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  1. Thank you. Do you plan on doing a sequel anytime soon? I would most definitely be interested in following Abel's story. Great Story So Far. Your imagination Is fantastic, and well written. It's a great talent, and a credit to the author when you get emotionally involved with the characters. Thank you for taking the time and courage to post the stories for our enjoyment.

    1. Daddydavek


      I've been stuck with writer's block on this story and on a follow-up to Dean Warner's Intrigues for a long time.  With us now babysitting the nearly 2 year old grandson, I don't have much time either.  But who knows, in a couple of years he will be going to school and I may get inspired....

    2. Daddydavek


      P.S.  I'm very glad you are enjoying the story!

    3. Ron


      Boooo, get to work, Dave. Give us some more of that psi stuff. :rolleyes:

  2. marsnvic

    Chapter 3

    sorry to hear about the death of one of the authors. It really is too good of a story to have it abandoned. Perhaps somewhere down the line they'd allow someone else to take it up and try and do it justice? Edge Talent... Also seems a bitter pill to take if someone has the amount of talent it takes to write these stories, it isn't using it. Many of us only would dream of talent like that.
  3. marsnvic

    Chapter 14

    So God damn proud of you, little one! Way the hell to go! I am so proud that you didn't wait to be rescued, that you found the strength and rescued yourself! Simply outstanding. And the victory was sweetened even further by the fact that you got to eviscerate and kill all of your enemies and your parents killers were finally Avenged.
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