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  1. MontrealOrmolu

    Chapter 3

    I'm back after a few years away doing other things. Loved CrossCurrents, and I love this story, too. Good writing, pretty different style, nice dialogue, especially enjoy the erotica because it is so understated. You allow for our own imaginations and go deep beneath the surface to the emotions. Great stuff. Thanks.
  2. Fascinating story. Do hope that things will begin to work out a bit better for the two of them. They're both so isolated from each other by their own fears...
  3. MontrealOrmolu


    This would be a good place to finish -- sigh. I've gotten caught up in this long saga, and it has been a wonderful tale of growing up, reconciliation and finding peace with oneself. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for this story. It has been a wonderful read. Good character development, nice surprises and a tight plot. Keep on writing.
  5. What a horrible, sinful, evil woman! Unfortunately, characteristic of some of the worst of Christianity. Lovely story!
  6. MontrealOrmolu

    the Barlow Boy

    Thanks for this. Your rightly point out the problem with quoting 6 verses out of context to condemn one "sin" and avoiding the hundreds of verses which condemn others. Hopefully, Peter will question himself and his iron bound beliefs.
  7. I've just found this story and read it in one sitting. Lovely. Great character development, lovely interplay between the two main characters. Looking forward to what's going to develop.
  8. Used Frostina's idea and it worked. A lovely, emotional chapter. Thank you.
  9. MontrealOrmolu


    Please check the formatting. It is almost impossible to read as it is...and I do so look forward to reading each chapter.
  10. MontrealOrmolu

    Chapter 38

    This has been a lovely story. Enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.
  11. MontrealOrmolu

    Chapter 4

    Sweet, sets up changes for the future. BTW, note the typo in the first couple of words.
  12. MontrealOrmolu

    Chapter 3

    I enjoyed this story the first time I read it, and I'm happy to have the chance to reread it.
  13. Really enjoying this story. Now ... you haven't given any hints about Richard "turning" Simon. Is that not possible in the world you see? Or is that something still to come? That would settl the angst over one dying long before the other.
  14. Lovely new story. As I was reading this chapter, it occurs to me that some of what you are describing with Silver could be similar to institutionalized people who are then released. If you haven't already done so, you might look at some reports about their behavior and how it is modified.I do love your stories.
  15. MontrealOrmolu

    Chapter 1

    Thank you. I am really enjoying your story, too. Glad you enjoyed this one. Try some of the others.
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