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  1. Dhpiet77

    Chapter 3

    I hope that we see more of this story.
  2. Dhpiet77

    Chapter 30

    Very good chapter. I like the Liam/Cassie bond a lot.
  3. Dhpiet77


    Well done! Brings back the feelings of overwhelming love and wonder that I experienced with the birth of my first child, also a daughter. I foresee magic times head for CJ and Oz coming up, like the delight of dancing around the room with their young daughter. Our song was David Grisman's 'Dawg's Bull'. It was a magic time.
  4. Dhpiet77

    Alo Chapter 15

    As I see it, Lloyd has a grace deficit disorder. He will never be happy until he learns to deal with that. Up to the time that Nicholas showed up, Angela and Jeremy worked well with Lloyd, and appreciated what he did at the station. They didn't have the full story on Nic's actions and went into default mode as parents. Lloyd, in his way, has been as underhanded as Nic. Anybody who slights Lloyd is punished. He doesn't work to make things right or build around problems with other people. Look at the short story arc with the receptionist in the office in Perth. You cross Lloyd, and you'll get yours. To start writing in things to make Angela and Jeremy suddenly become different people than they were earlier in the story would be disingenuous. Until he truly makes things right with Angela and Jeremy, he's a dick as much as Nic.
  5. I wish you’d Comment more frequently. I’m sure we’d all enjoy reading your thoughts about the stories you’ve read. You’ve been very quiet even though you’ve said some interesting and well-written things in the past. Please don’t be shy. You’ve been on GA long enough to share your opinion too!  ;–)

    1. Dhpiet77


      I haven't felt like I have anything worth adding to any dialogue. I might again some day.


    2. droughtquake


      Even if you only say that you agree with something someone says, we’d love to hear from you. I’m not an author, but I know they really appreciate when someone Comments on their stories – even more than the Reactions. I’d even enjoy having you tell me that I’m completely wrong, if that’s what you think (as long as you say it politely). In fact, I dare you to find something that I’ve said and tell me why I’m wrong – most people can find something that I’ve been wrong about! I’ve been corrected many times!  ;–)


  6. Dhpiet77

    Chapter 18

    One of the things that I liked about the original version of the Forever saga, and even more so in "Awakening Forever" is the heart. I look forward to each new chapter here. Thanks for sharing this story with us, Jack.
  7. Dhpiet77

    Chapter Five

    I'm loving this. This chapter gives some insights into the future Jack that so many of us already know.
  8. Dhpiet77

    Chapter One

    I've been loving the original version since the start, and know that this will be just so much better.
  9. I just re-read the last few chapters to remember where the story stands. I'm primed for more now.
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