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    Metal music (S/O to Asking Alexandria & Trivium), Reading, Dabbing in the occasional meme and most importantly, BOYS! :D

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  1. Blanno

    A Craving

    I don't think Ryder is addicted to any substances, he's just straight up addicted to fucking up his life in any and every possible way. Even though I want Nate to get royally shafted for being the walking shit for brains that he is, I'd rather see Teddy turn up and see Ryder high cause I think that will be the biggest wake up call Ryder could get and maybe get sent to rehab or something just as shit. While rehab may not be the solution he needs, the punishment of not getting to live with Teddy could be reason enough for him to grow some balls and man the fuck up and stop acting like the child he's portraying himself to be.
  2. Blanno

    A New Home

    Finally everyone is forced to deal with whatever issues they've long been running from. Seeing Ryder interact with Oli should give some valuable insight into how his parents could better treat Oli and deal with him. I'm guessing Teddy's dad with fall in love with Ryder as soon as he hears him play music again
  3. Blanno

    Chapter 4

    With all the "random" pop-ups people seem to be making, I get the feeling that his new so-called family is behind the dreams. The way Taryn said that Justin needed to let him in sounds like he's grooming Justin into doing whoever is behind all of the dreams says and/or wants.
  4. Blanno

    Chapter 10

    I think people have been lying to Perry the entire time about his looks. He's more likely to look like your average welcome mat than a teenager, he seriously needs to grow some balls right about now, and I'm with Timothy, its getting annoying how hes actually being an asshole in the sense of leading Jessica on.
  5. Blanno

    Natasha's Report

    Natasha is so hellbent on making an example of Cy in the worst way posible, and as Carter's Mom (and other commenters) have already said, it's the wrong way to try and change the lives of those involved with gangs or living in the Southside. Natasha is acting like Cy will never be able to change, that it is all just a big game to him in which he's counting down time until he can return too what she believes to be his true self and resume he gang related activities. Cy and Aaron need to tell Walter what really happened during the interview, just in case because you never know what could happen.
  6. Blanno

    The Death of Static?

    I know probably just as much as you, but I would imagine the points only matter when all the time was used in all the rounds. So if it came to a decision, it likely would've gone in Aiden's favour but he just didn't want to win that fight.
  7. Blanno


    This has been my favourite chapter so far, and I love how accepting Jaydens parents are. Eli brought up not bringing Jayden into the world of underground fighting, but I don't believe the story was ever going down that path completely, it's more about Jayden being the constant reminder of all of Aiden's values. Spending time with Jaydens family can only be a good thing!
  8. Blanno

    The Wake Up Call

    I didn't read much of book one, but I would guess Aiden's dad pushed Brooke into racing too. He's could be one of the big wigs in the underground scene for all we know.
  9. Blanno

    The Decision

    Are there coaches out there that are even somewhat like this? I had one coach at my high school who was in love with Volleyball, but they never pulled any dodgy stunts or anything as far as the school was aware of.
  10. Blanno

    Another Patient

    I'm too curious for my own good, what is it you think it could be that he has done?
  11. Blanno

    Another Patient

    I kind of think Teddy's actions are justified to be fair. That summer with Ryder will forever be his benchmark of love and relationships, in both the happiest he's ever been and also the saddest. As someone (forgot who) mentioned in the comments of last chapter, just because Teddy isn't suffering a drug addiction doesn't make his pain any less forceful. Quoting my favourite song, "Hold it in, oh let's go dancing. I do believe we're only passing through, Wired again now look who's laughing", which the artist just wanted to hold off on the intense and complicated feelings he and his partner had, and just enjoy the time they spent with each other laughing and having simple fun. Teddy and Ryder could benefit from this approach imo, let all the bullshit go, and just enjoy spending time with each other (although this approach would be a boring book )
  12. Blanno

    Twist of Fate

    Doesn't matter how slow the updates are too me, as long as their will be updates! Also I think the more irrational Oli is, the more realistic he probably is too preteen fans of youtubers and such of today, for example all of the fans of the Paul brothers.
  13. I guess Teddy shouldn't have been all that surprised about Ryder's actions, he did say that the news of his grandmother would break him, and it did. Irrationality and pride caused this in my opinion, irrationality in the sense that Ryder thought he was doing the right thing, and then spending the next 14 years either trying to forget Teddy completely through endless drugs, music and whatever else he got up to. I would say pride plays apart with Ryder unwilling to acknowledge that his decision was wrong, as well as thinking that he was the one controlling the relationship for the good of Teddy and himself. As much as I wished the ending were different, it got the point across pretty well. They have both led emotionally unfulfilling lives after the break-up, and when considering that their relationship will likely be the best relationship either of them ever had it's easy too see how depressed they both become. Teddy even highlights that he chases the same type, and also in the sense he chases the broken as he pours his time into the E.R, so as long as he goes without Ryder he will always chasing something and I don't believe he will be able to find true happiness in a life that doesn't involve Ryder. I think you've pretty much nailed it in terms of Teddy's issue with his brother. You could probably add in some resentment issues seeing that Oliver looks up to Ryder and not to Teddy. I know Oliver's only 13 years old, but it is a bit puzzling to see how he apparently relates heavily to Ryder's music. Maybe Book Two will open this up and show Oliver's point of view a bit more, which I hope it does. As bratty as he might be, he's not going to be rational at 13 years old, and honestly the ball is in Teddy's corner to start building an actual relationship with his own brother. It's actually pathetic that the only thing that I can see holding Teddy back is Ryder, but Teddy didn't listen to his parents telling him not to be so reliant on Ryder and I guess his parents were right, not to mention truly having his best interests, not his hearts interests. I loved the book and along with many others, I can hardly wait for book two to be released. I hope you release book two in the same fashion as this one, one chapter a day! Thanks for your dedication!
  14. Blanno

    The Price of Fame

    I should've been more clear, what Ace said is what I meant. Standing up for people should definitely still happen, I was trying to say that if possible don't respect what the words bullys use such as faggot and etc, so imo not holding any meaning for those words devalues their impact, which was what happened between my classmate and friend as the classmate misinterpreted our use of the word. Not saying he shouldn't have stuck up for me, but holding such words with value gives those words their power. I don't know if any of this makes sense but yolo
  15. Blanno


    Grandma is really scaring me. Hope she doesn't deteriorate too much too quickly. Ryders being biting the bullets for Teddy, he needs to bite the bullet for his Grandma and get her some help in some way or another.

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