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  1. Randolphe

    Chapter 14

    "If you got this far - thanks for reading " Be sure I enjoyed every chapter and despite of all those tears that keep running down my face every once in a while I will definitely not stop reading till the very last word of this "Book".
  2. Randolphe

    Chapter 1

    Call me a whatever you want to. Here I sit with tears running down from my eyes after reading this chapter. Maybe I'm all too emotional but I really cannot suppress the urge of reacting (neither do I want to suppress it). You wrote a REALLY GREAT start and I do hope you will keep up the high standard. However if all chapters are that breathtaking with so much of emotions I fear I can only manage to read but 1 chapter a day.
  3. Randolphe


    Het zou voor mij natuurlijk het gemakkelijkste zijn om mijn review in het Nederlands te schrijven maar aangezien Engels hier de voertaal is ...... In fact it was Ivor Slipper that brought me to your stories and I'm gratefull he did. First please allow me some kind of "off topic" remarks. I was very pleased of you mentioning Sint Maarten as a counterpart to Halloween. I experience it as to be a loss with us tending to give up our own 'traditions' (e.g. Sint Maarten en Sinterklaas) in exchange for foreign customs. Thank you very much for this beautiful story. Once again with your style of writing you managed to take me completely in into this 'Nightmare". Knowing a bit of Amsterdam it was easy to follow Coby and David on their ways and as you 'painted' it all so vividly I could nearly feel all of their love, fear, anxiety (and all other sentiments). Thanks again 😍
  4. Randolphe

    Chapter 1

    Sad, because it made me think of the last days of Luka, the sweetest dog you can imagine; she passed away a year ago at the age of 14Β½. But then again THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the lovely piece that also brought back all the good memories of all the dogs I had in my entire life (66 years now ).
  5. Randolphe

    Warming Up

    Relatively new to GA I only just read your story and I liked it very much. Like others I do hope this is like a 'warming up' for some other chapters following. As for now I guess you found a new 'follower' in me 😍
  6. Randolphe

    Chapter 36

    I totally agree to this comment. It has been only a few weeks since I came across GA (and I'm very glad about itπŸ˜„). In this short period I have been reading all chapters of "Billy Chase Chronicles" and of "Jesse - 101" and "Kiss of an Angel", as well as some "short" stories Comicality wrote ( am I an addict??? ). Today I am on the "New Kid"-book. Okay, I do not read EVERY description about how the 'actors' have sex, but that does not mean that it bothers me or that I'm experiencing it as to be 'fillers'. In Dutch there is a saying:"De beste stuurlui staan aan wal" which is litteraly translated: The best drivers are on shore. It means that it is easy to say how someone should act or to criticize when they are not faced with the difficulty themselves. I guess Mark E Gower should better ask himself whether he is a better autor than Comicality before he comes up with a non-supporting comment. As well as the autor is entitled to write the story in the way he wants to put it, the reader has the right to skip any part he does not want to read (or maybe even STOP reading whatever the autor publishes).With sincere greetings from The Netherlands I would like to say to Comicality: I very much appreciate (or should I write LOVE?) what you are writing and I will keep on following you!!! Warm hugs. 😍
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