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    Simba Ch 28

    OM_G !!! Talk about out of left field with no warning & the end of the story!? Or this part if this fantastic saga !! If you weren't so far away I'd kick your behind for such a cliff hanger !! lol roflol Mind you if I tried I'd only fall over!! I've got a tendency to forget that I've disabilities & walk with a leg brace & stick!! Like Simba I try not to let them define me but it's a pain in the ar_e when I forget n I overstretch myself but if you don't try your not living life your existing in life!! Roll on the next chapter! (Tomorrow would be Good lol!!) Please & thank you!!
  2. Freemantleman

    Chapter 3

    A great story!! it could have run longer & not have felt artificially drawn out, but it was perfect as it was too!! I'm off to hunt down some more of your work seeing I can't sleep!! Lol
  3. Freemantleman

    Simba Ch 24

    As a former business owner I know the benefit of free positive advertising, even if it wasn't expected !! Let's hope the profits from their tenfold "regional dealership " deal, helps fund the charitable environmental projects & work along with the as yet unstarted animal rescue & rehabilitation work around their home base & local environs!?!? It's great to be so invested in a fictional story but hey it's a "Quokka" so why am I so surprised !??? Great writing as always my friend !!
  4. Wow!! A fantastic chapter indeed!! Can't wait to read the next one !?
  5. Freemantleman

    Segment 5: Mayra

    Glad you have managed to! Right onto the next chapter! Lol
  6. Freemantleman

    Segment 5: Mayra

    Coming to this story late in the day but enjoying it immensely!! Thank you!!
  7. Freemantleman

    Chapter 26

    I was going to ask that too!? Darn beaten to the punch!! Lol Ok so why did they miss them last time!? Mind like a seive!? lol
  8. Freemantleman

    Part 4

    Your writing is good & people, well certainly I can relate to it!! I've read the boot series too & enjoyed your writing there too I almost said I loved it but with the subject matter that would be an inappropriate phrase to use. It's real it's happening in the UK & around the world & it's wrong!! Keep going!!
  9. Freemantleman

    Part 4

    Brilliant, heart warming n heart breaking all at the same time! why does seeking acceptance have to be soo hard in the real world a lot of the time !? This young man landed on his feet after a family tragedy but he still went through what a lot of us did in regards the fear of rejection or potential violence depending on the individual's circumstances.!?!? I feel lucky that I eventually got family support but I lost friends & distanced myself from other people for the fear of ignorance & intolerance in the mid 1980's in rural central Scotland. The outbreak of HIV & AIDS round about the same time added another layer of fear !! My respect as always for your work & your aims in regards to raising the profile of teenage homelessness
  10. Hi I'm not a great western fan but I love a good historical story & already I'm drawn in & want to know more !?!! I love the attention to detail & speech patterns etc. I guessing being gay isn't the be all & end all in the story & that's cool too ! I've registered for new chapter alerts & I'm ready to go on this journey with you all if that's ok!? I've not read your others work but I'll search for it/them & give them a try too! If they're anything like th is I'm sure you'll have me hook line & sinker Lol! Thanks for your hard work! Ian Southampton, UK
  11. Freemantleman

    Part 2

    Heart wrenching!! Beautifully written & topics dealt with sensitively as always !!
  12. Freemantleman

    Chapter 35

    Loved all of the stories that have brought us to this juncture! I read most of them mid UK lockdown! My only comment would be that the earlier stories/ chapters seemed to be longer allowing you to be fully immersed in the flow of your writing and not feeling the need to go back to dbl check the previous ones for bullet points on the story or character relationships. atm it seems that we are just getting going & the chapter ends!?!? But boy do I love your stories regardless!?!? LOL!! Keep up the great work that you do!! Rgds Ian
  13. Freemantleman

    PS Ch 8

    I fear the students answer was incorrect in respect of where the Queen goes after her stay at Holyrood Palace!?!? Her week there mainly hosting garden parties & investitures (historically) & private meetings preceeds her extended summer holiday at Balmoral. Sandringham is primarily used Christmas through to early February she stays on till just after her late father's birthday. Think it might be Easter there too!?!? A great chapter non the less!!! Where does the story take Edwin next!?!? Roll on the next chapter!?!?
  14. Freemantleman

    PS Ch 5

    Got it at last!! always slow on the uptake!! not only real locations but real people estates & titles in a purely fictional story!! Sorry for the confusion. Fyi locally known as "Crawford House" or just "the big house". my sister in law grew up in Upper Largo I grew up about 12 miles north of the estate but left 32 years ago.
  15. Freemantleman

    PS Ch 5

    So there we go Wigan is another title belonging to the family !! Wigan is near Manchester in England my head is hurting trying to tie up the connections!?!? I know the locations are real I lived there. Time to sit back relax n await another brilliant chapter!!
  16. Freemantleman

    PS Ch 5

    Why Wigan an English baroncy (if it were to exist) for a historic Scottish tittled family they must surely hold some minor title not currently used that could have been upgraded!? Technical & pedantic but your stories being so intertwined between the real & fiction it's hard not to ask !? Omg I had to laugh I lived 2 miles outside Cupar for 12 yrs n went to school there & I played on the banks of the river Eden & learned to canoe on the section between Springfield & Cupar & where actually lived was called Stratheden lol !? Spoiler alert there are 18 pubs in & around the town for a population of about 12000 lol I can think of one called Xxxx tavern but most I'd call sxxt holes lol Not often you read a story that you know the location of quite so well but the fictional side throws you off course when you try & work out a location for an estate that doesn't exist!! Lol Thank you my friend I'm having fun with this one!! keep it coming!! Ian P.S.: better pubs & bars in St Andrews (just watch out for low flying golfers!!), a tiny uni town but students have money to burn so a better class of pubs/bars & so much easier to get served when under age!! Not that I ever did that with friends back in the day!?! preserve the thought Roflol!!
  17. Freemantleman

    PS Ch 4

    Trying to work out which estate this is based on!? My brother lives in Kirkcaldy he got married in a church in upper largo & I grew up just outside Cupar Fife or to be correct "the kingdom of fife" historically olden kings of Scotland were crowned & ruled at Falkland Palace!! Fyi the firth of forth between Edinburgh & Fife is an estuary not a bay a minor point but as usual a great story !! Ian
  18. I'm sorry if I caused a bit of a shit storm of mixed comments that was never my intention I'm not that kind of guy. I didn't know which character was based on a real person etc & the pain & suffering you've had to endure & im truly sorry for your pain & loss!!!!! Back story is always helpful! I just as a "consumer " didn't get it's relevance in this instance hence my original comments. I read for escapism pure & simple & I don't always want to have to work hard when reading & that's my choice. Not looking to censure anyone or anything else & I've gotten used to the "rabbit holes" to a degree but thought this one was (again as a consumer /reader etc etc) confusing as it was in my humble opinion 90% rabbit hole! like anyone this is only my outsiders opinions purely based on a single read. I like your work & have read many of your stories/ books & will continue to do so in the future. Roll on next chapter I want to see if this idiot from the provinces gets his comeuppance!?!? Thank you for entertaining me during some of my own tough times!! I'm English & I'll leave you with a northern Adage: I've said my piece & I'll bugger off now! Rgds Ian
  19. Ok what on earth was that about!?!? I'm confused as anything!?!? Sorry I've enjoyed the story until the last few weeks but this chapter is the oddest yet!? Hate being negative but it's how it's left me !?!?
  20. Freemantleman

    Chapter 21

    More, more !!! I'm impatient to see what further twists & turns you can shoehorn into this epic book of this wonderfully long-running saga!?!? I came this late in the "day" & I've read all related stories in the last two months & love everything about them & I'm hooked!! If they were printed works I'd be in the author's book signing queue when you came to my city in the UK as part of your world tour!! Keep up the fantastic writing that you do! Ian Freemantle, Southampton
  21. Freemantleman

    Chapter 3

    Yay !!! And we're off on what I hope is a very long & exciting romp across continents & other realms!! The mixture of characters are always mesmerising & the pacing speeds you through the chapters & for me I end up having to go back & read passages again & properly the 2nd time as I've ended up speed reading as I'm so excited to read the next chapter Lol!! Thank you!! & keep up the fantastic writing on this & your others stories !! Rgds Ian
  22. Yay thanks!! Keep it coming!
  23. More!! More!! Don't leave us hanging!! Lol
  24. Your right normally it shows that you've (or any author) made amendments or posted a comment etc but this came up in the listings with new stories & new chapter's etc!?!? Technical hitch !! If in doubt blame the technology!!! but then again I'm a ludite by choice so i would lol Thanks!!
  25. Ok I'm confused (& I'm the first to admit it's easily done lol) wasn't this chapter posted last weekend !? !? In the activity section it's down as a newly posted chapter as of two hours ago, not amended or altered but a new chapter!? Can anyone shed light on this !?!? Thanks Ian
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