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  1. hobo

    Chapter 29

    a very good chapter
  2. hobo

    Too Cute . . .

    wow wow that was great. how these boys dance fenomenal. i wonder what a lousy character these older youths must have to want to beat up a much younger and smaller one.
  3. hobo

    Double Take

    I'm sure it'd be good if you'd carry on with all those started stories.
  4. hobo

    Entry 41

    good to see the billy story from a different perspective. if both openly gay, then would be a couple for a long time. i understand better now why brandon so reluctant against billy war.er has as much fear as billy to say he's gay. both have it but still something themselves made more difficult. since both have a girlfriend and look like hetro to the other. it's a pity that humanity is still so stupid and does not tolerate gays. i really liked good capitol and I am curious how it goes on
  5. all religions twist the texts as they please them over time.
  6. hobo

    Chapter 1

    very good history
  7. that's right curiosity is driven by the first reading what's next. as i have not learned English i read with translator.they're good but he it gets sentences twisted sometimes.
  8. I've read this story before. good story like this can read more times
  9. yes that has pleased me .i remain curious drann for the next chapter
  10. How ryan keeps talking to sean about this joke. Does sean just need to Randy would have already sex with Ryan. Whether Randy will push it only so aside? I do not think so ,in the many sexual innuendos that Ryan was happy to accept. Ryan plays clueless further wiht the fire
  11. The way Ryan's been acting since sean's been around is impossible. from time to time he asks Randy how he is doing and then again he's back with Sean.
  12. hobo

    Entry 40

    a very good copitel. interesting to read. Brandon must but watch out that he does not make Marie too much hope .I think Marie would understand if he says to her his were feelings
  13. hobo

    Chapter 48

    " With greg was sure he used condoms when he happened to read 2x of him fuck but bradons biggest health risk is billy who has so often been fucked without condom by Al.
  14. hobo

    Chapter 48

    Brandon is also a bitch like Billy. they lie to each other. I'm sure more will come out of Brandon.
  15. hobo

    Chapter 48

    billy also tells only little by little with wehm he was all in bed I think brandon probably had more to offer than just Greg.
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