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  1. Restolock


    Really looking forward to what comes next. The start has me intrigued for the whole story.
  2. Restolock

    Chapter 1

    Love the premise for the story. Hope more gets added as I'm really enjoying your writing style.
  3. Another great chapter. I hope somewhere before things go wildly wrong. That Silas and Jamie can share Ricky. Would give them all a new story.
  4. Restolock

    Chapter 8

    Having such a wonderful time with your story. I've read the entire thing just this morning. Cant wait to see where you go with it from here.
  5. It's been a rough few weeks for me. Being able to sit down and reread this amazing story has been great. This chapter shows a lot of fantastic things. I'm curious about the information download Chris got. That could be incredibly useful on other applications. Keep up the great work.
  6. Restolock

    Chapter 12

    This has been a beautiful story. Glad for the chance to get to read it.
  7. Restolock

    Chapter 2

    Really enjoying this. Can't wait for more
  8. Just found this story a few days ago and have spent the weekend catching up. Such an amazing story. You can very easily feel what they are all going through. Hope Danny gets to go home soon.
  9. Loved this. I hope things work out for the better with Yinx. Finished the story about him earlier today and eager to see more of everyone.
  10. Great chapter, It's been a great read through the whole series. Talk about having a rough time. Poor Dustin gets kicked a lot when hes down. Hopefully things will turn around some for him once things get straightened out.
  11. Restolock

    Chapter 32

    It has been such great fun reading this story. Cant wait for more.
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