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  1. I discovered this site about a year ago, but I've only just decided to join. I love reading the stories on here, and maybe one day I'll write one as well, who knows?
  2. Games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age always draw me back in because of the different choices you can make, with an almost completely different experience the next time you play. Like, the paragon and renegade system in the Mass Effect trilogy.
  3. I was about 11, and it was this boy called Scott, although I just wanted to be his friend, I didn't fully realise at the time I was in love with him. Then, when I was about 13 there was a boy called Alex, that I used to watch undress out of the corner of my eye, when he was in the locker room during P.E. lessons, I think that was when I fully realised that I was gay.
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