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  1. (Jenna) The battle was complete carnage. There was nothing but piles of dust and burning body parts as I walked around the battlefield with Leonard and Harmony. Harmony had been created by Lusindra and served as the Elder's counselor and also her handmaiden. Lusindra had asked her to come along with us, just in case we came across any leftover newborns trying to hide away from the battle. I didn't want to kill them if I didn't have to, and Harmony was there to help negotiate a peace agr
  2. (Eugene) The time of the battle was rapidly approaching as the different groups of C.I.A. agents made it to their various rendezvous points throughout Philadelphia. The Alliance was already here, my son amongst them, and the Werewolves were on their way to the city. My calculations had them arriving about an hour after sunset, just as the battle was beginning. I was anxious to see Ethan again, that was the whole point of this expedition. I had to get Ethan back from the Vampires. The SU
  3. (Tatum) The vision had disturbed me enough that my thoughts drove Dylan away to hide near Leonard. The sun had set, and the members of the Alliance were currently loading into nearly twenty different vehicles in front 'Lulu's Hideaway'. The sight was unbelievable as the crowd of people slowly thinned out, some running into the woods across the street, while others climbed into the different vehicles. It was a gathering of epic proportions, and the ensuing battle would be a nightmare to witne
  4. (Jenna) Evan screamed in agonizing pain for three days before his screams finally began to subside. He was never left alone for a single moment. Each of his children took shifts watching over him as he suffered. We needed to be with him. Leonard and I seemed to be the least affected by Evan's condition compared to Tatum and Dougie who had both entered a sort of catatonic state of existence. The members of the Alliance were worried, and they had good reason to be. The majority of our coven wa
  5. (Evan) The moonlight almost shimmered on the wet grass as I stared out across the field down the road from the safe house. It had been two days since I had returned from Section-9 and already the number of vampires at 'Lulu's Hideaway' had doubled. Jon had still not returned from his assignment to recruit his father, the Alpha of all werewolves, but Arella still held out some slim chance of hope. "We're going to start attracting attention if we're not careful," I turned to see an older
  6. (Evan) 'I need to get out of here so I can save Ethan,' I thought to myself as I watched Dougie come out of the change. It had only been four days since I had bit him, but his heartbeat was already beginning to stutter in its march through time. It was only a matter of minutes before Dougie's heart stopped completely, and he became one of my new offspring. I could somehow feel Tatum, Jenna, and Leonard; so, I knew that they were safe for the time being. Director Croft had not found the locat
  7. I promise you that this stuff gets resolved. Currently, think of it as Jenna is appreciating her second chance on life at the moment. The "Monster" side of her is doing most of her thinking for her. Maybe she doesn't have the same self-control that Evan has yet, or maybe she is so pissed off at the world, that she just doesn't care? Jenna is still learning how to control her thirst, so it doesn't drive her crazy. She's only a few days old, at this point. Maybe, two weeks, tops. It's like teaching a toddler not to pick the kitten up by its head. It takes time. Plus, you have to figure in that she's angry that Evan is missing when she needs him the most.
  8. (Jenna) Lulu worked with us daily on how to control our thirst during Evan's absence. Leonard and I didn't want our Maker to come home to two mentally broken newborn vampires who had no control over their animalistic instincts. Tatum helped Lulu as much as he could with our rearing, but he could only help whenever we had actually made our choice to attack. Leonard was adapting better than I was by the time we went on our second hunt. I almost backed out completely until the thirst won its vi
  9. (Evan) I screamed out in a rage at the situation that I was in. I couldn't believe that I had let myself get captured by Director Croft and his flunkies. The man was starving me just to try and get beneath my skin, but I wasn't having any of it. Let him try to starve me into submission. I would find a way to take him down. It was Uncle Mason that kept me informed on what was going on while I was being held prisoner. "He's adamant that he's going to get his army, Evan." Uncle Mason
  10. (Jenna) "It's been three days, Dylan," I heard a boy say in a voice that rang like a bell. He was talking softly, but I could still hear the sound of his voice over my racing heartbeat. "When's Evan going to get back?" "I don't know, Tatum." The boy named Dylan replied. His voice sounded dryer than the other boy's voice. "I haven't been able to get ahold of Jon, either." "Something is up, Dylan." Tatum stated coldly. 'What could have happened to Evan?' I asked myself.
  11. (Evan) It was surprisingly easy for David and I to slip Jenna out of the hospital undetected. We loaded her up in the SUV and were soon back on the highway. David turned on a heavy metal station to cover up the sounds of Jenna's grunt and groans as we traveled throughout the night. "How much farther?" I asked as the sound of the music was beginning to get on my nerves after four hours of listening to steady heavy metal songs. "I'm not sure how much longer I can stand this shit."
  12. (Jenna) "Let's go, Ethan." I said nervously as I grabbed Ethan's arm and tried to pull him away from the strange man with the silver eyes. He approached us slowly and there was something about him that put me on edge. I considered screaming for help, but I didn't know of anyone that could possibly help us. "It's time to go, Ethan." The man said with a sneer as he stood in front of us. I couldn't help but step back from his sudden appearance directly in front of us. I didn't even see him
  13. At least, we know who is responsible for Ethan's kidnapping. 🙂 The next few chapters are just going to make you ask questions though 🙂
  14. (Ethan) I felt my stomach turn as I slowly drifted back to consciousness. The room I was in was dimly lit, and I couldn't see much of anything as my head began to throb. I vaguely saw a figure sitting on the end of the bed I was lying on, but I had to shut my eyes to keep myself from vomiting. I tried to move, but I found out that my wrists were tied down to the edge of the bed. "I'm glad to see that my bodyguard didn't do any permanent damage, Ethan." A feminine voice that seemed to ri
  15. (Evan) "This can't be fucking possible," I muttered under my breath as David and I sat in the corner booth of the small cafe. "How is it that I'm able to walk in the daylight?" "I don't know, Evan." David replied with a shrug. "It's just as new to me as it is to you. The important part is keeping this hidden from Section-9." "I'm pretty certain that every single person that was on that street was a witness to what happened, David." I told him. "And I seriously doubt they're just go
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