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  1. JACC


    I am going to ignore the cliffhanger (which I really hate, by the way) to wish you and your husband a nice wedding a a very happy and very long life together! And now, the begging part: if you should come across a place with a decent accede to internet, please do upload the solution to this cliffy! All the best!
  2. JACC


    Happy new year, Carlos, thank you for the present! A new adventure of CJ and family is a fantastic way to start the year!
  3. JACC

    Weird Straight Boy

    Deep frying in Satan’s wok... I couldn’t stop laughing, such a good image!!!! Thanks for the story, Laura, I keep checking every day to see if you have gifted us another chapter!
  4. Love having Ira, Zora and their pack back! Thank you!
  5. I liked Kieran from the get go, right out of sympathy, but I’m now seeing (you’re making us see) him for the gem he is. Can’t wait to read how this will evolve, I think I’ve just fallen deeper in love with your characters! Thanks for the outstanding writing job!
  6. Belated Happy Birthday!


    1. JACC



  8. Hola JACC,


    Sending this little note your way, to wish you a very Happy Birthday, today. Have a great day! All my best.




    Take care


    (about the video, the written words might not match, but I really enjoyed the video itself, I hope you did too)

    1. JACC


      Thank you!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, buddy! I hope you have an awesome day. :wizard: :hug: 

  10. JACC

    Leopard Hunt

    Glad to have the Leopards and your stories back, thank you!
  11. JACC

    Chapter 50

    Thank you for the Christmas present!
  12. JACC

    Chapter 7

    I'm starting to hate both chapters that are always a bit on the short side and cliffhangers! Ok, that's just me being greedy, but you are at fault, you can't write such a good story and leave us hanging... Now seriously, thank you for your good work, I enjoy each of your stories.
  13. Knowing how fond CJ is if architecture, I’d suggest Barcelona (Gaudí’s work and other impressive buildings) and Valencia with the whole Calatrava complex called “City of Sciences and Arts”. But I’m being very partial.
  14. JACC

    Chapter 44

    Thanks a lot, Mark, it is nice to have you and your work back!
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