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  1. Yessss. Let the cliffhanger ... FLOW within you! Soon, you too will join me at ... THE CLIFFSIDE!
  2. WHAT??! The woman, @kbois, who referred to me as "Cliffhanger Harry" is now guilty of one herself? Well. My, oh my.
  3. I'm still waiting to find out what spawned this flurry of notifications!
  4. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Ford! I've improved a bit, thanks to Thorn's editing, and his instruction too. The next chapter is unedited by Thorn, though. It's just me and my Grammarly program (not perfect, but it does help). If you find anything wrong, by all means let me know. I'll never be a comma wizard, but that's okay. 😄 I hope you continue to enjoy these. I really like writing them - they're fun forays into the world of the campground!
  5. Hey! And I like how you didn't even tag me, so I couldn't defend myself! I see how you are! 😛
  6. Just post date it for 21 June, Noon. That's the only thing that needs to change from my post above. I saw your post on the submission string, but I can't see your story. So you're probably good!
  7. Thanks, @Mikiesboy! I changed my post date. I thought I had found every post associated with the event, but I guess not.
  8. Ok! Yes, @kbois, post dating works. Be sure, on the last page before you submit that you’ve unselected the “publish now” box and you’ve entered a day/time prior to the cut-off on 19 June. I have mine set for 1 AM (PST) 19 June. I just linked it in Renee’s thread. Now, we wait! 🙂
  9. Here’s my submission. It’s post-dated to drop at noon (PST) on 21 June. Thanks for getting this together, Renee. 🙂 EDIT: Changed the post-date to jive with instructions in another post.
  10. Thanks for giving it a try, Reader. Hrm. Were you able to see/click on the single chapter in the story home page? If not, I think it's working how post dating is intended to work. If you can get into the story and read now, then something's not right.
  11. Thanks, that makes sense. I think I did it. Can someone try and follow this link? It shouldn't work until 1 AM on 19 June (when I set it up to post), I don't think, but I am curious if it does.
  12. Wayne Gray

    Why Pride?

    "I mean, why do gays need Pride anyway? If you want to prove you should be treated like everyone else, why have this thing just to celebrate how different you are?" Jace shot an irritated look at Myles, his very straight, usually cool roommate. "Because straight people aren't attacked or verbally assaulted in the street for holding the hand of the person they love. That's why we need Pride. And it's why I'm going tomorrow." Myles curled his lip, never looking away from the screen. He physically moved to dodge along with his avatar on the television. "It's 2021. That shit doesn't happ
  13. I think you're right. It's just odd the second instruction didn't include the post date bit, so I wondered if it was still necessary. Okay. I think I'm going to go try and set it up, and we'll see how it goes. Wish me luck!
  14. Yeah. Other than that first author, I just don't see anybody else posting ... which makes me wonder.
  15. Okay. Maybe I am just being very dim ... but I'm wondering what the requirements are for submitting our Pride short stories. In one post, we're told we need to post date the stories. In the next, we're told to copy the link into the thread without mention of post-dating. Can someone with access to the Writer's Club look at the threads and tell me which is what Renee intended? I messaged her yesterday, but she hasn't replied. Thanks!
  16. This is going to speak to your first point ... plotting. When I began writing Guarded, I did so with only my "character spreadsheet." It listed ages, description, quirks, relationships to other characters, and some comments about each that didn't fit anywhere else. But as I got into the story, I realized there was no way I could capably track every single plot point. And with Guarded I had to! Writing a suspense/mystery was something I'd never done, and I found it challenging in new ways. So I started "commenting" in Google Docs. IE: "Don't forget, Paul hasn't seen his new driveway, make
  17. Wayne Gray


    Thank you, belisima! I'm so happy you enjoyed this story. Joe deserves to be happy, and so far he has never even gotten a chance to try. But now, maybe he can start on that path. There's more of these little stories to come. Stay tuned!
  18. Wayne Gray


    I couldn't agree more. 🙂 Thanks for reading, Kitt.
  19. Wayne Gray

    Chapter 1

    A great story. I could feel Craig daring to dream while under the influence of James's disarming approach to life. Though, like many have said, it does beg for more. Well written. Thank you.
  20. Wayne Gray


    You know, I wasn't so sure how this one would go. This chapter. The reason is lots of guys aren't capable of learning a lesson from a man like Pete. Using him for fun? Sure. But hearing and understanding the deeper truth under his approach to life? That's a stretch. But ... even while Joe was getting blindsided by him, he's also internalizing a bit of what makes Pete tick. How he stands up in the face of a wave of disapproval. How he is so unapologetic and just IS. Joe will never be Pete, and he doesn't have to be. But Joe is better for having met and experienced him. Joe still has a
  21. Wayne Gray


    I'm happy to share my writing, and I'm thankful it appeals. I'm happy with this little story. Harry is such a sweet kid, and Gus is too. Then we've got the parents, who just want their boys to be happy - no matter what that might look like. Thanks for the nice note. 🙂
  22. Wayne Gray


    Pete is deeper than what many might give him credit for right out of the gate. But yeah! What kind of guy can keep up with him? What kind of guy can make him happy, encourage him, and add to his experience? We'll have to find out. Molly is a good-hearted woman. While Estivo is like this silent witness, Molly is all up in it. LOL. And I love her for it. Joe got pushed to the campground, and he didn't exactly appreciate it. Once there, and once he managed to just get past himself a little, he allowed himself to simply enjoy things (including Pete!). But yeah ... watching all the regula
  23. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Tony. There's more coming. I have a few ideas already, and I'm trying to decide which to do first. It's a good problem. 🙂
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