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  1. AkiSami

    Chapter 4

    I think at the part where they are asking Walter to be their Man of Honor its should be "It was your words and counsel that brought us together." And not "together abd counsel" ? I could be wrong XD PS: I love your stories. Reread them a couple times already and still love them. Please continue to write more.
  2. Great story!!! I definitely will support a second book should you decide to write more. P.S: while using spell check is nice, it doesnt exactly edit and fixes your errors. There were many places where words were replaced with other the sound the same but with totally different meaning. Sometimes a word or two are missing altogether. I recommend re-reading what you wrote instead of just clicking spell-check. Other than this, please continue your great work. I love your stories <3
  3. AkiSami

    Not Acting Beta

    Wow i love you so much. I've been a loyal fan since Literotica. Im so glad I found you here at 3 am this morning. Love this series to the point I've re-read the first two parts at least 10 times. Please keep up the good work. P.S: get your stories publish into books!!!! For real!!!!
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