felt the cold towel removed and another put in the others place. Mason could feel his claws itching to come out accompanied by his fangs but he restrained them, he may have been in pain but he could still at least control some sort of part of him. His eyes were another matter completely, he let out a loud growl. This made him remember the times his mate had been injured, where he could feel everything every time he was hurt he could feel it like it was happening to him. Just before Bastian had been rushed to his home for assistance that night, he knew. He had never really paid much attention whenever it had happened, whenever he couldn’t see how this kept on happening to him but he had taken it as something that would eventually pass but no such luck for him. He could hear mumblings but every time he tried to concentrate it seemed a disaster, he let out a frustrated growl that seemed to make the mumblings pause but only for a moment. “…right?” the voice crept up on him again. He hadn’t heard the entire conversation so he sighed defeated at the thought. When would this torture end? When would he return to normal? The voice came again this time more concerned “It’ll be alright, love” He wanted to deny any notion of him ever being okay after this, he wanted it all just to end better yet he wanted Bastian. He needed him like he needed water. He had spoken to his mate through Skype and text followed by phone calls but he knew both of them yearned to see the other without the notion of technology; the inability to touch, to scent and to assure their true presence. After what seemed to be a lifetime of torture and pain, his eyes finally felt the heaviness of sleep beckoning him forward. He couldn’t fight it even if he tried; he finally gave in to the sleep that he had so yearned for hours ago. He could feel someone next to him as he tried to come back to the land of the living; he tried to open his eyes over and over again but to no avail until finally, he succeeded. He turned his head to face his mother’ sleeping form which made him remembers what he had gone through the previous night. His mother curled up beside him unable to leave her child to suffer alone, he smiled only slightly afraid he’d hurt himself if he tried further. “Mom?” He smiled as he watched her. He watched as she made no move of waking up, he smiled as he finally tried to move his entire body to make sure he could move. He sat up looking around his room. He let out a sigh of relief as he swung his legs out of the bed and onto the floor. He stretched finally walking out into his bathroom, he needed to look at himself, taking a shower and then think of a way to go find his mate. They could finish the remainder of Bastian’ mission together with the others as long as they were together. He couldn’t handle being apart from him any longer; he couldn’t handle being so far and yet feeling the pain. After he finished he looked at himself in the mirror careful not to wake his mother up. He knew she had slept late looking after him. He fixed the covers around her before walking quietly outside shutting the door carefully. As he walked into the kitchen he saw his father seated already eating breakfast, he glanced up at him with a smile. A relieved smile Mason figured. He had smelled his father’ scent in the room with him but he had gone after his mother had talked him into him leaving for bed as he had an important pack meeting. “She’s sleeping so I didn’t wake her” Mason informed his father “Good morning, dad” The Alpha nodded “Morning, son. She stayed up with you throughout everything. She was worried. We both were” “I know.” He looked at his father with a seriousness not knowing how to breach the subject with him. He was the next Alpha, he had so much to learn but he needed his mate first. He only hoped he would understand “Dad ―” His father simply smiled at him before he nodded in understanding “You want to go to him” Mason sighed “I have to.”

    Chapter 9

    I'm working on that part very soon, it'll be up soon as its finished. Thank you

    Chapter 9

    Yes, he is stubborn. The way he sees it is that he doesn't want to get Mason killed but I agree with you that he isn't giving Mason a chance but then again someone would have to intervene before he actually can't control himself anymore. Bastian wants Mason but he has insecurities and fears, rest assured these two will reunite sooner than we expected because obviously, both can't be away from each other for long.

    Chapter 9

    The missing element is Mason, yes but the thing is with these nightmares is that they aren't exactly nightmares but so much as the effects of leaving him behind. His animal is protesting the actions Bastian took by leaving Mason behind. I'm hoping I can get Mason's side to the effects he has been going through because I can guarantee you that he too has been through some heavy shit lol :). Thank you and yes I will finish this story however slow it takes.

    Chapter 9

    Bastian hadn’t ever thought this would be how he would he ever die, he wasn’t thinking about how much the pain was emitting in his body, he wasn’t thinking about the fact that it was ripping through his beast like a damn grenade, he could himself shatter from the inside. He was in trouble and everyone in that house knew it, the Prince could hear whispers among his friends but he was too far gone to focus on anything, on anyone around him. He could feel their worry, their fear for him. His claws sprung out of his fingers as he dug them into his mattress, he could feel them dig deeper into the smoothness and softness of the mattress, he looked at the ceiling for what seemed like forever until the door sprung open, his screams which turned into howls were heard from within the room and he thanked the Gods that the entire house had been sound proofed since they had extra activities in the house. The Prince tried to frown the moment his cousin walked in holding a tray of warm water, with a damp cloth and cold water. She sat on the bed as she hugged him to her wrapping her arms around his neck, she just sat there and comforted him in a loving way, she knew he could feel her there, she was wounded and hated what was happening to their beloved leader and friend. The moment she touched him, his skin vibrated of heat followed by shivers that were rare for the Prince, he was in pain and the more this happened the more the princess couldn’t help but wonder. Had they made a mistake? Had they made a terrible mistake that the Prince was now paying for? She closed her eyes the moment Bastian started the screams and howls once more but this time more painful, his eyes glowed deep blue which only meant his beast was climbing the walls, trying to break through his skin. She knew that Bastian was strong but she couldn't stand by and watch as he was being destroyed. Everyone in the house had started sleeping in the same room as the Prince, they couldn’t stop the pain but they at least could let the man know that he was surrounded by those that loved and accepted him like he was, he was loved. The pain was something new to him, it was ripping into his skin from the inside, burning his insides like a furnace. His body was in a battle with itself, his animal breaking bone. He wanted out, he wanted freedom and the pain would only get so much greater. He was nowhere ready to fight for control when he could feel weak, he could feel his human unable to gain control. He couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to and he hated that, he couldn’t control his own animal, not when their world had been crashing down around them. His distress alerted his friends but they had only watched on in fear of coming closer except for Luciana who hadn't moved from her original place. Her fingers kept brushing through his hair in comfort, his animal howling. Luciana looked at the others around the room “We should call Derek.” Drew shook his head “Bastian will kill us if we even try.” Taron flopped on the bed beside Luciana away from Bastian “It’s the mating call. We need to call and get his mate here or this will become more frequent and we’ll never get our mission done” Luciana looked down at her cousin still her arms around him “Getting his mate involved will for sure get us killed. He doesn’t know where he stands with Mason and getting him here will complicate things. He can handle this, he needs to do this.” Hale walked into the room holding the phone in his hand “We need to tell him when he wakes up from this. He’s in pain and the more he is away from Mason, the more this will become a problem. Bastian doesn’t want emotions clouding his judgment but this…this is big” He looked at the Prince “It’s bad enough he found out he’s basically being hunted by psychopaths who want to turn him into their own personal monster. The news might have triggered this.” Drew breathed “We’re not letting him do this alone. We all fucked up that day and if we fuck up again. Guarantee Derek will kick all our asses” Hale shook his head “Derek will shit bricks when he finds out all those fuckers didn’t die.” Bastian could hear voices around him, he wanted to come into the light and open his eyes but as he tried, he couldn’t. He needed to get out of this, he needed to find his way back. His mind kept replaying the meeting with Adam and the discovery. His future seemed bleak from where he stood, he knew his brother would die before anyone would ever drag him back to that hell but he couldn’t ask that of him. He hoped that Mason could understand because wherever he looked he would forever be hunted by those who wanted him for their own personal gains. Bastian being what he was scared him, he had tried to protect those around him, bled for them but it seemed all his efforts were for nothing. He was going to have to end it once and for all. There had been times in his life when he had thought he would lose control, he would kill and never become the man he once knew. After a night of pure torture and pain, he could feel his eyes finally flicker. He looked at the ceiling one more time and then felt the arms around him, the first feel of his body, his nose flared searching the room until he found the source, the scent belonged to Luciana and his friends. They were sleeping around him, they were all in the same room trying to give him the stability he needed to get out of what he was going through, whatever it was he had gone through. He wiggled himself out of Luciana’s grip, laying her on her side so she could sleep peacefully, he walked over to the bathroom so he could wash his face. He looked himself over in the mirror, the sweat he had accumulated since the nightmare at least he hoped it was a nightmare, he knew his need to avoid his nightmares would come back to bite him. He could feel the pull of the moon so he splashed water over his face one more time before drying himself off, brushing his teeth he walked out of the bathroom and sat on the bed watching over his friends. He felt Luciana wake before she opened her eyes “You shouldn’t have left Mason” He agreed with her but he wouldn’t tell her that “I don’t want him involved. If he gets killed it's my fault. I’m not having that.” She opened her eyes “What you went through, what you’ve been going through. Your animal is reminding you how much you need him. How much he needs you. Your animal is going to rip into your skin if you don’t make it right with your mate. He chose him and you chose each other.” Bastian shrugged “I almost destroyed my bed” Luciana chuckled “That and everything else here. You’re a Warrior Prince, cousin. Destroying a bed is hardly the only thing you’ll destroy I’m sure” “I know you wanted me to bring him with us but I wasn’t about to lead him to the slaughter. That would have been unfair. He will have a lot of chances of doing that for his pack.” Bastian turned to lay on his side so he could look at his cousin “When I kissed him goodbye, I just threw caution to the wind. This distance is good for us so we can both figure out what we want, where we want to take this. Rejection is not something I would take all too well especially from my own mate.” Luciana ran her fingers over his cheek “Darling if he ever did that, I’d kill him for you. No one ever gets to hurt my baby like that. Bastian, you are the most selfless person I have ever met and you would lay your life for someone else, he would never reject you. You’re basically the perfect mate. You may think you’re broken but so is everyone else. You’re not alone in this, you’ve got us and everyone else. We’ve got your back always.” “I want to find Trevor first before we got back. If we don’t, this will hang over my head for the rest of my life and I can’t. I promised Mason I would go back to him and I’ll keep that promise but first, we have a mission to get done. I’m not dropping this.” Bastian said as he smiled at his cousin “Besides if we don't find him, chances of things escalating are huge. We find him, we get what we want and we go back. Packs can't keep losing members like that, its slaughter.”

    Chapter 8

    It had only been two days since he had last seen his mate. He tried to distract himself with the hunt rather than sitting in a corner sulking. He couldn’t let his guard down, it wasn’t an option. The more he thought about the mission, the more he realized he needed to get his head in the game. The separation from his mate was doing a number on him. He could feel his mate even though their connection was faint since they hadn’t mated yet. He knew Mason could feel him as well. He tried hard not to tap into his mate’s emotions as much as he could. He wouldn’t do that to him; he wanted Mason to be happy; not thinking about him and hoping they saw each other again. Bastian wore an all-black suit. He knew the meeting with the Alpha could be either good or bad. The Alpha was an honorable man and the Royals respected him for his leadership skills, the way he led his pack into the new century, and that he accepted the fact that everyone was different. He hoped that the meeting would give them something. Bastian ran his fingers through his hair, he smirked as he looked at the mirror; he looked damn good, like a true Prince should. He rarely ever wore suits mainly because he never felt like himself and his individuality was important to him. He nodded at the man looking back at him in the mirror; he cracked a smile as he walked back to the bed to grab his wallet and phone. As he walked out of his bedroom, he greeted Taron. The lycan was looking rather neat himself with his own grey suit. They didn’t expect there to be fighting or a need to defend themselves; so, dressing up for a meeting with someone as respected as an Alpha was always something they all needed to do. They all cleaned up nicely, but none like Luciana. She wore a beautiful lattice detail choker neck dress with grey suede pumps finished by Vanessa Bruno Dugny oversized belted wool and cashmere-blend coat. The moment she had spotted him, she gave him a nod as she stood up from her chair. “Alright, let’s get going,” Bastian said as he took one final breath. The safe house was in an isolated area and no one knew where they were exactly. The High Lord Regent of all the covens, the strongest wizard around, had personally cloaked all safe houses from those who wished harm upon them. The drive towards the Alpha’s territory kept him deep in thought and the mumbles and the laughs in the background were faint for him. His head was spinning. He could hear Taron’s voice through the phone as Drew followed with a joke. The moment they got to the territory Bastian looked through the window and sighed, he needed to start acting like a Prince. Bastian opened the door for Luciana holding her hand as he closed the car door. He knew she was just as nervous as he was. They all were. He noticed the welcoming committee who waited for them to approach. “Welcome, my Prince and Princess.” The woman smiled as she bowed her head followed by the man standing beside her. Bastian noted they were probably mated by the way he stood beside her. “Royal Warriors, my name is Elena and this is my mate Stefan, the Alpha’s son. His brother is away on business,” she greeted as she bowed again along with the male. Luciana’s smile went wide. “Thank you, Elena and Stefan.” Bastian held her hand tighter than he had ever done, he needed to know that she was there. “Please lead the way,” he said. Stefan followed Elena but turned to look at Taron who was busy looking for weaknesses with the packs security. “You’re warriors?” Taron barely heard the question, but he answered anyway. “Yes, we’re born and bred. We keep the peace.” Stefan nodded finding it fascinating. “I’ve heard warriors rarely leave their King’s side.” Taron raised a brow but then smiled at Stefan. “We rarely ever do but the Prince is here and we must always be wherever he is. He is both a Prince and a warrior himself.” Stefan nodded in understanding. He had always admired the Royal Warriors who did what was necessary to protect them all. They were always there, but never seen; like a shadow. As they entered the Alpha’s home, Stefan smiled at his father and mother. They were both sitting waiting for their guests. His mother stood up the moment the guests entered, she bowed to them with a smile as Elena and her came with drinks. He knew Stefan was learning to be a leader a leader for his people; although his father would not retire quite, yet he needed to learn the ropes. The Alpha cleared his throat. “Welcome to my home, Warriors.” He didn’t single them out which Bastian liked. Bastian nodded he had always liked being called a warrior. He had worked hard to be what he was and the more he trained the more pride he felt. “Thank you, Alpha. We came as soon as we could.” The Alpha nodded, looking around the table. “Yes, some of my pack members were abducted. You returned those that were still alive, and they have some information that I think you would find useful in finding who is responsible.” Hale spoke up. “We returned three pack members. They were not looking too good. Bastian asked if you could take one more in and you agreed since he had no pack. Was he the one who had information?” The Alpha held his mate’s hand under the table. “Yes, Adam had more information to share than the others. He told me how the Prince saved him from being killed, how you all saved everyone when they all had lost hope. He never expected to survive; he didn’t know how much more he could take.” The Alpha met the Prince’s eyes. “He lives with us here. Stefan here has taken a liking to him as a little brother. He’s being well protected and no one will ever hurt him here. Stefan and Elena would never let anyone near him again but he asked if I could tell you what he told me. He is scared that something is coming and it’s not good.” Bastian picked up the glass in front of him and took a sip. “What does he want us to know?” The Alpha swallowed hard. “They were forced to fight to see who was strong enough to handle what they wanted to do to them. They were injected with something. Whatever it was, it made them different. Nobody made it. They died because they weren’t strong enough. Adam thinks they were trying to make a stronger being.” The Alpha looked at Bastian. “There was only one survivor from earlier trials. Adam says they are looking for patient X, the one they created with success. They want the venom of patient X or blood he isn’t sure but he knows they are looking for the one they were successful with because he and only he can create their new breed and lead his children.” Bastian could feel himself tense up; he knew who they spoke of and he knew this day would come. He felt like his entire healing was crashing down on him and he had no lifeline to hold on to. He was being hunted and suddenly everything came into place. He couldn’t go back to that place. He knew it would break him again and destroy everything he had rebuilt. He was going to lose his mate before he even had a chance with him. Bastian could feel his friend’s eyes on him. He could feel Luciana’s hand reach for his in comfort. They knew who it was the Alpha spoke of. Luciana spoke up. “May we see Adam please? I’m sure he would love to see us.” The Alpha nodded as Elena stood. She walked out of the room and after a few minutes came back with the boy Bastian had saved from getting killed. He smiled the moment he saw Bastian, who had stood up and turned to look at him. Before long Adam was in Bastian’s arms in a hug. Bastian was glad he was being taken care of and was in a pack that was as good as this one. Adam let go of Bastian as he sat beside Elena. “Adam, did you see these people who held you?” Luciana asked him. Adam nodded shyly. “Yes. They smelled like wolves. They had partners who I couldn’t see. They couldn’t stop talking about patient X. I would always listen in whenever they thought I wasn’t. They want to finish what they started and create a new breed. Whatever they tried, it never worked. They figured out a way to stop losing lab rats, which was us. They sent out hunters to smoke the one out, but came up empty.” Adam looked at the Prince. “They want someone they could control. They want to break us and turn us into monsters.” Bastian blamed himself now for all the werewolves that had been taken and died. This was his fault. They wanted him and they wanted him to know it. No one would walk out of this alive. He was sad and hurt because he knew his time was almost up. If they got their hands on him, he would be a danger to everyone he loved. He was aware that his mating bond was transferring his emotions to Mason, but he couldn’t help it. “I’m going to kill them all,” Bastian heard himself say. He didn’t even care that everyone in the room heard him. His friends knew he meant what he said; they understood the need he had. “They will never see the light of day again. Trial is not an option.” Taron nodded. “Thank you for your help, Adam. We’ll make sure you and everyone else never has to feel that pain ever again.” Adam smiled. “I’m eternally grateful to you all for being there before that guy killed me. You all saved me.” They all smiled at Adam and then turned to Bastian who sat there with his drink. He was thinking of a plan. Elena’s voice rose from the silence. “May I ask, I’ve always wondered, do royal warriors ever mate?” Drew met Elena’s eyes. “Yes, we do mate. In fact the Prince has recently found his mate.” “How can he bare being away from his mate?” Elena asked. Drew looked at Bastian. “His mate is an Alpha’s son, a future Alpha. They haven’t bonded yet. We mate whenever we find our soul mates. We are not made of stone” Elena nodded in understanding as she held Stefan’s hand squeezing it lightly. “Would you like to stay for dinner?” The Alpha-mate asked. Luciana gave the Alpha-mate a smile. “Yes, please. We have a long week ahead of us.”

    Chapter 7

    When Bastian arrived at the safe house, he couldn’t think straight. The only thing he was able to think about was Mason. Hopefully, he showed Mason just how much he wanted him when he kissed him. Hopefully, he has actions hadn’t pushed him away, his heart knew he wouldn’t be able to handle that. Bastian had made his choice; he chose his heart. He needed to be brave for both of them. He was ready to start their life together as a bonded pair. He wanted to show Mason all the dangers in his life, the fun of the chase, and all the interesting and enticing people they would come across. He knew in both his heart and mind that he belonged to Mason, just as Mason belonged to him. The kiss they shared before Bastian left almost caused him to rethink his decision about leaving Mason behind. In the end, he had no real choice, he had to go and do his duties as a Prince and a warrior. Protecting their kind was a responsibility he took seriously. He just knew how much pain others could inflict on them. He knew just how much that pain can change a man. Bastian wanted to make the world a better place to live. Bastian never expected to meet his mate while on vacation. He had enough to deal with trying to control both himself and his inner-beast. Meeting Mason was pure luck. But then again, fate worked in mysterious ways. He could no longer say that he was single but it was complicated. Complications normally frustrated him. However, this was something Bastian wanted to fight for. Granted, they both had a lot to learn when came to matters of the heart; but, Mason showed him just how much he wanted him too. That kiss was a testimony. He was determined to return to Mason, no matter what it took. He walked into his room and put his bags on the bed. He looked at the design of the room and thought that whoever had designed it knew what they were doing. He loved it. The room was perfect for him. He knew he would spend little time in the room since he had business to attend, but he would at least sleep on the bed. A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. He responded, “Come in,” while continuing to unpack his bag. There was no need to see who was at the door; he knew his cousin’s scent anywhere. She entered the room and threw herself on the bed, sitting cross-legged. She didn’t need to say anything. He knew what was on her mind. Ever since he met Mason, every conversation was about him and his mate. She had made it her personal mission to make sure he didn’t end up bitter and alone. She looked at him questionably. “Are you okay?” Bastian raised an eyebrow. “I’m okay, Or, at least, I’ll be okay.” She shook her head. “You know that’s not what I was asking.” “I’ll miss not seeing him every day. But I know, I’ll eventually get back to him. I’m okay, Lu. Kissing him wasn’t planned, but I couldn’t stop myself. I didn’t want to let him go.” He sat down beside her. “You know I basically threatened his ex.” Luciana chuckled for the first time. “You didn’t hurt him, did you? I mean I know how you get when someone challenges you for something.” Bastian looked at his cousin and then he threw himself on his back as he looked at the ceiling. “I would have if he annoyed any more than he did, but I behaved. I kissed him, Lu, and I had to leave. How insane is that?” Luciana looked at him “Pretty insane. But you were finally brave enough to show him how much you wanted him and the mating.” Bastian shrugged. He wasn’t in the mood to dwell on his mate any longer. He knew he that would lead to him thinking about and missing his mate more than he did. He needed control and to stay focused on the mission at hand. “Come on, the guys are waiting. We need to go over the game plan again so that nobody gets hurt this time.” As they entered the kitchen, they saw that Drew and Hale were busy preparing something to eat for all of them. He pulled out a chair for Luciana. They sat and watched the masters at work. They made it look more like a cooking competition than making dinner. Bastian nodded as Taron walked in holding a package of chips. He pulled up a chair and sat beside Bastian and looked at the view. He shook his head as he continued eating his chips. He didn’t want to comment because then another argument would ensue, so he kept his mouth shut. Bastian had always enjoyed his friend’s company. They had grown up together and were always there for each other. They trusted each other with their lives. They would never betray any of the others. They were lycans. They were not common werewolves, though many liked to label them as such. The fact that Bastian was even sitting in that kitchen was an achievement. After his kidnapping, it had taken him a long time to forgive himself for what he considered doing. There were times when he wished he hadn’t survived the whole ordeal. His family and friends would remind him that life was hard, but everyone had to fight for the life they wanted. He decided to live and find where he was heading before his world crashed on his head. He was never going to be okay with what happened. However, he found a way to live with it. He found a place of sanctuary and a way to live his life to make it full of worth. He wanted to be the Prince who everyone loved and adored. The Prince that always put his people before himself. He now had someone who he had to put first before everyone else. His life wasn’t his own anymore. He hoped that Mason would still be around after he learned about the things that had happened. He hoped Mason would be able to love him the way he needed to be loved.

    Chapter 6

    Mason didn’t want to watch his mate go, but he did. He stood there and watched as Bastian loaded up the things they would need for their mission. He watched as his mate laughed and joked. However, the moment the time came for them to bid them farewell, he saw his mate’s smile fade and the sadness he had tried so hard to mask with confidence showed. He wanted to make this temporary goodbye special, so he moved closer to Mason, looked into his eyes, took Mason’s face into his hands, and leaned in closer to his lips. The moment their lips met, Bastian didn’t want to let go. His first kiss with his mate and he was leaving him behind. As the kiss deepened, Bastian didn’t want to pull away. Finally, Bastian leaned back from his mate so he could see his face. “I’ll come back to you, Mason. Trust me,” his mate said as he kissed him one more time before he let him go. “I’ll always come back to you.” He got into the front seat of the black SUV as Luciana waved from the back seat. Then, Hale started the car and drove away, followed by Drew in another car. Mason knew right then he needed his mate more than he thought. I love him, that thought hit him like a ton of bricks. A kiss was all it took to finally make him realize it. He could feel his mother’s arms wrapping around him. She placed small kisses as she led him to the kitchen. He knew he would follow his mate anywhere in the world; the separation would kill him if anything ever happened to him. Bastian belonged beside him, he belonged in his arms where he would always be able to protect him and love him. He could feel his heart breaking, it broke bit by bit the farther his mate was from him. He needed to believe that he would come back. He knew he would never feel this kind of love for anyone else. Bastian was who he belonged with; who his heart and soul truly belonged to. Mason walked into the living room and sat down next to his mother. She had a plate full of snacks already prepared for him. She smiled warmly at her son and picked up a magazine. Instead of reading the magazine, she thought about her son. He was a master at hiding his true feelings to those around him. He would always pretend as if everything was okay, even if he was hurting inside. This time he couldn’t hide the hurt. She hated to see him in pain when she was powerless to help him. This was one of those times. This road he would have to walk alone, waiting for his mate to return. Bastian promised he would return, and sealed that promise by making the first move in their mating. Giselle looked at her watch. “It’s late. Goodnight, honey. Try to get some sleep, okay?” She stood up, kissed his forehead, and walked towards her bedroom. Mason picked up the plate his mother had sat out for him and started eating. The taste that hit his tongue brought a smile to his face. Since Bastion left, he had been ignoring the messages his stomach was sending, trying to remind him to eat something. He switched on the television and started some mind-numbing comedy that he didn’t even bother to catch the name of. He needed something to distract him and help pass the time until he was sleepy enough to go to bed. He barely heard the voices that came from behind him; his mind was too busy so he didn’t feel it necessary to pay attention to his surroundings. “Hey, you doing alright?” a concerned voice asked, pulling Mason out of his thoughts. He turned and saw the concerned faces of his friends. “What are you guys doing here?” Jesse laughed as he grabbed the plate from Mason’s hands. “Free food; plus we are worried about you.” Collin shook his head as he sat down on the couch. “We just wanted to see if you’re okay.” Mason sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Was he okay? Physically, yes. Emotionally, no. “I’m fine guys, seriously. My mate is a hundred kilometres away and I have no clue when he’ll be back. I don’t know how I’m going to function without him; even for a few days. I didn’t want to admit to myself that I love and need him. But when he kissed me, I knew that I couldn’t let him go. But, I didn’t stop him from leaving.” He rolled his eyes, berating himself for his stupidity. Jesse snorted. “And all it took was a kiss to make you realize this? If that’s the case, he should have kissed you a long time ago.” Collin added, “You can always call him,. Hale gave us their numbers and I’m sure you have his number. Call him so you can at least talk to him or see him, they have Skype you know.” Mason’s laugh lacked humour. “I don’t want to talk to him through a phone or Skype. I want to have him in my arms. Seeing him on Skype will drive me over the edge. I want to hold him in my arms.” Jesse finally broke the silence a few minutes later when he asked, “So how many do you think they’ve killed?” Collin shook his head. “To protect our kind from people who want to harm us? It doesn’t matter.” Mason grabbed the plate from Jesse and took a snack. “You guys think he’ll end up killing his ex?” Both Collin and Jesse looked at each other before Jesse spoke up. “Yes. Bastian doesn’t look like he tolerates people who make his life a living hell; especially those who come after him personally. Plus, he’s a Prince, he can’t let anyone get away with that.” Jesse looked at the television for a few moments. “You have one hell of a mate, Mase. He’s exactly who you need. Someone who can love you like you deserve. Someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He will be able to tame you. Oh, and I’m sure if he sees Josh hovering over him like a lost puppy again, he’ll do some real damage. Talk about possessiveness; he’s yours, Mason and you are his. The sooner you realize this, the better it can be for both of you. You are each other’s destiny.”

    Chapter 5

    Mason stood there uncertain of what to do. He felt like part of his soul was slipping away. He had tried to convince Bastian to stay behind; but his hard-headed mate had refused. Bastian was a protector first; he couldn’t allow his friends to walk into deaths trap without him there to have their backs. That was loyalty and a true warrior’s heart. Mason was not certain he could watch him walk out of his life, even if it was temporary. Mason walked into the kitchen and took a seat across from his mother, who was chopping some vegetables. She always looked so beautiful and radiant. Her smile comforted those around her. He could tell that she knew how he was feeling before he said anything. She was his mother, and she worried about him, just like every other mother out there. Giselle looked up at her son. “Being worried is normal, baby.” Mason sighed heavily, avoiding his mother’s gaze. “He doesn’t want me to come with him. I know why he refuses. All I can think is, what if I lose him before I get a chance to make this work? Before I could be who he deserves?” “He doesn’t want you to go with them because he knows what he is expecting; he cares too much to do that to you or your friends. He doesn’t want to expose you to the things they do to protect us from those that wish us harm.” Giselle turned to man her pot taking a big wooden spoon to taste. “Besides you’re a future Alpha, he knows that’s important to you.” Mason buried his face in his hands. “What happens if I lose him before we even had a chance? I don’t want that to happen. “He wouldn’t let that happen, he is far stronger than you give him credit for. The fact that you’ll be here gives him reason to come back. He wants to make this work, baby. Believe and hope that he will come back to you in one piece, and he will.” She smiled at Mason before picking up the knife to continue cutting. “I know this is hard, love. But trust that his friends will protect him as much as he will protect them” Mason nodded the truth behind his mother’s words would ring inside his head every single moment until Bastian returned. “You’re cooking a mighty big meal, ma. What’s the occasion?” Giselle didn’t look up at her son but instead smiled to herself. “They need a home cooked meal before they leave. Hotel food is just not same. Jesse and Collin are coming as well. They’ve taken a huge liking to the lycans.” ***** Bastian and Hale sat in front of the Alpha and his council. Bastian knew they should have requested this meeting before they became too comfortable. He needed to get his head in the game; they couldn’t afford to lose anymore time than they already had. He needed to tell Alpha Isaac about the kidnappings of the packs; he doubted anyone would dare trespass on the lands that belong to a Delgaard, but he needed them to be aware. Bastian couldn’t understand what was happening, he had never been this nervous about anything but he avoided calling this meeting for a reason. Finally, the thought occurred to him that maybe it had to do with meeting formally with his soon-to-be-father-in-law. “There have been people who have been stealing or rather kidnapping pack members, we have returned some and helped the others. We believe whoever is doing this is trying to get The Prince’s attention somehow.” Hale said, looking the elders straight in the eye with respect. “We aren’t sure yet, but we need to go for a few days to find the first piece of the puzzle and hopefully get some understanding about why this is happening.” Hale’s voice was calm, no sign of nerves. The man sure knew how to get what he wanted to say across. “Do you mean to tell us that packs are in danger?” Alpha Isaac’s beta, John, asked. Bastian shook his head “Not really, whoever is doing this is taking members from the low ranks. Everyone knows that the Royal family protects all packs and lone wolves. Nobody would dare attempt this unless they were seeking a painful death.” “We have given the Alpha our phone numbers in case there is something happens while we are gone. We are only a call away. We will do everything in our power to protect our kind. Remember, warriors never put themselves first, but they put others first,” Hale said with pride. “My Prince.” Bastian’s head turned to the other pack elder. “Are you well? I mean will you be fit enough to go on this mission?” Bastian gave the elder a warm smile. “I’m well, thank you. I will be fine, I can hold my own. We would like to have one of us stay behind, but I know that we will need all the help we can get.” Alpha Isaac cleared his throat. “When would it be appropriate to tell the pack about your true identities?” Bastian thought for a moment before he met Isaac’s gaze. “It’s going to have to be soon since my family is coming down, but not yet. We need a little more time. Maybe when we come back. They will also need to know other things but for now those are not so important.” “We want to thank you all for your hospitality, especially Alpha Isaac. We will never forget this. Hopefully when we return, we will have good news,” Hale added Alpha Isaac smiled “You’re welcome, boys. Now I think it’s time we adjourned. We will wait to hear from you.” ***** Mason watched as his mate and Hale walked out of the hall. Bastian looked worried, something Mason had not yet seen from him. Hale flashed him a smile followed by a pat on the back. The worried look disappeared from his face and a reassuring smile replaced it. Mason watched as Bastian smiled and laughed with his friend. He wished he was the one that made him laugh like that. Bastian then answered his phone and the smile vanished. He allowed Hale to walk ahead of him Frustration and anger were evident in his mate’s face. He was ready to explode. But then something happened; Bastian looked in Mason’s direction and a smile crept up onto his mate’s lips. “Come on, Bastian.” Mason watched as Luciana took the phone from his mate. “We’ll deal with it in a few hours. Ciao.” Luciana ended the call. Bastian looked at his cousin. “You’ll be the death of me,” he said pulling his cousin close to him as they walked towards the house. ***** The dinner looked like something that Bastian had seen only during the holidays or event. It was clear that the Alpha-mate, Giselle, had spent an entire day cooking and baking. Bastian took the seat beside Mason. He knew his mate would appreciate having him closer, even if it was for one moment. He wanted, no needed, to tell Mason how much he meant to him. How much he knew deep down inside he truly loved him. He just wasn’t sure how to say it. Love scared Bastian because he was afraid of opening his heart to someone who could possibly hurt him and shatter his hope. He wanted to give Mason the benefit of the doubt. “Are you all set? Your hotel reservations ready?” Giselle asked. Bastian smiled at her. “We’re all set, but we’re not staying at a hotel. Too many humans…we’re staying at one of the safe houses. It’s easier and safer for everyone.” The table fell into silence after that. “Thank you for your hospitality, Alpha Isaac and Giselle. We’re truly thankful for what you’ve done for us,” Bastian said, trying to diffuse the silence. Alpha Isaac smiled and nodded. “We’re honoured, Bastian. It has been good having guests. Giselle gets to cook, which is something she enjoys.” Hale smiled. “She’s an awesome cook. She puts Luciana to shame” Luciana growled at Hale. “I’m a skilled warrior, Hale. I can cook; but since we move so much, I hardly have time.” “Are you okay, Bastian?” Giselle asked. He gave a faint smile. “Yes, thank you. I just have a lot on my mind.” He couldn’t do it, he knew something was on the horizon and the more he felt it the more he wanted to warn everyone but he didn’t know where it was coming from. Bastian always trusted and followed his gut, but he didn’t want to lead everyone to a trap. He wanted everything to go smoothly enough that he could return and fix his mating. He needed to mate with Mason; now he knew that for certain. His beast was relentless; he could feel it from within, and he knew he was in for a world of hurt the moment he could shift again. He needed to be able to shift to protect his kind, he needed his beast and himself to be united for strength. Bastian’s beast would not yield until he was mated with his true mate, the one he was leaving behind. He didn’t want Mason involved. His mate was strong, he knew that. Mason could fit well in his world; but he wasn’t ready to have someone to worry about. Bastian had made small talk and laughed with everyone. He knew the time to leave was nearing. He smiled as he excused himself from everyone; he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was coming. He walked outside and towards one of the black SUV’s. He opened the door and sat there, unable to restrain his thoughts. Fear crept up into him like a flood. Thoughts and images of what had happened when he was kidnapped overwhelmed him. The lashes on his back, the torture, the pain and then hopelessness and defeat. He was worried and for the first time, one would say he was scared. He couldn’t admit it to himself; not when he needed to be his A-game. He just sat there in the car with the door opened. He needed some air and sometime so he could be alone with his thoughts. His thinking was interrupted when he heard, ““Hey, you okay?” Bastian shook his thoughts away as he faced Josh. “I’m fine. What’s up, Josh?” “Oh, nothing. Just wondering what you’re doing here all alone” Josh asked. Before Bastian could answer, another voice spoke up. “He’s not alone” Both Josh and Bastian looked at Mason who stood there with Collin. “Ah, you boys seem to be everywhere,” Josh said to the two men. Collin shrugged. “You should leave now, Josh” Josh rolled his eyes. “Why? We were just becoming friends” Mason shot Josh a look. “Because, if I see you near him again, you’ll have me to deal with.” Josh knew better than to argue with Mason, his voice said everything. He noticed the possessiveness in Mason’s voice which intrigued him. In all the time they had dated he had never been that possessive of him. Josh looked at Bastian and then back at Mason who looked at Bastian with concern and worry. Josh turned and walked away knowing he was no match for both Mason and Collin; he was outnumbered and outranked. “Ex of yours?” Bastian asked Mason. Mason tensed up. “Yes” “Relax, Mason. I’m not going to throw a fit every time one of your exes come up,” Bastian said. “But if he comes anywhere near me again. I’m going to tear him apart with my teeth,” Bastian warned.

    Chapter 4

    It's getting rather strong which is getting fun to write and I'm keeping my lips sealed but what I can say is shit will hit the fan in the foreseeable future. Vampires are key in all of this but not in anyway one thinks, Josh doesn't truly have much but he has his eye on Bastian something fierce.

    Chapter 4

    The walk deeper into the woods seemed to have been dragging on somewhat. Whenever he had the chance, Mason would steal glances at Bastian. He watched as he flashed an intoxicating smile towards Hale and Luciana. This man was finding ways of creeping into Mason’s heart every time he looked at him. He wanted, no needed, to make things work with Bastian. He needed to become the person Collin knew he could be. The laugh he heard coming from Bastian made this every bit as hard as Mason imagined it would be. He needed to stop being an idiot and open himself up to Bastian. His wolf approved of the game plan, bringing a sense of ease to Mason. His wolf wanted to claim what was his, before others started to get ideas. Once they were all deep enough in the woods that they were certain nobody would bother them, the lycans and wolves looked at each other. Bastian walked past everyone followed closely by Luciana. Using his heightened others sense of smell and hearing, he made sure that nobody was going to interrupt them; the last thing he needed was someone witnessing the training. Certain they were alone, he turned and grinned uncontrollably as he locked eyes with Taron, who seemed to know what he was thinking. “Alright guys, give us some room,” Taron said as he grinned at Hale. Bastian took off his sweater. “Those of you who want to go for a run, can. Taron and I are going to do our own little training.” He saw the looks of confusion from the wolves but shook them off. Mason looked around the group and asked, “What’s going on? I thought we were going to go for a run.” Hale shook his head. “Sometimes, Bastian and Taron like to get the ball rolling by doing a little warm-up. Now, please no one get too agitated; we are just having fun.” He was obviously worried about the wolves. Bastian watched as the group gave them more room. This kind of training could be brutal at times, but it helped more than one would have thought. As he walked toward Luciana, he pulled his cell phone and other devices out of his pocket to hand to her. Bastian watched as Taron stood on the other side waiting for him. He took a deep breath and was ready for anything. Taron was a very calculating individual. His huge body and strength gave him an advantage. However, Bastian knew Taron well and knew what to expect. Bastian noticed when Taron nodded his way. “Don’t hold back,” Bastian said with a devious grin. “I never do,” replied Taron with a smirk. Taron nodded again and positioned himself. He charged towards Bastian with all of his might. He watched as Bastian calmly stood there waiting. As Taron got closer to The Prince, Bastian suddenly ran towards Taron. Before Taron could reach for him, Bastian jumped over Taron’s head and was on Taron’s back in an instant, forcing him to the ground. The attack was just the beginning for both; however, they both knew there would be no winners or losers today. This was about training to better themselves. They were both in their human forms. Taron recovered quickly and then lunged at Bastian again. This time he held on to Bastian and threw him The Prince, however, landed on his feet. Taron grinned at Bastian. Bastian shook his head as he ran straight at Taron, who threw a punch at the Prince. Bastian deflected the hit. Bastian managed to get Taron on his back, and grinned down at him. . They heard the approval of the others through their applause and whistles. When Bastian got distracted momentarily by Luciana’s cheering, Taron flipped him over and threw him towards their cheering fans, landing on Luciana. Once they were up, she observed, “Your shirt’s torn.” “Shit.” He ripped it off with one move. The wounds that he received from the whips and cuts had healed, leaving scars in their place. They were a constant reminder of the hurt he went through. The wolves gasped audibly when Bastian handed his shirt to Luciana. Bastian knew they had questions, which he was not ready to answer just yet. He walked towards Taron and commanded, “Shift.” Taron having never been embarrassed of his body, walked towards the guys, stripped, and laid his clothes on the ground. He then shifted. The beast that stood before them was a magnificently beautiful creature. Bastian’s eyes glowed deep blue as his beast was awoke. He was ready to give it his best shot. Mason watched in awe at what unfolded in front of his eyes. He was amazed at the skill his mate possessed. When Bastian turned his back, Mason was again shocked by the number of scars that covered his back. He didn’t realize at first that he was growling. His wolf was pissed to see this permanent reminder of some past pain. “What happened to him?” He heard himself ask. Hale, Drew and Luciana looked at each other. “That happened when they kidnapped him,” Luciana said, saving both Hale and Drew from answering. “Why haven’t they healed?” Jesse asked. Hale sighed, “They mixed wolfsbane and silver together and that is the result.” Drew continued, “He doesn’t’ talk about them the memories are too painful.” The pang of regret was obvious in all of the lycans voices. Mason watched his mate closely. He at least looked happy. He was smiling and laughing despite landing on his ass a few times. He wondered how long it took for his mate to find that happiness after he returned from enduring so much pain. A vibrating nose snapped him out of his thoughts. He watched as Luciana looked at Bastian’s phone. “Time out, boys. B, it’s your brother.” Bastian bolted towards her and took his phone. Before he answered, he turned to Drew and said, “Your turn. Give him hell.” Drew nodded before he was standing in front of Taron who still hadn’t shifted back to his human form. Taking a deep breathe Bastian answered the call, “Hey bro. What’s the word?” As the conversation progressed, Bastian got angrier and angrier. Finally, he said, “I’m going to rip his throat out.” More was said on the other end before Bastian replied, “I’m always careful, big brother. I never told him I was the Prince. I didn’t want him to try to make me his mate. You send some hunters from your side and we’ll hunt from this side. If he’s still pissed, finding him will be easy. I won’t hesitate to get the answers I want from him if he was involved.” Bastian noticeably relaxed, until he tensed up before he said, “I wanted to do it face to face. Just don’t tell anyone else yet. If someone out there is after me I need this finished first.” He heard the worry in his brother’s voice. “I’ll be fine, bro. Send my love to Cam and Dahlia and mom and dad for me. Tell them I’m fine.” A few moments later, the call ended and Bastian called for Taron and Drew to join them. “There’s no way for me to say this gently so here goes ―” He swallowed hard. “We need to leave for a couple of days. We have a meeting with an Alpha, then a few days hunting for one person and with what he can give us, maybe more.” “Who are we hunting?” Hale asked. Bastian sighed “Trevor. We are to keep him alive; we need to get the information he knows. Then he’s fair game.” “Who is Trevor” Collin asked. “An asshole ex,” Bastian replied. “More like a one night stand” “Why are we going after him?” Drew asked. “He knows something about the pack abductions and about me apparently. He’s been barking so loud that someone took notice. It wasn’t an accident we were at that club while the fight was going on. Someone wanted us to take notice. I want to know why.” Bastian knew he was getting angrier and needed to calm down. Taron nodded “Somebody needs to do some research on that Stone guy back at the club. I don’t trust him.” “You need to be able to shift, Bastian. This can turn bad fast” Hale said. Bastian agreed. “I’ll be able to shift by then. If someone’s trying to get to me, then fuck it. I’m not hiding.” Even though he knew they would help, he couldn’t ask the wolves to go with them. Their world was dangerous. Especially when it came to catching people who committed crimes against their kind. He turned to the assembled group and smiled a killer smile. “I thought you all were going on a run.” ***** Mason could feel his wolf’s pain when he thought of Bastian leaving his side. Mason knew that the nightmares would come back the moment his mate left. He wanted Bastian where he could see him and protect him. Bastian was the most precious possession Mason had. He couldn’t lose that; he couldn’t let him leave. He watched as the lycans separated and stripped out of the clothes. Then they all shifted into their animal forms, except for Bastian and himself. He walked over to Bastian. The pride in his eyes as he watched everyone shift was beautiful. “You miss it?” Mason asked. Bastian nodded. “Yes, my animal is trying to rip through my skin trying to get out.” Mason understood all too well, he knew the hell he was in. “Why can’t you stay? Your friends can go in your place?” Bastian knew what he was asking. However, no matter what kind of pain he was in, he was never one to back away from something. “I push through the pain.” He wanted to laugh but he didn’t . “I can’t let them do this alone. I need to be there too, I would fight till the death for my friends and family and they would do the same for me. I will be fine, I promise.” Mason snorted. “You can’t promise that. I don’t want you to leave” “I will be back, Mason. Don’t worry. It’s just a few days and then we’ll fix this,” Bastian said smiling. “It’ll give both of us time to think about us.” He was right. He looked at his mate and asked, “Have you ever been in love, Bastian?” Bastian shook his head “No, I’ve always thought love was too damn fickle, so I closed myself off to it. I’ve always told myself instead of love, I would believe in lust at first sight. It seemed better for me. No one has been enough for me to want more.” Mason chuckled “And now?” “I’m having second thoughts” Bastian said, smiling at his mate.

    Chapter 3

    It wasn’t a dream he told himself that the second he woke up from his sleep, he had felt Mason’s arms around him which meant he had sneaked in after he had slept from the long day he had. Brushing the thought of Mason’s naked body against his and his lips on his, Bastian got himself out of bed as he continued to think about his mate, that boyish smile that seemed to wash away Bastian’s worries and that beautiful erotic scent, he had tried to imagine a life with him in it but it seemed like couldn’t do much other than dream. Bastian laughed as Luciana barged in shutting the door behind her, she jumped on the bed exactly where Mason had slept. The scent now he would be forced to sleep with a scent that drove him crazy. She laid her head on the pillow as she took a whiff she giggled “Cousin, you slut you” She giggled again. Bastian shook his head “I was too beat for that” He waited for another one of her many lectures as he pulled out yet another pair of gym clothes since all they would be doing all day was nothing but training. Luciana jumped from the bed and slapped the back of her cousin’s head playfully “When exactly are you ever going to stop and accept love? You’re not getting any younger, ya know? You also can’t reject a mating and because I’m a great cousin…I will never let you hurt yourself and let go of a perfect thing like Mason” He raised an eyebrow “What makes you think he wants to as you call it ‘be my perfect thing’? Luciana laughed “Boy you’re so damn blind it’s crazy” She smiled rolling her eyes annoyingly “Get dressed. You and I are first going to take a little walk without the three stooges. I mean I love them with my life but this is between me and my cousin” With him dressed they both sneaked out of the house, he gave her a smile as he pulled her close to him. His arm was resting on her shoulder, he watched her as if she was in serious conversation with herself. His cousin was all business when it came to him, she protected him like her family but she also gave him room to breathe instead of pulling on the hammer. She pulled her cousin’s arm using a finger before she again burst out laughing. She and Bastian always had the best of times together, they had grown up surrounded by love and life and they had never cared about the future. He remembered her telling him about her dream meeting her Prince Charming. The many sleepovers they had had and the amazing hide and seek games they always managed to pull Derek in and sometimes his father and mother. Luciana had grown up in his home, her father had worked as the Commander of the Lycan Warriors who always protected everyone as a result while had been there for her, and he had allowed her to stay with Bastian and her mother’s family. Luciana had lost her mother when she was only six years old, she promises she remembered her but then both had been so young that neither had questioned her. Luciana had moved in permanently and her father also moved in, Bastian’s father couldn’t let his younger sister’s family live alone when they had a family. As a result, Luciana had been named Princess and she took her crown seriously, she had always had a close relationship with Bastian’s mother who turned into her mother as well. They had always been two peas in a pod especially when they had their arguments and fights which never took too long to mend once both had vented enough. As they sat on the grass they both turned to each other something they always did when the other had something important to share “When are you going to forgive yourself, Bastian? You keep blaming yourself for what they did to you that you worry that anyone who so much as shows an interest in you will never accept you. You’re a Prince, you’re amazingly handsome, athletic built and your smile compared with your charm drives everyone crazy and because I’m your cousin I won’t say you’re hot but you are. You have amazing eyes which sometimes I swear can look into everyone’s souls. You have a heart of gold and a Prince that everyone loves you. You are so selfless and you help everyone who needs help.” She didn’t look at her cousin instead she carried on “I worry sometimes that you’ll end up alone and rule our species with no one to love you in return. You’re so strong, a hell of a fighter and the fact that you’re….you’re different doesn’t mean you can’t be loved. You need to let others show you what love truly is...you need to open yourself to being loved in return. I love you, cuz and I know you love me but you need to at least have hope and faith for Mason as well. You might not realize it but both of you need each other more than you care to realize. He is the yin to your yang if you catch my drift” “I’m not just different, Lu. I’m a different kind of breed. A deadly monster that no one would ever accept and when those people stole me from my home, from my family they made me into this, I was happy until they dared nature. They turned me into an experiment a lab rat. My kind accepts me as both but Mason…his pack―” He really didn’t even want to think about it. He wouldn’t allow it. Not if he can avoid it like the plague as he always said. “Will accept you because you are and never will be just his mate but you will be an Alpha-mate and a Prince who soon will take over the throne.” Luciana said hoping he heard her “I know he also has reservations about love and mates in general but at the end of the day you’re his and he is yours. The family and I love you to death and I know so will Mason, you just need to be patient. Let your heart heal and one by one knock out one brick at a time” She patted the back of one of his hand before she flashed a sincere smile at him. Bastian sighed in defeat the worst thing for this would be for him to start a war with Luciana when even he knew she was right “I’m pretty sure he was in my bed last night. I just hoped it was a dream” He confessed watching her glow with excitement. Standing up she pulled him with her “He did that too when you were out from that wolfsbane. Apparently, he sleeps better with you in the same bed, his mother says lately he’s been having trouble sleeping but that first day we took you there, his mother says that was the first good night sleep he's ever had since a few weeks” Pulling her close to him, he once again rested his arm on her shoulder as she once again played with his fingers “I heard about the sleeping thing. I didn’t put anything into it.” Walking into the Black Valley Pack houses, Luciana and Bastian had already been laughing trying to somehow find a solution for his cold dead heart which he loved making fun of. It was a joke he loved, every single time he’d watch a movie or read something he would snicker and complain about happily ever after’s existence except the entire forgiveness which is always done wrongly. He loved screaming at the television whenever they were all together. Bastian laughed as he looked at her, she was still playing with his fingers both still laughing and smiling. That was the Prince and the Princess everyone back home had always said, they were always seen together and rarely seen without the other. Bastian watched as someone smiled standing in front of them both, he looked Bastian straight in the eye and Luciana shook her head amazed at the charming ability her cousin had and yet seemed oblivious to. “You’re one of the newcomers, aren’t you?” The boy asked. Bastian noticed the way he was looking at him so he nodded “Yup, you’re a curious one. This is Luciana” Luciana smiled at him with a warm smile that never faltered. “So what is your name then, mine is Josh?” “Bastian and that guy keeps waving you over. We don’t want to hold you up” Luciana both looked at each other trying to rid the guy from their presence. Hale appeared out of nowhere and stood next to Luciana making her be the one in the middle, Josh seemed a little uneasy by the new arrival of the big guy so he scurried off towards the guy Bastian had mentioned. Hale lifted his shoulders up indicating he didn’t know anything, the three walked towards the Alpha’s home in laughter and talk. Hale nudged Luciana “You talk to him then?” Luciana nodded adding a wide smile “This is great. My friends in cahoots, you know I expected this from Derek and father instead of my close best friends. You both hurting my poor dead heart” He laughed. Hale made a face but Bastian knew that all of them had been worried about him for good reasons, they were his closest friends but also they cared “That’s exactly what we’re worried about. Your cold dead heart” Laughing and making jokes all the way towards their guest home, he still had his arm around Luciana and she never seemed to mind about it. This had been what they always did when they took walks or just walked in general with guards following them close by. As they walked into the house they spotted Alpha Isaac and his mate indicating that breakfast was waiting for them, Bastian had always offered to make breakfast but then she had refused because of the trouble but his mate's mother refused outright declaring a Prince should not be killing himself hovering over a stove period. “Who was that guy anyway?” Hale asked puzzled. Joining Mason, Drew, Taron, Jesse and Collin on the table he looked at Hale “Hey, you know as much as we do…He said it was Josh. Apparently, he’s curious about us and the way he was looking at me, I’m gonna erase that from my memory” He let go of Luciana as she sat next to him unable to see the anger that rose from Mason at the mention of the name. Heads turned towards Mason but Bastian didn’t really notice the eyes that focussed on his mate especially coming from Collin and Jesse as if a secret was discovered “So tomorrow you heal entirely so ―” Taron was cut off immediately by Hale “No drinking and no celebrations, Taron. You know the drill.” He flashed the other a devious smirk “Not until he’s in better shape.” “You know I’m right here.” Bastian pointed out rolling his eyes “You guys wanna come with us? We usually celebrate not being dead after one of us has healed. It would be fun if you came with us.” He asked his mate and his friends who seemed to have been having a conversation. He was inviting them to a night at least that was progress for him and Luciana couldn’t fault him because he was trying putting an effort like she wanted from him, Bastian wanted to spend some time with Mason, observe him in the wild where he could let loose and be himself around him without being tense and guarded everywhere he went, where not much was expected of him but just letting loose. Collin nodded picking up a glass of orange juice in front of him “Yes, we’d love to join. So where did you guys go this morning?” Luciana and Bastian looked at each other smiling like two kids who’d found treasure “Uh, she dragged me out of bed so we can have our daily heart to heart talks in the woods but Hale found us when we were held hostage by Josh” That name again. Mason’s wolf was starting to get too edged up. Mason stood up from his chair, he walked out of the living room as Collin followed him and Jesse stayed behind, the wolf had gotten so used to the Lycan’s that it seemed normal for him to be around the group of friends. He enjoyed their company and the fact that they always seemed to be happier and able to make as many jokes as he was. It was a breath of fresh air for him he couldn’t stop laughing whenever Taron started with his jokes and then Drew joined him this time making fun of their epic failures in a club back home, it seemed like it happened a lot. **** Mason couldn’t breathe when all he wanted was to go back, back to when life was simple for him and not this complicated. Josh met Bastian and the fact that his former lover was taking an interest in his mate was making his wolf angry, he would lose control sooner than later where Josh was concerned if he carried on fucking Bastian with his eyes. He kept on reminding him that he was not in love but every single time he told himself that the spark of belief faded with every word, he was jealous which could only mean one thing, love. Mason wanted to tear Josh apart. Collin leaned against the doorframe “You’re alright?” No. He was furious “Yes. I just needed to get out there” Co. walked into the room and shut the door behind him “You’re a crap liar, Mason. You’re pissed Josh got to Bastian without you there to fend him off, aren’t you?” Damn, his friend knew him better than he thought “I can’t handle these feelings, Co. I can’t handle this because if this is love then, I want nothing from it” Co. pulled a chair looking into those sparkling brown eyes that were filled with worry and anger “You’re the one who said you wanted a friend and not a mate, my friend. No one ever said love was easy especially if you closed the door on it years ago.” Co looked at his friend “He won’t wait forever, Mason. He’ll leave and you will never see him again and you’d have lost your one chance at true and sincere happiness plus an Alpha needs a mate” “What do you want me to do, Co.?” “Show another side of you to him and get Josh to back the hell off what’s yours because if you don’t. He’ll never stop. You heard what Bastian said. He cornered them and when Josh wants someone he usually gets that someone” Co. comforted his friend more or less trying to steer him in the right direction where he knew where his heart truly lied “You sneak in to feel his body against yours as he sleeps but you never stay so he can wake up with you there. This won’t go anywhere if you both don’t stop your bullshitting” Collin had spoken with Luciana, she and the others had been well receiving of the others adopting them into their everyday tomfoolery. Collin had especially gotten to know Bastian, the man behind the title “Hey, would I ever steer you wrong?” He flashed a grin at his friend before they both swung their heads towards the door. “Guys, we’re going for the run. You ready?” Jesse and Drew were standing beside each other breathing heavily a spark of excitement in their eyes. The Prince was his Mason reminded himself.

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    Chapter 2

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