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  1. hobo

    Chapter 9

    some parents believe that their children would be their property and could do with them what they want. and what happens to the children in the religious groups can be seen daily on the news on TV.
  2. hobo

    Chapter 2

    I'm not a fan of fantasy storys but so far quite well.sory but the preacher I could now already miss something with a baseball bat.I don't know what comes but mostly have the quick their belt ready to beat kids.
  3. hobo

    Chapter 1

    as a son a preacher nothing worse than these religious fanatics.
  4. hobo

    Chapter 26 - A Few More Daytrips

    how your boys talk is real, some authors make children sound like small adults.
  5. hobo

    Chapter 26 - A Few More Daytrips

    @Bill Wyou here times a big lob.wenn due the teens talk lets you hear that there are teens .very realistic
  6. hobo

    Chapter 2

    because I can only the hat ziehn.a first-class story much heart erotic of the finest .
  7. hobo

    Chapter 1

    how old is Worth ingtons? a minimum of people description should already be
  8. hobo

    Come Over

    a hot short story
  9. hobo

    Chapter 48

    is beautiful now that everything is There are no more secrets cleared. they love each other. as they say: and they lived happily until their end in old age.
  10. hobo

    Chapter 58 - Call Me, Maybe

    a story about a little teul like sean would be very hot for sure
  11. hobo

    Chapter 56 - "The Difficult One"

    if I could choose I would also take Ryan not only because of his horny arsch.er is sweet and funny, and sean has also from the beginning behind Ryan slavered
  12. hobo


    a very good if also short strory.always very heartwarming to read when helping children living on the street.
  13. hobo

    Chapter 55 - "My Favorite Nurse"

    Sean won't give up until he's had Ryan in bed. but that would be a nasty awakening for Ryan, who would then be uninteresting for sean after a late 2 weeks
  14. hobo

    Chapter 53 - Sickness In Spring

    very good chapter it remains exciting
  15. Ryan just doesn't realize what sean's up to.

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