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  1. (Evan) "This can't be fucking possible," I muttered under my breath as David and I sat in the corner booth of the small cafe. "How is it that I'm able to walk in the daylight?" "I don't know, Evan." David replied with a shrug. "It's just as new to me as it is to you. The important part is keeping this hidden from Section-9." "I'm pretty certain that every single person that was on that street was a witness to what happened, David." I told him. "And I seriously doubt they're just going to forget about a guy falling from halfway up a building and landing on a parked car. Not to men
  2. (Evan) Lulu had a room reserved for us at a small motel just north of downtown. With Jon driving, it only took us three hours to get to the city, giving us enough time to wander around for an hour or two before sunrise. Jon and Dylan went West, while Tatum and I went East. Jon had wanted Dylan to come with us, but Dylan was adamant that he needed to be with Jon for the remainder of the night. "Felix told me to stay with you, Jon," Dylan admitted. I was surprised to Jon relent as fast as he did. "Come along then, Dylan," Jon said as he waved for Dylan to follow him. Tatu
  3. Yes, Silver eyes are the werewolves 🙂 @drpaladin
  4. Who would you call out for? I see Ethan calling out for Justin out of love and fear. He knows Justin is close somewhere, even if he doesn't know where he went.
  5. (Ethan) "Are you sure about this, Ethan?" My grandmother asked me with a worried tone in her voice as she helped me pack an overnight bag. "I'm certain, nana." I said with a forced smile. "With everything that has been going on, I need this. I need the night to be with my friends." My grandmother chuckled lightly to herself before she reached over and pulled me into a hug. "What time do you have to be back at the school?" "It starts at 7:30," I told my grandmother. "But, Jenna wants to stop somewhere to eat before we go. She said the food is always good, but there's nev
  6. @drpaladin Evan is a new species of vampire, the first of his kind. He, Tatum, and anybody else that follows, are all different from Arella and her 'Children'. Wouldn't it make sense that he would get a seat on the Council? The eight Elders are pretty much Rulers over territories. It's their responsibility to keep watch over the areas they govern, and to keep the Rules from being broken. There are four Elders that serve the Alliance, and there are four that serve the Rebellion (how original, right?). Of the four that serve the Alliance, Lusindra, Emily, Dominick, and Samuel; only Samuel is op
  7. (Evan) Members of the Alliance began to gather at Lulu's Hideaway over the next week. My grandmother only stayed at the safe house long enough to visit with Tatum and myself before she would return to my little brother's side. "I have to go to your mother's funeral in the morning, Evan." She told me as the others began to retire for the day. I frowned at her comment. "I know it's difficult." "That's not it," I said sadly. "I've always been there for Ethan, nana. For everything. Now," I hesitated for a moment. "Now, I've already let him down twice, and he still hasn't even learned
  8. @drpaladin The honest answer to your question? Killing off the mother was a last minute choice, as it was not really intended to happen until Volume 2 or 3. Cynthia didn't really fit the role for the story, though. So, she was turned into another plotline that I can't talk about. I'm glad you guys are enjoying it, though. You're going to hate me by the end of the first book. Just FYI 🙂. The next chapter has been submitted, too. 🙂
  9. (Ethan) It only seemed fitting that it rained as my mother's body was slowly being lowered into the ground. My father and grandmother stood on either side of me as I struggled not to cry. My entire world was crumbling around me, and it had all begun with the death of Evan. My heart was never going to heal from this wound. None of it made any sense to me. My mother had seemed to be getting better. Why would she suddenly take her own life? I glanced over my shoulder to see that Jenna and Justin were standing behind me with Mr. Hunter. I smiled weakly at my friends before I turned my att
  10. It's also a subject that comes up in a lot of stories like this. So much so, that you sort of expect it. It's going to be covered more in volume 2 with how much his coven has grown by the end of v1. This is one of those things that I really wanna talk about. I personally think people focus too much on the why of the matter. Why is Evan killing innocent people? Why isn't it a struggle for him? It is a struggle for him, it's just not focused on much in the story. Chapter 3 when he gets back and sees all of the blood, that's when the realization hits him of what he's actually done. He even think
  11. Not purposely being reclusive. I started a new position at work, so I'm working more hours while I go through training, and my partner and myself are in the process of becoming foster parents. So life dude. plus, I'll probably give something away if I talk about the story too much.
  12. (Evan) "Are you ready to go, boys?" Jon asked as we gathered near the backdoor of his hideaway. I took one last look at the dimly lit corridor behind us before I turned back to Jon and nodded. "Let's go." Jon motioned for us to follow him as he started running towards the north. "Why are we running?" Tatum asked as he followed along behind me. "Jon has a tracker on his car, and the government doesn't know about the place that we're going." Dylan replied. "This way we can help keep the secret of ‘Lulu's Hideaway' from the humans." "Lulu's Hideaway?" "It's
  13. (Ethan) "How have you been, Ethan?" Doctor Howards asked me with a polite smile. I could hear the edge of concern in her voice as she gazed at me with her almond brown eyes. "You've been very quiet today. Tell me what's on your mind, Ethan." She continued to stare at me while I shifted in my seat. I had taken the cushioned chair opposite her desk while Doctor Howards sat behind her desk. She reminded me of my mother whenever she was trying to get my brother or myself to talk about our feelings. The image comforted me slightly, and I found myself spilling my guts to the doctor. I told
  14. So, there's not a chapter missing and didn't really feel the need to cover what Tatum and Evan did during the day. It's been covered before how they spend their time. But I do kinda see what you mean, so I might go through and explain it in another book, but with this one being completed and just being posted over here after it's already been posted elsewhere, and has been for a while, I'm not going to make major changes. I believe that after this chapter everything smoothes out since it had originally started as a story on nifty. As it got posted to another site it went through a major rewrit
  15. (Evan) I watched nervously as Jon slid into the driver's seat of the black Camaro. Tatum and Dylan had taken up positions in the back seat of the car which left the front passenger seat for me. I sat down in the car and before I even had my door closed, Jon was spinning the tires. He threw up gravel behind us as I felt my body being pushed back into the seat. I glanced over to see that we were already pushing sixty and I pulled on my seatbelt. "Am I making you nervous?" Jon asked with a chuckle. "Only a little," I replied with a shrug. I was amazed at how well I could see ev
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