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  1. Freemantleman

    Chapter 15

    Not following this story any more!? Oh well
  2. Freemantleman

    Chapter 32

    Keep up the good work!! Love this story & oh HAPPY NEW YEAR! 01.06AM 01/01/2021 in the UK.
  3. Freemantleman

    Chapter 16

    More ! More!! Please! Thank you!! Your welcome!! Lol!! Xxx xxx xxx xxx
  4. Freemantleman

    Chapter 16

    Ho! ho! ho! Mmmmmeeeeerrrrryyyýy ccchhhhrrrriiiiisssstttmmmaaassssssssss!!!!!!!! (With an over exaggerated "Noddy Holder" type yell lol) Well it sounds like squirrel got more than a chipolata?? or certainly Santa came in his chimney more than once !?!? Roflol A wonderful Christmas treat!! Thanks!! XX XXX
  5. Freemantleman

    Chapter 4

    Thank you for the story so far !!
  6. Freemantleman

    Chapter 1

    Interesting! So what comes next????????
  7. Freemantleman

    Chapter 1

    So much sh#t happens in the "name of God " no specific god it could be any religion really & most spouting this drivel are sooo "pious" their up their own rear ends or just hypocrites !! n yup I'm a card carrying atheist lol. it the doctrines more than peoples desire to believe in something that I can't accept.
  8. Freemantleman

    Chapter 58

    We'll done!!
  9. Freemantleman

    Chapter 5

    Thanks i only asked as Lomax is actually my surname & an a very unusual name other than my immediate family I've only ever heard of 1 other "Lomax " & she was a tv producer & unrelated to us Lol!! I must like odd names I'm engaged to a "Worlock" lol My general nosiness is aussged!! Lol Many thanks Ian Lomax
  10. Freemantleman

    Chapter 5

    I now live in Southampton & can see the trains passing the living room window lol I'm down by the cruise liner berths & docks next to Millbrook station. Yeah I lived & worked in West Ken, then Barnes before I left the city for the "Isle of Purbeck".!! Question: where does lomax (61) come from??
  11. Freemantleman

    Chapter 5

    Too true on the rugby side!!! I used to perv like crazy on the opposition in a scrum when I was a "tight head prop" n I've got a team mates hand up between my legs grabbing the front of my shorts!! hey second row had to push like crazy n it gave them purchase n as a 15-18 yr old playing for my secondary (high) school knowing I was gay but in the closet back in the mid 1980's - gay boys dream!!!! Roflol. A tiny fyi for reality he would have gotten a train from Waterloo to Bournemouth (Weymouth line) or from Merton jumped on the slower version on the same line from Wimbledon. I used to d
  12. Freemantleman

    XD Ch 9

    Yes please!! As one story ends another has to continue as the old saying goes !!! ok ive added artistic licence to the real phrase but you get my drift!! Roflol.!!
  13. Freemantleman

    Chapter Three

    I've read these first three chapter's "elsewhere " & had egarly anticipated the next but it hasn't appeared will it be posted here first/ soon!? I like the changes in the characters & their perceived positions/ change in dynamics, weep for their lost time & wonder what the royal courts & the people thoughts are on a same sex monarchy/ marriage into it!? would they accept an adopted or a surrogate child as a legitimate heir to the throne !? Im British & a staunch royalist!! as a nation we have a strong relationship with our royal family but their media perceived relation
  14. Freemantleman

    Chapter 1

    Names are a killer full stop!! My younger brother has Ross for a middle name my older brother Anthony so why the feck did I get stuck with Ronald !? Roflol I.R. L = Ian Ronald Lomax After 51 years my mother still hasn't been forgiven so i can sympathise with poor old "Cyril the Squirrel" First story of yours I've read & I'm loving the first chapter of this!! Thanks Ian
  15. Freemantleman


    Or marmite!! Lol That's me off caviar for life! 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨🤢🤢🤢 Lol
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