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  1. Greetings, young Albert! Pleasant, mainly sunny day, with temperature around 20°C/68°F here in the north of England today.
  2. You sure the word isn't Smelly?
  3. Same thing. Correct! Now if he'd only had two of them, it would have been a pair pear.
  4. I'm sure the cats will take care of it. The blood? Has clo got vampire cats?
  5. And here's some music for my young friend Albert...
  6. Some loud music for ma fée...
  7. Put some loud music on to drown out the noise of it.
  8. Two Zoom meetings this evening. One just started (I'm hosting), and one in an hour's time (I may be late to the second one). Wish me luck!
  9. They might be burning it in a closed wood burning stove, so don't even realise.
  10. Just as long as it's not green woods and/or forests that are burning. That's happening in too many parts of the world these days.
  11. Safe travels, dugh and Thistle! Thursday I am taking the ferry to Wales, and then driving on to Lancaster, in England. This will be my first visit since March of last year, so I am really looking forward to meeting my siblings and extended family after all this time. My youngest nephew (or, to put it another way, my mother's youngest grandchild) turns 30 on Saturday, so many of the extended family will be present for that celebration. I am staying for twelve days, so should get the chance to meet any family members that miss Saturday's celebrations, as well as some of my friends.
  12. And, as the weather is not as excessively hot as it has been, I deep fried some chips ("fries"), which I ate with boiled garden peas (freshly picked), and scrambled egg. I'm letting that digest for a while, before having a bowl of mint flavoured ice-cream.
  13. I made a double-decker sandwich of mature cheddar cheese, cucumber, tomato and lettuce, using homemade wholemeal bread.
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