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  1. Bndmetl

    Sad News

    You’re welcome Buzz. I’ll make sure he gets all the messages, it will help him get better quicker.
  2. Bndmetl

    Sad News

    Thanks Onim, I hope so to. It’s not going to be much fun without him bossing me around and poking fun at me for a while. I wish there was more that we could do to help him get better.
  3. Bndmetl

    Sad News

    He is, thanks Wes.
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    Sad News

    Hi everyone, Devastatingly a few days ago Rob had a mini-stroke, but overnight he’s had a big one and will be in the hospital for the foreseeable future. As far as I know at the moment it has affected the entire right side of his body and speech. When I know more I’ll keep you updated as to how he is doing. I wish it was better news. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Be in touch soon. Hope you are all well and take care of yourselves and loved ones. Joh
  5. Bndmetl

    Chapter 10

    Wow, look at that. Right under the bus.
  6. “He’s a liger, Alpha Mate,” Milo said, discreetly wiping another stray tear. The show of emotion from Milo surprised me. The man is usually serious and stoic. It must be due to his friends being so upset. I know I feel it myself when Nash or Beckett is upset, and don’t even get me started on when my munchkin gives in to his tears. It kills me every time. A liger! Holy shit! I’d heard the rumors but never thought I’d ever meet one. A lion and tigress, how ‘bout that. I wonder how this poor soul even got to the age he is. Usually, and unfortunately, a pride or pack would rid themselves of the hybrid, the breeders themselves would be dealt with. I’m glad things are changing. It’s one thing I’m going to make sure of under my reign, it’s old-world thinking. The same used to be for male omega’s but not anymore. It’s one thing I’ll always be thankful for – my omega. Interbreeding is not something that generally happens in the shifter community. Hence, the doctor’s freakout. Shifters tend to sensationalize the nature of any hybrid. ‘They’re dangerous,’ ‘they’re unstable,’ yet I’ve never heard of a hybrid going postal. Probably because they have to hide to due ignorant anuses like the doc. “A liger?” she questioned, more to herself than anyone else. “Well, that is different.” The Alpha Mate spun around to view the doctor. “Why are you so sure that he’s a danger to the Pride, doctor?” The arrogant look of defiance on the man’s face made me want to put my fist right through it, my blood pressure rose with every second he didn’t answer. Was he going to back down? Maybe do something once everyone’s back was turned? Claim it was for the good of the Pride? Well, fuck that. “Answer the Alpha Mate, or be taken into custody?” I demanded pushing my mate into Milo’s arms. I knew he’d be safe there no matter what happens. I put myself between the doctor and Alpha Mate, I no longer trusted the doctor. I’m not sure what he’ll do; his eyes look a little wild to me. There is no way on earth I’m going to leave the Alpha Mate unprotected. The royal guard finally moved into place to protect her. If the lieutenant decided to stay in his position after his leave, things are going to be different. I doubt this is how things were done when King West wore the crown. Like always, Nash flanked to my right and a step behind. He had moved when I did, I can always count on him to have my back. I can feel Tanner’s body quaking with anxiety; it had my attention. He is always, always, first on my mind no matter what. A nurse broke through the crowd to get to Trek. My entire body turned with the movement of the nurse to make sure there was no funny business. The man needed that shot to calm down, Trek is important to my munchkin, therefore, important to me. It only took about ten seconds after the sedative was administered for the giant man to go pliable and sink even further into the arms of Beckett. Well, shit, now we’re going to have to move him, he’ll be a dead weight. Is she an idiot? How does she even have a job? Up there for thinking, lady. Of course, I could have said something before she gave him the shot, but it only just occurred to me. This is her job, one would think she’d know better. I spun back around to see what happened when I heard the Alpha Mate gasp. A guard moved her out of the way of the scuffle. “What did you say?” Nash lurched forward at the doctor, throwing the man back into the wall. He was holding him two feet off the ground with one hand fisted in the man’s scrubs and the other fist into the asshole doctor’s face. The crunch of the bones in the man’s face made me wince. The arrogant piece of shit didn’t make a sound besides a small growl barely audible. “Oh, man. I wanted to do that,” Milo whined quietly. Even though Tanner was still crying into Milo’s chest, he was chuckling at the same time. Best friends can do that; have you laugh while you struggle with more overwhelming emotions. “Let me go right now,” the doctor ordered Nash; I could smell the fear coming off the supposedly alpha doctor. Poor guy’s scared of an omega. Probably not a bad idea considering what I just saw the omega do. That and Nash had absolutely, without a doubt, broken the doctor’s nose by the amount of blood pouring out of it… and it was now crooked. “Shut your vile mouth,” Nash spat angrily at the doctor in his clutches, pushing him harder into the wall. “Tanner is a male omega. Would you see harm come to him? You piece of shit,” Nash exploded readily charged to throw his fist again. Luckily the doc didn’t know that he was being pummeled by an omega. Gasp! His reputation would be ruined. I managed to keep the chuckle in my head and present my usual stoic expression of none at all. “It’s up to me to keep the Pride safe. That man in there is a mutt, a mix, he’s dangerous, who knows what he’s capable of. We don’t know him. Plus, he’s an omega, he can’t be allowed to breed,” he shouted in Nash’s face. So… Nash slugged him again, but this time in the gut winding him. HE stepped aside, letting go of the doc’s shirt then watched with satisfaction as the man slid to a lump on the floor. “Oh, man. This just isn’t fair,” Milo mumbled, anger and jealousy just at the surface while he still had a protective hold on my mate. “Guards, take the doctor into custody,” I commanded then turned to Raf, my assistant. “Move him to the cells at the Sherriff’s Office, I don’t want this asshole escaping too,” I mumbled pulling Nash by the crook of his elbow away from the doctor. I heard Milo make a growly noise. Well, isn’t that a crazy turn of events. The second I put my hands on Nash. He looked like he wanted to hurt me for even thinking about touching the man. Poor guy doesn’t know it yet, but he’s screwed. I know he’s not a huge fan of Nash, but when he figures out that my best friend is his fated mate... man, that is going to be awkward. Nah, who am I kidding? It’s going to gloriously entertaining. Milo can be firey. “You’re going to pay for this, you have my word…” the doctor was shouting as they practically had to drag him out of the building. “Sayōnara, bitch!” Milo said on a chuckle giving my mate back then helping Beckett move Trek. “Stay here, Munchkin.” I strode over to give Milo and Beckett a hand with Trek, the guy is enormous and now a dead weight that he’s sedated and unconscious. I’ve never seen anyone so distraught in all my life. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to lose my omega, and I don’t want to. Just the thought had my entire insides shredding, not even a second later, waves of warmth and love flooded my body. Tanner’s body had immediately reacted to my emotions. We got Trek through the door of the same room his mate laid in a bed, there happened to be an empty one next to him, so we lifted Trek maneuvering him to lay comfortably. “You think he’ll be okay?” Tanner asked, worriedly from behind me. “I’m sure he will.” I pet Tanner’s shoulder. “Stay with your friends, Munchkin. I’m going to converse with the Alpha Mate and Raf.” I couldn’t help myself, I reached up with my knuckle wiping away the last of my omega’s tears. “I love you,” I whispered in his ear with a kiss to his forehead before leaving the small room. When I looked over my shoulder, my omega blushing turned with a dopey smile on his face with his hand touching where I’d kissed him. My chest puffed up that my mate loves me and my kisses. <>-<>-<> Tanner pulled the covers back on the bed putting one leg in. I watched with a heated gaze as his beautiful naked body slid in between the sheets, he leaned over pulling the sheets back for me to do the same. I took a deep breath as I slid in next to him, scenting his slick my dick so hard it could probably be hard enough to hammer nails. This man makes my blood pressure rise in the best ways. We now stay in his room in the Pride manse since we mated. Once the crown shifts, we are supposed to move to the royal bedroom and ensuite. But my munchkin wanted to stay in his room, and I get it. I don’t think I’d ever be able to live in a place where my father had slept, not to mention other extracurriculars. Ick. My omega’s room is plenty big enough for us. Big enough for a family of four to live if I’m honest. It had its own full-size bathroom, walk-in closet, and a small lounge area with a fireplace. The décor is dark woods and the walls and accents in deep earth tones, very masculine yet homey. We’d be staying here making this the royal bedroom, the old main would be used for a live-in nanny once we have cubs. The room would be big enough for him or her to be comfortable with enough space to make it their own. I slid across the bed to my omega, smiling at the grin on his face. He grabbed my hand and put it on his erection. Then moved his hand over and wrapped his fingers around mine with a squeeze, eliciting a groan from me. He knew how to play me like a fiddle. “You’re playing with fire, my omega,” I told him in a low husky voice. “I know, Alpha, looking forward to getting burnt,” he retorted, with a wicked grin. “Ngh,” Tanner stroked me once. That was all I needed to pull my omega over the top of me. I loved when he straddled me. Pushing down on my chest with the flat of his palms, he sat up straight sliding his hips back and forward slowly using his slick to lube up my cock. His eyes were already blown with desire, his teasing movements using my cock like a scratching post. Slick beaded and lazily made its way down over my balls, spirits above, so warm and wet. It feels incredible, so phenomenal I gripped my omega’s hips lifting him enough to slip my hand between us moving my cock so on his decent it slid right between his cheeks into his hot body with a desperate need. Tanner’s eyes rolled back in his head when I grazed his prostate. “Boo-yah,” he groaned. A rumbling laugh rose from deep in my chest all the way out. “What was that?” My omega’s head flipped forward, glaring daggers at me doing the only thing he could think to show his discontent with my reaction. The little bugger clenched his ass cheeks so tight it feels like he’s trying to rip off my dick. “Ow, baby–” I gasped, the pain somewhere between excruciating and delicious. He grinned at me wickedly, relaxing his muscles and riding me hard and fast, his cock bouncing jauntily with him. I reached out to help him catch up to me, but he knocked my hand away from his dick. “No. Bad Alpha!” he panted. “Oh, oh, my spirits… munchkin slow down, oh shi… f-f-flapjacks and maple syrup. Baby I’m coming,” I cried as he pushed me over the edge, he kept riding me until my knot became painful. Tanner flopped down on top of me still hard as a rock because he was not finished yet. I knew my fate was sealed, this is going to be a long night of him torturing me in the only way he knew. By morning my balls would be aching in the aftermath of a busy glorious night buried in my omega. With his face in my chest and my arms wrapped around to his back, he growled, “You’re still in trouble. We are not done yet, my Alpha.” “I know we aren’t done, baby. You haven’t come yet.” “Psh! Like I care, there’s more to come.” He giggled roughly. “Excuse the pun.” The mistake I made was chuckling with him while slapping him on the ass. “Nghh,” we both moaned together. The slap caused my knot to pull, affecting both of us. “I want your cub,” Tanner mumbled into my chest, then resting his cheek in the same spot. My entire body, soul, and heart soared. “How much longer do we have to wait?” he pouted. I nudged his head gently until I was looking into his watery eyes. “Aw, munchkin, I don’t know how long, Elder Meridene said she thinks it will take about three months.” “I don’t wanna wait that long, Alpha, I want our cubs now. I want my little grumpy alphas, I want to be able to love on them, play with them, teach them stuff. I want to look into their mini-you faces and know we made them,” Tanner rambled with a contented sigh. “Come here, my beautiful omega.” I kissed him with all the love I had. “We’ll get them, but they are going to look like you. I insist. You’re too beautiful to not want more of you. And just so you know, I don’t care if they are male or female, alpha, beta, or omega. We’ll love them no matter the gender or designation.” Tanner sighed. “You’re the most perfect alpha. I love you.” He pecked a kiss to my chest. “But, I still want our cubs now.” <>-<>-<> Tanner gasped; he was staring at me with his hand to his chest and watery eyes. “You look so handsome in your royal suit, Alpha.” “Aw, Munchkin, come here,” I said with my arms out, ready to tuck him into me. He practically fell into my embrace. Are you prepared for today?” I asked, kissing his temple. “Yes. Maybe. I don’t know,” he said, I could hear the smile muffled in his voice. “You are happy, though, right?” “Yes, Alpha. Very, very, happy.” His head turned up so he could see my face, a little smile on the edge of his mouth, but still with watery eyes. “I can’t wait for you to become King. I just wish my father had been able to meet you.” “Do you think he would have approved of me becoming the next King?” “I think so my mom likes you a lot.” Tanner smiled, rubbing his face along my chest as if we were in lion form. “Thank you, baby, it means a lot for you to assure me of that. I like your mom a lot too, she’s a lovely woman, and I wish for you, your sisters and her that he was still here,” I told him. “Me too.” Tanner squeezed me tighter. “I better go, you have a lot to do before the Shifting of the Crown this afternoon, and I want to go with Milo to check on Trek.” “Okay, Munchkin,” I said, a knock on the door interrupting us. The door opened, a royal guard entering. This I hate, me and my omega barely have any privacy at any time for the day, but… it is what it is, I suppose. They enter at their own peril when we are in our private quarters. “Alpha Rush, Mr. Milo Reardon, has arrived and waiting in the parlor for Mr. West.” The guard didn’t wait for a replay and exited the room closing the door behind him. Two seconds later the door flew open, and Beckett entered in his usual flourish with no regard to anyone else. “It’s Easton,” mumbled my mate. “Huh?” I tilted my head in confusion. “We’re mated now, Alpha, I’m an Easton, like you.” He poked my chest playfully with a grin. Well, screw me sideways if I thought I couldn’t love this man any more than I already do. He goes and says shit like that. I do love my omega, more than anything, everything, and everyone in the entire universe. “Morning, Alpha, and Alpha Mate,” Beckett announced with a snicker and peeling an orange. “You become king today, brother,” he said snickering. A comical tilt of his head and raising his shoulders to his ears, he continued, “isn’t it exciting.” “Why is it every time I see you, brother, you’re always eating?” I asked, and usually when he’s in my room for some reason. Beckett put the peel down on the nightstand continuing to shed the skin from the orange as he flopped onto the bed making himself comfortable sitting against the headboard. “Don’t hate, I’m hungry.” He flicked more peel onto the nightstand. “What are you doing here?” I spat angrily. “Always so serious,” Beckett retorted, “I’ve come to get my friend here so we can go to the clinic before they crown your ass.” “Don’t curse,” Tanner grouched. “Milo’s waiting downstairs. Rumor has it that Trek’s mate is awake.” Beckett grinned excitedly, completely ignoring my omega’s admonishment. “Really?” Tanner asked, excitedly leaping from my arms tripping over his own feet falling flat on his face. Already forgetting about my brother’s language faux pas. Shaking my head, I reached down, gripping my omega under his armpits and lifting him up onto his feet. He shook himself like a cub gathering his bearings. He pretended to wipe imaginary lint from his pants. “I’m ready, let’s go.” Tanner walked toward the door calling back. “Don’t leave your peels on the nightstand jackal. Love you, Alpha. See you soon.” “Love you too, Munchkin. See you this afternoon. Give Trek my congrats,” I called back moving to the sofa so I can sit comfortably to put on my shoes. First, I sent a text to Nash to go with Tanner and Milo because I don’t trust the royal guard. He replied almost instantly. Nash: On it, Alpha. Good luck today, Rush! I smiled, Nash using my given name showed me he was happy for me, his friend, not an obligatory response due to my position. <>-<>-<> My annoyance is evolving into panic as I stand here at the closed doors of the Royal Hall. The Easton family crest has been adorned on the entrance of the building. Once those doors open there will be eight trumpet guard for me to saunter through. All eyes will be on me as I walk to the altar where the head of the Shifter Council will be waiting to guide me through the Shifting of the Crown. But… Tanner isn’t here, he is supposed to be waiting with me. The doors open and the trumpets screech, as I commence down the passage to the front. No Tanner. Realizing I can’t feel him either, my panic grows. With my eyes frantically searching the crowd as I move toward the elder. I can find my brother and Trek sitting with smiles of support on their faces. No Tanner. My breathing is becoming erratic, and I can feel an involuntary shift forming in my gut to revel with my panic and worry. Where is he? I can’t even feel his heartbeat anymore, what’s… He’s… I search again, no Tanner, no Milo, no Nash… But Trek is here. In a full-blown panic my ears start to ring as I reach my brother in the sea of shifters. Beckett stands quickly grabbing my shoulder’s roughly. “Alpha,” he says searching my eyes, “Rush,” he shakes me violently again. I can hear him but it’s tinny and distant. The hair of my lion surfaces, my canines push through in my mouth as my mane develops. The cracking of my bones as they reshape into my lion form. I hear the panic and sorrow as I throw back my head and roar. My insides are in turmoil along with my brain working a million miles a minute. Something is wrong. Where is my omega? Why can’t I feel him? Munchkin?
  7. Bndmetl

    Chapter 9 - Rush

    Thanks, Wesley and I love this story and writing it together is super fun. Thank you for taking the time to read it and we're excited so many of you are enjoying it thus far. There's plenty more to come.
  8. “Lieutenant, how did Elder Easton escape?” I asked angrily at the man when I caught sight of him as I entered my office. He was standing at the window pensively looking out at the garden. Thankfully someone had managed to get the man to my office before I even made it back. He stood tall and foreboding as if I was the one inconveniencing him. I hadn’t issued the order, so I can only assume the Alpha Mate or my new assistant, Rafael, had done the honors. The hide of me wanting to speak to the man after my father escaped on his watch, not to mention the injured young guard. “It was a shift change, and your father overpowered the guard before the others had arrived,” he answered dismissively. Oh, I’m going to… something this asshole. “Do you like your position here, Lieutenant?” I asked sternly with a growl. “I got the impression at the welcome dinner you wanted to stay on. Is that true? Or is it my age that’s a factor? My experience? Because your dismissive attitude tells me that you’re not happy in your position.” The Lieutenant grunted a non-specific rebuttal. “You can be relieved of your duty, just say the word,” I said while carelessly moving things around my desk. I wanted him to think I wasn’t concerned about replacing him. I’m not going to fight for someone who doesn’t want to be here. He’d be hard to replace, sure. It’s not about my pride; it’s about the entire Pride. How safe are we with someone in charge of warriors and the royal guard who doesn’t like their job, nor do they give a shit. “I don’t like what you’re implying, Alpha Rush. Do we have a problem?” his snooty attitude tipping me off-kilter. Not that it would be a hard feat since I’ve been constantly two seconds from an anxiety attack since I arrived at Sentinel Oaks Pride. “It’s not my job to babysit an Elder, even if he is your father.” Again, with the snarly father comment. I.will.smack.this.prick. “Your job,” I said through gritted teeth, “includes overseeing the warriors and Royal Guard. I would think you’d want to know what’s going on throughout the Pride, not to mention keeping an eye on any potential danger. Have you not been informed of his escalating behavior? Have you not been warned he has made threats? Tell me, how do you see your involvement as the Lieutenant?” The man’s jaw ticked slightly; a giving tell he was hanging onto to his composure by a thread. He leaned forward with a hand on my desk, his neck extending to full capacity as he got in my face. “Listen here, you snot-nosed brat. I’ve been in this position for over two decades and never once did King West ever second guess me or question my int–” “That’s enough, Lieutenant,” the Alpha Mate entered the office without announcement, and I’ve never been happier to be interrupted in my life. “You have overstepped here. Due to the circumstances and the importance of the task at hand, you should have been on point. Your job is to protect, and don’t think I haven’t noticed the lax in the security detail when it comes to the Easton’s. Yesterday I saw Alpha Rush and his second leave this building without a guard, not one. Care to explain how that happened?” the Alpha Mate stood tall, jutting her chin, and her eyes like steel. “Alpha Mate–” “No, Lieutenant. There is no explanation to suffice these infractions. I suggest you go to the clinic to see after the injured guard – as I assume you have not yet done so – then take the next forty-eight hours to think long and hard if this where you want to be. If you can not respect the incoming king, maybe this isn’t the right place for you.” Narrowing his eyes with another tick in his jaw, he glanced my direction then back to the Alpha Mate. “You’re banishing me from the Pride?” She shook her head. “No, not at all. But we can’t expect you to take charge and lead the warriors nor the Royal Guard to the best of your ability either, can we?” The Alpha Mate took a moment giving me an assessing look. “If you decide not to stay in your position as Lieutenant, it will be up to Alpha Rush whether you can stay within the pride.” I was quick to put that question to rest. “Of course you’d be able to stay, there’s no reason why you should not. Your entire life is here. I’ll leave that decision between you and your family.” I watched the Alpha Mate for her reaction; as usual, she gave away nothing. “For now, please take the time given to consider your future. The job is still yours. But, if you do decide to stay in your position, I’ll expect you to bring a lot more than I’ve seen so far.” “Alpha Mate,” he bared his neck, then me, “Alpha.” We watched as he left the room, leaving enough time for him to be out of earshot I sighed audibly. “Will it always be like this?” “No, Alpha, things will get better, they’re just… testing you, I think. Big paws to fill as you know.” She smiled fondly at the memory of her mate. “Not everyone will agree with you nor disagree. The trick is to find a happy medium and, first and foremost, do what’s best for the pride. Even if you don’t like it.” She blessed me with a motherly smile, warm and fond. I wonder if my mother would have been this supportive and wonderful. “Thank you for stepping in. I fear due to my own shortcomings the argument was getting out of hand,” I offered her the visitor’s seat waiting for her to be seated across from me before dropping into my own. “Please,” I said while opening the bottom draw reaching for the unopened bottle of whiskey I’d found a week or so ago. Alpha Mate sat down elegantly with a light chuckle. “Maybe, but you’ll get better at tempering yourself as you go. King West was loved; they don’t trust you yet.” She assessed me for a moment or two. “I think you’ll be just fine, Alpha. You remind me a lot of my late husband.” I rolled my eyes. “Please don’t say that in front of my mate?” I asked with a smirk. “Oh, spirits no.” she laughed at her statement, although nodding her agreement when I held up the bottle for her to see. <>-<>-<> “RAFAEL!” Ouch! My head. Probably shouldn’t yell when my skull feels like it’s about to explode. Massaging my temples, I tried to block overly obnoxious loud voices bouncing off the walls of my office. The shifting of the crown is only several days away and there is still so much to do; not to mention half the pride want an audience with me before I become King. Ninety-eight percent of this crap can wait until after the ceremony and celebration. Still, they all seem determined that it has to be now. I’m not sure what difference it’s going to make. My new assistant, Rafael, came bustling through the door winding around the 4 million people in my office that were all talking over each other at me. The sheer volume only furthered the drilling in my head. He put down a bottle of water and a small medicine cup with aspirin. The spirits are going to gift Rafael in his next life, mark my words. The man is a freakin’ saint. “Take those then block your ears,” he commanded in a way that assistants are the real bosses and they know it. I did as I was told, once my hands covered my ears Rafael rounded two fingers in his mouth letting out one hell of a high-pitched ear-piercing whistle. “Shifters, if you’ll follow me, we can get to everyone in due time. Thank you.” The man is worth all the… everything, he’s worth everything. Once the last person left the office, he turned to me. “Anything that isn’t life or death, or tied with the shifting of the crown will be rescheduled. I’ll give you a few minutes to at least let the aspirin kick in.” He squeezed my shoulder. “Let me know if you need anything, Alpha.” “Bless you, Raf.” I like Rafael, so far he’s been professional and is very good at his job. When we are alone he treats me as a person, not royalty. I like that. Like just now it’s unacceptable for anyone to touch the King or royal family in any way, but the man is tactile and willing to comfort since we were alone. In company he is the height of professionalism. I’ve also noticed he’s tough, no nonsense. I’m going to enjoy watching him bang heads with my brother. The middle aged man has a fatherly way about him, considering who my father is I can certainly use a father figure with good intentions. After enough time for the aspirin to lessen the hammering in my head to a dull thud a gentle tap, tap, tap, came from the door. Rafael entered then holding the door for a beta man that I had yet to meet. “Alpha Easton, may I introduce Sheriff Robert Petrone,” stated Rafael before leaving the room closing the door behind him. “Nice to meet you.” I stood as the beta shook my extended hand with slight baring of his neck. “You also.” He sat in the chair I invitingly gestured. Crossing his ankle over his knee picking imaginary lint from his pants, he made himself comfortable. He’s big for a beta, his body a total mass of muscle. Obviously he works on his fitness, in his job though is that really a surprise. I would estimate his age to be somewhere in his thirties, young for a man in such a position. He’s objectively good looking but I wouldn’t say he was gorgeous like my mate, more… average, appealing but not typically attractive. “How can I help you?” I asked sitting down behind my desk giving him my full attention. What the hell is going on today? I haven’t even been shifted the crown and it’s already insane. Three meetings down and I’m ready to start strangling shifters. The first had been with the head of the Royal Guard about security for the ceremony. Another for the crown with a side of complaints about my father’s rude and unruly behavior – in their opinion. The last, a meeting with the Sheriff’s Office, also with a nice dose of putting me in my place. Something I learned in that meeting is that the Sheriff gets testy if you call it the Police Dept. The sheriff’s response to my error had my new assistant Rafael retreating from my office faster than I’ve ever seen anyone move. The man didn’t intimidate me in the slightest and I let him know. That’s going to be a strained relationship going forward. It doesn’t help that he was there to lay down the law about something Beckett had done to piss him off. Since Beckett is Beckett, I’m guessing the sheriff and myself are going to go toe to toe. A lot. Slumping into my chair with a sigh of relief as the Sherriff exited, Rafael announced that I had the last royal garment fitting with the crazy tailor for the Pride in half an hour. Falafel, as Tanner says. My munchkin isn’t big on cursing, yesterday morning when we were in the throws of some wonderfully passionate and hardcore fu… love making, I screamed, “Fuck!” the wily little leprechaun clamped his butt muscles around my dick so hard I thought he was going to rip it off. Lesson learned, no F bombs in the bedroom, well, it wasn’t exactly the bedroom but more over my office desk. But still, I’ll be watching my tongue. A quick succession of taps then the door opening got my attention. “Uh… Alpha. Um, there’s a situation…” Rafael seemed rattled wringing his hands in front of his body. “What’s the matter Rafael, have they found my father?” I still can’t believe the rat bastard managed to escape the confines of the guest house. I’d punish the guards but at the moment it’s not my job. If it were up to me they would be out of jobs. How hard is it to guard one asshole sociopath. Hmpf, I think I answered that for myself, he’s the master of manipulation if you don’t know him well enough to evade his tactics. Rafael glanced away quickly; I could almost hear him cursing. “No Alpha, i-i-it’s your mate, no, your brother.” Tilting his head staring into nothing for a moment gathering his thoughts. “He, they, appear to have, um… taken the doc hostage?” his voice rising in pitch as he finished his sentence. “What?” Ow, ow, ow, damn useless aspirin. I stood from my chair too quickly making my brain rattle against my skull. Trying to appease the now rapid and constant thumping I massaged my temples. I attempted taking a deep breath hoping it would help my head but to no avail it’s not going to happen. “What do you mean, Rafael? Hostage?” “Yes, Alpha. Tanner or your brother, maybe both and their friends, um,” he said wincing at the mention of my sibling, “well, they found a young man beaten in the woods yesterday and took him to the doctors clinic.” Rafael shook his head. “That’s all I really know so far. A few of the Sheriff’s deputies were called to the clinic by the doc’s assistant stating there was a hostage situation.” “For the love of all spirits. Call Nash back from the search for Elder Easton and have him meet me at the clinic, please. Contact the pride tailor and apologize, I’m going to have to reschedule. If he needs compensation for his time let me know. I don’t want him losing any money or business just because who we are.” Snatching my phone from the desk as I rounded it toward the exit and Rafael who appeared to be writing as fast as I spoke; ready to do my bidding without question. “Also,” I sighed stopping, “you better let the Alpha Mate know… well, because she should know and because she may be of some use getting Tanner to calm down. I haven’t quite found the trick to that yet.” “Of course, Alpha.” He stepped aside baring his neck waiting for my departure from the room before he did so himself. This is turning into a three-ring circus. We’ve barely had time to get our bearings; yet time enough for everything to go to shit. First my father losing his grip with reality, finding my mate – not unhappy with that part – who’s absolutely perfect in every way. The fact that he’s an actual he works for me plenty good; I’d been resigned to the fact I’d be mated to a woman. Seems the fates were smiling down on me because it’s a lot to come to terms with if it isn’t your cup of tea; so to speak. And, then like I just said, my father. I’ve no idea what’s going on with that man, but in no way is it making me look competent to rule all shifter kind. The thundering feet on the ground had me turning my head to see what the fu… flippin’ hel… heck is behind me. I recognized Nash loping flat out in my direction, a few feet away Nash slowing to my pace. “Hey,” he bared his neck, “what the fucks going on?” Nash asked a little out of breath. “Any luck finding Elder Easton?” After the Lieutenant took his leave I’d called Nash from whatever the hell he’d been doing to take the lead in looking for my father. It seems the guards were a little pissed with that decision so they’ve been slow to respond with my security, not that it was much of a change from under the Lieutenants command. He chuckled. “Won’t even refer to him as your father? And, nope. He’s vanished, Alpha. No one can pick up his scent, there’s no sign of him. Not even a foot or paw-print. I don’t know how he did it but whatever or whoever helped him…” Nash trailed off shaking his head in disgust. “The only thing he is to me at this moment is an escaped prisoner. All he had to do was apologize to my mate and open his mind or keep his tongue.” I shrugged. “Too much for him apparently.” “Hmpf,” he grunted in acknowledge. “So why’d you need me?” We marched along together stride for stride. “Oh,” I answered roughly running my hand through my hair, “apparently my mate and brother are keeping the Pride doc hostage.” Totally not funny even though it sounds ludicrous even to my ears. “What? Why?” he screeched looking more than a little guilty. “I’ve no freakin’ clue,” I huffed. “I haven’t seen my mate since yesterday when we were chasing them through the woods. His heartbeat is a little elevated but nothing out of the ordinary for him. He tends to get excited easily.” Nash raised an eyebrow at me as we approached the clinic. “He sent word that he’d explain and I trusted that he would, I still do. I do find it hard to believe he’s holding anyone hostage, more a case of someone else has blown everything out of proportion,” I said as we reached the clinic. Nash opened the door letting me enter before him; something he would never have done before my impending crown shift. I knew I could count on him to do the right thing for me. He’ll always be honest but respectful in other company. Spirits, please make my friend stay. I’m not sure I can do this without him. “Alpha,” Nash said grabbing my shoulder gently once we were inside the clinic pulling us both to a stop, “what do you want to do about Elder Easton?” “Hmm, I don’t know to be honest. Let’s deal with this,” I thumbed forward into the clinic, “then we’ll come up with a plan.” “Yes, Alpha.” Nash let me go flanking one step behind and to the side, two royal guards I’d even forgot were following me allowed for his presence. I wonder why they hadn’t reacted when Nash was boring down on me outside. Curious. They’ve been lax of late, but that was a blatant disregard for my safety. I’m going to address that later with the head of the royal guard. <>-<>-<> Chaos. Absolute chaos. Nash and I moved at a dead run as soon as we heard the arguing, the roar of a lion in pain, and more shouting. Fuck this day. As we rounded the corner, there was the scene in front of us – complete chaos. My munchkin was yelling at his sister, Annette, while she stood defiantly in front of him in a Deputy Sheriff uniform. Trek had been the one with the pained roar but now worked up into a rage was trying to get at the doctor while my brother Beckett had him pinned to the floor by his lion. Milo’s face bright red with anger blocking Trek and Becks from the doctor while he shouted at the man. A crowd of angry pride members yelling at the motley crew off to the side. Just as I was about to do a partial shift and command they all stand down the Alpha Mate appeared from nowhere in lion form with a roar of her own. Immediately everyone shifted back to human form baring their necks. Any already in human form dropped to one knee baring their necks, including Nash and myself. The whole place went silent not a word spoken, the only apparent noise was the pained whimpering coming from Trek. What the actual fuck happened here? Alpha Mate shifted back, a guard stood in front of her as a nurse handed him a set of scrubs for her to dress in. A moment later she thanked the guard stepping around him to start her interrogation. And thankfully she started with her daughter. “Annette, what are you wearing?” she asked, a look of curiosity flooded her face. The young woman jutted her chin out. “I managed to acquire a job mommy. I’m a Deputy Sherriff.” “No, you can’t Annette. You don’t want to work for that bluster–” Tanner screamed at his sister swivelling his head in a ‘no’ gesture before his mother cut him off. “Tanner,” she scolded, “you mind your manners, young man. You are not the boss of your sister. She’s a grown woman, if Annette want to work she may do so in any vocation she chooses.” My poor mate bared his neck to his mother answering thoroughly reprimanded. “Yes, Alpha Mate.” Tanner’s shoulders slumped in defeat as he turned away from his mother. The second his eyes landed on me they bulged out of his head like they were on springs. He opened our bond and all his feelings and thoughts overwhelmed me at once. If it hadn’t been for Nash standing next to me to support me I would have ended up on the floor. My mate was hurting, not physically but emotionally. Empathy coursed through his tiny body. He sagged into my arms clinging to me as he sobbed, not for himself but for… his friend. Trek. With my eyes on the Alpha Mate as she watched Tanner be enveloped in arms I flicked my chin at the now whimpering alpha. Only one thing could make an alpha give this public dispay of emotion. Their mate. “What happened, munchkin,” I whispered. He tilted his head meeting my eyes with his red puffy orbs as he sniffled. “The doc is going to destroy Trek’s mate.” He swiped at his runny nose with his sleeve adorably like a vulnerable kid. “Like he’s a damn injured wild animal or something.” The latter said as he glared angrily at the doctor. Taken aback I steeled my eyes at the man in question. “Is this true?” I demanded more than asked. The Pride doctor crossed his arms over his chest defiantly. “Yes, of course,” he answered. “He’s a hybrid, he must be destroyed and a male omega to boot. It’s protocol, it’s only right. He’s a danger to the Pride.” Well didn’t that answer start off the cacophony of yelling, screaming, and crying. The sounds bouncing of the walls and echoing down the hallways. My head started thumping to the rhythm of the tension and rumbling. As I went to massage my temples again, Tanner, launched himself in the direction of the doctor. Luckily I have quick reflexes grabbing him before he even moved a foot away from me. “Munchkin, calm down.” I kissed the side the top of his head, i squeezed him holding him tight against my body. “Good man, breathe munchkin.” I held onto him with a death grip so as to keep him still and not attack anyone. An earpiercing whistle had everyone grabbing their ears as Rafael stood in the middle of the fray with his fingers in his mouth. The area fell silent again with all eyes on my new assistant. He focused his attention on the Alpha Mate. “May I?” “Please,” she answered sighing with relief giving him the go ahead. “Deputies,” he started, “please clear the area, then you may return to the Sherriff’s Office. The situation is well in hand and will be dealt with by the Alpha Mate. Thank you.” Rafael had a commanding presence about him. He’d obviously been doing this long enough to know when to step up and take the lead without overstepping. Every time I thought the meek beta couldn’t shock me he’d do something like this and take charge taking the burden away from those around him. I truly envy his grace under pressure. Raf addressed the nurse standing behind the doctor. “Can we please get a sedative for our friend here?” he gestured toward Trek, now a defeated mess in Beckett’s arms. “This is just cruel, if you could please take care of him.” “Mr. Trenton, sir, young Milo,” Rafael cleared his throat, “can you please explain how this happened?” Milo stood tall, not to intimidate but to display his alpha nature. It was all instinct, someone was questioning his behavior, as an alpha he would no doubtedly defend himself and the people he cares most about to the death. “We,” he said blowing out a breath, “found a man in the woods yesterday out by the beaver habitat. The only reason we knew he was there because Trek scented his mate. He’d been beaten so badly he wasn’t even conscious. We managed to get him here to the clinic, the doc here,” he flung his arm angrily at the pride doctor, “gave him somethin’ to induce a shift to help him heal…” he trailed off trying to reign in his anger while Trek let out another pained whimper. Rafael frowned at Milo waiting for him to continue, Tanner started sobbing into my chest after I had just had him calmed enough to be able to stand. The nurse walked between everyone to give Trek a sedative, finally. I leaned over to Nash. “Make sure we ask to review policy, protocol, and procedures in standard care for the clinic. This is unacceptable so far and we don’t even know what happened,” I murmured to Nash so he and Tanner would be the only ones that could hear me. “I agree, Alpha,” Nash answered staring daggers at the doctor. Milo gave Rafael a pleading look. I’m not sure if it was to not finish or to just help, I really can’t tell. “Please, Milo, continue,” said the Alpha Mate, her tone soft and comforting, yet still demanding. “What happened when he shifted?” Milo bared his neck in respect; an automated response it seems. He quickly wiped away a stray tear. “He’s a liger, Alpha Mate.”
  9. Oh, thank heavens Milo and Trek rescued me from Nash. Well, Beckett helped by distracting him. While Beckett was busy getting Nash to help him get caramel tarts from the storage cooler that Cookie had set aside just for us we escaped out the outside staff door. I love that woman. Honestly, I was torn between running and eating those tarts. As soon as we were able to get out, they pestered me wanting to know what happened after I had stormed into the Alphas office. They eventually gave in when I refused to spill my guts to them, and they suggested we go for a run. Beats sitting around stewing in our bedroom waiting for Rush so I can tear him a new one for treating me like a child. We walked around for a bit shooting the breeze, when we ended up outside the Alphas office. Looking through the window the view of my mate in the office window immediately reminded that not even twelve hours ago I was bent over that desk. I could still remember my alpha yelling out ‘fuck’ and I instantly tightened my muscles squeezing his dick hard enough for him to get the message. I’m not the least bit remorseful. It was hot as hel… helicopters. Now, I am not against cursing it’s just the way me and my sisters were raised, we were told not to be vulgar if we could help it. I guess there should be some exceptions to the rules. Unfortunately for my mate, I wasn’t blocking our connection when all my thoughts got me hot and bothered and he got hit with a wave of my arousal. I watched him through the window trying to get himself together. Even more unfortunate – for my mate more than me – was Beckett had caught up with us, he smirked at me following my line of sight. He saw how his brother reacted to me – who was hanging on a thin edge - and laughing his ass off he shared with our friends. “Oh my spirits, Tanner, this is priceless. You dirty, dirty, boy. Do it again. Do it again,” Beckett skipped from foot to foot like a pre-teen fan girl. After a few minutes of egging me on I finally gave in and teased my mate a bit. I started out by imagining me slowly licking along his shaft like a lollipop. When that didn’t seem to work I just thought about slowly sinking down his entire length. My mate dropped to the chair his hand went down under the desk and the expression on his face delectable. BINGO! I could feel the lust pouring off of him, and then suddenly we all heard “BECKETT!!” Looking to the left stood an enraged Nash pointing at my friend angrily. Well looks like the jig is up. Not knowing what to do we all looked at the one person who knew Rush best, his brother, who’s face had paled but still wickedly amused. He quickly gave us the reply as he shifted, “Oh shit! Run boys!” My head snapped up to the window and saw Nash shift. The four of us shifted, shredding our clothes after hearing Beckett yell. “Move your ass boys, Nash is a bitch when he’s angry.” Somehow Beckett and Milo separated from me and Trek, I guess we’ll meet up later. Right now I need to focus on escaping. I knew we’d only end up at the place near where the beaver’s made their home. It had become a haven for the four us, we respected the rodents and their space and treated it as if we were guests in their home, never disturbing the little habitat they’d made for themselves. “Munchkin, you can run. But you can’t hide.” I heard my mate tell me in my head. Oh snickerdoodles… We took off running just like when we were cubs. I loved it when we had time to do this, the moments being carefree like when we were young. It’s not often we get a chance to do this now that we’re adults, too many responsibilities. I managed to make up the distance between me and Trek, and of course just as I reached his side he knocked me with his shoulder and I went tumbling with a “Squee!” I rolled once, twice, thr… and a half. I only tumbled two and a half times, okay, not three. Then leapt onto my feet running as fast as I could. “Shake a leg, Trek, Rush is gaining on us,” I told my friend flying over a log where he stood sniffing the air. As I rounded by the big fallen tree, veering left at the fork in the trail. A loud ground shaking roar came from behind me as Trek almost knocked me on my ass as he flew by me. I tried to keep up with him, but he was running flat out his nose to the ground then in the air. It’s weird I’ve never seen him do that before he usually has two speeds, go, and stop, and usually along trails we’ve forged over the years. Our little foursome is usually very mindful of the beavers and their home and try not to disturb anything. “Trek! Trek! What are you doing?” I called out while watching him disappear and reappear through the trees and scrub. About ten minutes into the chase trying to keep up with Trek I heard, “Just imagine what’s going to happen to you tonight, I may just have to tie you up for this one, Munchkin.” Well if that didn’t sound like a fun idea, I don’t know what would! A shiver ran through me just at the thought, but Trek caught my eye again, I mean what the jackal is he doing? It was worrisome that he wouldn’t answer me. Finally, I managed to catch up to him as we made it to the clearing. Thank god, Milo and Beckett were waiting for us. I shifted back expecting Trek to do the same, but he stood nearby restlessly moving about the area. Milo and Beckett were bickering about something, but I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on Trek. I mean, seriously, what is the spirits is he doing? Trek would stop and seem like he was sniffing the air, or the ground covering anxiously, vigorously. Trek shifted, “Can’t you smell that?” he sniffed the air as he put his nose in the air again trying to catch the scent of whatever was driving him crazy. “It’s like… coconut and ginger, you know… like the cheesecake that cookie makes. He sniffed the air again before explaining further he shifted and ran off. I’m not sure what he smelled so I sent Milo after him so he wouldn’t get into trouble or get hurt. “Milo,” I jutted my chin in the direction Trek had scurried. “On it,” he said affirmatively then shifted and took off. A few seconds later I heard the voice of my mate and a wave of mischief and promises run through me, “You're lucky munchkin, Rafael just got ahold of me and it seems I’ve got meetings for the rest of the day, so for now you’re safe.” Oh my, the way he said ‘for now’ sent even more delicious shivers down my spine. I’d turned around to say something to Beckett to find he too had also disappeared. “Do I smell bad or something?” I asked aloud to no one apparently sticking my nose in my armpit. “Hmpf, roses if you ask me.” I dropped my arm down in defeat. These guys are gonna give me a complex. Before I could yell out to Beckett, he appeared with a very naked and blushing Nash. I have no idea why he would be embarrassed. I mean we’re all naked because we shifted. There is no saving those clothes at the speed we shed them when we shifted. Oh, pooh, that was my favorite shirt too. “Hey Tanner look what I found perving out on us!” Beckett said while laughing his ass off. “I was not perving on you guys its just I….” Nash threw a look of daggers at Beckett. “Dude you had your dick out!” “I’m naked you idiot of course it was out!” he pointed at Beckett. “Even yours it out. Seriously, dude. Ever thought about a reduction; that thing has to slow you down.” Beckett looked down with a grin looking at his tally-whacker, he grabbed his entire tackle giving it a jiggle in Nash’s direction. “Oh yeah, well that doesn’t explain the–” Before Beckett could finish we heard a roar rip through the woods stopping the bickering, I’m not even sure any of us were breathing. The roar was full of anguish and pain. Forgetting what we were talking about, we quickly shifted and ran towards the guys not really knowing what we should expect. “Help guys you need to get here quick. There is a guy, he’s all beat up. Trek’s lost it; I don’t know what’s going on!” When we reached Trek and Milo they were in some makeshift camp. Looking down we found Trek was crying and cradling the guy who had been beaten so bad we couldn’t even make out his face. Before we could say anything Milo’s eyes bugged out of his head as his gaze narrowed piercing over my shoulder. I looked behind me to see another white lion like me, Nash, shifting back. What the hell? Milo immediately asked angrily, “Why didn’t you tell us you were an omega???” Before Nash could answer Beckett jumped in “Guys, there is a reason for the secrecy, but right now everyone needs to shut up and listen, we have a guy who needs medical attention. I need to concentrate so we can get him stable enough to be moved. So,” Beckett closed his eyes taking a deep breath and started throwing out orders before they re-opened. “First off, Nash, you and Milo need to go get some bandages and materials for a splint for his broken legs, if you can get some antiseptic as well. Go to the clinic and see if the doc can come but if not sign out a mobile cot and a neck brace as well.” Beckett started mumbling to himself in medical gibberish that I’m fairly sure none of us could understand. His face betrayed him showing his fear at the situation. I couldn’t help it; I was scared, and my body started shaking. If the alphas with me are scared I can feel it and it frightens me too. The poor man. The guys just stood there stunned at Beckett before he unleashed his alpha voice “GET THE SUPPLIES NOW!” The boys shifted at the sudden change in Beckett. He instantly became Doc Beckett and the Alpha tone had my whole body shaking even more from the wafting Alpha pheromones. Once he was licensed he was gonna be a force to be reckoned with. I watched Beckett’s internal struggle as he assessed Trek, he looked to my friend and spoke to him with respect. If I’d never met my Alpha-in-law? Brother-in-law? Friend? Whatever, he’d have had my respect from that moment. “Trek,” he said, “I know you don’t want to, and this will be difficult for you, but I need you to lay him on the ground so I can see to his injuries. Besides, you don’t know if you holding him like that is doing more damage or not.” My poor friend looked panicked and frantic as he whimpered, sobbing, “He’s my mate.” The pain-stricken anguish on his face killed me, my heart shattered into a million pieces at his sorrow. I felt a subtle wave of love and warmth run through me. Shit! My Alpha felt that. I blocked my emotions from Rush he didn’t need to know anything yet until we had this figured out. He has enough on his plate. “I know.” Beckett was so empathetic and respectful. “I’m not gonna harm him, Trek, you have my word.” Beckett fell to his knees quickly next to Trek pleading as he looked up at my friend patting the ground. “Please Trek, we need to save your mate.” Slowly and gingerly Trek crouched down ever so gently laying his mate on the ground while his tears fell. His whole body at war within itself holding back his natural instincts to keep his mate protected and letting someone else touch him. “Good, Trek, that’s good, you stay right there next to him. Let me look him over so I can see if there are any other injuries we need to worry about.” I’m such a coward I stood frozen watching everything play out. It didn’t even occur to me to be happy that one of my best friends had found his mate. Instead, I was terrified Trek was going to lose his mate and it would break him. “Tanner!” Beckett yelled at me. “Huh?” my eyes moved from Trek to Beckett. “Get over here, I need you to keep Trek calm. Help him.” I moved my bum so quick now I feel dizzy as I dropped down next to Trek. I rubbed his back while holding his free hand that automatically moved to stop Beckett every time he tried to look over his mate. While Beckett continued his examination, I was even more confident that he should be the one to take over the practice as soon as he finished school. He was going to be an amazing doctor. From what Rush said he only has to do his shifter residency, hopefully he can do it at the clinic under Dr. Marks, the Prides doctor. It’s kind of weird watching Beckett like this, I mean, he’s never serious always quick with a joke. He’s also a bit of an ass when he wants to be, but this, his movement is purposeful and experienced. It’s like watching a ballet or something, it’s magical. About twenty minutes later the guys returned with all the supplies that Beckett had sent them to get. Nash dropped a back at Beckett’s feet. “We informed the clinic that we’d had found an injured person. So they’re expecting us.” Beckett nodded his head in acknowledgement and got right to work with the supplies. I’ve never seen anyone move so quickly with such purpose, it’s mesmerizing. “There’s no way we could get a vehicle up here or by water, thanks to the beavers.” Milo kneeled down as he and Nash got to work setting up a stretcher. I think that’s what it is. I tried to pull Trek to the side so we were out of the way so they could all work. “We grabbed this stretcher from the Pride Warrior house. A couple of them said to call if we need help getting him down to the clinic.” “We should be fine,” Beckett said quickly moving around the injured man as he made a splint for his legs and arm. During his exam Beckett couldn’t find any signs of internal damages but couldn’t completely rule them out. Before we knew it the guy was ready for transport. “Did you manage to grab a neck brace?” he asked standing because he’d finished. Both guys, Milo and Nash, shook their heads. “Shit,” Beckett hissed, he blew out a breath, “I don’t want to move him until we stabilize his neck.” He turned around in a circle searching for spirits no what. “Okay guys, spread out we need something like rope or rope if you can find it, two individual fillable containers like a sock or boot, anything.” We all spread out scouring the area for stuff we could use. “What about his camp? Surely he’d have something in there,” Milo piped up moving to go check anyway. “Go, go, go,” Nash said following him pushing him along. Not even thirty seconds later they came back with an old weathered bag and a pair of hiking boots. Beckett’s eyes lit up, we watched as he snatched the boots from Milo throwing one at Nash. “Fill it with dirt, gravel, whatever.” He turned to Milo. “Did he have a tent?” He gave a curt nod. “We need one of the ground ties. Hurry.” I feel useless standing here but I was hanging on to a sobbing, freaked out best friend praying the whole time he didn’t go all Alpha on me because there is no way I could hold on to him. I could feel his entire body quivering. Holding back is taking a lot out of him, I could feel the nervous energy coming off him. Thankfully everything was moving fast in front of us. “Guys, we have to do this as gently as possible,” Beckett said, kneeling down at the head of the injured man. “Trek I know it’s hard, but I need you to concentrate and help out some. I need his head as still as possible while we move him, that is your job, okay?” He showed Trek how was to hold the neck then looked up at him. “Can you do that?” Trek let out a small whine but ended up agreeing to it. “Good, great. Okay time to transfer him to the stretcher, Milo and Nash you guys grab a leg each, Tanner try to keep his middle the same level as his legs while me and Trek get his head and arms. Everybody on my count.” We were all silent concentrating as we moved Trek’s mate onto the stretcher. Tear poured from his face. “Gently, gently, careful,” Beckett said to them in a low calm voice while sending out Alpha pheromones to keep everyone calm. Once we were done he moved us back while he quickly checked the stretcher and how the man was positioned and stabilizing the neck and head. “Okay, I think we’re good. Trek, I want you to carry this end of the stretcher. If he wakes up the first thing he’ll see is your face. He won’t know why but just seeing you will help. Are you cool with that?” “Yes,” he answered immediately crouching down to his mate. Trek kissed the mans forehead whispering, “You’re going to be okay, baby, everything’s going to be okay.” He looked up at all of us. “Ready.” “Okay, Milo you’re up. Walk slowly and try not to jostle the stretcher. Again, on my count,” Beckett said as he counted then had an eagle eye on his patient. “You okay, Tanner,” Milo asked. I raised my eyes from the poor beaten man to my friend. “Yeah, just…” I glanced at Trek, “yeah I’m fine. Rush is sending me waves of warmth and comfort.” I can feel the fond smile tugging on my lips. “How do you mean, is he here somewhere?” Milo asked. I smiled shyly, “No.” “Then how?” Trek asked as he concentrated on his mate and walking at the same time. The whole time we were moving, I explained to Trek about how having a mate is a good thing. I even explained to him about the little bond mate connection between an alpha and a male omega and how it worked. He started getting sad because he didn’t know if his mate would make it or not when I just told him, “Hey, think of it this way if it wasn’t for my mate bond, we would’ve never have been able to find him. If we hadn’t he wouldn’t survived. You gave him that chance when you scented him and found him. You did that Trek.” “I guess you're right Tanner, but I just don’t want to lose him so soon after finding him. What if the doc can’t help him?” Mustering up the most severe voice I could “TREK, you stop that nonsense right now! You’ve got the clinic doctor who will be able to help him, plus look at all the help Beckett was, he went straight to work. Do you honestly think there’s a chance we’re gonna let this guy die?” I shook my head vigorously. “If the doc can’t help him we’ll find someone who can.” I started sweating, I’d worked myself up into quite a tizzy. I took a couple of deep breaths only to hear a chuckle come from behind me. Trek began to chuckle at me like I was some kind of comedian. “Tanner, I love you. But that voice of yours does not sound right when you're being bossy, or at least trying to be.” Well, as long as it lifted his spirits I guess I couldn’t complain about my lack of intimidation skills. “Careful guys, slow it down a bit.” Beckett was so serious; he inspected the man on the stretcher as we walked. “Hmm, Tanner, I need you to run to that, um, place near the edge of the tree line–” “The warriors mess hall,” Milo cut him off. “Yeah, there, find someone and have them get a vehicle ready so when we reach them they can get us to the clinic as quick as possible.” Beckett frowned down at the man checking the splint as gently as he could. “On it. Good luck guys,” I said shifting and taking off. I don’t think any of us expected total chaos to break out because of this stranger over the next few days though.
  10. “Nash!” Rush called out knowing I was waiting just outside the door. “What is he doing here?” Elder Easton sneered with his lip curled. I love, love, love, that the guy can’t stand the sight of me. It’ll make my job all that much easier getting under his skin. By my job I mean for every time he’s an ass to Rush and Beckett I’ll get immense enjoyment ticking the guy off in some way. The more he upsets his sons, the worse I’ll be. The guy is a giant fucktard. I’ve never hated anyone as much as I detest that guy. And the fact that he’s now addressed as ‘Elder’ tickles my funny bone to no end. His vanity is only superseded by his assholery. Elder Easton Rush’s smile so very smug as he spoke. “He’s here because I invited him. I want him here.” He turned to me. “Can you please take Tanner to his room. I’ll be there soon; until then keep him safe.” I nodded affirmation but heard Tanner grumbling. Rush turned to his mate taking him in his arms sweeping the hair back from his forehead. “Please don’t fight me on this, munchkin.” He gently pecked his mate on the lips. Whatever Rush had whispered to Tanner had his eyes filling with tears. “I’ll do as you ask Alpha.” Ooh shit, I’m not sure Alpha Rush is going to make it to become the king by the look in his mates eyes. The acquiescing tone did not match the look; I’ve not yet seen this little fire cracker mad, but ooooh boy; Rush better wear a cup in their next conversation. As I silently ushered Tanner from the room I heard the Alpha say to the guards, “Take him back to his quarters he’s not to leave the guest house under any circumstances. I don’t care if it is on fire.” “I’ll gladly light the fucker,” I mumbled to myself getting a weird look from an older beta in the hallway heading toward the Alpha office. Tanner must have heard me because he turned around with his steely eyes boring into mine. “Don’t cuss, you, you, jackal.” He twirled back around to keep walking and his back foot caught his front foot heel tripping him. I sucked my lips into my mouth trying not to laugh as he flung his arms out to the side to balance himself. Glancing over his shoulder at me with an expression of complete and utter annoyance he flicked his hand to the side. “I’m going to the kitchen to get snacks.” “Alpha Rush told me to take you up to the bedroom.” Mistake! The alpha mate to be whipped around stopping then poking me in the chest. “I am a grown ass adult. It’s bad enough being sent to my room by my mate, I’m not doing it without snacks.” He poked my chest again. “Do not cuss in the kitchen, Cookie is a lady and if she gets offended by your mouth, well… you’ll see,” he said the last bit smugly. “Yes, sir,” I said with a mocking salute. He curled his lip and growled at me turning back around quickly, losing his balance again. He gained control of himself with a huff storming off toward the kitchen. I love this guy; he has the confidence of an alpha but the sense and compassion of an omega. It’s all I can do to hold in my laughter nearly every time he gets his panties in a twist. Rush is a lucky, lucky man. Life is never going to be boring. Tanner entered the kitchen through the swinging door throwing it back in my face, I pushed the door open with a chuckle. “Tanny boy,” a robust woman in an apron sang as she poured brown sugar into a bowl of melted butter sitting on top of a steaming pot. “I hear ya mated with the new alpha, lad. I’m so glad you’ll be staying on. I woulda missed ya sorely.” He smiled sidling up next to her swiping a strawberry from the little basket on the counter, lifting on his toes he kissed her cheek. “I did,” he said before popping the berry into his mouth with a moan at the sweetness. “Who’s this?” she flicked her chin in my direction. He flapped his hand dismissively. “My personal minder, I think.” “Aw, like that Dennis Waterman television programme?” she grinned. Tanner shrugged with a befuddled look. “He’s boneheaded and…” he narrowed his eyes at me before stage whispering, “he has a dirty, dirty, mouth.” The woman clucked her tongue narrowing her eyes at me, she lifted the spoon from bowl quickly swinging it in my direction with a splatter of sugar butter mix in a line up my nice blue polo shirt ending on the ceiling as she scolded me. “Ack, don’t you be slinging that language in this kitchen, laddy. I don’t care who ya ma is, I’ll clip you upside the ear, ya hear me?” “Yes, ma’am,” I answered rubbing the back of my neck half confused about what she’d said; between her accent and the words I didn’t have a clue what she’d just admonished me for. It seemed safer to answer respectfully and hold my tongue. In my peripheral vision I could see Tanner’s smug ass grin. Little shit. Did he just call me boneheaded? I opened my mouth to fire back at him but the side door to the outside opened with Beckett appearing and two guys following him. Tanner’s face lit up. “Hey,” Beckett slapped me on the back as he passed by me. “Tanner, what’s up, man?” he rounded the counter to join Tanner and the woman in the apron, he also stole a strawberry tossing it in the air catching it in his mouth before kissing the cook’s cheek. The other two walked right by me grunting their acknowledgement of my existence. The stocky shorter alpha stepped around me his scent made my knees weak. Of fuck. Couldn’t he scent it too? Of course he couldn’t, shit, shit, shit. This is going to be hard to explain. I’m going to have to keep my distance from him, he can’t find out. He’s my mate. How is that even possible? Shit, shit, shit. If he finds out it could everything. “You okay, Nash?” Beckett asked with a smirk. Asshole. “Yeah,” I answered clearing my throat, “yes, mhmm, yep, fine.” “You sure?” Beckett asked gleefully. “Yep.” I stepped closer to the counter because I was already sporting a chubby. I want to cry this is going to be almost impossible to keep under wraps. I can already feel the pull, and my stupid traitorous eyes keep sliding in my mate’s direction. Like right now. Oh great, he’s giving me the stink eye. This is going to end so badly. “Alrighty then,” Beckett the – what was the word Tanner used – Jackal. The Jackal! Thankfully the asshole turned his attention and smirk to the cook. “Hey Cookie, you look radiant–” “Don’t go using that silver tongue on me, laddy.” She sighed as she turned down the heat on the stove top taking the sweet smelling mix off the burner. “The caramel tarts are in the cooler. Don’t scoff them all down they are for tonight. I made an extra batch for you youngens. Git ya stash and vamoose.” Beckett rubbed his hands together licking the lips of the grin he was sporting. “Give me a hand, Nash. You won’t be sorry.” It was only then that I realised I hadn’t really been paying attention and my eyes were glued to my mate, who’s now glaring at me with his arms crossed over his chest and his two best friends glancing between me and him. I wonder what his name is? It has to be something unique, special even. I love that he’s stocky and a little shorter than I am. He’s perfect, I sighed internally not giving two shits that I was still staring, and I am. Don’t care. His beautiful brown wavy locks all one length past his shoulders, green eyes that glistened in the light, a lovely straight nose and high cheekbones. Sigh, so hot. “Nash!” Beckett called out like he’d said my name multiple times. “Huh? What?” I said eloquently. I’m sure. He titled his head toward the big stainless-steel door I assume is the cool room. “A hand?” “Oh, yeah sure.” I followed behind him into the big refrigerator. Holy shit. How big is this thing? There are dairy, poultry, and other food items on shelf after shelf. The cold went right through me causing me to shudder. As a lion shifter the cold is not easy to take we like a warmer climate. “Hurry up, it’s cold as fuck in here.” At least it killed my semi-chub. “Are you okay, man? You look like…” I dropped my head into my hand before running my hand through my hair aggressively. “He’s my mate, Beckett.” His eyes grew bigger than should have been possible. “Tanner?” he squeaked. “What?” I looked at him as if he were slow. “No, idiot. The shorter stocky one?” “Milo?” he asked low and gruff. A small roar rolled through my chest to the back of my throat. He waved a hand at me like I was being unreasonable. But, it’s my mate. I closed my eyes for a moment to calm down letting the name of my mate roll around in my head. So perfect. This sucks. “Cool your jets, I’m not interested in your mate,” he told me lazily while he looked for the tray of treats, which for the life of me I can’t remember what we came in here for. “What the fuck am I going to do, Beckett? He can’t find out,” I whined. The tray he was pulling from the shelf slid easily, he balanced it half on the shelf while he contemplated what I’d said, his face pensive. “I don’t know, Nash. Are you being careful, taking your meds and all that?” he asked watching me intently. “Yeah,” I nodded. “But, still, he can’t find out.” Beckett shrugged quickly then sliding the tray almost all the way out. “Grab the other end, will ya?” “How many did she make you guys?” He grinned at me. “Not enough.” He followed with a chuckle. “You guys are pigs.” Laughing he shook his head. “I’m not even a bit sorry. You just wait until you try one of these beauties. You’ll bust a nut in your pants.” “Ugh, how are you related to Rush?” “Dunno,” he shrugged. “Good genes I guess.” “Seriously? Have you met your father?” “Uh, yeah. I pretend he doesn’t exist and thankful we take after our mother. Wherever the hell she is?” We moved toward the door of the cooler. “Can’t believe she left us with that miserable git.” That made me sad. Their mother was there one day, gone the next. All Mr. Easton, sorry Elder Easton, hehehehe, told them was she couldn’t stand being a mother and took off. I’ve never believed him for one second all these years. He either threatened her to get her to leave or he offed the woman. I hope it was the former. Maybe I can search for her, find out what really happened. Did he say git? “Huh?” He shook his head. “An expression Cookie uses,” he said waving me off. Figures. “Geez, I’ve only been able to understand half of what the woman has said so far.” “I know,” he said with a chuckle. He pushed the door with his elbow as we went back into the warmer more comfortable temperature of the kitchen, which is empty. Empty! What the fuck? “Beckett,” I growled as he put his end of the tray on the counter. He looked around the room. “Huh? Well, I better head off.” Then the rat bastard fled the room like it was on fire while I was stood holding my end of the tray balancing it with the countertop and uh… Cookie? poured a sweet-smelling batter into rubber moulds with a smirk on her face. It made my mouth water or was that the residual scent of my mate? “Where did they go?” I asked trying to keep my aggravation at bay so the woman wouldn’t hit me with the spoon in her hand. No doubt she can wield that thing like a freakin’ weapon and take me out. “I dunno, laddy. They absconded while you were in the cooler.” That’s all she said, didn’t even look up from what she was doing. By the way her and Tanner interacted there was no way she was going to give up any information. Damn it. Rush is going to kill me. The Alpha Mate and the beta I’d seen earlier were outside the office talking quietly with each other. It didn’t look heated but they were both wearing concerned expressions. The door banged against the wall when I swung it open in my mad rush to get into the office. “Is he in here?” I demanded stopping in my tracks sniffing the room. I could smell his arousal from where I was standing. I tried to look into the hallway but when that gave me no answers I raised an eyebrow at my best friend and the future King Alpha. “It’s,” He groaned pushing his hand down his pants. What the hell? “fuck…” he whimpered. “That little turd–” I started but he bared his teeth snapping with a roar. I rolled my eyes putting my hands up in defence. “His friends distracted me and he absconded.” He frantically pointed out the window and I leaped toward it. “Tanner…” I said, spotting him just outside next to a guffawing, “BECKETT!” I stepped closer to the window yelling at the asshole. Under the tree were Beckett, Rush’s mate and his best friends Trek and my mate, Milo, all in fits of laughter. They all went a shade paler while Beckett yelled, “Oh shit! Run boys.” The four shifted shredding their clothes in their haste scattering when I banged on the window pointing with a roar. I shifted dashing out the door with the alpha on my tail in lion form. Those three are going to get theirs, and my mate, well… I guess there isn’t a lot I can do to him unless I give myself away. Dammit. “Sorry, Alpha. I dropped my guard, I didn’t think they’d run off.” “What’s done is done, now you know how sneaky they are and you’ll be prepared next time.” He told me sternly, not quite mad, but enough to make sure I knew he wasn’t happy that I fell for their shit. I dropped back letting Rush lead the way, he is the Alpha and we were in view of the entire pride. “Where the hell are your royal guards?” I asked glancing over my shoulder behind to see how close they were as we broke through the trees of the woods. Not even remotely close enough to be able to protect Rush. “I don’t know. I’ll be addressing that later, trust me.” Rush broke to the left quickly. “There they are.” We upped our pace slowing when we heard their voices. Rush stopped just outside of a clearing shifting back to human form behind a small copse of trees, still allowing us to see into the clearing where the guys were taking a break and catching their breath. “Shh, stay down,” he said with a wicked smile. We watched them for a few moments, I couldn’t take my eyes off my mate. In human form he’s stunning. He’s short for an alpha but my spirits is the man built solid. Rush looked at me with an incredulous look. “What are you doing?” Looking down I noticed I had been rubbing my now noticeable hard-on. “My mate, he’s beautiful. I can’t help it,” I said peering through to where the men were standing. “You’re what?” Rush asked with bulging eyes. “Who? Which one?” “Shh,” I admonished, “Milo.” I could hear the low growl in my voice, still stroking my cock. Ripping my hand away from it I could feel my face heating. Pounding paws sounded behind us, we both looked over shoulder to see three guards coming at us full steam ahead with no indication of slowing down. All shifting as they neared, slowing to a stop at our feet. Dammit. My cock rock hard I turned away watching our guys so my body faced away from the guards trying to hide my indecent self from view. “Alpha, it’s your father. He’s escaped,” the guard closest panted. “How?” he hissed. I bet that took a lot not to roar to the spirits. “He overpowered one of the newer men,” the guard shook his head looking at the ground sorrowfully, “pretty bad, he’s at the clinic, alpha.” “Fuck!” Rush said angrily but his face told me he was horrified. Turning to me, the saddest I’ve ever seen him. “Make sure you bring the guys back. I want Beckett and my mate in the office.” “Yes, Alpha.” I fidgeted sorrowful for my best friend. I’m gonna kill his father. The alpha and guards took off through the woods while I practiced my skills of stealth. The longer I watched my mate the harder I got. I don’t know when it happened but my hand went straight to my cock slowly stroking as I peered through the trees at my mate. Milo is gorgeous, perfect, just perfect in every way. Trek, big guy, probably as big as Rush moved away from the group. My mate followed behind giving me full view of his rock-hard butt. Breathing harder, panting I stroked faster imagining him pushing me up against a tree, spreading my legs before breeching through inside me in one hard motion. Giving me everything he had while he stroked me off in rhythm with his movements, hard and fast. My hand moved faster on my cock as the knowing tingle of impending orgasm at the base of my spine, my balls tightening and lifting before… “Oh, fuck, yeah!” I groaned as rope after rope hit the trunk of the tree. I rested my forehead against my arm on the tree, panting at the intensity of my orgasm. Fuck, that hit me hard and fast. It’s going to be impossible to be around my mate. “What have you been doing?” My head whipped in the direction of that smug voice put lead in my stomach. Fuuuck! Beckett, of course.
  11. Bndmetl

    Devil Spawn

    Enough! The story is meant to be ludicrous and an easy laugh, just some light entertainment. If it's too much for you don't read it.
  12. Where is Book II of Worth The Struggle??? Please. Can't find it anywhere and no response from your cohort.

    Stay well, I'm suffering from Cabin Fever and NEED the story!

    1. Bndmetl


      I'm right there with ya. :)  

      IM me if you need another. I have a few stories I need beta-readers for that haven't been posted or published. Obviously unfinished at the moment but I like to get feedback as it's being written.

    2. Anton_Cloche


      Sorry for the delay in responding, but due to sheer number of people on-line (due to C19, thank you Xi :/: *), some servers and platforms are experiencing slow downs and crashes, including IM abilities. (ARGhhh).

      Thank you both for the replies, and the link to WTS-II. 

      I may be interested in doing Beta-reading. It could sharpen my mental Red Pencil (old school editorial tool), while giving relief from "Breaking News'.

      Tony Bell

      * 'snark mark is related to a  background that includes Foreign Service, NGOs, media  and access to info,  including current events, that has not / is not being disseminated.





  13. Bndmetl

    Ian's Heart

    Thank you Boybig007 for all the support you've shown, it helps me keep motivated to learn more about writing which in turn keeps writing hoping to create better stories. Joh
  14. Bndmetl

    Chapter 4 - Ian

    Thanks. It was difficult to write. So I put myself in Ian's shoes for a minute to think how would he handle it. I think because as a parent you spend so much time shielding your kids from an over sexualized world that by the time it gets to an age for the talk it's awkward for everyone. Most deal with the clinical and physical consequences side of sex that we all forget about how damaging the emotional side can be. It's just one opinion anyway.
  15. Bndmetl

    Chapter 3 - Adam

    Thanks Will. I'm finding all these comments and stuff I didn't realise were here. Now I feel like a heel for not acknowledging them.
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