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    Chapter 11

    This is not "thought provoking"... This is just a story cut abruptly... Yes we loved the story from begining and it had and still has great potential because we love the way Ethan writes his stories. He had built a great story here and it just feels like "we were eating our desert and just before we get to a good part it is taken from us". The problem we have is cutting the story on a hanger... If i am to get invested in a story that has to have a conclusion. I was really focused on the story. But... When i saw those 2 words i was like... "what??!? This is not an end..." I am invested in characters, I wanted to learn about them more, I wanted to see into their heart/soul... But those 2 words had really shocked me... Anyways great begining, great story, but unecpected and problematic end. Love you Ethan but this story is not "finished"
  2. Fetalis

    Chapter 11

    My thought exactly... We have a staying in my main language that roughly translate as enthusiasm cut Short... (hevesi kursağında kalmak) and i was thinking about the same storytelling style... Thank you for giving voice to my thoughts
  3. Fetalis

    Quiet Acceptance

    They are exploring each other. I think Both should Explore the possibilities
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    Sorry for my butt-reply 🤣 Its my 5th time reading this story and whenever i have free time i read one of your stories. I dont think you would ever write something i wont like.
  5. Fetalis


    A@a#AAA AAZA Aaand my ass wrote this while my Phone was there.. Joke is aside this is the 5th time ive been reading this story and each time i get teary-eyed with Jeremy...
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