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    Words of Prey

    I like that this story leaves us with questions: How did the cats come to take over the world? Why did the weather change so drastically? What happened to the rest of humanity? Yet, ultimately none of those things really matter. Jon found happiness in the world, in spite of its state. It's a good lesson. Nice job, tim. It was a good response to the prompt. Thanks for sharing.
  2. I've known "neat freak" guys, but they were the exceptions. And they were also off the charts in terms of a need for a clean space. Kevin is the most "normal" neat guy I've met. Overall? It's just not as important to most guys as it is to most girls. And it absolutely creates strife between sexes.
  3. My husband is the cleaner in our duo. He sees and is bothered by stuff in the house sooner than I am, so he is often the one to initiate cleaning. Me, I'm the dish washer/yard worker (except for the garden, that's Kevin's), and I usually do the laundry. It works for us. But when he needs help, of course I step in and help. I want him happy, and I know a clean house is a part of that. Sorry you're frustrated, molly. They do love you, they're just ... well ... they're boys.
  4. If you want something fun then take a look at this music video. 🙂



  5. Man ... I love this song and the video too. It's just so sweet. 🙂

  6. Wow. That's great, molly! 🙂 It's nice when people recognize our work. Nice job!
  7. Happy Friday, everyone. I took today off work, and I'm enjoying being a real bum. Hahaha. Though, after heckling (mildly) the YouTube personal trainer I follow for the easy workout yesterday, I now have to force myself to work out today. Gotta back up trash talk by walking the walk. 😛 After I finish sweating, I'm gonna do some writing/editing. Maybe even check to see if the coffee shops are open ... I hope everybody is having a great day.
  8. Well done, @kbois! It was a great, unique story. 🙂
  9. I love it. I love that there are safe places like these. I mean, I despise the need for them, but I am thankful they exist. Maybe someday we won't need them, and that'd be amazing. Till then, it's nice to know they exist. Thanks for commenting and for the information on "The Woods." 🙂
  10. Wayne Gray


    You ever have those nights where you can't decide between music that consumes your soul or sleep? You ever feel so much you try and work out if you've found the meaning or your drowning in the deep? You ever get so far along you stop caring about the structure art is supposed to be? You ever stared into the mirror and wonder just what is it you're supposed to see? You ever wondered why the cadence is set to a drum, when all you ever wanted was a guitar to strum? You ever stared the truth in the face? You ever figure out ... nobody finishes this race?
  11. Love ferociously, or feel not at all. Commit to the heart, believe in the fall. Abandon the net, and trust in the leap. Oh what you may lose, but what you may reap.
  12. Wayne Gray

    Why Pride?

    Thanks, Zeke! I'm happy you liked this little story.
  13. Maybe so! It'd be a thrill to meet people who have enjoyed my stories, and far more of one if it were in my own campground. 😄 Thanks, Fae.
  14. Working on it. 🙂
  15. Yes, every place has its problems. For one, it requires effort to remain an open and welcoming place to everybody. In the process of specializing, a community can become too insular. I don't know if that is an issue The Sawmill suffers from, but I could see it happening (because I've seen it in other places). It'd take work to be inclusive. Even then, it'd not be what everyone needs, and I've no illusion that we could provide that. You can't please everyone all the time, or be what everyone needs. Instead, we'd decide what kind of place we'd have loved to have found ... and make it ourselves. Those who agree with our sensibilities would find us. I'd love trying to create something special. Thanks, kbois.
  16. Thank you, Mike. We've been looking. Prices here are doing crazy things, but it works for us too - since we have a mortgage. All we can really do at the moment is watch and save. So that's what we'll do. Patience isn't my strong suit, but I'll make an exception for this particular dream.
  17. We have. And it's such a dream for me - one that I've had for so very long. I could make five acres work if it had the right mix of topography, trees, and water. I've been looking for years now, and I know the property is out there. I just have to find it. Thanks, tim.
  18. Thanks, Reader. It's almost impossible for many to really understand how much it means to be as free as most are every day. These places, that can happen across the board, and that makes them special.
  19. A reader emailed an article written by a woman detailing her struggles finding acceptance for both herself and her partner. The story details them sort of falling into life in an RV, and making their own path. It's a great read, and she has wonderfully perceptive views. Take a look. Gay and Lesbian RV Living After I read it, I was curious; I followed the link in the article to the campground in Florida called The Sawmill. And there it is. A warmer, sunnier, more tanned, though less social-justice leaning version of the campground in my series, Camp Refuge. The Sawmill is a place to party. It's a place to go, have fun outdoors, eat good food, socialize with others. But that's not all it is, and I'll explain why. The simple fact remains, we have to be careful where we display affection. We have to have constant situational awareness, and assess if a peck on the cheek, or holding the hand of the person we love will cost too much moment to moment. But at a place like this campground, we can just be. We can have fun with people like us, and do so unafraid. Even though the focus of the place is "party and party hard" it still offers a respite. It makes me want to make Camp Refuge real. I mean, I've never stopped wanting that, but yeah ... this has poked that desire and whispered, "See? If they can do it, so can you." Someday.
  20. Wayne Gray

    The Date

    I like the evolution of this shared moment. The awkward nervousness of that first meeting, to something more comfortable, to decided interest to the point of making future plans. I particularly like the last few lines, and can hear the inflections in the words. 🙂 Nice job, tim.
  21. Wayne Gray


    Thanks! I'm happy you found the story of Joe enjoyable. There will be more coming for him down the line. 🙂
  22. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Zeke. I plan to do both longer ones, and keep writing these little one-shots (?) here and there as they come to me. I'm working on something outside of the campground right now, and also another short too. Too many irons in the fire. 🙂
  23. Wayne Gray


    Thanks for the nice comment, Anton. You're right - there are quite a few points where the story could take off again, and I'm listening to those whispers with some interest. Though I'm happy to hear the red pencil didn't find much work, I think most of that is due to Thorn. That said, I am venturing out on my own a bit with the second Tales from the Refuge installment, just to see how I get on. And I have improved; I can see it here and there. I'm seriously mulling publication of Ash and Ember. It's a good, stand-alone work, and I keep returning to the idea of both electronic and "dead tree," print on demand solutions for it. Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate it. 🙂
  24. Hugs, molly. you're a great supporter for those you love, and many of us are born for that role. They're lucky to have you in their lives. Take care of them, and take care of you too, lady.
  25. Wayne Gray

    Why Pride?

    Thanks, Bft. I hear you. I watch what is happening out there, and I try to understand it. The world can be a hostile place to us, and I can see no good reason for it. I hope things change across the world. That progressiveness takes the place of these backward, harmful views. Thanks for reading and commenting.
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