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  1. Again a masterful translation. Just a comment, with all due respect: “amor de mis entrañas” means for me something on the way to “my innermost love”. It’s an idiom here in Andalucía. Evidently, entrañas means viscera, but it’s an expression alluding to a love that is born deep within one’s soul, so deep it is part of the body. But that would be my reading of this verse, nothing more, nothing to distract from an excellent job on pouring Lorca’s heart int English.
  2. I am reading this beautiful translation a day after García Lorca's 123th birthday (June 5). Thank you! JACC
  3. Dear Carlos, it is really an art the way you craft your stories so that we come to love the characters you create. Since the very first chapter of your CJ-verse, I watch this galaxy of people become more real with every line you write: kudos for that, Mr. Hazday! This chapter is just more proof of your ability to create a world some of us (me at least) would love to be real. Thank you, Carlos, for sharing it. All the best, JA
  4. Way to go, Alpha Bolton! Another nice chapter, Aaron, thanks! Your writing is so good, it always seems to me chapters are just too short. Kudos for that All the best, JA
  5. JACC


    Parker, are you sure you don’t have five to twenty more chapters for this story? It’s difficult for me to think about Rick and Gus (and everyone else) not coming back for a visit… Another fantastic story, thanks for sharing. I loved CJ’s and Owen’s cameos… Looking forward to your next story! All the best, J.A.
  6. I loved the story, Gary, thank you for sharing another beautiful scene well crafted and well painted with words. So happy to have clicked on the banner announcing this story! All the best, JACC
  7. JACC


    Such a beautiful chapter!!! Thanks so much, Parker!
  8. JACC

    Turtle Trouble

    Happy birthday, Liebe! And deeply moved (again), Mr. Hazday: such a cute, sensitive, emotional UBERCUTE story! I’ve told it more than once, but I keep admiring your masterful know how at story telling and at creating worlds. Thank you, Carlos! con mucho afecto, Jose
  9. JACC

    Chapter 40

    Not fair, now there’s a whole week until the next chapter! 👿 Masterfully written, @Mann Ramblings, thank you for this chapter and for the whole story. Looking forward to reading more about Jimmy and hoping they find a way to heal Sawyer’s wolf!
  10. So impressed with the interaction between Cyrus and Kaplan: just loved it, thank you!
  11. JACC

    Chapter 15

    Only midway last year? Man, this pandemic is seriously affecting how time flies for me! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  12. JACC

    Chapter 15

    I just can’t get enough of your writing, it is such a beautiful story... The interaction between Cyn and Shea is so lovely, I was hooked by your writing long ago, you just get to sink the hook deeper and deeper with every chapter. Kudos!!!!!
  13. JACC

    Chapter 36

    Please, Carlos, do it!
  14. Good to have Vincent, Mace and friends back, thank you Aaron! JA
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