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  1. Jinbama


    Famous Mexican ice skater 😂😂
  2. Jinbama

    Chapter 26

    While I'm also to see the story and these wonderful characters end, you left them in a good place. Thank you for the wonderful story (even if we dont know I'd Matt has a baby brother or sister) and am looking forward to reading more from you sir. Blessings
  3. Jinbama

    Chapter 21

    You sir are an evil genius. Everything seems to be coming up roses for the happy couple. What clever plot twist do you have envisioned to throw a wrench into the works? I know it's coming 😣 And what of the mystery man in David's past, when will he make an appearance. Kyles mother?Another great chapter sir. Thanks for the excellent chapter cant wait for the next one
  4. Jinbama

    Chapter 13

    Could have given a Kleenex warning 😭 Another wonderful chapter and it's good to see a some happiness in their lives. How long will it last? Can't wait to find out
  5. Jinbama

    Chapter 8

    Wow just when you think you can see where the story is headed you get thrown a curveball. Well done sir Your story is fast becoming my favorite on GA I'm not even going to try and speculate on where this story goes next
  6. Jinbama

    Chapter 5

    You keep churning out one great chapter after another sir. This one is quite simply beautiful. My favorite line though is when Matt spills his bowl and he says "It's okay baby boy." His dad is still on his heart whether he realizes it or not.
  7. Jinbama

    Chapter 4

    Thank you for another great chapter. I like the way you are developing the characters through flashbacks and present day. Here's hoping the reunion with his father is good and hoping Jacob returns to his life unless something tragic happened to him. Please tell me it didn't 🙂
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