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  1. Bndmetl

    Chapter 21

    Loved it Wesley. So glad you're writing again. I've missed JAM. The whole cast of characters really. Can't wait for more!! I hope your 2019 is going well.
  2. Lucky fella. This is probably one of my favourite chapters. It's nice seeing Jamie thinking about ahead of time instead of living from reaction to reaction. Great job mate.
  3. I'd say great chapter but you made me teary and that's just mean.
  4. Bndmetl

    Chapter 15

  5. After a few pretty rough days, it was time to hide out in this apartment, for a night at least. So, pizza ordered and the six pack I’d bought at the bottle shop cooling nicely in the mini-fridge, I picked up the remote and scanned the guide. I became resigned to the sad fact that there was nothing on the television - public or cable - that I wanted to watch, nothing to distract me. Looking aimlessly around the room I spotted the paperwork the police had given us when we took Katie to make her statement. Might as well look through that while I wait for my pizza. So I grabbed a Heineken and popped the top off while spreading out the paperwork over the coffee table. “Guess at least here I can read… think, well try and think, without Ember flooding my mind, or Katie, fuck there is so much going on I’m struggling with which way is up.” My God! I’ve started talking out loud to myself now. Fuck my life. Taking a swig of beer and letting it slide down my throat, calming me, I realized I’m so grateful to the hospital for contacting the police when Katie had been taken to the emergency room by ambulance. I’m guessing it was part of their automatic reporting protocols, but still it was nice not to have made t-h-a-t call. Katie hadn’t been ready to give a statement initially when she went into the ER, but their onsite counsellor and the experienced police officers helped her, so at least that’s all sorted now. The police put in place an emergency Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) against Sean. He’s not allowed near her or to contact her in any way for seventy two hours. Then we can ask the court to extend it for whatever length she needs. Thank God, the process has been made easier for the victim, plus it’s good that she’s staying with her mother at the moment; I have a feeling Sean is too much of a coward to attempt to go there, but that address has been listed with a one hundred meter exclusion zone, so if he does show up, he’ll be charged with breaching the order and his ass will be snapped up and made someone’s new boyfriend in the lockup. Funnily enough he never mentioned that he’d been approached by her family. Hmm, weird. Not that I care if he does. I’ll happily take all responsibility and keep the others out of it, just keeping my brother calm will be the challenge. Sean is being charged with domestic violence whether Katie wanted it or not, the visible marks on her were enough to make the case for the cops. At least I know he’s not going to get away with it, and now that she’d had some time to think and is safe, she’s determined to help the police. That’s my girl, stronger than she knows. Sometimes I wonder where the kids get their strength from. I guess Linda and I can be strong-willed when we need to be. There was a knock at the door. I grabbed my wallet to pay the pizza guy. I pulled the door open while I looked for some cash to give the guy a tip. I found a five dollar note and as I looked up it wasn’t the pizza but… “Ember!” My entire mind went blank, words were coming out of my mouth without any thought behind them. I sputtered like an idiot as I stepped aside to let Ember in the apartment. He stepped through closing the door with his heel as I backed away slowly. The smell of stale beer wafted past my nose as he came closer. “Brady, we need to…” his words tapered off as he stood staring at the scowl on my face. “You smell like beer; Did you drive here drunk?” I spat out crossing my arms. He looked at me surprised shaking his head slowly. “No, I’ve only had one beer.” “You reek of a two-day binge.” Ember just ignored my comment like he didn’t even hear it. I’m all for having a drink after work or sitting around having a beer with mates but drinking and driving – Hell No! Ember came closer, the corners of his mouth tugging at a smile, like he was recalling a funny memory. I nervously shuffled my feet while I anxiously waited for him to say something. “Ember?” I prodded him. He looked away for a second, chewing on his bottom lip. “Someone spilled beer on me.” He waved his hand dismissively. “Fuck!” he whispered before looking at me again. I didn’t know how to take that. My chest tightened with the fear he came here to call everything off. How can I get him to give me another chance? I don’t want this to end. Nausea churned in my stomach at the way Ember looked at me. I could feel it coming – the end. I could see it in his eyes, he was done. “Ember, just say it.” Even I could hear the desperation in my voice as my eyes stung while my throat felt like sandpaper. I braced myself for the inevitable. “If you’re going to end this, just man up and say it.” He tilted his head squinting at me. The moment he’d registered what I’d said his whole body became rigid, he glared at me incredulously. “Fuck, that’s what you think? Is that what you want?” asked Ember his voice strained. “What? No! I don’t want that, but if you’re going to do it.” I looked away for a second to gather my strength I felt like I was about to fall apart like a stack of LEGO® blocks any second. “Just do it Ember, I can’t stand here waiting for it.” I felt like I was about to leap off the cliff alone, that it had all come to this. Defensively I crossed my arms and glanced around at nothing in particular, eventually focusing on some small spot on the far wall as the only way I could think to break eye contact with him. Ember’s jaw tightened, I could see the muscles in his neck and shoulders tense up. “I didn’t come here to end it you… idiot.” His voice softened a little with the last word. I think he could see how this was affecting me. Every muscle in my body relaxed as I stepped backwards away from him in shock almost, finally I slumped down onto the couch in relief and exhaustion. I watched as Ember paced back and forth to my immediate right, his restlessness making me anxious. “Then what?” I blurted out. “You wanted space. I was giving you that.” I looked up at him, his face scrunched up like he was lost in his own thoughts. “Ember, why’d you drive all the way down here, because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t to pace up and down in front of me like some caged lion.” God I’m so confused, what the absolute fuck is up with him. He stopped right in front of me on the other side of the coffee table staring right down, looking into my soul. His facial expressions changing as a myriad of emotions rolled through him. Ember closed his eyes for a second, seemingly trying to put his thoughts in order. He paced again as he spoke. “That fucking Paul, that’s what.” Ember about faced and paced the other direction. “The things he’s done. You wouldn’t believe…” his hands were balled into fists by his side. He stopped again in front of me. His pacing and mood flip-flops were making me dizzy. “Ember, please stop pacing around. You’re going to make me seasick,” I smiled a little, trying to lighten the mood. I was sure lightening was about to start up what with all the dark clouds in here now. Ember looked over at me and, without realising what he was doing, stepped back and leaned against the low counter that was below the flat screen TV. “He manipulated us Brady.” His eyes were full of rage. “I know this goes back to high school and I’m sick to death of it. Reliving the past over and over it was twenty years ago. I just want to be left alone. I want… I want…” He stood up and started to pace again. I stayed silent because so far, he wasn’t making much sense. He’s so worked up I didn’t know if saying something would upset him further. I watched as he paced again, then came another knock on the door. He didn’t event hear it. I got up and answered it, opening the door to see that it was the pizza guy this time! Well Ember just turned up, so who else? Cam, Justin, Mom or Dad, okay I’m being irrational now. Ember mumbled more nonsense in the background as the pizza guy eyed me weirdly then looked over at a rambling Ember pacing the floor. I smiled an uncomfortable smile, tipping the guy, mouthing thanks then shutting the door in his face after taking the pizza from him. Walking back into the room, I placed the pizza on a clear spot on the coffee table and sat back on the couch waiting for Ember. “You want to know what that fucker said?” “Uh… no not really,” I answered. And I really don’t. “You’re gonna love this.” Ember chuckled with no humour in it. “That asshole knew you liked me in high school.” Ember stopped dead an looked me in the eyes, I could see the anger and confusion in his. “He told me he made sure you were too afraid to come out or let you tell me how you felt! The selfish prick.” He said what? “What? What are you talking about Ember? Nobody knew. Well… except Cam.” “Guess again Brady, he knew, that asshole made sure we stayed apart. He manipulated everything. He made sure you were too afraid of the consequences to come out. He bullied me deliberately to keep you away from me. That fucker made sure I hated you thinking it would keep you straight.” “You’re not making any sense Ember.” Now I was starting to get agitated. He’s so angry, even though I know the anger isn’t directed at me it still had me on edge. I rested my elbows on my knees leaning forward. “Ember, please mate you’re making me dizzy. Come, sit,” I pat the empty cushion beside me on the couch. “I’m guessing something happened, but it’s not making any sense. Come on, calm down and start at the beginning.” Ember stepped around the coffee table and flopped down beside me. I turned sideways with my knee hitched up on the couch so I was facing him. He reached up wrapping his hand around my neck gently running his thumb across my jawline, I leaned into his touch. I’ve missed him so much my heart aches. His hand dropped back down and rest on his thigh. He took a deep breath and his whole body seemed to relax a little. He stared straight ahead as he told me everything that had transpired at the pub earlier in the evening. By the time Ember had finished I was livid and defeated. My whole life didn’t feel like it was mine. “Oh Fuck… fuck it all. I’ve lost twenty years of my life and happiness, tainted in lies, manipulation, and betrayal. How the fuck am I supposed to react to this? How do I deal with it?” I could feel a mix of tears and anger boiling away in me. Ember reached out to me but I retreated a little out of the way. I felt him flinch at the rejection. It made my gut tie in one big fucking knot. “Brady?” I stood up. “Just give me a second. I just need a minute to process this, I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.” I didn’t need his pity or anyone else’s. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more pathetic in my life. I know one thing though, I felt the first tear escape and roll down my cheek, it wasn’t sad, I was angry. “I’m going to kill that prick,” I said snatching my keys of the coffee table heading for my car. “Sparky, wait!” he said from the couch. “I’ve let someone decide my life for me. Someone who didn’t give a shit. That’s all on me. Nobody else. Jesus, what are my kids going to think about me? Fuck! And Linda, did she know, was she in on it to begin with? How could someone do that to another person. Fuck that. Fuck this. Was Linda in on this? Had she known from the beginning? Did she plan this with them?” “Okay before you go down and make a bad situation even worse, you need to think of your daughter and ex-wife. They need you at the moment, with all of that,” Ember pointed to the court documents scattered. “You won’t be much use in the lock up, any way Paul didn’t escape unharmed tonight.” “Oh, what, so you’re saying I can’t go and make him pay for what he’s done but it’s okay for you… I guess.” I shot a look at Ember that would melt steel. Holding his hands up in surrender. “Look, I didn’t do anything. Not that I didn’t want to, but Cam had been sitting with Justin and obviously heard it all. Before I could do anything, your brother came flying over my shoulder and laid Paul out with one almighty punch. He then pushed past me and stood over Paul, beer in hand and goaded him to stand back up so he could finish him off. Paul, the gutless fuck, stayed down and didn’t move. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with Cameron.” “Yeah that sounds like Cam. Guess I’ve got to go and bail his ass out of jail now,” I said, throwing my hands up in despair. “Nope, the cops that arrived knew Cam, they had a chat and one of them went over to Paul for a moment then they left. Cameron came back over and apologised for spilling the beer on me, that was the smell you got when I arrived.” Ember smiled a little. “Then Justin and your brother were chatting away. Last I saw of them, Cameron had one hand resting on Justin’s shoulder and their foreheads pressed together. Justin looked like he was about to maul Cameron. It’s the most public display of something going on between them that I’ve seen up until now. So, I guess the night was full of surprises, hey?” “Yeah, I’ve had my suspicions for a while now about those two.” Shaking my head at everything that had happened: Paul and then Cameron, fighting, Katie, Ember and my breakup with Ember, it was overwhelming. I started to feel like I was drowning, the air rushing out of my lungs, making it almost impossible to breathe. “Oh God Ember! I can feel the bile rising up and my ears are pounding. Fuck, my head is spinning, oh my God I’m going to be sick.” I leaned forward, putting my hands on my knees while trying to catch my breath and not pass out. My emotions were taking over as my body shook. Ember stepped in behind me and wrapped his arms around my chest, pulling me back to the couch. I could see the worry and concern written all over his face. “Stay here, Sparky. Breathe. I’m just going to get you some water.” While Ember was in the kitchen I tried taking deep breaths to get myself under control. He came back in the room with a tall glass of water giving it to me while he sat perched on the coffee table worrying his bottom lip as he watched me. “Drink that,” he said gently, forcing my hand with the glass. I took a few sips then a deep shuddering breath leaning back into the couch, eyes closed with my arm across them, protecting them from the outside world as I took a few deep breaths. God, this couch is uncomfortable. “Do you… do you think Linda knew?” my voice was soft and pathetic. Ember slid from the coffee table next to me pulling my body to lay against him, with my head resting on his shoulder, while his arm wrapped tightly around holding me to him. “No,” Ember said gently. “You spent twenty years together, Sparky, raising two kids. There had to be something. That’s too big of a lie to live with.” He kissed the top of my head. “I honestly think she’s a… nice woman. From what I can tell from our limited time together, she’s honest and a good person. Do you think she’d be capable of that type of deceit, Brady, really?” All things considered, it made me happy that Ember thought of Linda the same way I did. Well, a general view of how I saw my ex-wife anyway. “No,” I whispered into his neck. We sat quietly cuddled up together on the couch for a long time. Neither of us saying anything or moving with the exception of Ember’s hand running gently through my hair. I’m not even sure he knew he was doing it. My arse and lower back are so unhappy on this friggin’ couch they are practically screaming at me. I have no plans to move though. I didn’t want to burst our little bubble. “So, what’s the plan then Ember?” Of course, I’m an idiot and can’t get out of my own way. He moved me aside as he stood up from the couch, turning to face me. “I was just thinking about that. First, we are not going to give that prick one more second of our time. We won’t be wasting one single emotion on that asshole, nothing. Agreed?” I nodded in agreement looking up at him. “Now that’s decided, I think we need to start over with a clean slate; you and me, Brady.” Ember looked me in the eyes, looking for my reaction affirmation maybe. I nodded again, I could feel hope rising within me, maybe this time. “Brady… we are never going to let anyone come between us again, okay? Never.” He stated adamantly. “This is our relationship and if anyone is going to fuck it up, we’ll let it will be one of us.” Ember chuckled. He held out his hand cupping my smiling face. I was so happy I could almost burst, like a love-sick teenager. A smile stretched across his face as he dropped his hand down, holding it in front of me, offering to pull me off the couch. I’d forgotten how strong he is. Pulling me up to standing with no effort, it was like I was a featherweight. I looked at his face now that we were standing only a few paces from each other. Damn that sexy… everything. “Hi,” he stuck out his hand to shake mine “I’m Ember McCain.” I took his hand in mine, I could feel the warmth, a connection from within him, us both mixing in that simple contact. Ember smirked for a second, he was feeling the same thing, I was sure of it. Stuttering a little I replied, “Hi I’m Brady, you have beautiful eyes.” I couldn’t help it, I just get lost in them. I could stare at his face, his eyes, every day for the rest of my life and never become bored. “Nice line, Brady.” Ember smiled back, “Pleased to meet you, so what are you doing for the rest of your life?” I was a little dumbstruck. Was that a line or did he just ask… “Um, I was thinking of taking a shower, eating pizza and who knows after that I guess. Ember?” “You’re hot as fuck Brady, did you want to join me for a shower?” I couldn’t help but laugh at his corny ass, taking his other hand I let him pull me into a kiss that was the hottest, most passionate, meaningful kiss we’d ever shared. When we pulled out of the kiss I leaned my forehead against his. “I think I’m going to fall in love with you Ember McCain,” I said with a grin. “Let’s see if I can remember your name in the morning before we start planning the wedding. Bradley, isn’t it?” I scoffed pulling away from him, “Asshole!” I headed for the stairs with a mischievous grin as an invitation to follow. “I’ll make your ass so sore you won’t be able to sit down until January,” Ember growled as he chased me up the stairs, his grin mitigating the heat of his words. He caught me in the hallway before the bathroom pinning me to the wall, lifting my hands above my head and holding them there, his face so close to mine I could feel his lips move. His eyes searched flickered around my face, settling on my eyes looking deep into my soul, it made me shiver. “I love you, Brady.” “I love you back.” It just slipped out, with no thought or preconception. It felt so right, and easy to say as I lowered my arms, wrapping them around his neck lazily, gently pulling him closer to me as his lips dipped the extra few millimetres to meet mine. Our kisses deepened quickly, but tenderly. We finally broke apart and headed to the bathroom. I leaned in and turned on the shower stepping back a little to give Ember a coy smile. I started to unbutton my shirt, his hand reached up resting on mine, stopping me. “Let me Brady, I’d love to undress you.” Ember leaned in and kissed me, teasing me, while undoing the buttons on my shirt. My skin came alive when his fingers found my chest through my now open shirt. It was like an electrical shock coursing through my body. As I moaned into his mouth, it seemed to drive him on. Ember’s hands slipped over my shoulders, taking my shirt with them falling to the floor, his hands slid down my back as he pulled me to him, I didn’t even notice that he’d taken his own shirt off, our bodies came together I could feel his heart pounding in his chest. My body and senses were on high alert, every sense amplified. I felt like I was falling off a cliff with him, we were entwined, our hands roving over each other, feeling, exploring, reacquainting ourselves with touch. Finally, I broke our kiss for a moment, letting out a cry of passion. “Hmmm, I like it when you get verbal Brady,” Ember’s mouth landed on my Adam’s apple, gently sucking, licking and tracing it inside his hot warm mouth. “Oh God Ember,” my hands slipped back up, grabbing handfuls of his hair, holding him in place. His hands were on the move again, I could feel them slipping down over my flanks, coming to rest on the seam of my jeans. They traced their way along to the top stud, before I knew it, my jeans were undone and Ember’s hand was wrapped around my cock. “Oh Ember, fuck, I’m not going to last if you double time me.” He was still working my neck. Ember broke away from his ministrations on my neck, “come one let’s get into the shower.” I didn’t need to be told twice lunging for his pants and undid them in record time. Slipping my hands against his hips, I slid his jeans, as well as his briefs, down in one smooth movement. I looked down to see his manhood there, hard and wanting. I smiled at Ember for a second and brought one hand back to his cock, taking it in my hand and gently, firmly stroking it. God it felt so good in my hand, hard but soft, silky with beautiful veins pressing against my fingers. I had to taste him again, I couldn’t help it, the urge taking me to my knees, his rigid monster at eye level, I could see it bobbing up and down with his heart beating. Opening my mouth I took him in, tasting his salty precum and musk from our passion thus far, he tasted amazing. Fuck, I’ve missed him. “Oh God Brady, I love the way you take my cock.” Ember braced himself with his hands on my shoulders. His affirmation and groaning spurred me on, taking more and more of him in till I felt his pubes tickle my nose. I’d finally been able to take all of him, I thought Ember was going to explode, I was proud of myself, not something I could run around and get compliments on though, but it was a gold star moment, for me. “Oh God Brady… Oh God, holy fuck you’re deep throating me, oh yeah.” I looked up at Ember with his cock rammed down my throat, his face wracked with pleasure. “Fuck Brady, you look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth.” He threw his head back and moaned again. I started to work him with my mouth and hand. After a few moments his breathing started to get faster, I could feel his body coming alive and in around me, he was getting close. I pulled back so only the tip of his cock was in my mouth, “Ember I want you to cum in me.” “Wha-,” Ember looked confused, wrapped in passion. “I want you to fuck me Ember, fuck me and make me yours.” Ember stepped out of his jeans as I stood up, doing the same. We started kissing again as he guided me backwards into the shower. We were both wound up, our kisses getting more frantic, our hands getting busy, grabbing and feeling all over one another. Ember broke again, smiling at me. “I need to get this beer smell off me.” Opening the shower wash, we started soaping each other up, his hands paying special attention to my ass and cock. By the time we were finished, we both were squeaky clean – almost. Ember took my hand and turned me around. I knew what was going to happen and spread my legs in anticipation, pressing my face against the tiles of the shower, waiting… wanting him. His hands slid down my back coming to rest on my ass, gently pulling my cheeks apart and playing with me, I felt the pressure change in his hands for a moment then I felt it, he was kissing my cheeks alternately, working closer and closer to my entrance. “Oh God Ember, please yes.” I grabbed my own cock and started to stroke it as he finally started to rim me. His hand came up, swatting mine away taking hold of me, starting to stroke me in time with his other actions, “Oh God I’m not going to last Ember.” He slipped his hand back and tweaked my balls for a moment, pulling me back from the edge. I was ready, I just wanted him in me. “Oh Ember, please fuck me, please.” I begged. He stopped, I peered over my shoulder to see what was going on, Ember had retrieved from somewhere a small tube of lube. “Oh, you’re not going to need that, I couldn’t care if you split me in half, please Ember, fuck me, fuck me now.” Oh my God I’m like the worst person, here begging for it. Ember grabbed my shoulder and turned me around to face him as he opened the lube. I went to grab it off him so I could prepare myself and he stopped me. “No Brady,” He looked me in the eyes, a soulful look. “I want you,” he paused “I want you to fuck me, I want you to take me for the first time, I haven’t bottomed for a long time and I want you to fuck me, please?” His eyes were asking too. I was speechless. “Are you sure Ember?” placing my hands either side of his face, “I don’t mind bottoming Ember, please don’t just do this because of … you know everything-everyone else.” “Brady, I’ve wanted you to do this for a while, but something always got in the way, please Brady, Fuck me?” His voice full of emotion. “Okay, but I’m going to prepare you okay?” Ember nodded and turned around bracing himself against the same wall I was just climbing all over waiting for him to fuck me. Taking the tube of lube from him I slid down and started to work him open with my mouth, I’d never rimmed anyone before, but just went with what he’d been doing to me. It was working by the cries and moans that were steadily streaming from his mouth. I slicked up a finger and slipped it in him, adding more lube. Allowing him to get accustomed to the intrusion. “Oh, yes! fuck Brady, more.” Ember’s head flew back, he was lost in the pleasure I was able to give him. I reached around him, taking his cock in my hand and started to stroke him, distracting him while I slipped a second finger in, continuing to finger fuck him while slowly allowing his body to accommodate the added intrusion. Ember started to fuck himself on my fingers, I changed my position a little and found it, bingo! “Oh God, oh fuck yes,” Ember started to cry out over and over, as my finger hit his prostate over and over, “Oh God Brady yes please, more, fuck me Brady fuck me.” I was as hard as steel and was ready to drive into him. I added a third finger. Ember grunted at first, slowly his body gave way to me, his entrance relaxed around me. He started to ride back and forth against my fingers, cries of lust and pleasure were filling the room for the both of us. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer, “Ember,” I slowly pulled my fingers free of him. “Oh Brady, please don’t stop,” Ember moaned. Grabbing the lube, I single handed slicked myself up. With my other hand, I added some lube to his entrance and gave myself one more coating. Christ, there’s lube everywhere now. Ember pushed his butt out a little toward me as I pressed my cock head against his entrance. “Please Brady,” Ember’s head slumped forward between his shoulders. I pushed forward slowly through the outer ring, Ember let out a slow hiss. “More Brady, please.” I pushed forward a little more, past the second ring and held still as his body accepted me. I rubbed my hands up and down his back while I waited, Ember nodding his head. “Oh fuck, Brady. I don’t think I’ve had someone as big as you. Just give me a second.” I could see he was struggling, “Ember I can pull out if it’s too painful.” He twisted his head around catching my eye, “NO!” and with that he pushed back on me, slowly and deliberately taking me in, not stopping until I was fully seated in him. “Just stay still, give me a moment Brady.” Ember’s breathing was slow and deliberate, then he slowly moved forward and back on me, a little at first. Going faster and longer with each thrust, till he was long dicking me. My God he felt so good, tight and warm. His muscled body was rippling before my eyes, this was surreal. The love of my life was fucking himself on my cock like it was the last-best day on earth. “Oh Ember, fuck yes.” We were groaning, moaning in unison almost, the room full of the sounds of lovemaking, bodies slapping against each other, cries of passion filling the air. I adjusted my position a little and found it, now he was hitting his prostate with each stroke. I hope the people next door have earphones or had gone out, because we were getting loud. “Brady, yes, Brady yes.” Ember cried over and over. I could hear myself like it was almost out of body, crying out over and over “Ember.” My body started to tremble, “Ember I’m going to cum,” tightening my grip on his cock, stroking him in time to his rhythm fucking himself on me. I started to match his strokes, slamming up into him. I was bringing Ember close to cumming too, then he let out a cry and I felt his cock swell in my hand. His ring tightened around me as he came, pushing me over the edge with him. I pumped up into him as we orgasmed together. I felt my eyes almost flash like I’d just seen lightening, I was completely spent. We slowly came off the high of our combined orgasms, and I started to pull out of him. “No Brady, not yet. I want you to stay in me a little longer, please.” “But Ember, you’ll be sore.” I looked into his eyes with concern. “Don’t care. Just stay in me for a little longer. I need to feel you in me.” I pulled his back against my chest and straightened up a little, kissing the back of his neck, and nipping along his shoulders. Finally, I slipped out of him and turned him around to face me. “My God Ember, that was...” He lifted his finger to my lips. “It was the start of our tomorrows, Brady.” Leaning in, he kissed me gently, tenderly. I was feeling swept away with the emotions of topping him and one of the most passionate lovemaking sessions I’ve ever had with him. Because there has only ever been him. My hand slipped down and found his cock, it was still half hard and responded to my touch. I stared into Ember’s eyes while I stroked his cock to full length. Silently I turned around and took his cock in my hand, “Ember, please.” He reached up and retrieved the lube from the shelf, lubing himself and me up, then slowly he pressed against me. I tilted my ass back to him and gave him access to me. Slowly, carefully he pushed inside me, allowing me a few seconds to get accustomed to him. Slowly pushing all the way in as I pressed against the tiled wall, he pulled back and started, slowly and deliberately pumping into me at first then faster and harder till I was hard and almost cumming without touching myself. “Oh yes, Ember, fuck me, fuck me hard.” Ember drew back and started to slam into me, hitting my prostate with every stroke, my body couldn’t take much more of it. My senses were on fire, still sensitive from our first session, this was going to be a short one, not the normal Ember marathon effort. “Oh God, I’m cumming Ember, I’m cumming.” I felt the deep feeling build in my groin. Soon enough I came again for the second time in twenty minutes, without even touching myself. Ember’s grip on me tightened, his strokes more powerful but slower, deliberate. Then I felt it, his cock swelling and pulsing inside me, I could feel the warmth of his semen inside me. My body felt like jelly, as if I’d just had all the bones removed. After he pulled out of me, he turned me around so we were facing each other and held our bodies close while we tenderly kissed. Being held by him and letting the warm water flow over our flushed bodies, the connection, the intimacy, was everything I'd ever wanted since we were young. I have no intention of letting him go again. Not without a fucking fight! Eventually we finished our shower, stepping out and wrapping the soft bath gowns around us. Ember reached over and took my hand leading me to the bed, “Come on Brady, let’s lay down for a bit.” We dropped on to the bed. Laying in each other’s arms, I could feel my eyes getting heavy, clearly Ember was just as relaxed, I could hear his breathing deepen and slow. It’s one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever experienced; listening to Ember drift off to sleep, with a feeling of contentment wrapped around us. If this was day one of the rest of our lives, then count me in.
  6. Bndmetl

    Let the Cards Fall

    Hey @Job, I hope by now you've found the next two books, Struggling Forward and Family Struggles. If you do get to read them let us know what you think. Thanks for reading and giving us feedback. We always appreciate hearing from everyone.
  7. Bndmetl

    Let the Cards Fall

    Thanks @SolarMaxx, it makes us happy you enjoyed the first book and hope you will read and enjoy the next two. Struggling forward and Family Struggles, with the fourth book around the corner when things settle down.
  8. Bndmetl

    Chapter 19 - Ember

    Sorry @Tonyr this chapter is with the editors and beta readers but will be ready to go hopefully soon. Life kind of got in the way for a moment but we're on it.
  9. Bndmetl

    Chapter 1

    I'm excited to see where it goes. Thanks for sharing it.
  10. Bndmetl

    Chapter 1

    That crossed my mind too about Mr. B while I was reading.
  11. Bndmetl

    Chapter 1

    This is fun and fast moving, can't wait for more.
  12. I second that. A movie would be fantastic. I vote for Tyler Kitsch to play Jamie, I can see him now dressed as a fireman, at the river in his boardshorts, jogging or working out in his shorts (shirtless), oh god where was I. Um... yeah, who would be Ben or Sam, Ooh I vote for Joshua Lucas as Lucas. I have to go. So hot in here.
  13. Bndmetl

    Chapter 45

    Thank you Wattelec. I will be finishing I promise. And no neither Will or Liam will be pregnant. Wrong genre for that.
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