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    Thanks, Parker. I shouldn't be so judgmental toward those who don't really appreciate music. But ... that is so very alien to me.
  2. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Chris. 🙂
  3. Wayne Gray


    I listen to the sounds of creatives hurling emotion without ever knowing what will become of their waking dreams. Will they fly to silence in a soulless heart - the beating dead? Or will they crash like waves in the chests of those who feel too much?
  4. This one ... it starts slow. But. Wow. I love it.


    1. D.K. Daniels

      D.K. Daniels

      This is a good song. I'm a big indie-Folk fan. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist. The unique sound reminds me of the Irish band Picture This. They come from the next county over from where I live. You might like their sound too, if you are into Indie/Folk music.


  5. That sounds like a made-in-heaven topping for Greek Yogurt.
  6. People who write suspense are going to love the fingers crossed emoji. 😄
  7. I like mine on Greek yogurt with a bit of granola too. We've also used them in homemade cracker recipes. The nice oils in them do wonderful things when baked.
  8. I had a lot of fun with that in Silverwolf. 🙂
  9. I am DEEP in modern country right now while writing my new story. Gets me in the mood. 🙂
  10. WOW. I love that craziness. Maybe a little whiplash, but fun, nonetheless. 😛
  11. I am ... gobsmacked. I work closely with our billing department - ensuring everything we can charge to insurance does get charged to insurance. As the patient is paying for the coverage, and we get better reimbursement from them than we would billing the patient directly. Win-win there. Today, my favorite biller asks me: Biller: Why would a provider order a Bacterial Vaginosis test on a male? Me: They wouldn't, unless that patient is trans. The name tells us these are only sampled from the vagina, and a patient has to have one to get this test done. Biller: Hrm. Can yo
  12. Almost every European visitor to the US I've met comments on the sweetness in bread here. It's a very American thing, to have sugar in breads that are not meant for dessert. We just grow used to the sweet taste. It took a long time for me to accept bread without sugar as "normal". Now we eat a lot of Dave's Killer Bread. The only sugars in it are from various organic fruit juices. I can't eat mass-produced white bread at all anymore. It tastes completely off to me, and I have VIOLENT reactions to it (gluten sensitivity). Funny enough, Dave's Killer Bread doesn't set me off, even though it
  13. Listening to country getting into the spirit for the story I'm writing. And this song ... god, it's so catchy.


  14. Country music on to get in the mood, second of glass of wine to lubricate the thoughts, getting mildly harassed by a certain CA resident, and writing writing writing. It's a good night. 🙂
  15. Desperation and hunger are the mothers of culinary invention. 😛
  16. Okay, so essentially ... use dry oats like you would potato in hash. Chop bacon or sausage, onion, oil the pan, and fry em up together. I came up with it once because I didn't have time to wait for a potato to fry up, but I had oats. And ... I liked toasted oats. So why not? It won't be everybody's thing, and it won't stick together like potato would, but I still liked it. Savory, oaty, crunchy, and soft all at once. 🙂
  17. You should. There are many good ones. He does a lot of desserts and baked goods, because that's often what is so damn unhealthy in our lives. He offers great alternatives.
  18. I'd imagine that as a cop you just grab what you can. I used to do the same thing as a sailor. We were busy - cooking stuff was LAST on the list. Medical issues make us slow down and prioritize ourselves. And ... maybe that's a blessing in disguise.
  19. He also uses lots of unsweetened applesauce, which actually, adds both moisture and some sugar. His recipes are great @kbois.
  20. Well, I love toasted oats. If you like a crunchy/chewy texture, then you will enjoy them. 🙂
  21. WOW! I can't believe you remembered that!
  22. I don't doubt it. Though, it didn't hurt that those strawberry bars were delicious. 😛
  23. you used to be an evangelist for the IP, but now you have become a disciple of Mr. Oats. 🙂 I believe the reverence is justified. 😄
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