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  1. You’ve become unstoppable!
  2. Ronnie waited under the tall maple tree at the center of the Garden of Remembrance. A quiet, shady spot that quickly became one of his favorites and where he liked to spend his afternoons. The evening's weather was still hot and sticky, which seemed to be keeping everyone else indoors, but Ronnie was thankful for the privacy. He closed his eyes and focused on the soft splashing of the fountain. Typically, it was a soothing way to end a stressful day of training. Tonight, however, it only made him anxious. Taran appeared after a while, looking as if the weight of the world was about to cru
  3. The next chapter is posted, so can find out!
  4. Taran and Maya arrived at Control amid a mad flurry of activity. Support staff scrambled around the room, pulling up data on consoles, refreshing satellite feeds, and looking for any information that might help explain Zephyr's disappearance. Despite the chaos, Taran was relieved to see that his mom's incident wasn't going to get swept under the rug like Mariner's had been. He passed Lydia, diligently pouring over the images that flashed across her console screen. She glanced up from the computer, catching Taran's eye and giving him a sympathetic smile. "Oh, Taran!" She jumped up from he
  5. Ronnie stood in stunned silence as Maya finished giving her report. The idea that one of the world's most experienced superheroes could just vanish was utterly terrifying. Could something even more dangerous happen next, and how did the Syndicate plan to respond? He felt Taran's fingers tremble at the crook of his arm. Ronnie turned to try and offer any comfort he could but stopped in alarm. Something about Taran's reaction to everything felt off. There was no surprise, no bewilderment. Instead, Taran had gone gray, his dark eyes betraying a feeling of grim resignation. Almost as if the n
  6. I had a feeling it's because Taran is being a stubborn kid. Hopefully he gets it figured out! 😉
  7. @PhilippeI've never gotten an angry react before!! 🤐
  8. Taran awoke to a steady rhythm of mechanical beeping sounds, and a wave of room-spinning nausea washed over him as he tried to open his eyes. With a grimace, he turned his head slowly to take in his surroundings. A single overhead threw grey light over equally grey walls. Why was he in the infirmary? Taran’s movements tugged at the many sensor wires adhered to his temples and chest, all of which fed to the medbot hovering near the bed. Everything hurt like he had just run a marathon while simultaneously nursing the world’s worst hangover. Taran tried to sit up, but his trembling arms were made
  9. I hope to not make you wait so long for the next one!
  10. "Ouch, motherfucker!" Ronnie yelped and stuck a stinging fingertip into his mouth. It flooded with the taste of blood and garlic, a terrible combination. Taran was at his side in an instant, the air bursting around him and scattering ingredients across the counter. "Are you all right? What's wrong?" "Okay, first off, I only nicked my finger," Ronnie held his hand out to Taran, showing him the shallow cut. "Second, did you just fly from across the room?" Taran's cheeks darkened with embarrassment. "I might have overreacted. But you sounded hurt!" "Find me a Band-Aid, and
  11. "It's like he's a ghost!" Taran barked in exasperation, his voice a sharp echo down the hallway. "Wait, could that be possible?" "He's not a ghost, Taran." Maya sighed. "That's actually something I could work with. He's just nowhere to be found." They made their way to the dormitory wing, tired and frustrated from yet another night of dead-ends. A sleepy trainee in Syndicate sweats sheepishly waved to them, then hugged the wall to stay out of the way. "McCallister gave a speech today," Maya continued. "Our mystery man wasn't there, either. Maybe he skipped town?" "Or maybe he's up to s
  12. Ronnie wiped the sweat from his forehead and huffed to himself. The bus had been stuck in traffic for almost 20 minutes now, and for some reason, it was sweltering. He pulled out his phone and tapped out a message.     this suuuuuucks! should have taken a town car Taran's reply was immediate.     sorry babe you're a civilian tonight no AI driver for you! Ronnie scowled, annoyed that Taran was always right. All this easy access to Syndicate technology was beginning to spoil him. He shot off another text.     you and maya be careful tonight ok?     always am ❤️ Ta
  13. Twenty minutes later, the van rolled into the parking lot of an old community center on the west side of town. A group of kids played in the small yard beside the building, watched over by a pair of older teens. The squeals of laughter as the kids chased each other around a tree made Taran smile and only boosted his good mood. "This way!" Maya directed them into the building, past signs pointing towards a gymnasium. A small table was set up at the gym's double doors with a sign that read "Liberty City Neighborhood Heroes," while a woman in front reviewed the notes on her clipboard and ushe
  14. So happy to hear that! This chapter was completely re-written about 4 times before I got something I was happy with.
  15. A blaring siren ripped through the silence of the forest, sending birds scattering into the sky. Other animals scrabbled over ground and across treetops to escape the deafening noise, only to be met with a flash of yellow light and the roaring shockwave that closely followed. Trees not immediately obliterated by the wall of heat were uprooted as the ground vibrated so violently it behaved like a liquid, swallowing up boulders and anything unlucky enough to still be alive. Miles away from the epicenter, the sudden change in wind threw him forcefully to the ground. He watched in horror as the wh
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