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  1. I'm going to write no matter what, but reader interaction is a huge motivator too. I used to write a chapter, and post. Write a chapter, post. I would do this until I finished. This happened because I needed reader interaction to continue. I am shockingly lucky that I didn't give away the plot of Guarded thanks to this proclivity. Even if I had a story to tell, I needed this feedback. Now, it's a bit different. Now I've got the patience to complete a work, shape it, edit, let it be a while, reread the whole thing, edit more. Then, finally, pass it off to my editor for him to work his magi
  2. Ahhhh, yes. In that context, it does make sense. And I agree that the new one isn't passive-aggressive. I'm glad I wasn't the only one to feel that way about the old one, else I'm sure it would have remained in some capacity. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. It could be useful if they’re searchable. Sort of a “recommendation” by those with little time. That’s the only use I can see.
  4. The "I read it" selection was rather insulting to me. Some readers used it repeatedly, and nothing else. I couldn't help but think "Well, why keep reading if the reaction to my work is the same as you'd have for the boring details of the newspaper?" If I'm not inspired to emotion by something, then I don't keep reading it. It didn't really make sense.
  5. Well ... 

    I just wrote the most sexually tense scene of my life that didn't end in sex.

    Oh, this is fun. 😈

    1. FrankD
    2. spyke


      Blue balls is not fun... 🤣

  6. Working on my new story. After thinking about it, and chatting with a fellow author, I've changed the title of the story to "Unlabeled Love". I've a chapter written, and my outline is up to Chapter nine. Before I write another word of plot I'm finishing this outline. I wanna get it right, and doing that is pretty much required for me to write anything beyond five chapters. Otherwise, it turns into a meandering mess and half-finished plotlines. Can't have that.

    Though, I can't wait to be done outlining, damn it.

    1. spyke


      So excited. I know you'll get it right!

      Happy Stephen Colbert GIF

  7. I’m liking “cheeky” too. More and more, it seems. Good morning, all. 🙂
  8. I’ll get it fixed. Thanks for the correction. I’m gutted I got it wrong.
  9. By the way, I love the very English word "gutted". Now that I know it, I keep struggling to find substitutions for it because it's the BEST WORD for certain things. "Missing that goal really gutted John." You know instantly what it means. It has so much more impact than "disappointed" and its ilk. I'm gonna start using it. I don't care. Stealing it.
  10. Thanks. It's really nice. Quiet and calm. Helpful for planning/writing. 🙂
  11. Good evening, folks. Tonight I'm listening to country music (to really get into the groove for my new story), working through my outline for mentioned story, and just chilling. It's a nice night here in Northern California. I hope you are all doing well.
  12. I'm writing. Writing. Writing. And it feels good. 🙂

  13. Wayne Gray


    I love the whole thing, but the last two lines most of all. Interest in another person often happens instinctively, but maintaining and building love really takes effort. It's apparent, you believe that is effort well-spent. Great poem, tim. 🙂
  14. Wayne Gray


    Oh, cool. I hope you like that one. It was nice to "go back home" through the main character in that story. As well, focus on what I already do well doesn't necessarily mean I will completely neglect trying to do better with description. I am always interested in growing as a writer. And I will circle back around to trying more description (all or most of the senses to describe a scene). I know that's where I'm weakest, and I'll eventually get sick of my lack of competency and try it again. LOL.
  15. Wayne Gray


    You know, I've tried expanding my description game. The story where I tried hardest on that specific aspect of writing was Bluegrass Symphony. I was inspired to try, based on a story I read by MacGreg, a writer on this site (Dissonance - read it if you've not). Honestly? I don't think the effort spent did much for my work. Yes, I like Bluegrass Symphony, but focusing on increasing descriptive elements took time, and the effort expended didn't feel like it paid off. I tend to write in a clipped way - efficiency of language" was how one kind reader described it. And I'm just going to do what I d
  16. Wayne Gray


    Long done or not, I still appreciate the comments. So thanks for taking the time. I tried to get across what it'd be like to be and to be with someone like Wolfgang. Someone who could feel what their partner does. Someone who would never have to doubt or wonder. Then you've got Jed and the Beast, acting as an echo-chamber to Wolfgang. They're irresistible in the realm of the physical, but now they're connecting emotionally too - deeply. I'm glad you liked the scene! 🙂
  17. Wayne Gray


    Initially it was a mistake! I noticed it about a month back ... but ... I decided to leave it. Hint, Hint! 🙂
  18. They are. But as you said, it's a step in the right direction. We've got many more to go, but this is encouraging, all the same. Every time I hear someone has gotten it, it makes me happy.
  19. Jumping on the birthday train! Happy Birthday, @Reader1810 and @mollyhousemouse!
  20. Wayne Gray


    Thanks for reading and for the nice comment. I do like how this one turned out. It’s not perfect, but it’s about as well as I can do. 🙂
  21. Good to hear from you, Chris. When is the next step for you? Surgery, right?
  22. That’s so good! I’m really happy for you and your family, molly!
  23. Howdy, all. I hope everyone is as well as they can be. I'm just kicking along, doing the best that I can. Some days, that's enough. Others? Ehhhh ... lol Anyway, I'll be around. 🙂
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