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  1. Your writing is always a treat to me, the reason you post this chapter earlier fills me with hope after the last trick by the now former POTUS. I think I recognized CJ among the people looking discouraged at the Capitol rioters... Again a wonderful chapter, thank you, Carlos, all the best for the new President and his Vicepresident! JA
  2. I am with you, I get you needed to get this book closed. BUT: you have opened a door that cannot be easily closed again. The story, the characters, the ... everything is just shouting loud for more. Please, don’t leave us hanging too long, you can post the sequel in three hours: I know I won’t be the only one looking forward to keep on reading about the characters in the fascinating universe you have (you actually are) creating. Thanks for these beautiful chapters, for a very well told story. And may the gods of inspiration hold you dear and near!!!
  3. JACC

    Chapter 58

    CL, after reading the last chapter I started dreading you were planning to let this story finish. As much as I’d have loved to read more about this extraordinary family, I see how you managed to leave the story at a very good point. Thank you for sharing these really nice stories with us, looking forward for your next gift! JA
  4. JACC

    Chapter 23

    Hi CJ, at some point or other, You manage to get me emotional in your stories. Thanks for gifting us these stories!
  5. I do hate cliffhangers, Laura... excellent, compelling story writing as usual, thanks!!!
  6. JACC

    Lifting Weights

    It’s always nice to find a new story of the Carlos Hazday’s factory- and this time it’s no exception: a really nice beginning, anxious (I’m greedy, you know) to read more! Thanks, Carlos
  7. JACC


    Thanks for the Friday treat, a really welcome one after a really busy week!
  8. JACC


    LMAO!!! I was reading the chapter once again and realized the infamous museum's director is called "Llorosa", which translate in Spanish as "in tears, weepy, tearful"!!! A name as self-fulfilling prophecy, nice touch, Carlos, nice touch! JA
  9. JACC


    Nice chapter as usual, Carlos. Good thing CJ was not at CAMALA with Brett and César, I don't think anyone could have stopped CJ and the Marine from taking the artwork themselves! It's always a treat to get a new chapter on Fridays, more so this week: it's been so stressful that I was logging in yesterday and getting upset because there was nothing new from you... till I realized it was still Thursday! So ready was I for the working week to come to an end! Thanks for your nice writing and for this parallel universe (CJ-verse) you gift us! All the best, JACC
  10. JACC

    New Year's Eve

    Very welcome indeed! 😁😝
  11. JACC

    New Year's Eve

    Thanks for another story from the CJ-verse! Something to look forward to in this swamp of working from home... All the best, J.A.
  12. JACC

    The Return

    Just plain AWESOME, Carlos. "Dream big, work hard, don't quit": I'm stealing this, it's just perfect to bear in mind. Thank you for another fantastic story. All the best, Jose
  13. Thank you for another fantastic story! I love the way you flesh out your characters painting their pictures with just words, it's an art you really are a master at. Thanks again, waiting for your next story (or for something more from COTT...) Stay healthy and safe, JA
  14. JACC

    Chapter 51

    It’s good to have you and this world you’ve created back, thanks for another awesome chapter!
  15. JACC

    The Screenings

    Nice chapter as usual, Carlos. Nice meeting Riley and Phil again. JA
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